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Taylor Logistics, Inc. Presents: Taylor Talk

Taylor Logistics, Inc. Presents: Taylor Talk

By Taylor Logistics Inc. - Taylor Talk
Hey, we're Taylor; welcome to our podcast. We're chatting on hot topics ranging from eCommerce, packaging to the latest driver technology. We have a lot of fantastic episodes coming your way, so don't forget to subscribe. Have a topic you want our team to cover? Inbox us
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TLI Presents: Latest Driver Technology with Fleet Manager Keith Swensen

Taylor Logistics, Inc. Presents: Taylor Talk

TLI Presents: Forecasting for Amazon Prime Day + Breaking Molds in Marketing & Sales + MUCH MORE!
There's a great deal to talk about on this episode of #TaylorTalk, from organizational shifts to preparing and forecasting for the upcoming Amazon Prime Day to shifting away from "low hanging fruit". 
June 14, 2021
TLI Presents: Kitting, packaging, pivoting, & bartending w/ Taylor's OBM Liz Switzer
On this episode of #TaylorTalk we have an exciting guest, Liz Switzer Taylor's OBM. We discuss the meaning of kitting, breaking corporate molds, applying previous bartending and serving gigs to jobs down the line, and the true meaning of pivoting.
May 25, 2021
TLI Presents: eCommerce or e-commerce? A look into customized kitting and much much more.
The team is back on Taylor Talk chatting about probiotic sodas and seltzers, kitting, PR boxes, mental health awareness month, getting rid of the phrase "new normal," and discussing eCommerce vs. e-commerce. You can learn more about the fantastic team that is #TeamTaylor by heading over to or inbox us with any questions at 
May 06, 2021
TLI Presents: Amazon Prep Services + Cincinnati Food Rescue
We are chit chatting on a bunch of different topics on this episode of Taylor Talk. Amazon prep services for FBA, the future of eCommerce, and helping feed the Cincinnati community with an amazing local non-profit Last Mile Food Rescue.
April 20, 2021
TLI Presents: The future of grocery + CPG brands
We are back on the pod talking all things grocery and CPG trends. From which pandemic-related consumer behaviors are temporary vs. here to stay to the future of national grocery chains. Not to mention they talk groundhogs (yep), Kim Kardashian, and the NY Mets. Want to be on the next episode or have a topic you like us to cover? Inbox us at
March 12, 2021
TLI Presents: All things transportation and shipping vol. 1
We are covering a full range of topics from port to door services, vaccines at truck stops in Tennessee to drop trailers. Oh, there's a guest! Todd is on the podcast for a very quick 30-second segment. For more info check out our website and follow us on all your favorite social media platforms. 
February 11, 2021
TLI Presents: Your Dream 3PL Team
We discuss an ideal third-party logistics team, complete with packaging, shipping, IT integration, eCommerce, and transportation experts. They dive into how Taylor is different from other 3PL's, the Taylor "sauce," applying a fast-food business model, and strategies and trends they are seeing from their customer base. | Instagram
February 03, 2021
TLI Presents: 2020 Wrapped with Noelle Taylor
It's our longest episode yet! It makes total sense because Chris Baum and Noelle Taylor are wrapping up the entire year. They're covering everything from eCommerce production lines to the largest seasonal project in Taylor history. 
December 18, 2020
TLI Presents: Transitioning to eCommerce Fulfillment Centers with Grant Taylor
Over the past couple of weeks, our operations, IT, and superuser teams have been working vigorously to transition five distribution centers into eCommerce centers. This was a massive undertaking for our team because; e-commerce granted customers can break open cases, which was an entirely new process for us.
January 03, 2020
TLI Presents: Latest Driver Technology with Fleet Manager Keith Swensen
Keith discusses Taylor’s latest electronic logging device for our fleet, Keep Truckin. A tool that allows for DOT HOS eLog, live GPS tracking, and IFTA reporting.
November 21, 2019
TLI Presents: Taylor Transportation Logistics Processes with Rhonda Mettey
Customer relations coordinator, Rhonda Mettey discusses how our transportation logistics processes have changed throughout the years. The bumps and hurdles Taylor has overcome to become the Nation’s Most Progressive Family Owned Logistics Company.
October 07, 2019
TLI Presents: Carrier Qualifications with Rhonda Mettey
Customer Relations Coordinator Rhonda Mettey discusses the importance of carrier qualifications in our business. To learn more head over to
August 07, 2019
TLI Presents: Logistics Longevity with Rhonda Mettey and Keith Swensen
Two TLI employees who have worked at Taylor for 40 years discuss changes throughout the business over the years and logistics longevity.
July 29, 2019
TLI Presents: The Nation’s Most Progressive Family Owned Logistics Company
Marketing Manager Noelle Taylor and GM of Contract Warehousing Grant Taylor discuss our recent brand repositioning efforts.
June 13, 2019
TLI Presents: Medical Marijuana and The CDL Driver
With so many states easing restrictions on the use of marijuana the question has been asked “how does this impact the commercial driver”. Keith Swensen Taylor’s fleet manager has the answers.
June 04, 2019
TLI Presents: Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
General manager of Taylor Distributing Keith Swensen discusses the importance of ELDs in drivers trucks.
March 21, 2019
TLI Presents: Warehouse “Superusers”
Contract warehousing expert Grant Taylor discusses warehouse management system “superusers”
February 26, 2019