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Tech 411 Show

Tech 411 Show

By Todd Moore
Todd Moore talks about technology news, security, privacy, and gadgets you need to own. It's not your typical tech show as Todd breaks complicated topics down so anyone can understand it. Visit to read my latest blog.
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Tech 411 Show 175 - The Next Tech Gold Rush
Todd shares what could be the next big tech gold rush.  Oscar "taps" into something big.  Lots of tech news to cover plus our favorite apps.
May 06, 2018
Tech 411 Show 174 - Facebook Analytica
Facebook Privacy, Cambridge Analytica, Limiting 3rd Party App Access, Important Advice from South Park, and maybe our favorite apps. Brought to you by Playapod and Podcast Village! Download Playapod to your Android and iOS devices for free! Thanks for the support! Cheers, Oscar & Todd
April 09, 2018
Tech 411 Show 173 - MFK Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates
Let's play MFK with Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates.  Todd talks about his active cryptocurrency mining operation.  Oscar and his silent partner want to build a cryptomine.  Google releases Clips AI camera and a new Slack competitor. And our favorite apps.   Brought to you by Playapod and Podcast Village! Download Playapod to your Android and iOS devices for free!
March 04, 2018
Tech 411 Show 172 - Boring Flamethrowers
Net Neutrality update. Flamethrowers by The Boring Company.  Apple HomePod.  CES 2018.  Bitcoin mining.  Brought to you by Playapod which is the best podcasting app in the world! Download Playapod to your Android and iOS devices. Thanks for the support! Cheers, Oscar & Todd  
February 04, 2018
Tech 411 Show 171 - The Truth About Net Neutrality
Todd deconstructs the latest net neutrality mumbo jumbo while Oscar asks questions and gets a headache.  Grab a Tylenol and get ready to become the smartest person in the room. Follow Oscar @oscarradio and Todd @toddmoore. Ask us show questions on our Tech 411 Show Facebook page. Sign-up for the Playapod podcasting app which is in beta.  Thanks for the support! Cheers, Oscar & Todd  
November 28, 2017
Tech 411 Show 170 - iPhone X vs Pixel 2
The battle heats up between Apple and Google with the introduction of iPhone X and Pixel 2.  Which one should you buy?  All that and more Tech 411 starts now! Sign-up for the Playapod app and check out TMSOFT's Spa Album.  Follow Oscar @oscarradio and Todd @toddmoore. Ask us show questions on our Tech 411 Show Facebook page. Thanks for you support! Cheers, Oscar & Todd  
October 28, 2017
Tech 411 Show 169 - The Manifesto
Tech 411 dives deep into the controversial "Google Memo" that sent diversity shock waves from Silicon Valley across our nation.    A new technology that can filter the Internet from toxic thoughts.  Plus our apps of the week.
August 19, 2017
Tech 411 Show 168 - Robot Steve
Technology fails when Robot Steve drowns in a DC fountain, Elon Musk continues taking over the world, making money off of moon rocks, plus our favorite apps!
August 01, 2017
Tech 411 Show 167 - Apple WWDC and Google IO 2017 Full Coverage
Full coverage of the Apple WWDC 2017 and Google IO 2017 conferences-- HomePod, iOS 11, new iPad Pro, new iMac Pro, VR/AR, TensorFlow, Computer AI, machine learning, and more.  Lots to talk about plus our favorite apps.
June 06, 2017
Tech 411 Show 166 - Shake and Bake!
Vault 7 Hacker Tools, World of Bots, Uber Fails, Samsung S8 rumors, and our favorite apps.
March 28, 2017
Tech 411 Show 165 - Facebook Question Time!
New Tech 411 segment launches to answer all your Facebook questions--Is your TV spying on you?  What's up with net neutrality?  And one question from the future--Why is the iPhone 8 so expensive?  We have the answer to that too.  All that and more.  Tech 411 starts now!
February 14, 2017
Tech 411 Show 164 – CES 2017
The latest gadgets from CES, our thoughts on the future of Apple, and the latest news out of Nintendo. Plus our favorite Apps of the Week.
January 12, 2017
Tech 411 Show 163 – 2 Guys 1 Phone
First-hand reviews of the new Google Pixel from two guests with different perspectives.  Learn the benefits and difficulties if you are considering the switch from iPhone or upgrading an existing Android device.  Plus our favorite Apps.
November 24, 2016
Tech 411 Show 162 – App Store vs The Developer
A David and Goliath story with plenty of twists and turns!  Full coverage of a developer's journey into and out of the App Store.  Plus our favorite Apps of the Week.
October 24, 2016
Tech 411 Show 161 – SPECIAL: Google Pixel and More
Special episode of Tech 411 reviewing all the new Google products from the Oct 4 announcement--Google Pixel, Google Home, Google Wifi, and Google Chromecast!  Also a quick update on the Samsung Note 7. 
October 18, 2016
Tech 411 Show 160 - Alexa Order 10,000 Staples
Plenty of tech talk from smart home wars to hacked elections.  Plus learn how to code with a great pick by Mac in fav apps of the week.
October 03, 2016
Tech 411 Show 159 – iPhone 7 Unboxing
Oscar unboxes his brand new iPhone live on Tech411. Two contrasting opinions collide when talking about the latest Apple device. Plus some news about Samsung and Apps of the Week. 
September 18, 2016
Tech 411 Show 158 – Prune
Lots of tech goodness including self-driving Ubers, iPhone 7 Pro cancellation, Nintendo continues to never listen to our advice, and a little drama between Oscar and Mac.  Plus an Apps of the Week twist!
August 24, 2016
Tech 411 Show 157 – No Pokemons Here!
Tech rumors from Apple, Uber, and Nintendo and we do everything possible to avoid talking about Pokemon. Plus Apps of the week.
August 10, 2016
Tech 411 Show 156 – Rich Get Richer
Today we talk about a disappointing WWDC, App Store search ads, new drone rules and Todd's rediscovering of Waze.  Also, always remember to put your car in park.  Plus our favorite apps!
June 28, 2016
Tech 411 Show 155 - Smoogle
Google I/O 2016, Airbnb, Oscar's VR experience, and why you should NEVER blindly delete old data.  Plus a grammatically correct Apps of the Week.
June 10, 2016
Tech 411 Show 154 - Flipping Virtual Burgers
Buckle up, hide your passwords, and unplug the Internet because we have a phishing story to tell.  Full hands-on review of the new HTC Vive VR headset. How deep does the rabbit hole go?  Plus a very salty Apps of the Week.
April 25, 2016
Tech 411 Show 153 - Tesla Model 3 + Autopilot and True Cost of VR
Hands-on review of Tesla's autopilot and all the details of the upcoming Tesla Model 3. Thinking about VR?  Listen to our in-depth discussion about the true costs of VR before you buy.  Stick around after the show for a review of our listeners' promos for Tech 411.  And of course our favorite apps!
April 04, 2016
Tech 411 Show 152 – Apple vs. The FBI
We start this weeks show with a conversation about encryption in today's society. Plus, we talk about Google's automated car crash, the future of Amazon shipping, full speculation on the future of VR, and a very floppy Apps of the Week.
March 14, 2016
Tech 411 Show 151 – Full Immersion
Todd is back from Sundance to give an in-depth review of two VR experiences.  We talk about Mac's progress in school or lack thereof, DeLorean news, and Computer Science in schools.  Plus our fav apps!
February 01, 2016
Tech 411 Show 150 - Lost the Left Channel at Mile 11.2
Celebrate the New Year with CES 2016 and all the new gadgets starting with an array of VR headsets to smart refrigerators and wireless earbuds.  Plus Apps of the Week for on-demand entertainment and services.
January 11, 2016
Tech 411 Show 149 – Time Hop Regrets
Tech 411 is back and just in time for the holiday season!  Hands-on review of the new Apple TV, Facebook streaming is better than Facebook search, 4K is growing, and watch out for exploding hoverboards.  Plus our favorite apps!
December 14, 2015
Tech 411 Show 148 – Death of the Clapper
Will you choose YouTube Red over Spotify?  Discussion on smart cards, Candy Crush acquisition, Windows 10 for Xbox One, and Nintendo's first mobile game.  Plus our favorite apps!
November 05, 2015
Tech 411 Show 147 – Paying for Free
Celebrity guest Mike O'Meara joins the crew to talk politics, traffics, and the cost of freemium games.  It'll blow your mind how much you're paying for free.  Plus our favorite apps of the week that know what you type and say...  All without attitude.
October 13, 2015
Tech 411 Show 146 – Dead Air For Days
Oscar flies solo and Mac attempts to be his wingman.  The guys discuss Apple's record setting iPhone sales, Adblock sells out, VR Technology is coming in full force, and VW gets caught cheating.
September 30, 2015
Tech 411 Show 145 – One Card to Rule Them All
Apple's big announcements covered in detail--iPad Pro, iPhone 6S/6S+, and the new Apple TV.  Plus, a Christmas present two years in the making finally arrives, a conversation about advertisements in mobile games, and our favorite apps!
September 10, 2015
Tech 411 Show 144 - Shutterbug
Oscar is tempted by Uber Lux in LA, Windows 10 released, the Amazon workplace, iOS 9, iPhone 6+ recalls, and new Samsung devices. Plus our favorite apps of the week!  Don't forget to download Todd's latest puzzle game, Spill Zone, at
August 25, 2015
Tech 411 Show 143 - Hack Attack
This week Tech 411 adds a new member into the mix--It's Mac and he's not a laptop.  Lots of hacker news with Android, Jeep, and Ashley Madison.  Also, Paypal and Uber keep growing while Google+ keeps shrinking.  Plus our favorite apps of the week!
July 28, 2015
Tech 411 Show 142 - One Dollar!
Tech 411 is back with the latest tech news. This week we discuss the Comcast "Stream" service, Microsoft's latest mobile news, Nintendo's CEO passes, and we review Apple Music. Plus our favorite apps of the week!
July 16, 2015
Tech 411 Show 141 - Google IO, WWDC, E3
Tech 411 is back with the latest tech news including highlights from Google IO, Apple WWDC, and E3.  Plus our favorite apps!
June 24, 2015
Tech 411 Show 140 - E.T. Phone Home
Discussion of the Atari documentary and the worst video game ever published.  A new reason to camp at Starbucks.  Cloud technology gets cheaper.  And our favorite apps--AfterFocus & Duet
May 20, 2015
Tech 411 Show 139 - You're Being Tracked
The week in tech news plus our favorite apps--Pager & AdVenture Capitalist
May 06, 2015
Tech 411 Show 138 - The App that will Ruin Society
The next great app that will ruin society. Ordering the Apple Watch.  The sinking of the Tidal Music Store.  Plus our favorite Apps.
April 21, 2015
Tech 411 Show 137 - Todd Visits Congress
Todd testifies before Congress on Patent Trolls to help small businesses while Oscar buys an Apple Watch to help our economy.  Listen to the tech show that cares.  We also discuss the Tidal Music Store, Amazon Dash, Facebook Payments, and our Favorite Apps.
April 08, 2015
Tech 411 Show 136 - $17,000 Apple Watch
Todd returns from GDC, Apple redesigns MacBook, HBO Now available without a cable subscription, Apple Watch details, House of Cards features Monument Valley app. Plus our favorite apps-- Dwelp, Slow Shutter
March 11, 2015
Tech 411 Show 135 - Car Talk
Is Apple manufacturing a new smart car?  Can a car be 3D printed?  HTC and Under Armour teaming up.  Mobile game advertisements on TV.  Mobile World Conference and Game Developers Conference start next week. Plus our favorite apps-- Pocket, Dashlane 
February 25, 2015
Tech 411 Show 134 - Thanks for the Stereo Cables
Radio Shack declares bankruptcy, big win for Net Neutrality, and the cord-cutting Sling TV. Plus our favorite apps-- The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App and Allrecipes Dinner Spinner
February 10, 2015
Tech 411 Show 133 - Blow & Go
Drones security threat, dropcam upgrade, free stuff on iTunes, virtual reality movies at Sundance, and Microsoft announces VR HoloLens.  Plus our favorite apps--Canvas, SmartNews
January 27, 2015
Tech 411 Show 132 - CES 2015 and 2 Gunshot Wounds
Todd recaps CES 2015, Internet of Things, finds awesome new phone for Tony Perkins (LG GFlex2), Samsung 8K 110" TV (3D without glasses), other cool devices, and Todd's crazy night in Vegas.
January 12, 2015
Tech 411 Show 131 - Digitally Pillaged by North Korea
North Korea, Cyber-security, and the destruction of Sony. iPhone 6 secrets everyone needs to know before buying.  Plus our favorite apps--Inbox and Elevate
December 23, 2014
Tech 411 Show 130 - Size Matters
Mike O'Meara joins Tech 411 for tech advice, TMOS Secret Santa and holiday gifts, flying mistletoe. Plus our favorite apps-- SkyDroid - Golf GPS, The Houze AR
December 09, 2014
Tech 411 Show 129 - Aereo's Bumble
Aereo loses their battle against the cable companies and files for bankruptcy, Uber is caught in a PR mess, Oscar defines net neutrality, Bumble dating app for women who like to take charge. Plus our favorite apps - Motorola Connect, Princess Story       
November 26, 2014
Tech 411 Show 128 - Going Retro like Robb Spewak
Taylor Swift vs Spotify, Yik Yak vs Secret, World vs iMessage and the Apple fix to deregister it, Amazon Echo, 5K iMac, Call of Duty. Plus our favorite apps -, Yik Yak
November 12, 2014
Tech 411 Show 127 - Ni Hao
Amazon announces $39 Fire TV Stick, Spotify and iTunes revenue, CVS and Rite Aid pull Apple Pay after four days, Xbox One price drops, Ni Hao Mark Zuckerberg. Plus our favorite apps - Drizle, RETRY
October 28, 2014
Tech 411 Show 126 - How about this Apple?
Google announces Android 5.0 Lollipop and new Nexus devices. Apple releases iOS 8.1, Apple Pay, Mac OS X Yosemite, iPad Air 2, iMac 5K, and more. HBO and CBS streaming will be available for cord cutters next year.  Plus our favorite apps - Gif Keyboard by Riffsy, 7 Minute Workout
October 22, 2014
Tech 411 Show 125 - Addicted to Shopping
In-app-purchase comes to Hulu, bluetooth beacons and location profiling, Facebook messenger's secret agenda, and Todd's Amazon Prime addiction. Plus our favorite apps - Belly, Fragment
October 08, 2014
Tech 411 Show 124 - Bender Time
How much force does it take to bend an iPhone 6?  Windows 10 skips over 9, Tinder for rich people, FCC protects your unlimited data. Plus our favorite apps - Google Apps for Business, Animoto
October 02, 2014
Tech 411 Show 123 - Do you like Apples? iPhone 6, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, and more Apples
What has Apple been working on for 2 years?  Let's talk iPhone 6, Apple Watch, Apple Pay and more!  Now that the iPhone 6 is releasing tonight, will Todd switch back or stay with Android?  And of course our favorite apps!
September 11, 2014
Tech 411 Show 122 - Dear Patent Trolls: Podcasts don't make money
Adam Carolla's patent troll battle is over, Uber's evolving with Corner Store and UberPool, Amazon could be the best Advertising Network and Compulsive is featured on iTunes. Plus our favorite apps-- MTailor, Google Analytics
August 26, 2014
Tech 411 Show 121 - Hey, I'm saving the planet too!
Ford takes away the SEX in Tesla, millions of iPhone wiretaps, Oculus Rift puts blood in your eye, IBM and Apple hold hands for the enterprise, Bose slaps Beats with lawsuit. Plus our favorite apps-- Swell, Amazon App Store
July 30, 2014
Tech 411 Show 120 - Todd Drinks the Kool-Aid
Todd recaps his trip to Google I/O and explains why he made the switch from iPhone to Android!  Get a full review of the Google Nexus 5 Phone, Samsung Gear Live smart watch, and the Mac Pro. Plus our favorite apps--Runtastic, FlyWheel
July 16, 2014
Tech 411 Show 119 - Firefly Phone
Today's show is a show unlike any other. Special guest "Todd Moore" sitting in for Todd Moore and discussing the new Amazon Firefly Phone as well as the latest iPhone apps such as Flashlight and Calculator.
June 26, 2014
Tech 411 Show 118 - 10% Happier
Google Glass isn't just for nerds, our preview of the SpaceX Dragon V2, Elon Musk opens Tesla patents, Box Cloud services, Amazon to announce 3D phone. Plus our favorite apps--TwoDots, Prismatic, Bark Buddy
June 18, 2014
Tech 411 Show 117 - Cease and Desist
Cease and Desist letter goes out to Uber from Virginia DMV, Solar Roadways, Xbox One games coming, and TMSOFT receives one flappy letter.  Plus our favorite apps-- iCracked, Perfect 365, FIFA14
June 10, 2014
Tech 411 Show 116 - Apple News from WWDC
Apple announces iOS 8, Mac OS X Yosemite, and buys Beats Electronics for $3 Billion.  Plus our favorite apps--WhatsApp, Over, Repost, and BrushStroke
June 03, 2014
Tech 411 Show 115 - What about the eagles?
Zenimax threatens godfather of 3D Carmack with lawsuit, Drones banned from National Parks, Apple's Earbud secret,  Sony brings value to cassette tapes, shopping Amazon on Twitter, Doggie video games, plus our favorite apps--Card Counter Free, HopStop Transit, VideoShop, and Survey Monkey
May 06, 2014
Tech 411 Show 114 - Red panic button
SpaceX sues US government, Google's self driving cars, Drones, Amazon Prime gets HBO, Amazon phone rumors, plus our favorite apps--Crazy Taxi, Piano Tiles, Watch TNT
April 29, 2014
Tech 411 Show 113 - Roller coaster ride of emotion
High frequency stock trading, why the government seized Todd's assets, who got into Google I/O and who got rejected, what's on television, Netflix price hike, plus our favorite apps--Kinetic GPS, Symmetrain, Viber
April 23, 2014
Tech 411 Show 112 - Heartbleeding websites
Heartbleed bug hits top websites, San Francisco vs Google, Skype for broadcasters, Amazon pays employees to quit, and our favorite apps -- Wordament, Relay Rides
April 15, 2014
Tech 411 Show 111 - Facebook, It's not me, it's you
Facebook purchases virtual reality company Oculus Rift. Eat 24 publicly "breaks up" with Facebook. Google's April Fools' prank and our favorite apps -- March Madness Live, FireChat, 2048
April 01, 2014
Tech 411 Show 110 - GDC, TWiT TV, and the flappy developer
Todd recaps his trip out west to the Game Developers Conference, TWiT TV podcast w/ Leo Laporte, Flappy Bird creator, and the Computer History Museum.   Also our favorite apps -- Teggle, EyeTV, Secret 
March 26, 2014
Tech 411 Show 109 - Cash out your bitcoins and our favorite apps
Bitcoin ATMs, Edward Snowden talks at SXSW, iOS 7.1 update, and our favorite apps-- Smash Hit, 123D Catch
March 12, 2014
Tech 411 Show 108 - Flappy Bird 2.0, Netflix deal, New Phones, and our favorite apps
Samsung announces the Galaxy S5, Nokia X is going Android, Netflix makes a deal with Comcast, Facebook purchases WhatsApp, and XBox One price drop in UK. Today's show brought to you by Duck Run (Flappy Bird 2.0) and our favorite apps -- QuizUP, Guess the 90's, AlertID Mobile
February 26, 2014
Tech 411 Show 107 - WTF Flappy Bird? And our favorite apps
Flappy Bird removed in effort to bring peace on Earth.  Is Amazon building a new game console?  Price drop on LG curved TVs and our favorite apps-- NEW!  Tech 411 Show, Help Me Fly, Taasky
February 11, 2014
Tech 411 Show 106 - Bank right to increase speed limits
Recorded in the new Washington DC studio!  Super Bowl tech ads, VOD targeted ads, future of Nintendo, car to car communication, and our favorite apps-- Paper-Stories from Facebook, Unroll Me, SwiftKey Note
February 04, 2014
Tech 411 Show 105 - What's the safeword? And our favorite apps
Google is buying lots of companies, Chrome extensions checkup time, Mobile hotel keys, Trouble for Uber and our favorite apps-- Seattle Seahawks / Denver Broncos, Duolingo, Scanner Radio Deluxe
January 28, 2014
Tech 411 Show 104 - Getting featured on Google Play Store, HBO Go Sharing, and our fav apps
Todd shares how Compulsive got featured on Google Play (and a million downloads in a week), Oscar learns it's okay to share your HBO Go password, Nest purchased by Google, most common passwords of the year, and our favorite apps--Pic Stich and TurboScan
January 22, 2014
Tech 411 Show 103 - CES Full Review
Oscar and Todd Recap CES 2014 - A look into the future of technology with 4K/8K televisions, Drones, Wearables and so much more!
January 13, 2014
Tech 411 Show 102 - CES 2014 Live!
Todd and Oscar report on new products at CES 2014's unveiled press event in Las Vegas.  4K/5K televisions, curved screens, drones, wearables, and more!
January 06, 2014
Tech 411 Show 101 - Top Tech of 2013, Renting your Car, Google Glass update and our fav apps
Todd gets Google Glass, Top 10 gadgets of 2013, most talked about topics on Facebook, Get Around service allows you to rent your car to a stranger, Google TV plus our favorite apps-- Get Around, Ski Safari, Clumsy Ninja
December 10, 2013
Tech 411 Show 100 - Special App Review Show
It's Apps x 100!  We rewind and go back over ALL our favorite apps to pick the biggest winners from the last 100 shows!  These are apps you'll want to download.
November 26, 2013
Tech 411 Show 99 - Oscar switches teams along with our fav apps
Oscar makes a major annoucement and gives a full review of Google Glass, Snapchat turns down buyout offer from Facebook, PS4 releases plus our favorite apps-- Head Up Charades, Quell Memento, My Glass
November 21, 2013
Tech 411 Show 98 - Nexus 5 and KitKat released along with our fav apps
Google releases Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat as a Halloween treat, Oscar getting a Google Glass hookup, DC gun shot data released to public, plus our favorite apps-- Just Wink, Lumosity, Room+
November 06, 2013
Tech 411 Show 97 - New Apple gear, NASA's laser beam, and our fav apps
Apple announces new iPads, updated MacBook Pros, and releases Mac OS X Mavericks. BBM released for iOS/Android. NASA proves high speed Internet possible on the moon.  Plus our favorite apps-- Bitstrips, Argus, eVoice
October 24, 2013
Tech 411 Show 96 - Tesla-B-Que and Big Ass Tablets
Elon Musk's e-mail about the Tesla bursting into flames, Twitter teams up with Nielsen ratings before their IPO, Fox News gets BAT (Big Ass Tablets), Microsoft's CEO resigns, and our favorite apps-- Over, Bop it!, Redfin
October 08, 2013
Tech 411 Show 95 - iPhone launch and our favorite apps
Apple sells 9M new 5C/5S iPhones, Blackberry is getting bought for 4.7B, an affordable 3D printer and our favorite apps-- Connect Four Fun, Bands in Town, ScreenMotion
September 24, 2013
Tech 411 Show 94 - Voyager 1 leaves the solar system, Twitter going public, and our favorite apps
Google acquires Bump, Twitter files for an IPO and buys MoPub, Living Social trying to reinvent itself, Voyager 1 leaves our solar system and our favorite apps-- Where's My Water 2, MX Elite, Color Zen
September 17, 2013
Tech 411 Show 93 - iPhone 5C/5S reviewed along with our favorite apps
iPhone 5C and 5S reviewed, Samsung Galaxy Gear watch, Microsoft acquires Nokia and our favorite apps-- Wunderlist,  Yoga Studio, Remote File Manager
September 12, 2013
Tech 411 Show 92 - iPhone 5S rumors and the future of Microsoft plus our favorite apps
YouTube Streaming, iPhone 5S Rumors, Teslas taking over the roads, Uber announces purchase of self driving cars, Microsoft's future, Chromecast Review, and our favorite apps--BlockPath, Songza, Watch ESPN
August 27, 2013
Tech 411 Show 91 - Hyperloop and a one way ticke to Mars plus our favorite apps
Hyperloop high speed transit system, Mars One is accepting applications to colonize Mars, Lodsys update and our favorite apps-- Fresh Books, Charity Miles, ScanBizCard Lite
August 14, 2013
Tech 411 Show 90 - App Review Show
Apps Apps Apps!  We rewind and go back over our favorite apps to pick the biggest winners.
August 05, 2013