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The HiporCritical View Podcast

The HiporCritical View Podcast

By TBCooper

Welcome to the HiporCritical View Podcast, where I sometimes ramble and birdwalk my way to a point on issues that I have grayish & often conflicting views, on. Cover art photo provided by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash:
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Episode 4: Let's talk about Coincidences
Episode 4: Let's talk about Coincidences
Latest episode of The HiporCritical View Podcast... I actually recorded this back in February of last year 2019... the intro is me, here and now, December of 2020. I'm calling this an end to "Season 1" I needed to get this outta the way so I can move on. ***Trigger Warnings: sensitive content... I talk about when I thought my husband cheated on me. I basically relive that painful moment in time. Enjoy!?😏🤷‍♀️
December 02, 2020
Episode 3: Parts of my Journey (2016-2018)
Episode 3: Parts of my Journey (2016-2018)
*I used a microphone headset for most of the recording, hoping the audio would sound better. Alas, I REALLY NEED to SPEAK UP. LOL. You might have to turn your volume way up. In today's episode, I talk about some of the shit I've been through since first deciding to join the public world of Blogging & Social Media, back in January of 2016. I figured if I'm gonna be sharing my viewpoints and opinions on a variety of topics, I should at least tell you guys a bit about the Hell I've survived. I needed to be transparent. I needed to get some shit off my chest. I needed to unload part of my struggle. If I'm claiming to be a "happy bitch", I feel it's necessary to at least show that I haven't always BEEN happy. Everything is a process. This is my "shortened version" of some of the darkest parts of that process. Talking about this shit was difficult. Listening to it before hitting "publish", even harder. I'm sorry I've spoken so quietly throughout the whole thing, but honestly, this isn't something I'd like to re-record/speak-of, any time soon. I wasn't always this quiet. I'll speak louder next time, I SWEAR. I think I'm just a bit shy and nervous about speaking about some shit I'd rather forget. Anyway, thanks again for checking out my podcast. You can find more of me on
January 30, 2019
Episode 2: Me venting about some shit
Episode 2: Me venting about some shit
Today I just had to get a couple of things off my chest. I talk about the woman that had a baby after being raped while incapacitated in a facility by one of the nurses, and then I segwei into why are some women So attached to the MOM identity, that they completely neglect their relationship??? And, Apparently I breathe REALLY HEAVY when I'm sitting, and it doesn't help that my sinuses are still f*cked... also, the audio in the first half is me sitting a foot away vs the 2nd half when the phone is right in front if me. I'll make a note of that and do better next time... I'm still learning! 💗
January 24, 2019
Episode 1: Two of my favorites words
Episode 1: Two of my favorites words
In this episode, I talk about Accountability & Integrity. *Trigger warning* I also discuss suicide. And yes, I cuss a lot in this one, as well.
January 16, 2019
Introduction: Hi, I'm T.B. Cooper, and this is the HiporCritical Podcast
Introduction: Hi, I'm T.B. Cooper, and this is the HiporCritical Podcast
I describe myself a bit and tell you what you might expect to hear from me, in future episodes. And yes, I cuss like a trucker.
January 15, 2019