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Podcast on connected technologies that help Unlock The Nxt for businesses by Tech Mahindra
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Technology Trends post COVID on Professional Services: in conversation with Suresh Jagannathan


Smart Infrastructure – A boon for women’s safety across the world
Our head of Smart Infrastructure, Ruchi Bamba speaks about Women's safety agendas while building smart cities along with our other Smart Infra projects. Depicting some real-life incidents and catastrophes being avoided by our new age technology, she talks about providing continuous and sustainable Smart Infra Solutions with technologies like Digital twin and AR/VR. She also addresses a few pain points that still persist around building smart cities and how we can keep evolving to the changing scenario of Smart Infra.
May 18, 2022
The Evolution of Design Engineering and the need to create compelling Designs in the Future
Global icon of Italian style, Pininfarina is recognized for its unparalleled ability to create timeless beauty through its values of elegance, purity, and innovation. Silvio Angori, CEO and MD at Pininfarina shares his views on the evolution of Design Engineering and how design is playing a key role in delivering compelling user experiences.
May 02, 2022
Supply Chain Agility for Engineering Organizations
The COVID 19 pandemic has compelled companies to rethink the way they design their supply chain strategies. Several technologies have emerged that are altering traditional ways of working. On top of this, mega trends and customer expectations change the game. Industry veteran, Jayasimha Chalasani, shares his insights on Digital Supply Chain and how adoption of  new technologies can become a game changer.
April 25, 2022
The Future of Mobility and its Evolution
From joining Tech Mahindra as a young Project Manager to heading the Engineering Services, Abhiroop Matilal talks about how the Engineering services has gone through a transformational change since 25 years of its inception, how COVID has tested our basic fundamentals , and how Tech Mahindra is all geared up to make Electric Vehicle industry a success.
April 14, 2022
Conversations, AI and Customer Service
Conversations are driving the adoption of Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service and Experience. The more conversations we have, the better the AI in the days to follow and it will make customer service a smooth experience that will add value to the business as well as the customer.
November 17, 2021
Analytics, Credit Risk and Customer Experience
Conversations on how credit risk management and good customer experience need not be divergent and using dedicated systems to impact cash flows, profits, and increased customer engagement.
November 17, 2021
BFSI and Impact of Covid
Speaker: Sumit More  Practice Head - Banking & Insurance  Few points we cover - There is a need to address customers and their financial needs and also this gives an opportunity for hyper-personalization. There is an acceleration to look for providers who have the ability to provide end to end administration solutions for all banking solutions.  The expectations from the provider community is to become more of a partner with the financial institute  Analytics and right customer insights are the support that is increasingly required Know more:
November 08, 2021
Supply Chain and Covid Impact with Sushil Lohia
A chat with Sushil on   one of the most hot topics since Covid struck: Supply Chain We are already seeing supply chains being given a rethink due to factors   beyond Covid. Geo-political considerations are just as important today and   have redefined existing supply chains.  Real time visibility has become a must have for businesses to be able to   support decision making in supply chain  AI is now an imperative in supply chain design along with cloud-based   solutions  Growth oriented technology and infrastructure with well trained   professionals is a demand from customers More about our services:
October 20, 2021
Digital Transformation in Healthcare & Lifesciences: Imperative or Choice
Conversation by Ravi Kuchimunchi, Principal Consultant - Healthcare & Life Science around "Digital Transformation in Healthcare & Lifesciences: Imperative or Choice"
September 09, 2021
Telecom and Impact of COVID
A discussion with Rahul Agarwal, Enterprise Consultant and Process Mining COE Lead for Digital Transformation, on the telecom business and the impact that Covid has had on the industry.
June 02, 2021
Utilities and Impact of COVID
An interesting podcast with Srivatsa Moraje, Practice Head – Energy and Utilities Tech Mahindra Business Process Services on the impact of Covid on the Utilities business.
June 02, 2021
Technology Trends post COVID on Professional Services: in conversation with Suresh Jagannathan
In this podcast, Suresh Jagannathan - Global Vertical Leader, Professional Services Group at Tech Mahindra talks about how the pandemic has impacted the Professional Services Business.  Key Takeaways Transformation leaders in Professional Services are now looking at the market  There is an increased need for transparency in the business due to travel challenges that may persist Data Analytics and AI is now a reality even in professional services such as tax to drive real-time tax collection Blockchain and Smart Contracts are being extensively tested to ensure tax compliance and requires expert support
March 30, 2021
BFSI in the Post Covid World
Listen to Sreejit Ankarath - Head Consulting & Global Alliances at Tech Mahindra, in conversation with Ritesh Varma - Global Head, Business Consulting, Newgen Software and E-Commerce | CPG at Tech Mahindra on 'BFSI in the Post Covid World' Key takeaways Digital goes beyond application ns and website and is increasingly drive-by ease and experience. The demand for digital is coming from customers and also from regulators. Total value chain outsourcing is common giving firms the time to concentrate on their core businesses Technology will continue to act as an enabler, but it has to root with a growth-oriented vision Process gamification is helping ease the learning curve and also make the back-office functions robust The future in BFSI is when human intervention is an exception and AI should be driving straight-through processing
March 30, 2021
Retail Resurgence and Covid19 | The emerging issues with Retail in the Post-Covid world
Online retail went into overdrive during the Covid lockdowns and increasingly becoming a preferred mode. We could see a significant shift from superficial omnichannel to true, real and consistent omnichannel & retaining a customer is highly lucrative as compared to acquiring a new one.  In this podcast listen to Arjya Mohanty, Practice Leader – Retail, e-Commerce and CPG at Tech Mahindra decoding the emerging issues with Retail in the Post-Covid world.
February 16, 2021
Paper 4.0: Next-gen solutions for Paper, Pulp, Packaging & Fiber Industry
Paper products have enormously contributed to literacy and cultural development. During the pandemic, this industry underwent a sharp increase in demand for packaging material while a decrease in graphic paper consumption. The industrial dynamics led to the consolidation of industry players leading to mergers, acquisitions & diversifications. Not only this but paper, pulp, packaging and fibre industry also invested in various new technologies to improve the efficiency of their processes. Hear more from the expert, Rajesh Kambaladinne, Enterprise Architect, Manufacturing Vertical, Tech Mahindra.
January 22, 2021
Zoom into the Future
Imagine what will the world look like in 5 years from now and what will you be contributing. Stretch that to 10 years and imagination can run wild on what the world could be? Hear from Mr Saurabh Arvind - Learning Head, APAC region, Tech Mahindra on how Learning and Development are going to unfold in future. He talks about how digitalization is all-pervasive and throws light on the path of unlearning and re-learning in order to become a catalyst of change. He also sheds light on the evolving learning methodologies and how transformation is continuous.
December 14, 2020
Emerging Procurement & Supply Chain Issues from COVID-19 and the Lessons Learned
Listen to an interesting podcast between Manikandan M - Global Head, Enterprises Back Office, Tech Mahindra & Doug Keeley - Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Ivalua discussing the need for supply chain diversification, complete visibility and analytics to support decisions in supply chain and procurement post COVID19.
December 02, 2020
Candid Convos with CP Gurnani
As he turns 16 at Tech Mahindra, listen to our MD and CEO CP Gurnani in a candid conversation on the things he learnt over his journey with Tech Mahindra from 5K to 125K people enterprise
November 20, 2020
Future of Work with Ritesh Idnani - Episode 7: in Conversation with Umesh Sachdev
Key Takeaways Automation and digitization are now a necessity across      the board with limited timelines Technology is helping sales professionals today and AI      and automation is only going to add to the ease of doing business The increased deployment of technology in the front      office area is going to continue with huge demand for digital tools Time is now to go big and be prepared for future events      means investing in digital transformation and automation
October 22, 2020
Demystifying Future Trends in Insuretech | Sreejit Ankarath in conversation with Romil Turakhia
An insightful conversation diving into the role of technology in insurance in the Post-COVID era. There are various moving parts to the insurance business and the changes happen in cycles but there is an opportunity for technology partners due to specialization. AI deployment depends entirely on the data available and hence it depends on the type of insurance and being able to execute it in real business use.  Listen to Sreejit Ankarath, Digital Consulting Lead – Tech Mahindra, in conversation with Romil Turakhia, Co-founder & Executive Director - Innovations, Candela Labs on the latest trends in Insuretech.
October 16, 2020
CP & CTL in Conversation with Jose Gutiérrez | Trail Lessons from Jose Gutiérrez
Listen to CP Gurnani – MD & CEO, Tech Mahindra and Lakshmanan Chidambaram – President, Americas Strategic Verticals, Tech Mahindra, in conversation with Jose Gutiérrez - President and CEO (Retired), AT&T Southwestern Bell. Jose impacts us with his deep humility, wisdom and knowledge. If you want to get off the treadmill, re-think and re-purpose yourself, do listen to this podcast now! 
September 02, 2020
Future of Work with Sreejit Ankarath
We need to look at new business models because the old methods are not really working and there is going to be a serious look at remote digital consulting. Digital transformation is now a forced reality for many businesses and there is no turning back. Increased demand for support by customers and there is going to be pressure on providing such support fast and in a seamless manner.
August 18, 2020
Future of Work with Ritesh Idnani - Episode 6: in Conversation with Claire Hill
There is a need to be nimble in retail where we should have a credit value proposition and a deferred payment structure. Technology investments have sped up to keep business robust and have good governance. Cloud-based business perspectives have taken root to have a more agile and flexible approach to business.
August 18, 2020
Future of Work with Ritesh Idnani - Episode 5: in Conversation with Alex Rinke
Key Takeaways Cash is king and cash preservation is a big priority for customers for long-run survival. That is the value proposition. The ‘New Normal’ is extremely digital, remote, data-driven and this hybrid work model is looking very achievable. Leadership is adapting to the new world order, which is constantly changing everything - from sales to marketing to problem-solving. Remote work is just one small example.
August 18, 2020
Future of Work with Ritesh Idnani - Episode 4: in Conversation with Nancy Clark
Key Takeaways There is an inherent need to build the business around customers and take user experience into consideration for future services. Our responsibility towards customers, society, employees and shareholders has increased and transformation is the way forward to support it all. We are using analytics to drive a seamless CX across platforms and identify customer needs that need to be addressed immediately.
August 18, 2020
Future of Work with Ritesh Idnani – Episode 3: in Conversation with Stuart Benzal
Key Takeaways We must plan for major impacts on business where traditional business continuity will need a relook due to the global nature of the pandemic. Immediacy in customer satisfaction is the foundation on which business was restarted amid the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a balance that needed to be maintained between customer satisfaction and safety and employee safety and security.
August 18, 2020
Future of Work with Ritesh Idnani – Episode 2
Key Takeaways Business continuity plans will become part of initial sales conversations and will also become a larger talking point for de-risking businesses. Business resilience will become better post-COVID and processes will be adapted for a digitally enabled world. Covid-19 has pushed 3 years of digital transformation to be done in 3 months and we can expect a market shakeout as well as learning revolution.
August 18, 2020
Future of Work with Ritesh Idnani – Episode 1
Key Takeaways Working from anywhere is the future of work to ensure employee safety and service continuity. Trust, Accountability and Empathy are the pillars on which Work From Anywhere will be built. Constant and clear communication is the need of the hour in these stressful times if you want people to trust you as a leader and execute accordingly. 
August 18, 2020
Leadership in a Time of Crisis | Survive and Thrive Feat. Lakshmanan Chidambaram and Edward Roussel
Lakshmanan Chidambaram, President, Tech Mahindra, and Edward Roussel – CIO, Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal talk about Leadership during the crisis and how businesses are working their way through the biggest post-war downturn.   When faced with uncertainty, people look to leadership for information, reassurance, and guidance. Faced with a global pandemic, a wide range of leaders are stepping up to fill those roles in different ways.   Leadership in an uncertain, fast-moving crisis means making oneself available to feel what it is like to be in another’s shoes — to lead with empathy. Perhaps in the coming weeks, the unfortunate scale of this pandemic will make empathy easier for many leaders. As a leader of leaders, we are navigating new and ever-changing priorities with limited time to react.   In the end, every leader is responsible for his or her own choices, and leaders, at all levels, will have to make tough decisions that have consequences. What leaders need is courage, including the courage to prioritize.
August 03, 2020
Innovation As A Key Enabler In 2020 And Beyond with Nikhil Malhotra
On Tech Mahindra Podcast, we have the Global Head of Innovation - Nikhil Malhotra sharing his thoughts about Innovation and how to build the culture of Innovation in an organization.
February 12, 2020