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Tech Witch

Tech Witch

By Digital Compendium
On their 21st birthday, a pair of Wiccan twins find their lives turned upside down when they become the center of a prophecy foretelling a time when the line between magic and technology ceases to exist.
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Tech Witch Ep. 105 - Can You Keep A Secret [Sci-fi/Fantasy]
After visiting their dead grandmother in the underworld, Lowell and Bridgette set out to find the source of the new incredible power that seems to be flowing through them. However, despite his feelings for Kylie Lowell is wondering if she can be trusted. Will this drive a wedge between Lowell and Bridgette?  Story by Damion Taylor & Trey Livingston Narrated by Caitlyn Martin
November 13, 2020
Tech Witch Ep. 104 - Grand-mere [Sci-fi/Fantasy]
HALLOWEEN EPISODE!! Bridgette and Lowell decide to ask for help from their dead grandmother, Grand-mere Mathieu, in hopes of getting to the bottom of what's going on with them and their random magical outbursts. The only problem do you talk to a dead grandmother?  Story by Damion Taylor & Trey Livingston Narrated by Caitlyn Martin
October 29, 2020
Tech Witch Ep. 103 - Butt Dialing [Sci-fi/Fantasy]
Butt dialing is always embarrassing, but what happens when it's the result of some supercharged magical powers run amok? Well, Bridgette, Lowell and Kylie are about to find out. Oh yeah! Did we mention that some villains finally decided to make an appearance? Things just Story by Damion Taylor & Trey Livingston Narrated by Caitlyn Martin
October 23, 2020
Tech Witch Ep. 102 - Glitches [Sci-fi/Fantasy]
Things get really weird and out of control for Lowell, Bridgette and Kylie at the arcade.  Somehow they find themselves fighting for their lives against two seemingly unstoppable robot soldiers. What's really going on? Will Bridgette be able to use her newly discovered and powerful magic to save the day? Let's hope so.  Story by Damion Taylor & Trey Livingston
October 16, 2020
Tech Witch Pilot Ep. 101 - Birthday Moon - [Sci-fi/ Fantasy]
Twins Lowell and Bridgette Mathieu celebrate their 21st birthday. As dictated by tradition and their parents, they have to perform a ceremonial series magical tests since this is when young witches come into their full power. Of course nothing goes according to plan and they release a hidden power greater than anything they've seen before. Is someone playing a cruel joke? Story by Damion Taylor | Written by Trey Livingston
September 21, 2020