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Reconcile This!

Reconcile This!

By The TCU Race & Reconciliation Initiative
"Reconcile This" is an academic podcast that is associated with Texas Christian University's Race & Reconciliation Initiative and the Universities Studying Slavery Consortium. Tune in to hear Chair Dr. Frederick Gooding Jr., and Graduate Research assistant Marcellis Perkins as they interview guest who share a passion for "doing the work" of reconciliation. Editing Credits: Season 1 -Kai Grady @kaigrady Season 2- Oscar Saravia @Osaravia8 Co-Hosts: Dr. Fredrick Gooding Jr. Marcellis Perkins @Marceperkins
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Episode S2.13: A Written Testimony Ft. Rev. Wheeler Parker Jr.
Dr. G and Marcellis return with another dynamic interview that features Civil Rights Icon and RRI Keynote Rev. Wheeler Parker Jr. In 1955, the world would bare witness to one of the most horrific moments in US history. The murder of Emmett Till would not only shake the world of Money, Mississippi, but all who would see the Jet Magazine article that displayed the evidence of that fateful night. For Rev. Parker, these black & white photos are not just pictures, but chapters of his life as her bore witness to the entire situation. Listen to his story, unpack history, and witness the power of healing in real time. To check out the wonderful updates of RRI day, click here! 
May 05, 2022
Episode S2. 12: Wins & Losses Pt. 2- LaDainian "LT" Tomlinson
Dr. G and Marcellis finish the conversation from Wins & Losses Pt. 1 with LT. The second half goes more in depth into LT's navigation on being a big time college athlete that was expected to take care of his family, the way in which he was parented, learning how to handle different situations, and the power of reconciliation to win... As a bonus, our co-host will be releasing a surprise episode this Wednesday 5/4...we hope you will enjoy.
May 02, 2022
Episode S2. 11: Moment of Truth Ft. Dr. Sylviane Greensword
One day before Reconciliaiton Day ..not 2..the crew comes back with the offi-ci-al Race & Reconciliation Initiative Post Doctoral Fellow Dr. Sylviane Greensword. Dr. Greensword is the spearhead behind the Oral History Project and lead researcher of the Charley and Kate Thorp family research project. If you've heard this name before it is because it is no stranger to the RRI scene. Charley and Kate Thorp was a formally enslaved married Black couple who were instrumental in the development of early TCU. Dr. Greensword is back again to talk about the nuances of the Thorp's relationship to the TCU's founder and how what we know of American enslavement is only a small fraction... With exciting news, Dr. Greensword updates us on her research to share that she has found living descendants of Charley and Kate Thorp who have traveled far and wide to come to TCU for Reconciliation Day to learn more about their ancestors. Through the art of the possible and the power of reconciliation, we have and continue to find ...a Moment of Truth 
April 19, 2022
Episode S2.10: Wins & Losses Pt. 1- LaDainian "LT" Tomlinson
Dr. G and Marcellis return with special guest Hall of Fame Husband and Father who also had a great NFL career, LaDainian "LT" Tomlinson. The three come together to unpack the recent "Wins & Losses" in today's news. Hear some unfiltered thoughts between responses and reactions, what RRI means, and the idea that love and fear will make you do some crazy things......tune into Part 1 of a 2 part series. Also, check into RRI website to hear more about The 2nd Annual Reconciliation Day on 4/20.
April 13, 2022
Episode S2.9: Wild Wild West
Though away from the podcast world conducting matters of programming for RRI, co-host Dr. G and Marcellis return to discuss recent news of the media world or perhaps the wild wild west. Viewing the 94th annual Oscars award incident as point of contention in discussing Responses, Reactions, and "Reconciliation." Our co-host delve into their perspectives of if harm and healing can happen at the same time. Additionally the two discuss the difference between Reactions vs. Responses and how human emotions can cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture... Be sure to continue to tune in to hear more upcoming event related to RRI ! Check out the official website for more information, click here. Dr. G's Black Oscars book can be found HERE. Be sure to tune in next week as the co-host revisit Episode 3.2 “Reconcile This!” The Score with a very special guest… -In Power & In Peace. 
March 31, 2022
Episode S2. 8: Be Ft. Dr. Jay Augustine
On this episode of Reconcile This! Dr. G and Marcellis follow up on last episode's "People Hear What They See" with having the insightful wisdom of their esteemed guest, a nationally recognized speaker, and church leader Dr. Jay Augustine to further explore the idea of Reconciliation.  A New Orleans native, Jonathan C. Augustine (a/k/a “Jay Augustine”) is a pastor and professor, as well as an author and advocate. He is part of a group of national social justice leaders who speak for the equality of all human beings, while advocating for policies of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. With the release of his new and highly anticipated book entitled Called to Reconciliation: How the Church Can Model Justice, Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Augustine offers an added layer to how the work can be facilitated and shared. This book argues that the church's work in reconciliation can serve as a model for society at large and that secular diversity and inclusion practices can benefit the church. It offers a prophetic call to pastors, church leaders, and students to recover reconciliation as the heart of the church's message to a divided world. Make sure you get your copy TODAY!  Additionally be sure to join Team RRI for The Race & Reconciliation Initiative Week that will be  starting on 2/21. For more information, check out the website here. Remember, when we be we take the steps into becoming.  & as we are becoming, we are growing closing to being.  Be Loving, Be Encouraging, Be all that you, Be Boundless, Be and embody, and Be...
February 17, 2022
Episode S2. 7: People Hear What They See Ft. James Baldwin
On this special episode of Reconcile This! Dr. G and Marcellis return with a unique spin on their discussion. Within the spirit of celebrating Black History and Reconciliation, our co-hosts wanted to begin to explore the wise words of popular Black trailblazers. This episode will feature a clip from the prolific Black author James Arthur Baldwin. Entitled "Embracing the 'Stranger'" Baldwin invites listeners into his perspective on what racial Reconciliation can look like through his lens. At the conclusion of his brief statement, our co-host return to bring about an interesting dialogue regarding Race and rebuilding.  Be sure to tune in for the next episode of Reconcile This! That will feature Author Dr. Jay Augustine as we cover his new book Called to Reconciliation: How the Church Can Model Justice, Diversity and Inclusion (Baker Academic, 2022).  For more information on RRI week check out the website here !
February 11, 2022
Episode S2. 6: Care for Me Ft. Dr. Rhondda Thomas (Part 2/2)
Dr. G & Marcellis bring back special guest Dr. Rhondda Thomas to discuss the importance of mental health, caring for yourself while doing emotionally taxing work, and the power in finding a "crew." Tune into part 2 of this insightful conversation on how Dr. Thomas learned how to balance the work and the rest.  Don't forget to check out Call My Name, Clemson For more information on the upcoming Race & Reconciliation Initiative check out our website HERE Also, join us for RRI WEEK 2/21/22 to 2/25/22. View our schedule of events view HERE
January 25, 2022
Episode S2. 5: It Was Written Ft. Dr. Rhondda Thomas (Part 1/2)
On this special episode of Reconcile This! Dr. G and Marcellis take a trip to Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina to meet the trailblazing Dr. Rhondda Thomas and the rest of the research team of the Call My Name, Clemson project. Dr. Thomas is a professor of literature whose work looks into early African American literature and culture, politics of black identity, autobiographical scholarship, African American literature and the Bible, race and culture studies, African American historiography, migration narratives, and African American women writers.  Dr. Thomas documents the Black experience at Clemson through a lens that highlights the fluidity of the past and present. What makes Call My Name, Clemson captivating is that it weaves together significant historical moments and the personal accounts of Dr. Thomas into a cohesive story. A story that sheds light on those who were excluded from the Clemson story, yet were essential in building Clemson into what it is today.  Tune in to hear an in-depth interview from one of the leading scholars in investigating higher education history within enslavement.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Rhondda Thomas and the Call My Name, Clemson project.  To order Call My Name, Clemson - Click Here  For more updates on RRI check out our website at
December 20, 2021
Episode S2. 4: Represent Ft. Cecilia Hill
This episode Dr. G & Marcellis return with guest soon to be Dr. Cecilia Hill. Hill is a product of Ft. Worth ISD and a graduate of neighboring Paschal High School. In this episode the three discuss Hill's journey of feeling as if TCU was attainable and not inviting as a high school senior to now concluding her doctoral studies from that same institution. What Hill reminds us is that our work is not only a reflection of our personal lives, but can also be a representation of what's possible for our communities.  (1:04) Who are you ?, (2:08) The Journey of self (3:38) A product of FWISD, (5:08) The labels of Identity, (8:17) What does Ft. Worth think of TCU ?, (9:51) TCU didn't feel attainable, (13:42) Writing curriculum while facing push back ?, (17:31) The title brings influence, (20:17) The stories of our past predominantly Mexican-American schools in Ft. Worth, (21:51) My Heart is HERE, (22:19) It starts with acknowledgment, (23:37) The full circle moment Read more about Cecilia Hill's work here  Stay up on all RRI items here 
December 01, 2021
Episode S2. 3: The Low End Theory
Dr. G & Marcellis return with a review on the current structure of the RRI Town-Hall series. For the academic year the RRI team will host each of the 10 colleges at TCU in a conversation of "what does reconciliation mean to you and how is it applied to your work ?" Within, we see how each academic discipline adds unique tools to contribute to the work that is needed for us to become a better society. The pair close off the show by delving into the conversation of what Critical Race Theory is in relation to History. What is the difference ? Why is it needed ? & Why are people so fearful of it being taught ? Maybe it should be called something else ? But until everything is fair..we will find ways to Reconcile This! Join us for our next Virtual Town Hall Series featuring the College of Education & Neely Business School.  Register Here!
November 04, 2021
Episode S2. 2: For Your Eyes Only Ft. Dr. Sylviane Greensword
On this episode of Reconcile This! Dr. G and Marcellis return interviewing Race & Reconciliation Initiative Post-Doc Fellow Dr. Sylviane Greensword. The visionary and lead researcher behind the RRI Oral History Project, Dr. Greensword details her journey that has lead her to TCU and the work that she is deeply invested in. Dr. Greensword is committed to helping share the unfiltered stories of TCU faculty, staff, and students through honest storytelling and research. (1:25) I am (2:24) Straight Outta Grad School (5:17) LSU PhD (6:56) "Heck No!" (11:09) Tell People's Stories (14:00) What it meant to discovery Charley's Voice (17:50) I had to learn how to detach myself (19:27) There is love in the criticism (21:04) How do you keep yourself balanced ? (23:15) Global Blackness as an extra lens (24:20) What do Reconciliation Mean to you? Also, please join the Race & Reconciliation Initiative for the second in a five-part town hall series on 10/21 featuring the AddRan College of Liberal Arts and College of Fine Arts that will speak to the question: What does race and reconciliation mean to you? For more information: Click Here!   Episode Editor: Oscar Saravia   @Osaravia8
October 14, 2021
Episode S2. 1: One Day It'll All Make Sense..
Welcome Back!  Co-Host Dr. G & Marcellis bring back the highly anticipated Reconcile This! with their first episode of season 2. Listen as both unpack the first year of the Race & Reconciliation Initiative, what to expect with year 2, a 5 year model, and the remix of the Virtual Town-Hall Series.  There is a lot of work to do, but as a campus community will continue to build hopes that One Day It'll All Make Sense..! For more information for the 9/29 Virtual Town-Hall meeting Click Here !
September 22, 2021
Episode 6.1: ...And Then There Was..(Bonus Content)
Dr. G and Marcellis wanted to return this week with a quick Bonus Content episode to reflect on the recent police killing of Daunte Wright by officer Kim Potter.  We try to unpack the constant traumatic experiences of being Black in America, while embracing further impact. The question is what or who can protect us ?  *Thank you to our listeners! We have over 1,300 total since January and have reached the shores of 7 countries outside of the US. #TCUReconcileThis 
April 16, 2021
Episode 6: The Miseducation
This week Dr. G and Marcellis return with an exciting episode where they have brought on the voices of current student leaders and stories of students of our past from 1955 to 2021. Ms. Jordan Carter, Dr. Jacque Lambiase, and Ms. Cassie Trosino allow us to peer into the world of Sorority life, culture, and history.  Ms. Trosino: (1:27) Madam President (2:28) My main goal (5:00) You can't make 'em drink ..(7:22) Let's do this together (8:55) Everybody does not have to do everything (9:53) Strive to have the biggest ears in the room (11:26) Seek first to understand (13:56) What binds us all and bonds us all (14:30) Doc Talk Dr. Lambiase (15:36) A story of TCU 1955 written by Students (16:30) How do we help people see what they are doing, as they do it (16:50) April 29th, 1955 and HBCU Tennessee State meet at TCU..(19:35) Legalized Separation and Segregation (21:33) ..but not at TCU..(24:17) More from students? (25:48) TCU choose not to meet it Ms. Carter: (26:23) Madam President (27:41) A lot of Misinterpretations (30:30) There is no secret (31:19) Support is everything (33:30) We are able to impact areas (36:23) We are setting he foundation for our community (41:23) World Premier.. (42:30) We have to strive .. (45:20) Black Sororities and Colorism (46:34) Before you get there.. Editing & Co-Production: Kai Grady   
April 12, 2021
Episode 5: U.N.I.T.Y
This week on Reconcile This! Dr. G & Marcellis return with an in-depth conversation that focuses on the importance of community engagement and involvement within Ft. Worth. Bringing on Dr. Roseangela Boyd, Dr. Trung Nguyen, Professor Adam McKinney, and Dr. Johnny Nhan who each bring a critical perspective on how TCU can be of better service to the Ft. Worth community.  Dr. Boyd: (1:43) The misconception of community (3:30) Who is TCU responsible to? (5:50) Getting rid of the "other" (9:07) TCU aka The Bubble (14:00) The School Of Medicine is the Model (18:58) If you teach a person to fish... (21:12) Progress is a process Doc Talk Dr. Trung Nguyen & Professor Adam McKinney: (22:30) Who does TCU work with in the community ? (23:13) TCU does business with 14% of ...(25:11) TCU as contributor for the Ft. Worth economy (26:17) It's about visibility (27:39) What are we saying or not saying about Blackness (28:37) Blackness is looked over, not central Dr. Nhan: (34:27) Operation Progress (38:08) Class difference (40:27) But people are making individual choices (44:30) Who makes the law? (45:49) The laws do not reflect the "people" (54:40) The mistrust is valid  Editing & Co-production: Kai Grady
April 05, 2021
Episode 4.2: What's Free (Bonus Content)
Dr. G and Marcellis return with their reflections on the George Floyd murder, the Chauvin Trial, and those whose lives weren't given the humanity that they deserved.  Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Donovan Lynch & every other Black life lost to police brutality and Anti-Black Racism.. Rest in Power We move forward, in searching for "What's Free." If possible..
April 02, 2021
Episode 4.1: The What (Bonus Content)
Dr. G & Marcellis return with a bonus content special reflecting on the recent killings of our Asian Brothers and Sisters and the overarching structure of White Supremacy. Unfortunately, within a system it enacts its powers by the further separation of those not benefiting from it.  What can we do ? We honestly don't have the answers, just more questions that may lead us there.  Let us know your thoughts through email: RRI@TCU.EDU or Twitter/IG : @TCURRinitiative. 
March 26, 2021
Episode 4: If You Don't Know? I Am...
This week co-hosts Dr. G and Marcellis return with a great episode that you do not want to miss! Interviewing our trailblazers and champions who take on the daily duty of doing "The Work". Joined by TCU's 2nd African American Woman promoted to full professor Dr. Francyne Huckaby, RRI Co-chairs Ms. Leslie Ekpe and Dr. Clifford Harrell, and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives, Interim Senior Advisor to the Chancellor and the Chief Inclusion Officer Ms. Aisha Torrey Sawyer.   (1:17) I Am... (2:35) In 2018 ! (4:55) The Gifted Curse (6:23) This says less about me, more about the system (7:18) Why ? Because this is the life that I wanted to live (9:40) TCU, the slow change (11:28) Who do I want to teach ? (14:34) Preparing to talk about race (15:59) Faculty meetings and race (17:21) The little actions we do, make the institution (18:39) Its trendy to be "Woke"  (19:48) I Am... (21:02) What did the TCU Board of Trustees say at the beginning of desegregation ? (22:08) Present policies and practices, past precursors (22:43) TCU Athletics. We know about Dr. James Cash, but who else? (23:47) We don't even know their names (24:49) What has changed for the Black-Student Athletes? (25:30) We integrated, but we didn't include (26:04) Rejected from TCU, sent to Jarvis Christian College (27:55) Then the "Why" repeats (30:06) If we are talking about "Equitable" resources (33:23) TCU Black students demanding a Black cultural the 70s ? (34:31) I Am... (35:03) A Chief Inclusion Officer does what exactly? (36:48) How do you define Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion ? (39:03) People say they want change..but do they really want change ? (40:17) Equality does not mean Equity (42:11) Difficulties as a Black Woman at this level ? (45:20) But..What..? (46:18) Being in the middle of ..not doing enough and doing to much (48:00) DEI is not good enough, lets get rid of it? (49:55) The terminology does not get to the root (50:58) Some backs can't bend (53:33) How does one practice having difficult conversation? (56:55) What does it look like to reconcile ?  Editing & Co- Production: Kai Grady  Benching Jim Crow - Charles Martin 
March 08, 2021
Episode 3.2: The Score (Bonus Content)
After coming off an amazing RRI Week drive, co-hosts Dr. G and Marcellis reflect on the keynote address of NFL Hall of Famer Great LaDainian "LT" Tomlinson. As sports fans who recognize the socialization of Black Athletes, the two give their perspective on what it meant to have LT use his platform in this way. We know the game, we know the score. If you have not seen the address, check below! Race and Reconciliation Presents: NFL Hall of Famer LaDainian Tomlinson '00:
March 05, 2021
Episode 3.1: Step Into a World (Bonus Content)
In reflection of Episode 3: The Dreamer, The Believer co-hosts Dr. G and Marcellis share their thoughts of policing, their critiques, questions, and perspective. To Dream and To Believe is to imagine new realties and new worlds. That is all seek through questioning.  Come Join us!  ALSO, in celebration of reaching 500 listens to the RRI podcast stay tuned for more bonus content on Episode 3.2! In the meantime check out the RRI website for more upcoming info. 
March 04, 2021
Episode 3: The Dreamer, The Believer
The RRI team is back with a new episode that will be a treat. This week co-hosts Dr. G and Marcellis talk to the dreamers and believers who attempt to reconcile in their daily efforts and works. Joined by Women & Gender Studies Professors Dr. Randa Tawil, RRI Co-Chair Dr. Sue Anderson and Retired Secret service and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Public Safety Mr. Adrian Andrews. This is a full, action-packed and insightful conversation that is worth every minute! Dr. Tawil: (1:56) I am the FIRST (2:36) Misconceptions of WGST (5:16) The Origins of heroes (8:20) The levels of identity (12:27) Who is being left out? (15:47) The power of imagination (17:54) We might as well watch a movie (21:15) How do you define reconciliation ? Dr. Anderson: (23:16) Charley Throp ? (24:08) Thank God we Made It (26:26) He did everything for TCU (28:11) A freedom never "realized" (28:45) Who is responsible?   Mr. Andrews: (32:18) The Longest Title (33:31) The word "Police" (35:31) When I take this tie off..(38:38) That's what I hope (39:29) Being Black and a Police Officer ? (41:33) The L.E.S.S is More Program (43:25) Defund the Police (45:30) Tasked with a lot (47:13) The badge is not a "shield" (51:10) Raise Taxes? (54:21) I want to help! (55:32) We GOT to do our part Dr. G: (55:55) RRI Week "We don't talk enough about imagination enough In order to make change, we have to imagine new futures and new realties....Imaging new world views." This episode is for The Dreamers and The Believers Thank you, Editing & Production - Kai Grady
February 22, 2021
Episode 2.1: How I Got Over (Bonus Content)
Back with some bonus content Dr. G and Marcellis wanted to provide some of their personal insights and takeaway from Episode 2 Black on Both Sides/Healing at the Crossroads. With some much going on in the world we want to emphasize the importance of taking care of your mental health. You may not be to blame, but you are responsible for your healing and most importantly you are not alone.  Stay tuned for an important message at the end regarding RRI week!
February 19, 2021
Episode 2: Black on Both Sides/Healing at the Crossroads
& We are back! On this episode co-hosts Dr. G & Marcellis invite Dr. Brian Dixon & Dr. Eric Wood to discuss the intricacies of generational trauma, Black history, and healing. We ask the questions that appear to be taboo in our community which relates to the importance of mental and emotional health.  If there is a spotlight on trauma, there might be an open door for healing..Join us!  Our "Doc Talk" intermission features Dr. Alan Gallay, who is one of many RRI Co-chairs that we will feature during this segment. Dr. Gallay introduces the effects of massacres in North Texas after the Civil War and the interesting "Gray Area" in which our TCU history lives within.. Dr. Dixon (1:20) What form does healing take? (2:15) Generational trauma is ..? (3:32) What's not healed, will be handed down (3:56) You have to work twice as hard, for half (6:15) "Free Radicals" (8:27) You are a terrible therapist for yourself  Dr. Gallay's "Doc Talk"(11:11) TCU's relationship with the Confederacy (12:10) Establishing universities & violence (15:50) Education to calm (16:43) TCU & HBCUs? Jarvis Christian College  (18:49) It complicates our interpretation (19:24) The first, will be last.. (21:40) The Gray area  Dr. Wood (22:47) Trauma is multilayered (23:58) Helping people articulate their pain (24:30) Hurt people, hurt people (25:25) Can you acknowledge what you did ? (26:21) TCU's training (27:42) Practical tips for taking your medicine (30:12) Be real whats going on (30:50) There is a spotlight on trauma & an open door for healing  Resources: TCU Counseling & Mental Health: Also, be on the look out for BONUS CONTENT....& don't forget to rate, review & subscribe.. Editing & Production-  Kai Grady 
February 08, 2021
Episode 1: The Blueprint
On the pilot episode of "Reconcile This!", co-hosts Dr. G & Marcellis engage in a 1-on-1 conversation on their meaning of reconciliation. Listen to how two East-coast natives were brought together in Texas to work on a project that had been years in the making... It's about forward thinking, about the journey, about community, about building as we climb, about exploring the truth, about asking the questions & it's about.... Reconciliation.  (2:30) Who we are ?, (5:15) Moorehouse Molded, (8:15) Speaking of truth, the honest skepticism of joining RRI, (10:30) The impact of HBCUs & earlier education, (13:54) Ms. Maya Angelou once said.., (15:45) Labor of love & forward thinking, (18:40) Dr. Hugo A. Owens, (21:40) What does reconciliation mean to you ?, (27:10) Groundwork, not fireworks, (32:12) The Three E's, (34:58) Viewing the Black Body & Black intellect in PWIs, (38:38) Committed to the truth, (39:51) How do you avoid burn out while doing the work?, (43:50) History is not about the past, (47:06) Close Ms. Maya Angelou - Our Grandmothers  Editing & Production-  Kai Grady 
January 25, 2021
Trailer: Reconcile This!
We welcome you to TCU's Race & Reconciliation podcast "Reconcile This!". Whereas host and chair Dr. Frederick Gooding Jr., "Dr. G" & Grad. Assistant Marcellis Perkins give a behind the scenes look into what RRI has been working on. Each episode will include two segments of interviews where the hosts will engage in critical conversation with different TCU & Ft. Worth leaders who dedicate themselves to the work of "Reconciliation". Found within the middle of each episode a "Doc Talk" intermission segment will include the wonderful co-chairs of RRI who will be discussing artifacts, documents and or  other interesting facts found within their study.  We hope that you learn a little more as we learn, ask more questions as we ask, and seek the truth alongside with us in this journey.  Editing & Production Credits: Mr. Kai Grady. Twitter @KaiGrady IG:LakerFan8 TCU RRI: Twitter & IG- @TCURRInitiative  Facebook: TCU Race & Reconciliation Initiative 
January 17, 2021