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Tea Talk With Ty

Tea Talk With Ty

By Tyeasha "Ty" Wonder
Life is just...well tricky. Especially with these 2020 shenanigans. How do you shine and glow as your best version of yourself when everything around you is in full chaos? Join Ty Wonder the host, positive mind hacker, fitness master trainer, glow up coach, holistic wellness practitioner and entertainment personality as we discuss living your best life & how to navigate and glow up through it! Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you prefer to sip on, find a cozy spot and lean in with your new virtual bff and sometimes dope members of her circle too!
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Girl! You Betta Work That 30 Day Rule & GOAL DIG!
(1:28) Ty opens up with a smile. (1:45) Ty mentions the type of tea she’s drinking and her favorite type of mug. (2:18) Ty reminds you of the Power of The P and encourages you to go listen if you haven’t already. In (3:17) Ty discusses the origin of the “30 day rule” phrase. At (3:57) Ty discusses the dating advice her Daddy gave her about men and their 30 day realization. (5:10), Ty goes deeper about the 30 day evaluation period. (6:28) Ty discusses her aha moment with the 30 day rule. (6:47) Season 1/Episode 1 is quickly revisited. (7:43) Ty goes through her findings about giving goals the 30 day rule. (8:40) Ty talks about goals vs COVID-19. (10:15) Ty encourages and challenges #goaldiggers and wraps up the chat. Connect with Ty online at Social Media: Tea Talk With Ty and/or IAmTyWonder (personal) on all social media platforms. 
August 07, 2020
The Power of the P Word *Clutch my pearls!*
In this episode Ty discusses the power of the P word. (gasp) At (1:32) Ty discusses the success and purpose behind the Solidarity Conversations series and why she had to take a break. (2:22) Ty encourages and recommends going back and listening and/or review the  "Face Yo Fear & Flush The Toilet" episode. (3:42) Ty reveals the P word and the power it holds. (4:28) Ty discusses a personal moment while at a conference. (Blogfest at IDEA World.) (6:29) Ty discusses the revelations and personal conversation with God about the P word. (8:16) Ty mentions how she took her power back from the P word. (9:28) Ty wraps up and discusses the next step, the "30 day rule" which will be next week's episode. (10:22) Ty gives thanks for listening and sends social media information. 
July 30, 2020
About Ty of Tea Talk With Ty
All new season 3 episode teaser. 
July 30, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #10 Kevin Mihlfeld
As we wrap up the Solidarity Conversations (for now at least!) I couldn't end up any other way than ending it with a Biblical and spiritual perspective.  In this final episode, we chat with Pastor Kevin Mihlfeld about his thoughts, opinions and the scriptural foundation of the current events of the nation. We chat about the history of statues, the BLM movement, and his thoughts of parenting young men of different races. Lean in as we discuss it all with this real life pastor of the people and close it out with prayer.  Follow him on Facebook:
June 26, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #9 Officer Bo Braxton
While all perspectives have been very unique, thoughtful and amazing in their own right, here is one of the most intriguing ones yet. Why? Have you ever thought about what a "chocolate" (aka black or African American) man who also happens to be a cop feels about George Floyd and police brutality?  Yes? Buckle up and lean in as I chat with Officer Bo Braxton, an LEO in the metro Atlanta area about 10 days after the murder of George Floyd. We chat about what it's like being a  "chocolate man" who just so happens to be a police officer. This 11 year law enforcement veteran and proud Sigma discusses everything from raising his sons, the affects of George Floyd and the toll of the mental health it's taken on him and fellow officers, his thoughts on how to bridge the gap with the community and even his approach and thoughts on what to do when pulled over. For such a deep topic, Bo is able to keep it lighthearted at times showing just why he's so respected and loved on social media as one of the "good cops" that's a champion for the people in his community. Connect with him on social media just to see his cop stories, and community events. There are just as many good chuckles as they are thought provoking comments.  ***This episode is marked "Explicit" due to a s word or two, but nothing too vulgar, nor is it often. I do not, and have not edited any guests words but also want to err on the side of caution due to the diversity of you, the incredible listeners!***
June 25, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #8 James Schroeder (Former Police Officer)
Being a combat veteran and police officer makes for one interesting perspective. In today's episode we talk with James, a former police officer who happens to be of "vanilla variety'.  James delivers thoughtful and honest answers to the questions from the listeners and social media friends about racism, police brutality and what  life is like with two (yes TWO) toddlers. Lean in as we discuss everything else from BLM, interracial marriages, Kaepernick, life in Charlotte and the organization we are both leaders of, Veterans Bridge Home. For Veterans in the Charlotte area, connect with Veterans Bridge Home for resources.  Website  Phone: (704) 332-8802 FB & IG: Veterans Bridge Home
June 24, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #7 Jason R. & Shantell G.
If you’ve been following along all the episodes, you know the talk with the interracial couple The Tidwells was an explosive one. Get ready for a flipped perspective of an interracial couple in this current tough racial climate as we speak with Jason and Shantell. This episode Jason, Shantell and Ty discuss racial roots in Virginia and the couple names some of their struggles to be seen equally individually and collectively as an interracial couple. Shantell and Ty discuss the “angry black woman” syndrome and what it’s like trying to be the “good black woman” trying not to offend others. Jason with a passion for fairness and equality, discuss his new organization and how they are preparing to help change the world through their advocacy work. This dynamic couple has a super interesting perspective due to their previous careers in the Army and current careers in legal and corrections, and unique family make up. Lean in as we discuss life, love, the struggle and racial tension in this episode with Jason and Shantell.
June 18, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #6 Olivia (Cookie) P.
Can you imagine being a child of the 60's and now have children and grandchildren in this current moment? On this episode with Tea Talk with Ty, I chat with Cookie about her feelings with the current racial climate as her children are all over the country. She shares her thoughts on what it's like having a "black" son and the uneasiness of having a daughter in LA with so much unrest in the country right now. 
June 17, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #5 Melissa K
Join in on Tea Talk With Ty where we talk about history and "what's next" to bridge the gap culture and "flavor" gap. .  In this episode we talk about the discovery of the term "white privilege" and what it is and if Melissa has it. We also discuss the cultural diversity or lack thereof affects racial biases. Lean in as we discuss different actions and ways more "vanilla" variety can understand the background, feelings and struggles of the chocolate person here in America.  Melissa flips the script and asks Ty about her feelings and emotions during this painful time in this country and she shares her thoughts and story of a scary incident with a police officer. 
June 16, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #4 Leah E.
My conversation with Lea is an amazing reminder of how everyone has a different set of thoughts and set of concerns with the state of our nation right now. Lean in as I chat with Navy Veteran Leah  about her unique racial background being adopted by a different race, as well as how the current racial climate has affected her daughter who happens to be bi-racial.  (half "black"). We dig a bit deeper to discuss Leah's daughter's thoughts about police and Trayvon Martin.  Leah happens to live in Vegas and goes on to describe what it like living in a city that has unfortunately been more affected by rioting, and what that's like right now.
June 11, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #3 The Tidwells
Karri Tidwell posted a post on social media that took my breath away. I reached out to her and this incredibly thought provoking conversation took place. (THANKFULLY) Lean in as I chat with this couple 20 minutes away from outside of Minneapolis about their unique perspective and challenges in this current moment of racial divide and/or solidarity. As with the last solidarity conversations, this one is raw and unedited. You'll be able to get a few laughs at this one too..because it's raw, unedited and your host is naturally a goof ball at times. 
June 10, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #2 Naldine M.
Today is another unedited, raw and real conversation between myself and Ms. Naldine. Lean in as we discuss how she discuss how she reacts to being pulled over by the cops and how the conversations flow about racism and police brutality between her and her children. Take in the moments of silence between us and let them pull you into her world as a chocolate woman (aka African American) living in today's world. 
June 09, 2020
Solidarity Conversations - #1 Cassandra Morse
Meet Cassandra & listen to her views, her learning about the "African American" culture and experience pre and post George Floyd. Her perspective is unique being raised in the West Coast and in Florida as well being from a Jewish family. Listen to our conversation regarding solidarity, "white privilege", racism, slavery and her thoughts and feelings on George Floyd and the current state of our nation.  
June 08, 2020
Switching Directions - Solidarity Conversations
Usually new episodes air every Thursday morning. With the state of nation, I felt compelled to use my platform to elevate EVERYONE's voice and have conversation to incite unity. Unedited, raw, just real conversations about the state of the nation. New episodes will drop daily at 8 (some days am....some days pm but in homage to the 8 minutes George Floyd could not breathe) where I interview my melting pot of friends and associates with a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and belief systems. You don't want to miss an episode! 
June 07, 2020
Self Love With Guest Kimberly Therese
In today's episode we talk with self love guru and life coach Kimberly Therese of Love You First From The Inside Out.  Today's talk we discuss self esteem techniques and a few tips on how to love yourself first!  Connect With Kimberly on social media: FB: Kimberly Therese Twitter: _SweetTherese_ IG: FineWine1975
May 28, 2020
Face Yo Fear & Flush The Toilet!
This episode I tell you the hilarious story of how I helped my daughter unpack her fears and flush the toilet! Get ready to laugh and cheer as we talk about unpacking and re-evaluating our fears. 
May 21, 2020
Is This Our New Normal?
In this episode we talk about what it means living in the world post COVID-19. We discuss what it means to heal and deal with the world going on around us and how it affects how we live and love. 
May 14, 2020
Girl, Don't Throw That Vacuum Away!
Today we talk about how my vacuum cleaner and my greedy dog made me realize how we approach our goals.  Tune in for an inspirational message of how to approach your long and short term goals and "new year resolutions" almost half way into the year. 
May 06, 2020