Just FFIT Podcast

Just FFIT Podcast

By Angelo Liloc
Faith, family, fitness, and freedom; that's what Team FFIT is all about!

We want to educate our listeners with TRUTH. With real life stories and experiences in hopes to help you reach higher and BETTER levels of performance. Not just physically, but in ALL ASPECTS of your life.

Remember, anytime you feel like quitting, you feel like stopping, and/or when you feel like life is just getting harder and harder...

Get up, brush yourself off, shut the doubt up in your mind and tell yourself "JUST FFIT!"

You got this! We've got your back!

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More places to listen

More places to listen

Episode #8: Are You Struggling With Change? Listen to this episode!
How many times do we let change, pain, fear, etc hold us back from where we truly want to be in life? In today's episode, Coach Renata and I dive deeper into why we struggle with change in our lives. It's a constant factor we see all the time in nearly all our clients. What's YOUR biggest issue with change? We hope this episode helps shed some light on some of your questions! Happy Friday! #IAMTEAMFFIT Join our Private FB Group  Follow Us On Instagram: @mod3rn_fitness, @angeloliloc, @nourish_with_renata
June 21, 2019
Episode #7: With Special Guest Jaki Sallis @the.gat.girl
We're starting a new series where we periodically bring in people doing some amazing things within our #TEAMFFIT Facebook Private Facebook group! For today's episode, we have our very first GUEST here on the Just FFIT Podcast! We're excited for you to meet and listen to Jaki's story. From not being able to record herself on camera, into just recently launching her NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL...Jaki truly has a long way! Listen to how the @the.gat.girl got her started :) Thanks for listening! Join our Private FB Group  Follow Us On Instagram: @mod3rn_fitness, @angeloliloc, @nourish_with_renata @the.gat.girl
June 14, 2019
Episode #6: Coach Renata's Top 3 Tips For Getting Back Into Fitness
Are you still on the fence about starting up your fitness goals again? What's holding you back? On this week's episode of The JustFFIT Podcast, Coach Renata goes over her top 3 tips for taking back control of your life, starting with your fitness and nutrition goals! #1 Baby Steps #2 Add Variety #3 Get Back Up! So what are YOU waiting for? Join our Private FB Group  Follow Us On Instagram: @mod3rn_fitness, @angeloliloc, @nourish_with_renata
June 7, 2019
Episode #5: Let's Talk TIME w/ Coach Jason
Impromptu gym parking-lot conversations with Coach Jason! Are you valuing your time?
May 31, 2019
Episode #4: Making YOURSELF a Priority, Motherhood, and Tips to Help You With Balancing It All Together with Coach Renata!
This episode is an amazing chat between Renata and I shortly after our weekly "Lunchtime Lesson" every Wednesday within our private #TEAMFFIT Facebook page! Renata talk about finding time for herself and what she does to balance her multiple roles and responsibilities in life. We discuss motherhood, identity, making time for yourself, and she shares a TON of helpful insights and tips for keeping it all together. And oh yeah, we're finally on ITUNES!! So please leave is a an awesome rating and review to help us continue this movement, thank you in advance! Join our Private FB Group  Follow Us On Instagram: @mod3rn_fitness, @angeloliloc, @nourish_with_renata
May 24, 2019
Episode #3: What Does "Being Healthy" Mean To YOU? From Fat to FIT With Coach Wilbur Debulgado
Listen to Coach Wilbur's story as to how he went from being a bigger dude and playing as a lineman in High School, into becoming the fitness stud he is today! He gives some really great and insightful tips for those just beginning in their fitness journey, all the way to those seeking answers to why they're not getting that great of results! This is a great podcast especially if you're looking for some inspiration from someone whose actually been there and done that.  Thank you for your continued support and for sharing the #IAMTEAMFFIT movement! Join our Private FB Group  Follow Us On Instagram: @mod3rn_fitness, @angeloliloc, @nourish_with_renata
May 17, 2019
Episode #2: Fitness, Bodybuilding, Science Creations, Sleep, Dreams, and LIFE With Coach Jason!!
For today's episode, we have Coach Jason Lantin on the show! He not only works with our clients, but he's also our Chief Financial Officer here at Mod3rn Fitness. This conversation was AWESOME! He's so knowledgable in so many different areas it's hard to find just one to really hone in on. We talk about his career as a competitive physique and bodybuilder, his science invention GONE WRONG, sleeping, dreaming, and everything else in between! I know you guys are gonna enjoy this one! Let us know what you think! Join our Private FB Group  Follow Us On Instagram: @mod3rn_fitness, @angeloliloc, @nourish_with_renata
May 10, 2019
Episode #1: Mod3rn Fitness, #IAMTEAMFFIT, and the 'Just FFIT Podcast' Story
Listen in on what the whole #IAMTEAMFFIT movement is all about! Find out WHY I started Mod3rn Fitness and how Coach Renata got started in her nutrition journey as well. Welcome to our very first episode of the Just FFIT Podcast!  Join our Private FB Group Follow Us On Instagram: @mod3rn_fitness,  @angeloliloc,  @nourish_with_renata
May 3, 2019
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