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teacher david online: podcast

teacher david online: podcast

By David Serna
I’m a teacher. I host workshops for VIPKid and I would like teachers to come together to share best practices and continue their love and quest for learning. Please check out my site -, packed with tips, blog posts, and more!
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Voice Control: Developing Your Best Teacher Voice WS
Did you know that you already have a powerful instrument in the classroom? Your voice! This workshop will cover how to perfect your teacher voice and avoid common pitfalls! Learn how to model correctly, reduce filler language, and prevent voice dragging. Also, master “the power of the pause” to reduce teacher output and increase student output.  Strategies will be presented with real slide practice. Come and find your voice!
January 31, 2021
VIPKid Teacher Profile & Booking Tips
Want to attract parents and students to your VIPKid profile? In this podcast, I will review the 4 components of your profile and how to attract parents. I will also cover the 3 different types of bookings including regular, short notice, and booking requests. This is adapted from New Teacher Kick-Off 1: Getting Started. Come and listen to learn more!
December 15, 2020
Teaching Sentences: Advanced Strategies Workshop
This is a rare workshop recording from the archives! If you're looking to increase student output in class by making repetition fun, and conveying the meaning of sentences to students - this is the workshop to listen to! We will address common student struggles and possible solutions including: unable to speak in a complete sentence independently, missing articles or prepositions, subject/verb agreements, and incorrect pronunciation when speaking in a complete sentence. Have a listen!
November 29, 2020
Level 5: Tips & Tricks Workshop
New to Level 5? This workshop focuses on how to build rapport with older, more advanced students. Thorough discussions on reading strategies, grammar approaches, and scaffolding techniques will be discussed. We will utilize a mixture of case studies, slides, and practice examples to help you become more effective for these students. Come and listen to learn more!
November 29, 2020
Time Management Workshop
Tick-Tock! This workshop focuses on how to manage time before, during, and after class to maximize your class time and productivity. Efficiency is the key to any successful lesson! We will utilize a mixture of case studies, slides, and practice examples to teach you how to become more effective in the three phases of class: pre-class, during class, and post-class. Come and listen to learn more!
November 16, 2020
Gamifying Your Lessons Workshop
Want to start playing games in the online classroom? Learn the ins and outs of gamification and effective strategies to increase student motivation and engagement. This workshop will cover parent expectations and how playing games in class can help students practice elements of language learning including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Conventional and digital game ideas will also be presented with real slide practice. Come join the fun and start playing!
November 16, 2020