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Tech Inspired

By TechFace - Build your best career in tech
What does it take to start a career in tech? Listen to the TechFace podcast and get to know inspiring women in tech and their careers. Find out what they have experienced, get to know their stories and hear all about their advice to build your best career in tech.
This podcast goes to all women in tech and their successful careers!
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Tech Inspired with Tanja Koch
Meet Tanja Koch, Zurich Ambassador for Women in 3D Printing, a global association to meet and exchange experiences about working in the 3D printing industry. Tanja works at 9T Labs, a startup from ETH Zurich that manufactures carbon composite 3D printers. Her job allows Tanja to combine her technical background with the business aspects of a startup company. She works closely with the sales and software department to tell compelling stories about their products. Because their customers are form very different industries and therefore having different needs. For example they have customers from industries such as MedTech, aerospace or luxury. Listen to this episode to hear Tanja’s take on the future of tech. She mentions diversity. Every year more young women enroll in technical studies. Tanja is convinced that in the future a more diverse workforce with different backgrounds will lead the progress in technology. Are you interested in Tanja's insights about the future of 3D printing? Then this episode is for you, free career advice included.
December 22, 2020
Tech Inspired with Asra Nadeem
Meet Asra Nadeem, who has 15 years of experience in various tech start-ups predominantly in the early stages and venture capital investment in Silicon Valley. Do you want to know, why she got her first job? It was because she was able to speak good English. However, she has proven herself very useful and shortly afterwards she was hired full-time as a product manager. Asra has a non-traditional way into the technology world. She learned how to build products or code herself. Simultaneously, she worked with amazing people who supported her in discovering and learning new things on the job. Thus, her tip for the future, be open to learn new things and stay flexible. Something that guided her throughout her career, she never applied to a job the traditional way. Listen to this episode, to learn more about Asra’s beliefs and her tips how to get into the start-up world without previous work experience. When asked who her favourite role model is, she has an unusual but good answer. When additionally watching her TEDx Talk you will understand why we think so.
November 23, 2020
Tech Inspired with Kim Dressendoerfer
Meet Kim Dressendoerfer, who works as a Technical Specialist and Cognitive Solution Architect for AI and Data at IBM. In this function she gets to use her creativity to build new solutions for clients daily. Already as a young girl, Kim was curious about technology and computers. She learned by doing and tried to figure out how systems or games work. Do you know, what her first ever played game was? It is easy to get inspired just by listening to Kim talk about her job. She started her career at IBM with an internship and was part of a great team, where she could follow her interest in applying her creativity to find solutions for the problems at hand. This way of thinking helps her to identify common themes and seeing the bigger picture. Kim clearly found a job that aligns with her purpose. Thus, sit down, get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and listen to Kim’s tips how she got there, what drives her for the future, and why her favourite role model has the best quotes.
October 20, 2020
Tech Inspired with Dorothea Baur
Meet Dorothea Baur, self-described independent ethics expert. Five years ago, she started her own consulting business Baur Consulting, where she advises companies in the financial industry about ethical questions. More recently, she has immersed herself into the field of artificial intelligence and ethics. In her daily work, she helps to define the necessary vocabulary to tackle the ethical questions at hand. Moreover, she raises awareness for our power over and responsibility for technology and shows where human judgment plays a role. In this podcast, Dorothea shares how her intrinsic motivation changed as she became her own boss. Her continuing inspiration are the intellectual challenges that she can work on a daily basis. Further, she shares her advice how to find your dream job aligning with your personal values.
September 21, 2020
Tech Inspired with Sandra Tobler
Meet Sandra Tobler, the Co-Founder and CEO of Futurae Technologies AG an ETH Zurich spin-off that specializes in cyber security. Her company strives to set new standards in authentication security without compromising on user experience. She is convinced that IT is the most powerful and creative industry with all the positive and negative aspects known. She points out that IT security is not just a box to tick off on a check list. On the contrary, it must be treated as an integral design element of a framework, service or digital product. Sandra is also a passionate promoter of the different players in the IT security ecosystem as a board member of the initiative Swiss Cybersecurity Startup Map. Additionally, Sandra talks about the skills that are in high demand and too few people combine, yet. An absolute must episode to listen to for people thinking about a career in cyber security.
August 17, 2020
Tech Inspired with Aleksandra Sokolowska
Meet Alex Sokolowska, who shares her experience about the empowerment of women in STEM while working in the academic environment and the start-up world. Follow her journey from a PhD in Computational Science at the University of Zurich, to a San Francisco start-up and her current position as a post-doc researcher at TU Delft. For her, technology is the tool to explore the world in a more scientific manner. And we talk about why there is a need for an equivalent of medicine’s Hippocratic oath in technology. During her PhD she founded the non-profit organization Women++. Here, she talks about the motivation behind Women++ and shares her thoughts about the importance of networks and why women need to network to be able to shape new and trending topics together with men. Through her networks, she met so many badass female scientists, founders, executives and managers that inspired her on her own journey.
July 20, 2020
Tech Inspired with Dalith Steiger
Meet Dalith Steiger! Get to know her journey from Software Engineer at UBS to Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SwissCognitive, a network to discuss the opportunities, impacts and development of Artificial Intelligence. She chose to study Mathematics and Information Technology because numbers are easy to understand. Moreover, programming languages are international and spoken worldwide. That is one reason why Dalith is a big advocate of diversity in technology. Another one is the presence of bias. She explains why it is important to involve diverse teams in the process of translating information into algorithms and what she calls thoughtful coding. Dalith believes that nobody should be afraid to get in touch with technology and explains why this is an eye-opening experience. Listen to this episode to learn more about Dalith’s four key principles and what drives her as a mother of two teenage girls to make sure that the next generation has a perspective.
June 22, 2020
Tech Inspired with Maja Schreiner
Meet Maja Schreiner! Maja has been in the Tech industry for a very long time and has recently decided to start her own venture. She grew up in Serbia and was already interested in programming since she was a kid. Although she wasn't looking for a job in Switzerland, she ended up in a Startup in Lausanne.  Later in her career she became aware of how important it is to be able to work part-time. This led her to found her own business, enabling companies to offer job-sharing opportunities.   Want to know why she believes job sharing will be of advantage for companies? Listen to this podcast and find out, how Maja led her career in tech until today!
May 26, 2020
Tech Inspired with Girls in Tech Switzerland - Podcast
Recently our partner community, Girls in Tech Switzerland, has recorded a podcast introducing themselves and sharing their advice, insights and tips about tech and the current situation. We are happy to share this podcast with you as well. Listen to their team members talking about their favorite apps, why they believe in tech for good and how they cope with the lockdown.
April 28, 2020
Tech Inspired with Marisa Tschopp
Meet Marisa Tschopp! She is a researcher at scip ag (, a cybersecurity and tech company in Zurich. She is conducting research about AI and technology from a psychological perspective, with a wide range of questions related to psychological phenomena, governance and ethical implications. Her research areas are about trust (What does it take to trust AI?), behavioral performance measurement of conversational AI (How smart is Siri?), and lethal autonomous weapons system (killerrobots and how to ban them!). At one point in her career, she decided that it is time to spend her time in a job that is not just good enough. It took her one year of work to land her dream job at scip. Want to find out how she approached her job search? How can she connect her studies in psychology with cybersecurity and why is it so important that companies do research as well. Listen to this podcast and get some amazing advice on how everyone can find their dream job, why networks are so important and what small steps can lead to according to the best advice Marisa got in her life. Psst, Marisa will be a speaker at the #wetechtogether conference, we are really excited listening to her knowledge session on the 3rd of October 2020, don't miss her speech!
March 24, 2020
Tech Inspired with Bettina Wolko
Meet Bettina Wolko! She is a software engineer at Namics with an interesting background! Having started out with an apprenticeship as a chemical lab assistant in Dusseldorf she soon realized that software engineering was a way cooler option - discover why she made that switch in this podcast episode. We also discuss how she must start mornings with coffee, what a typical day is like for her at work (hint: not typical at all), and Bettina helps us debunk the coder stereotype myth we see in movies. Although it took her some time to learn to code, Bettina believes everyone can learn to program - and she shares her recommendations for anyone who wants to become a software engineer. Listen to Bettina’s wise words for anyone thinking about switching careers and the best advice she was given - which definitely applies to work and life!
February 25, 2020
Tech Inspired with Alice Ruppert
Alice studied Game Design at ZHdK, a degree she discovered at an introductory evening and straight away she was hooked as it combined everything she loved: programming, engineering, gaming, writing, narrative, art and design. Today she’s Game Developer at Air Console, and works on a cloud-based console which uses phones as controllers and in her spare time she runs The Mane Quest, where she reviews horse games! In this episode, Alice discusses the Swiss game industry, what the career opportunities are and what skills you need to get into this scene - whether you want to design and develop games or just want something game-related and to be part of a cool and growing industry.
January 27, 2020
Tech Inspired with Sara Wick
Sara “slipped into the tech world” after studying a Master’s in multilingual text analysis and loves that she’s managed to combine her passion in linguistics with tech! ⁠⁠ Sara applied to jobs everywhere using advice she got from her role models, which led her to interesting interviews and possibilities until she scored a job at Turicode, a tech start-up that transforms unstructured data from PDF documents into valuable information. ⁠⁠ How did she end up there? Well, using one of her own little tricks!⁠ This and other tips are revealed in this podcast!
December 16, 2019
Tech Inspired with Arijana Walcott
Arijana Walcott didn’t start off as a techie. She started out in a call centre before becoming Head of Trends and Technology at Swisscom and later becoming CEO and Co-Founder of Dart Labs - an incubator based in Silicon Valley and Zurich focused on early stage start-ups. This fascinating woman has had a couple of pivots in her career. In this episode, we discuss these changes, her fascination with gadgets, how emerging technologies can reach mass markets and why she feels so lucky about the career she’s been able to create for herself. Arijana also gives her advice to those wanting to get into tech and shares with us her favourite female role models. Awesome episode!
November 25, 2019
Tech Inspired with Noemi Rom
Meet Noemi, a digital consultant at Zuehlke, who studied engineering at ETH, after changing her mind 2 weeks before her law study started. Today she knows that a deep understanding of technology is necessary to build bridges to the people using it. She is always looking to be part of something bigger and meaningful, therefore she reached out to a person she admired and didn't even know. What to know what happened? Listen to her story on this podcast episode and find out, which chose her daughter as her favorite role model.
October 21, 2019
Tech Inspired with Adriana Collini
How is it to work as Venture Capitalist and support young tech entrepreneurs? Meet Adriana Collini, working as part of the investment team at Seedstars finding startups in the tech space and supporting their founder. Although she does not call herself a techie, the tech world fascinates her and she takes every opportunity to learn about. She shares lots of information about what inspires her to work with startups and shares her tips and recommendation. Want to know what her mother adviced her? Don't miss out on this episode! From the podcast: Aileen Lee - Cowboy Ventures and All Raise, ex Kleiner Perkins Lolita Taub - Catalyte, ex Backstage Capital Anisha Singh - She Capital, Mydala Nichapat Ark - Openspace ventures Mary Meeker Internet Trends Yearly Report:
September 23, 2019
Tech Inspired with Damla Simsek
Have you ever wondered what DevOps is about? Then you came to the right place; meet Damla Simsek who is currently working at Accenture as DevOps Specialist. Listen to her story how she started in DevOps, why she sees herself in Tech in the future and why she thinks that it is never to too late to start a career in Tech. Would you have guessed who is her favorite role model? Listen to this podcast episode to find out.
August 26, 2019
Tech Inspired with Chanel Greco
Did you ever think, you can't get into tech because you didn't study any related topic? Then don't miss this podcast with Chanel Greco! She is an educated office clerk, always driven by her curiosity with computers which lead her to the job she loves so passionately today. Want to hear her story and why the Indian Jones jump and run game played a vital role? Listen to her story now!
July 22, 2019
Tech Inspired with Olga Skurativska
Meet Olga Skurativska, a software engineer at Homegate. She gets inspired by building solutions, which help others to make their life better, faster, prettier or just easier. Therefore she chose a career in tech, where she is able to apply her most important skill. Curious to know what it is and how she applies what she learned in yoga to her work life? Find out with this podcast!
June 25, 2019
Tech Inspired with Andreea Hossmann
Meet Andreea, a Product Manager for Data Analytics and AI at Swisscom and working for Swisscom ventures to assess AI startups worldwide. She studies in many countries, such as Romania, France, the US and Switzerland. Listen to this episode of our podcast to find out how learning many languages helped her to find a passion for AI.
May 20, 2019
Tech Inspired with Anita Schmid
Meet Anita in this podcast episode. Anita works as a Data Scientist for a Swiss retailer and shares her insights about the tasks and skills required. Anita has started her career in academia but the theoretical world wasn't her passion, she needed more hands-on experience. Find out about her way into tech and why she believes that you don't need to be afraid of failing and try over and over again. Links: Women in Machine Learning and Data Science: Bootcamp in Zürich:
March 19, 2019
Tech Inspired with Karina Battaglia
Meet Karina in this podcast episode. Karina works as a Customer Success Manager at Microsoft. In her career, she was always looking for opportunities to learn and grow. This is why she moved from logistics into tech. Listen to her story and recommendations to look out for these three factors when looking for a job.
February 19, 2019
Tech Inspired with Bibiana Bucher
Meet Bibiana in this podcast episode. Bibiana works as a Server Sales Specialist/Solutions Account Manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. But she wasn't always working in the tech industry. Listen to our interview with her and find out, how she transitions into tech and what advice she has in store for you!
January 22, 2019