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Tea with the People

Tea with the People

By Jeanelle Austin and Justine Lee
Tea with the People, the podcast, is a series of conversations with innovative leaders who participate in our democracy by responding to racial injustices and inequities in the time of COVID-19.

We engage leaders who work creatively to activate and support their communities. Through this podcast, we hope to inspire others to do the same.
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"Feeding the South Bronx" with Yajaira Saavedra

Tea with the People

"Unlearning Oppression, Relearning Abundance" with Sammie Ablaza Wills
In response to the pandemic and the resurgence of anti-Asian racism, APIENC, an organization that builds queer and transgender Asian and Pacific Islander power, set up phone trees and virtual healing circles to check in with its most vulnerable members. We speak with Sammie Ablaza Wills, director of APIENC, about their approach to unlearning oppression and relearning abundance, and why it's so much better (and sustainable) to do the work with your friends.
July 29, 2020
"Feeding the South Bronx" with Yajaira Saavedra
In response to the pandemic, the family behind La Morada, an undocumented, family-owned Oaxacan restaurant, has been feeding and delivering hot meals to the most vulnerable people in the South Bronx community. We speak to Yajaira Saavedra, an activist and one of the owners, about the uphill battles being working class and without status and about the power of community and mutual aid in times of crisis.
July 25, 2020
“The Time Is Now” with Rev. Delonte Gholston
As part of a national reckoning, faith leaders in Washington, D.C. are calling for the city to reinvest 20% of Metropolitan Police Department funds into community healing work. We speak to Pastor Delonte Gholston on what drew him to this work and why the time is now.
July 2, 2020