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Girl, its Time to Thrive

Girl, its Time to Thrive

By Taylor Squeglia
"Girl, it's Time to Thrive" is a podcast about empowering women in every aspect of their being. We will cover finances, health, fitness, relationships, motherhood, career, and self-love and everything in between.
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From 0 to Six Figures with Kyleigh Sage

Girl, its Time to Thrive

03. My 3 business tips for starting out
You guys asked, so I delivered. I am talking about what I learned from launching an online business and sharing it all with you. I am doing a review giveaway. If you leave me a review and send me a thumbs up in my Instagram DM's, then I will place you in the drawing for a $25 giftcard to Amazon.  Ways to follow me: Instagram: @taylorsqueglia Website: Food Blog:
March 15, 2022
02. Moms, You are Enough with Diary of an Honest Mom
I have always admired mothers. They seem to have an incredible superpower, but on the inside a lot of moms are struggling. Unfortunately, a lot of moms feel as if they have to hide their struggles. That is why I invited Libby on the show- the create of the popular TikTok and Instagram, Diary of an Honest Mom.  Libby is a content creator and mom of 2 from Canada who lives to normalize the rollercoaster of motherhood through her humor and she has grown her Instagram community from 0 to 200k in just one year. She is known as “The Honest Mom” because she is honest about the funny parts, the hard parts, and the real parts of motherhood. She is known for her candor and letting her followers know they are not alone through her relatable videos and messages of encouragement.  You can find her on Instagram and Tiktok as @diaryofanhonestmom (and Instagram) and online at If you liked this episode, make sure to subscribe to this podcast and please leave a review, I always appreciate it! Ways to follow Taylor: Instagram: @taylorsqueglia Website: Blog:
March 08, 2022
01. 3 Ways to Be Kind in a Cruel World
Welcome to season 2!  A quick life update, because it has been a wild month off from podcasting.  Today, I am sharing my vulnerability about cyber bullying and 3 ways to combat it. Let us shine more light in this dark world! The Confident Cook Course is now accepting people on the waitlist- being on the waitlist guarantees you the first to know about the Spring launch, saves you some money, and gives you access to all the timely bonuses and its completely free to put your name on the list. No money down and no contract saying you have to enroll. Click HERE to get on the waitlist. Follow me on Instagram: @taylorsqueglia Charity Group Cooking Classes: LEARN MORE HERE Food Blog: Hangry is an Emotion
March 01, 2022
13. I launched The Confident Cook Course & The 5 Minute Grocery List
There is so much to cover today. I launched my business! I mean, how freaking exciting! I talk about the course and give you guys my 5 minute grocery list.  The 5 minute grocery list will make your life so much easier! It will provide you with a quick strategy to save time and money. Enjoy todays episode and make sure to learn more about The Confident Cook Course.  Important Links: Taylor's Instagram: @taylorsqueglia The Confident Cook Course: The last free Meal Planning training
January 31, 2022
12. 3 Reasons Why You Should Plan Out Your Meals
Becoming an adult basically means having to decide what to eat every single day... I know, it can be super exhausting, time consuming, and it is becoming more and more expensive. However, we all have to eat and we need food to live. So, I dive into 3 reasons you should be planning out your meals.  Meal planning is not eating the same thing over and over. I talk about ways you can expand on meal planning, make it delicious all while helping multiple areas of your life as the same time.  Give todays episode a listen. It is short and sweet, but packed with some good information. Make sure to sign up for my Plan to Cook Stress Free: My 3 Secrets to Make Meal Planning Easier FREE live training. I am hosting the training 3 different days and I know you will gain some real insightful knowledge! Important Links Free Live Training---> Follow Taylor on IG---> @taylorsqueglia You find so many cooking tips, recipes, and meal plan tips on her instagram.  Follow Taylor on TikTok--->@taylorsqueglia I hope to see all your pretty faces in one of my live trainings coming up !
January 24, 2022
11. Using the Power of Pinterest to Grow Your Business with Sandy Park
We all know Pinterest is the go to when you need a recipe or a good DIY, but are you aware how much power is in Pinterest when it comes to growing your business? Pinterest is an incredible tool, but so many small business owners seem to put it on back burner to focus time and energy else where... ...and today's guest is here to tell you why you need to stop putting it on the back burner! For todays episode I have Sandy Park on the show to walk us through how Pinterest changed her business in a short amount of time and how we can do the same. Sandy breaks down what we need to start doing TODAY to start growing our businesses. This is an episode for all business owners (full time or side hustle) and potential business owners. If you want to build your brand, I encourage you to listen to Sandy and all the knowledge she has to offer. Tap into the super power of Pinterest by grabbing Sandy's Pinterest Checklist---> CLICK HERE (I downloaded months ago and saw a huge change in my account). Important Links: Taylor's Instagram: @Taylorsqueglia Sandy's Park IG: @tidywithspark Sandy's Pinterest:
January 17, 2022
10. Finding Balance in your Health and Fitness Journey with Lena Siotis
This episode is all about balance in your health and fitness journey, but we cover so much more. I have Lena Siotis on the show, a health and fitness expert and coach, who shares about her own personal journey of overcoming body image, getting strong, and creating balance in her life and how to incorporate changes into your own life.  She and her fiancé, aka business partner Ryan, are the founders PR Fit and they help empower millennials on their journey to food and fitness freedom using kettlebells and the power of habits. They are a wealth of information and this episode is only a small nugget of what they have to offer.  If you are looking to get healthier this year and want to achieve long-term results, then check out Lena and Ryan's signature course that is launching this month (January 2022). Links for Follow: Taylor's Instagram @taylorsqueglia  PR Fit instagram @prs_and_donuts Lena's signature course---> HERE  Give them a follow, I promise that you will gain knowledge weekly, if not daily! Lena and Ryan are doing something so special and I hope more coaches in their industry step up and teach positive healthy habits instead of restriction. 
January 10, 2022
9. Shift Your Mindset this Year
This episode may be the unpopular opinion and hard truth, but I dive into mindset shifts that you can start today. I dive into positive thinking, manifestation, positive words, and opening yourself up to limiting beliefs.  If you are ready to make 2022 you're year, then sign up for my Free 3 day Strategic Goal Planning Workshop and get ready to level up this year! Be open to what you are capable of. You have the ability to achieve anything you put your mind to. I believe in you.  Find me on Instagram- @taylorsqueglia Learn more about who I am and my programs on my website Find easy budget friendly recipes on the food blog Download the Free Money Mindset Shift Workbook  If you enjoy this podcast please leave a review and rate it, I always appreciate it!
January 03, 2022
8. Turn your Resolutions into Smart Goals you Accomplish
Every year around this time people begin to talk about their resolutions. I for one love the idea of one chapter (year) ending and speaking out what you want for the next chapter. However, around 68% of Americans quit their resolutions by February 1. That is only 4 weeks into the year and many people fail, aka quit their goals. In this episode I talk about ditching your resolutions and using the SMART goals framework. I did not create SMART goals, but I have mastered the framework and added to it. That is why I am offering a free 3 day Strategic Goal Planning workshop starting Tuesday January 11, 2022. I used this framework to go from $0 saved to over $11,000 saved within a year. I used this framework to hit all of my health and fitness goals. I have taught this framework for around 10 years to clients. I believe in the framework so much, that I wanted to offer it you for free. I want you to accomplish all of your goals in 2022. I believe in you! Let's ditch the statistic of failing by February 1 and achieve our goals this year, I mean after the past 2 years we all deserve a year of success! Click Here -----> Join the Free 3-day Workshop Want to learn more? DM Me -----> @TaylorSqueglia Or send me an Email ------> Included in the workshop: Private FB group- where I will host all 3 days of teaching Live teaching that will last around 40 minutes with a Q/A Workbook that will encourage you to create strategic goals Interactive activities during each lesson Saved teachings until January 27, 2022 Support from myself and the community  Join the Workshop Here I hope to see your pretty faces there, let's make 2022 our year! 🍾
December 28, 2021
7. Navigating Loss During the Holidays
Todays episode is all about the not so happy moments during the Holidays. They say the Holiday Season is the happiest time of the year, but what if its not? What if this Holiday season you are experiencing the first Christmas without a loved one? If you are experiencing sadness this Holiday Season, please listen to the episode. If you resonate with todays episode and need someone to talk with, know my DMs are always open. I recommend professional help and I am not a professional, but I will always lend an ear and be a friend. You can find me... Instagram Website Facebook
December 20, 2021
6. Pitching in 2022 with Candice Ward
Do you feel ready to grow your income and business? You want to work with brands, but unsure how to even start? Then this is the episode for you.  I had the incredible Candice Ward, of "Eat More Cake" and "The Confident Pitch" on to talk all about pitching brands. We cover where to start with pitching, follow-up etiquette, and how to handle rejection.  Pitching is not a one time thing into success, that's why its so important to find a coach, like Candice, who can help guide you into pitching with confidence. You can find more of Candice at @EatMoreCake or  @TheConfidentPitch. Links to Learn More: @taylorsqueglia My Website Candice's Free Brand Questionnaire Candice's Blog
December 13, 2021
Create a Content Strategy that Sells with Kya Barnes
You show up on social media waiting for your business to flourish, but nothing seems to happen. You aren't getting the results you want to see. You aren't getting noticed, your following isn't growing, and sales aren't happening weekly. Does this sound relatable? Instagram is a struggle, and we can all relate to feeling that way. That's why today is all about content strategy and how to implement a content creation strategy that works for your business. Todays podcast guess is the incredibly talented Kya Barnes, who shares just a piece of her knowledge on the topic. Kya coaches women entrepreneurs to create a marketing strategy that works and she specializes in content creation strategy to make sales happen. It was an honor to have Kya on the podcast and I learned a lot about content strategy. I have already implemented some of the strategies that we discussed and have seen changes on my social media, in just one week.  Get your business ready for 2022 with this episode! Important Links: Taylor's Website/Resources Kya's Content Creation E-Book Follow for More Taylor Squeglia Kya Barnes
November 29, 2021
Healing Your Money Relationship
In this episode, I use my real life examples to help bring you through the journey of healing your relationship/views of money. I get extremely vulnerable and share struggles that only the people closest to me know.  I cover everything from real life struggles, to knowing your worth, explaining what money relationship is, how to shift your mindset and heal your toxic views, and asking questions to guide you to healing.  I go over 3 BIG questions to heal your views of money and get to the root issue, but there are 7 questions to self-reflect on in order to get real results. I created a FREE PDF Journal: 7 Day Guide to Heal Your Money Relationship and Know your True Self-Worth download it today and start healing any negative views and feelings you have around money. Links: Free PDF: 7 Day Guide to Heal Your Money Relationship Website Instagram
November 22, 2021
From 0 to Six Figures with Kyleigh Sage
Know your worth when it comes to business. Have you started a side hustle or decided to go all in with your own business? Are you a food blogger who has no idea how to monetize your blog and skills?  Well, you're not alone! Thats why I wanted my first guest to be someone who is SO knowledgable in blogging and pricing out her skills. I invited Kyleigh Sage to be my first guest, and if you don't know who she is go follow her on instagram because she is a really talented food photographer.  We cover a lot in this episode; like pitching, pricing, SEO, Instagram and TikTok. Basically your guide to starting out on your own.  Kyleigh knows her sh*t and has grown her business to six figures in the first 18 months. She has worked with big name brands and now has a lot of brands reach out to her. Give this a listen, maybe even listen twice with a notepad on hand, because I am confident you will learn something. If you love this episode, leave a review and subscribe to the podcast. It means so much to me! Links Free Meal Prep Guide Hangry is an Emotion Blog Acorns-$5 Free Money Barley and Sage Blog Barley and Sage Pricing Guide Follow: Taylor Squeglia: @taylorsqueglia Kyleigh Sage: @barleyandsage
November 15, 2021
Small Steps, Big Moves Financially
This episode we talk all about how making small steps can lead to BIG results. We go over the 3 most important steps I tell all of my clients to start with when it comes to making changes financially. Listen as you workout or grab a pen and pad and get ready to take notes. If you find this episode helpful, make sure to subscribe and leave a review! Your reviews and downloads mean so much to me! I mention Acorns in this episode and I highly recommend downloading and beginning your investing journey with them. The app is beginner friendly and easy to navigate. I have made serious financial strides through using them. I have a code for you to receive $5 towards investments when you sign up. Helpful Links: Save $1500 Challenge Acorns Food Blog Instagram
November 08, 2021
Episode 1: The Trailer
Welcome, to "Girl, it's time to thrive"! Episode 1 is all about my vision for this podcast. How I came up with the concept and where I want it to go. You will meet me, Taylor Squeglia, a foodie chef turned food blogger using her business finance degree to now help millennial women cut back their expenses and save for their future. This show is so much more than what I can do to help you. This show will feature strong women who have expertise in areas I do not. This show is about women empowering women, so every single woman; no matter race, background, or financial status has the chance to thrive.  So, girl it is your time to thrive! You can learn more about me at: Find Free resources at: Sign up for my "Host the Holidays on a Budget Masterclass" at
November 01, 2021