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Tea and Terror

Tea and Terror

By Tea And Terror
Tea and Terror is a podcast created by 3 beans in their twenties in their attempt of a comedy podcast that covers all of our favorite types of nightmare fuel.

This podcast was born of our love for True Crime, the Paranormal, and Urban Legends both old and new, and an excuse to meet up every week to talk about it.

Join us amateur podcasters every week for tea and nightmare fuel! We're glad you're here with us! So grab some tea and settle in for some spooks and laughs.
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Tea and Terror Episode 23: Breakdown in IKEA
True Crime Episode This week's Tea Time features the girls talking about house-sitting, mental breakdowns, and health insurance....well, the lack of it.  After the weekly tea has been spilled, Mariah takes us to North Macedonia to talk about how Vlado Taneski, a man who rebuilt his journalist reputation, managed to dismantle it all with one case.  Credit to Stephanie Soo's video! Email:
July 26, 2021
Tea and Terror Episode 22: Le DAAAMN Verte
Paranormal Episode This week's Tea Time features the girls chatting about self-care,  leche condensada, Lulu's mom roasting her while in another country, and Sydney learning that just because life gives you lemons... After the weekly tea has been spilled, Sydney takes us to France for this paranormal case! Roam the halls of the Château de Brissac and have a conversation with the Green Lady and learn her story.  Email:
July 16, 2021
Tea and Terror Episode 21: Cut the Vampires
Urban Legend Episode In this week's tea time, we talk about our 4th of July events and lack of with Special Guest Dana, featuring Mikey in the background.  After tea time, Lulu spills the tea she learned about the Strigoi, along with some tips and tricks on how to avoid and identify them.  Load up on garlic and the fat of a pig killed on a certain day of the year and take a bite of this episode! Fun fact: It is Mikey's Playstation running in the background, not a SpaceX rocket taking off to Mars! Socials Instagram: Twitter: Discord: Email:
July 09, 2021
Tea and Terror Episode 20: True Crime: The Mafia was Pro-Gay Rights??
True Crime Episode  In this week's tea time, the girl spill the tea about Lulu's surprise! Noodle man pulled out all the stops and had the girls fly down to surprise her! Needless to say, Tea and Terror's first ever meet up went amazing!  This week, Tea and Terror is changing things up and from now on covering one case an episode, today take a listen as Mariah tells us about the Stonewall Riots! Socials Instagram: Twitter: Discord: Email:
June 25, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 19: A Bust, A Chair, and a Chulapa are at a Bar
The girls in this week’s tea time spill about Sydney’s new job, Lulu’s birthday weekend plans, and Mariah enjoying her post college relaxation and getting to see Maria! They also are all very excited to be adding more podcasts to their group chat.    This week’s spooks include the infuriating case of John List, the cursed Busby Stoop Chair, and the infamous Chulapa Monster    Socials Instagram: Twitter: Discord: Email:
June 15, 2021
Tea and Terror Episode 18: Together in Copenhagen
Join the girls as they excitedly introduce to you to the voice of Max! Our friend who has now taken up the role of editor! In addition to having our first guest, the girls are excited about connecting with other podcasts! (As of writing this description, we have listened to so many new ones, and they are a dream!) Mariah also admits that sometimes, men don't suck, and that she is now a college graduate!!  Max also talks about going to a class she didn't have, and the joys of Zoom. This weeks topics involve Lulu destroying Sydney's and Mariah's childhood dreams as the three girls team up to talk about the True Crime Case of The Romanov Execution and Anastasia.  Max then tells the girls about the Rusalka, which the girls might want to become one day. Instagram: Twitter: Discord: Email:
June 08, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 17: A Samurai Sword in One Hand, a Penis in the Other
This week the girls have a good catch up with some relaxing tea time. The chat includes some totally not sponsored promo for Best Fiends, that's best friends without the r, (Mikey is a bean who completes challenges for Lulu to get her the cutest fiend). We also find out Lulu has no idea how long to steep tea for and Sydney has a gross brownie that has a connection to Lulu's True Crime??? Also- Happy Pride Month! The girls didn't do the math to realize this would come out on the first day of Pride Month! This week’s spooks include the hilarious and badass Lorena Bobbit, Mariah’s recap of season 15 episode 3 of Ghost Adventures : Stardust Ranch, and the legendary game of Killswitch.    Socials: Linktree: Discord:| Email: 
June 01, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 16: Totally the Next Logical Step
Tea Time this week takes us across the country and the globe! Sydney is packing for two very exciting vacation trips, Mariah is dealing with finals week and ready to die but definitely becoming a Dead by Daylight professional at this point, and Lulu’s relationship with Mikey has officially been the reason the girls might raise their bar from off the ground. The girls also chat about DinoCow's Twitch (aka their fave streamer and overall amazing person) and their fun on DBD.  This week the girls cover the Kidnapping of Hannah Anderson, the mystical Moon River Brewery, and the Japanese legend of the Red Room.  Socials:  Instagram: Twitter: Discord: Email: Support DinoCow at these links below!
May 25, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 15: Don't Open the Damn Box
The tea spills this week include Sydney’s excitement for her trip to Florida and ascending into her final form: the mom friend, but like, the hot mom friend, Lulu’s chaotic activity on the Tea and Terror Twitter, and Mariah getting some of her writing published!   This week’s spooks include: Sydney’s Discord acting up (jk but also Discord get your shit together), the poisoning on the set of the Titanic film, Zak Bagan’s horrible handling of the Dybbuk Box, and a return to Pyramid Lake for the legend of the Water Babies.    Socials:   Instagram: Twitter: Discord: Email:
May 18, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 14: Ham & Eggs, with a side of Silver Bullets and Secret Tunnels
In this week's episode the girls chat a little about Lulu’s sudden ear infection, their continued support for Plum Deluxe and their bestie Andy, the onset of some new international listeners(!), and Sydney’s prep for hot girl summer week in Florida. This week’s spooks include us disrespecting Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish aka Ham and Eggs(finished at 54:40), the haunting of the iconic Bell Witch, and, for legal reasons, for suresies not any secret underground tunnels on college campuses. Leave a rating and review (for those listening on Apple Podcast)! Socials! Instagram: Twitter: Email: Discord:
May 11, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 13: Email Slinging Dasher
In this week’s episode the girls have a pre-show chat about snacks and have a semi-healthy debate on what the proper dipping sauce for chicken nuggets are. This week’s tea time involves Sydney's state of being for finals week, some brief awkwardness at her Formal, her cousin's high school performance of Something Rotten, and some bonfire antics. Lulu spilled about her COVID vaccine site scheduling mishap, the disappointment of people not knowing the Dewey Decimal System, and how she had to zoom over to Mikey's post-recording session. Mariah spilled about her 2nd Pfizer dosage. But, more importantly, tells us about a DoorDash man that spills tea about himself faster than you can say: prison time! Also find out why he had to humbled very quickly. On to the spooks! This week the girls tell each other, and you, about the Craiglist Fantasy, the Old Spaghetti Factory, and El Cucuy!  Come hang with us and other members of the Tea and Terror community (name TBD) in our Discord Server! Link Below
May 05, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 12: A Cup of Necrophilia and a Bar of Gold
In this week's Tea Time, the girl's chat about Lulu being stuck with babysitting duty after casually glossing over her No Good, Very Bad, Wild Ride of a Motel Experience. They also dive head first into the fact Sydney's family is buying her a crap-ton of self-defense weapons. The girl's even place bets on what the final number would be. What are your bets? Also, Mariah is prepping herself to get her 2nd dosage of her COVID-19 vaccine, #ShesAPfizerGirl   The spooks in this episode include: Kitty Genovese and the Bystander Effect, The Snedeker Haunting in Connecticut, and the video game with a deadly secret: Pale Luna.
April 27, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 11: The Real Wenches of Tea and Terror
 In this week’s Tea Time, the girls chat about Mariah’s birthday festivities, Dead by Daylight shenanigans, emotional campaign finale moments in DnD, and how a certain listener took Lulu’s sorrows too literally and sent an obscene amount of Kleenex.    This week’s spooks cover Leather Face himself a.k.a Ed Gein, The Mystery of The M Cave, and the festive legend of Krampus.   Please excuse the high wind warning that the Weather Channel forgot to update us on. Still can't believe they forgot to give up a heads up about Wind storm Mariahsfan. Quite rude of them not to. 
April 20, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 10: DnD Road Trip to Lover's Lane
In this weeks Tea Time, the girls chat about welcoming a new staff member to the Tea and Terror crew, working at a vaccination sites, getting COVID-19 vaccines, and a week full of homework (looking at you Coding) all whilst dealing with being exhausted and ready for a 700 year nap thanks to period things, lack of sleep, and the Pfizer Fatigue. They also celebrate two things! Sydney receiving her Plum Deluxe package and loving her tea, and a super special event with song! What's the special event? It's Mariah's Birthday episode!! Listen to hear a chaotic version of Happy Birthday by Lulu and Sydney. This weeks spooks are the Dungeons and Dragons Killer, The Driskill  Hotel, and Skinned Tom! Excuse the white noise (ocean waves) that made it past our exhausted Editors, poor things need a big nap after this weekend. As do the hosts. Honestly, everyone can use a nice night's sleep.
April 13, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 9: Otterly UPSET about the Lost Episode
This week Lulu cries over the fact that this episode is actually a last minute re-recording because Audacity decided to corrupt the files so bad while editing that they are now gone forever.  On the plus side, we can now cross off having a Lost Episode off of our list.   This week also features the very first edition of: Sydney and Mariah’s Sideshow. During very essential bathroom breaks, the two Aries women dish out their top Spotify tracks of the week and compile it into their very own playlist.    The girl's chat Mariah's booze filled pre-spring break week and some minor breaking and entering, Sydney longing to live out her Bridgerton Dream at an Art Museum after a Hotel cancels on her last minute, and Lulu starting to work at her city's COVID-19 Vaccination Site.    To top it off, they talk about their new best friend Andy, Owner of Plum Deluxe (a tea company!). Check them out on instagram @plumdeluxe ! They even have a tea quiz to see which  of their flavors you'd like the most on their website! As well as free recipes and coloring pages!   This week we talk about a feminist ahead of her time Giulia Tofana, visit the haunted ass night club Bobby Mackey's Music World Quarantine style, and see the cute little otters- oh shit those aren't otters those are Kushtakas.   Dear Andy, Mariah and Lulu LOVED the teas that we received! Sydney can't wait to try hers!
April 11, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 8: Leave the Tits Alone!
The girls this week chat about scheduling mental breakdowns, interesting experiences on the drive home, and the fact that Lulu 3D printed her man a special ring and the girls’ nickname for him. The girls also dedicate a few minutes to simping over Dead By Daylight's latest killer the Trickster.    Tune in to part 1 of Lulu's Dead By Deadlight series The Gainesville Ripper aka the inspiration of Ghost Face, the historic and spooky Sorrel-Weed House in Savannah, Georgia, and the Urban Legend surrounding the video game Polybius. Dear Dead by Daylight, please sponsor us. We can be contacted at in which we will respond in a timely manner. If you have any requests or personal true crime/paranormal or a favorite Urban Legend D.M us on Instagram (@tea.and.terror) or Twitter (@tea_terror) or email us at for a chance for us to cover it on the show!
March 30, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 7: I came out here for a cheese board and instead I got cursed?
It's Sydney's birthday episode and all she got from us was an: FBI cover up, a house full of Demons, and a cursed AF poem. What else could a girl want?    Tune in to learn more about the unresolved murder of Kendrick Johnson, explore the 200 Demon House, and read up (not out loud!) on the game of Tomino’s Hell.   This week on Tea and Terror the hosts celebrate an assortment of things! Sydney celebrates the fact she sold a dress to a customer who adores her, Lulu celebrates the fact that she kept her cool with a customer along with getting DoorDashed Tea from Sydney , and Mariah celebrates her acceptance into SDSU!! Congratulations Mariah!!   p.s Happy Birthday Max, the intro & outro music you made for us is beautiful and we love it every episode
March 23, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 6: I too am a Spiteful Mermaid
After dealing with another troublesome Dan,  Trip Advisors Lies, and drowning in schoolwork, the girls come back together after a week of not recording and catch up on tea before diving into this weeks dose of Murder, Spooks, and Legends. This week the girls talk about Mary Ann Cotton and how death follows her, the Riddle House ft. the Yesteryear Village, and the Spiteful Mermaid of Pyramid Lake.
March 16, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 5: Like the Good Christians We Are
A relatively normal week allows for the girls to reminisce about Glee, the good ol' days when dabbing was the way, the moon (both types), and agreeing that Sydney cannot ever go blonde shortly before she nearly kills Lulu mid tea sip. don’t want to miss this.   This week the girls talks about Michael Malloy and the Murder Trust, the Queen Mary ship, and the 100 Steps Cemetery.    Happy (late) Birthday Dana! It was your birthday the day we recorded.  You best have had a good one!   Also a special birthday shout out to Demi! Your birthday came (the day of Ep 4 upload) after this episode was edited, and we screamed. We hope you had a good birthday!
March 09, 2021
Tea and Terror Episode 4: Simps, Tamales, and Calendar
When asking "how are you doing this week" is a loaded question, things are revealed - such as: super weird dreams, research induced nightmares,  a week full of vibes and almost adding a boy back on Snapchat, the fact that Dahmer might be in heaven, and (Lulu) confirming Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. This week the girls talk about some saucy topics: the Menendez Brothers, Doherty Hotel, and Bunny Man Bridge
March 02, 2021
Tea and Terror Episode 3: Sad Girl (Spooky) Hour
A much needed distraction this week was needed as the hosts dealt with sad girl hours, mini-heart attacks, and a (happy, we promise) kidnapping. We even get to experience Lulu singing for a second, as well as a first hand account from the dog next-door to Mariah.   This week we talk about The Serial Slasher, the Whaley House, and the Charred Man of California.
February 23, 2021
Tea and Terror Episode 2: Groomer, Witches' Curse, and Melon Heads, Oh My!
Armed with a new intro and outro created by a dear friend of theirs; Lulu, Mariah, and Sydney chat about exciting news for one of the co-hosts before delving into the spooks.   This week is about the Murder of Kelly Anne Bates, the darkness that consumes Dyer Lane, and the legend of the Melon Heads (which are not gnomes with lemon heads as Lulu comes to learn).    Domestic Abuse Hotline: United States: (800) 799-7233 has a live chat option as well. It is available 24/7, as well as being free and confidential. It gives information on not only how to get help, but how to identify abuse, plan for safety, how to support others, and local resources.   For help in the UK call 0808 2000 247 or visit their website at live chat options are also available on their site.    Mentioned: Facebook group against the release of James Patterson Smith:
February 16, 2021
Tea And Terror Episode 1: And They All Wore White
A recording disaster strikes as Lulu, Mariah, and Sydney chat about tea, true crime, paranormal, and urban legends, as well as the audacity that men have.   This week is about three ladies in white: Asha Degree, Anna Rhodes and the Dice Roads Cemetery, and La Llorona. If you have any information about the Disappearance of Asha Degree, please contact FBI Charlotte at (704) 672-6100, your local FBI office, or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.
February 09, 2021