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ThinkerMetrics: 100% Intro to analytics

ThinkerMetrics: 100% Intro to analytics

By Taylor O'Neal
Walking you through the principles of digital analytics in bite-size pieces intended for those new to this space especially those coming from more creative fields.

Created as something that students in my classes could take to supplement their reading and be reinforce the essentials and perhaps helpful for others out there doing the same study.
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User metrics. Monthly average users, daily average users. dau/mau ratio. When it fits, other options
User metrics for apps of any kind, I discuss the metrics you'll see in the financial news, the ratio, what business fit, and other options to empower your organization.
September 20, 2020
Media Sites & Advertising Inventory
The business model for media sites, inventory. The customer lifetime value vs a high cost per click and even cost per call.
September 20, 2020
A/B Testing. A story: to test or not to test.
What real life pressure will face you in a corporate environment on whether you should test or just make changes. You can choose to test or not to test. What will you do?
September 05, 2020
E-commerce conversion rates, the sales Funnel, site pathing, abandon carts, industry benchmarks for typical conversion rates.
August 24, 2020
Analytics Frameworks: Start-up Pirate Metrics and Lean Analytics
In this episode we discuss the Pirate Metrics Sales Funnel marketing framework about where the user is in the customer journey and the Lean Analytics framework where we ask two questions: what type of business are you in? And what stage of growth are you at? With these you can narrow down data overwhelm to a key focus. What is your one metric that matters right now?
August 23, 2020
Introduction to Analytics principles
What metrics really matter? What makes a metric a good one? What value can we offer as analytics are automated? This episode is a quick review of and chapter 2 of Lean Analytics
August 13, 2020