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The Perfect Picture

The Perfect Picture

By Taylor Poe Esq. & Dr. Tee Smith
The Perfect Picture Podcast is a place where we chat about race, gender, and class within and beyond the church from a biblical lens.
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The Process of Forgiveness
After taking episode 5 to discuss dealing with anger and bitterness, we use this episode to discuss the process of forgiveness. Special Thanks to Mike Moore (Faith Chapel) and Mike Todd (Transformation Church) for their sermons on this topic. We use their work to ground our discussions. 
July 06, 2021
Managing Anger & Bitterness
Do you find yourself constantly in a state of anger or dealing with internal bitterness as a result of racism? Join as we share our testimonies of dealing with anger and bitterness. 
July 06, 2021
The Church & Politics: Am I Ignoring The Needs Of My Brother?
Join as we engage in the conversation that is forbidden in churches...POLITICS.
July 06, 2021
Preference or Partiality?- The Monolithic Church
Join us at the table as we discuss monolithic churches and the origins of racism in the church.
April 16, 2021
Meet The Crew
Welcome to The Perfect Picture! We're Black Christian Millenials chatting about Race and the Church. In this segment, we share a bit of our history and stories. This is our way of formally introducing ourselves to you!
April 16, 2021