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Tech Breakfast Podcast

Tech Breakfast Podcast

By Aaron Buley, Tyler Gates & Russ Cantwell
Delicious Tech Headlines to start your day!
Published MWF at 9AM CST.

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Chris Short: K8s Release Team - Cloud Native Computing Foundation - NVIDIA to buy Arm for $40B - Oracle and TikTok - OpenShift TV - Walmart Brings Back Gateway Computers

Tech Breakfast Podcast

Chris Short: K8s Release Team - Cloud Native Computing Foundation - NVIDIA to buy Arm for $40B - Oracle and TikTok - OpenShift TV - Walmart Brings Back Gateway Computers

Tech Breakfast Podcast

Ted Lasso - Akamai - Kaseya - Neural Networks - History - China Nuclear Reactor - ARM - Bitcoin
Topic Summary: Ted Lasso Akamai Internet Outage ChromeOS Kaseya obtains REvil decryptor Neural Networks Commodore Amiga Model A Moon landing China building first waterless Nuclear Reactor ARM makes bendy procs Bitcoin
July 23, 2021
Intel - China - Self Driving - The B Word - FIFA Bot Farming
Topic Summary: Intel US & Allies Blame China Tesla Subscription The B Word FIFA Bot Farming
July 19, 2021
Nintendo - Quantum Stuff - Netflix Gaming - Square DeFi - Facebook Fail
Topic Summary: Nintendo Quantum Stuff Steam Deck Russ's Fancy Ass "baputer" Netflix Streaming Game Service Square Get's It's DeFi On Facebook Done F-ed Up
July 16, 2021
Stephen Sidlo - Airspeeder
July 14, 2021
Grab Bag of Fun
All kinds of goodies.  Space, crypto, China, Facebook, you know.... the usual. 
July 12, 2021
Bunks/Goulder: Charles Hoskinson - Singularity DAO - Crypto - Decentralized Apps - Cobots - AI - Quantum
Guests: and Today's Topics: Donkey Kong & Mario turn 40 Charles Hoskinson joined the ETC Cooperative Board of Directors Singularity DAO Ben Goertzel Timeline of Cryptocurrency Blockchain platform Decentralized Applications Robotic Process Automation Will robots take your job Open AI DALL·E Quantum Lots of Things The next generation
July 9, 2021
Quantum Stuff - Lotus Notes - NASA Helicopter - Formula E - Jedi Contract - Right to Repair
Topic Summary: Lotus Notes Debt Cards for Kids NASA Helicopter Formula E  & Electric Car Stuff Quantum Stuff & China Jedi Contract Cancelled Multi-Cloud Yolo Right to repair
July 7, 2021
Robinhood - Dogecoin - Kubernetes - Right to Repari - Social Media - LIGO - Branson - LEGO
Topic Summary: Sony Walkman Robinhood Dogecoin Kubernetes British Right to Repair law Judge tears Florida’s social media law to shreds for violating First Amendment Putin signs law forcing foreign social media giants to open Russian offices LIGO Blackholes Branson to space before Bezos LEGO
July 2, 2021
Facebook court win - SpaceX abort - GitHub CoPilot
Topic Summary: Apple Air Pods Pro 2 Facebook wins in court Flying Car SpaceX aborts at T minus 11 GitHub CoPilot Broadband
June 30, 2021
Binance - Windows 11 - Supreme Court - WHO on AI
Topic Summary: UPC Atari Nuclear Tests Binance El Salvador Windows 11 Microsoft admits to signing rootkit malware in supply-chain fiasco Snapdragon 888 Plus Supreme court ruling on student's internet speech WHO report on AI
June 28, 2021
Western Digital My Book Live - Windows 11 - Ending Platform Monopolies Act
Topic Summary: Tech History: QWERTY & iPhone 4 WD My Book Live deletes user data Windows 11 released House committee approves the Ending Platform Monopolies Act
June 25, 2021
Space Flights - iPhone Sideloaded Apps - Towing Tesla - Facebook VR Ads - Dota 2 - Bitcoin - Cardano - Microsoft hits $2T
Topic Summary: P-80 Shooting Star Sideloading Apps on iPhone Towing A Tesla At 70 MPH Replenishes Battery At Fast Charger Rates Facebook VR Ads revolt Dota 2 Bitcoin Cardano Microsoft hits $2T
June 23, 2021
Step Up - Amazon Prime Day - Texas Power - China Crypto Mining - Facebook Live Audio and Podcasts
Topic Summary: Step Up Film Franchise Tech History Amazon Prime Deals Texas Power Issues China shuts down 90% of crypto mining Facebook rolls out Live Audio Rooms and a podcast service
June 21, 2021
Paintball - Amazon Reviews - Crypto Miners moving to Texas - SpaceX and The Law - Municipal Broadband - Zuck
Topic Summary: Paintball Today's Yesterday in Tech History Today's Today in Tech History Amazon Reviews & Sun Valley Crypto Miners Moving to Texas Aaron's Destiny SpaceX & the Law Municipal Broadband Everyone Hates Zuck
June 21, 2021
Justin Parisi, Scottie Ray, Vuong Pham : Beats Studio - Waymo - Browsers - Apple Doctors - Spotify Greenroom - Electric Harley - Windows 11
Guests: -- -- Topic Summary: Beats Studio Buds Waymo Browsers and Search Engines Apple Doctors Spotify Greenroom Electric Harley Davidson Google Store Windows 11
June 16, 2021
Austin Forum Upload Podcast
Today, we were guests on the Austin Forum Upload and were interviewed around what topics we'd like to see in their upcoming season of episodes.  Enjoy!
June 14, 2021
Crypto news - EA Hacked - NFTs - Door Dash - Autonomous Cars - Mosquitos - Venus - GPUs
Topic Summary: Crossing the Atlantic With Cable Crypto-investing EA Hacked In-game NFTs DoorDashers hacked Apple hires BMW Sr. Exec who developed the i3 and i8 'Miraculous' Mosquito Hack European Space Agency is headed to Venus Average GPU Pricing Skyrockets as Market Quadruples Nvidia acquires DeepMap
June 11, 2021
WWDC update with Darin Zook and Tim Davis
Topic Summary: WWDC recap Fastly Outage 5th Ocean Cruises are back
June 9, 2021
WebOS - Bezos to Space - Mayweather vs Logan - Jack/Square/Bitcoin Wallet - Tesla Plaid+ cancelled - Subscription Economy
Topic Summary: Palm Pre and WebOS Bezos headed to space on Blue Origin Mayweather vs Logan Jack, Square, Hardware Wallet Tesla Plaid+ cancelled WWDC starts Subscription Economy
June 7, 2021
Darin Zook: Twitter Blue - HBO Max - DOJ & Ransomware - Work - SmartThings - Stack Overflow
Guest: Topic Summary: NY to CA in record time WarGames turns 38 Twitter Blue HBO Max $10 with ads DOJ and Ransomware The Office vs Work from Anywhere Samsung SmartThings Stack Overflow
June 4, 2021
RUSS LIES ABOUT DOGE - Napster - Amazon - Anti-Vaxx Industry - Suing Amazon - Must & the SEC
Topic Summary: Napster The Italian Job Amazon Mass Wireless Sharing Anti-Vaxx Industry? You can now sue Amazon Musk & the SEC RUSS LIES ABOUT DOGE
June 2, 2021
John Nicholson: GIF is not Peanut Butter - Dell's Historic Earnings - Gamestop NFT - Have I Been PWNED - We are note CFA's
Topic Summary: GIF is not Peanut Butter Dell historic earnings Gamestop NFT & ETH Tesla & BTC Breaches (again) Have I Been PWNED We are not CFA's Nicholson's Jobs Offer Blog
May 28, 2021
Tyler Contradicts Himself - Valve Switchlike PC - Batteries - Game Gear - Tesla & China - Epic v Google v Apple - Slack Space
Topic Summary: Valve Switch PC Game Gear Swappable  Batteries & Phon es Fusion Tesla China Locality Epic v  Google and Apple Slack space for the people
May 26, 2021
Bitcoin - Digital USD / Yuan - RSA - F150 Lightning Pro - Sirius XM Tiktok - Twitter Spaces
Topic Summary: Fahrenheit Morse Code Bitcoin US Federal Reserve contemplating a digital USD Digital Yuan 2011 RSA hack comes to light F150 Lightning Pro Sirius XM Tiktok Channel Twitter Spaces Tickets
May 24, 2021
Google quantum computing - $40M Ransomware payment - F150 Lightning
Topic Summary: Tech History Google, ya dumb Ok, Google, this is cool though… Quantum computing Quantum error correction $40M ransomware payment Twitter Verified Everyone hates Facebook the app MacOS DOES get malware F150 Lightning
May 21, 2021
Daniel Platt: VR update - Google I/O
Sr. XR Field Correspondent: Topic Summary: Virtual Reality Update Google I/O
May 19, 2021
Mexico City - Twitter Blue - Elon, Bitcoin, and Tesla - Clean Energy - Redbox
Topic Summary: FBI investigates Louie Louie Mexico City Sinking Twitter Blue Elon, Bitcoin, and Tesla Clean Energy UFOs on 60 Minutes Redbox
May 17, 2021
Hackers & Ransomware - Google - Alexa - Cybertruck - Facebook - Binance
Topic Summary: Colonial Pipeline pays $5M to hackers via cryptocurrency within hours Washington DC Police Offer $100,000 to Hackers to Stop Leak Irish health services hit by cyber attack Google fined for abusing Android Auto's dominance The voice of Alexa - Nina Rolle Tesla Cybertruck Facebook dying? Binance under investigation by the DOJ and IRS NH Man Loses Life Savings On Carnival Game
May 14, 2021
Stevan Lohja: Ethereum Classic - ETC Cooperative
Guest: Topic Summary: Ethereum Classic ETC Cooperative Ethereum Classic Roadmap
May 12, 2021
Railroads - Twitter Tip Jar - Dogecoin - Warzone - Colonial Pipeline Hacked - Personal Data Security
Topic Summary: Railroads Social Media Twitter Tip Jar Dogecoin Warzone Colonial Pipeline Hacked Apple Air Tags Hacked OS updates Personal Data Security
May 10, 2021
John Nicholson: Crypto Mining - Doge Coin - Redfin - Apple - Signal & Instagram
Guest: Topics: Crypto Mining Doge Coin Redfin & the US Housing Industry Apple Signal & Instagram
May 8, 2021
Dell - Cross-Platform Play - NY to ban bitcoin mining - Dogecoin - Municipal Broadband - Belgian Cyberattack - Amazon sued
Topic Summary: Today in Tech History Cross-Platform Play NY wants to ban bitcoin mining Dogecoin Municipal Broadband Belgian Cyberattack Amazon sued for taking movies you bought
May 5, 2021
Valve - Verizon - Ethereum - Apple - Skyward - Spotify - Voice Chat - Parker Solar Probe
Topic Summary: Valve Verizon sells Yahoo and AOL Ethereum Apple 14.5 Skyward Spotify Voice Chat Parker Solar Probe
May 3, 2021
SEC - HBO - Supreme Court - Michael Collins
Topic Summary: Today in Tech - WWW & Electrons Verizon tries to sell Yahoo and AOL after spending $9 billion on fallen giants SEC investigating Voltswagen Facebookless Quest 2 for $800 Pi-hole HBO Max ad-supported option Snapchat and SCOTUS MS retiring Calibri Player 2 Google Assistant learning pronunciation Michael Collins
April 30, 2021
Air Tags - UMN and Linux - YouTube and Mr. Beast - Ghost Kitchens - Weed Laser Cannons
Topic Summary: The first computer mouse Apple Air Tags and Jiobit Tile takes shots at Apple University Of Minnesota and Linux Community Kernel Kerfuffle YouTube besting Netflix revenue Mr. Beast Ghost Kitchens Automated laser cannons for farmers Chevelle / Opeth
April 28, 2021
Yahoo - Elon - Twitch - India - Streisand Effect - Oscars - MIT
Topic Summary: Search Engines User Experience Elon Musk Twitch India Take Down Requests Streisand Effect Video game industry wins first Oscar Woman Charged with Felony for 21-Year-Old Unreturned Sabrina the Teenage Witch VHS Rental MIT develops AI to predict material properties from images
April 26, 2021
Early Browsers - Signal - Ice Cream - Chick-fil-A - Crypto Exchanges - Drone Ads in the Sky
Topic Summary: Mosaic & Early Browser History Early Modems & Lag Signal & Cellebrite Linux on the PS3 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines The Chick-fil-A Production System Crypto Exchanges & Another Big Hack Drone Ads in the Sky
April 23, 2021
Moore's Law - Paint - FLoC - Facebook Audio - Cloud Gaming - EU AI laws
Topic Summary: Moore's Law BSOD Whitest White and Blackest Black Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) Brave Facebook Microsoft Cloud Gaming Content Delivery Networks EU proposes strict AI rules
April 21, 2021
We touched on NASA's helicopter on Mars, then spent 95% of the conversation talking about Cryptocurrency.
April 19, 2021
Coinbase - FBI
Topic Summary: Titanic Data leaks Coinbase FBI snuck into private servers Dell / VMW Twitter's Responsible ML Initiative
April 14, 2021
Robot Dog - Clubhouse Leak - Zuck - Google vs Oracle - iMessage - Google Shopping
Topic Summary: Sculley Forces Out Jobs Robot Dog Pees Beer Clubhouse data leak Zuck Google vs Oracle iMessage on Android Google Shopping
April 12, 2021
Keiran Shelden: Library of Babel - LinkedIn - Amazon - Microsoft - Australia
Topic Summary: Analog Astronauts Library of Babel LinkedIn Amazon Microsoft is now submerging servers into liquid baths Australia Covid-19 Update
April 9, 2021
Topic Summary: Windows 3.1 Zuckerberg & Signal Smart things & police surveillance BitClout Google vs Oracle
April 7, 2021
Facebook Hack - LG Mobile Ends - Mars Helicopter - Narwhals - Civilian Space Flight
Topic Summary: Tech History 533 million Facebook users data hacked LG confirms it's shutting down its mobile business NASA’s Mars rover drops off Ingenuity helicopter ahead of historic flight Narwhal tusks tell a troubling tale Meet the four people chosen to orbit Earth in the first-ever all-civilian space mission Robo-dialing
April 5, 2021
Kurt Bunker: Autism - National Security Commission on AI - China - Data Science
Topic Summary: Autism Acceptance Future Forward Looking Back - Bunks 2021 National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence Russell Brand China The Foundations of AI Are Riddled With Errors Ultron Microsoft: Data Science for Everyone
April 2, 2021
Matt Baker: Intel - NFTs - Flight - Robotics - GPT-3 - Deepfakes - Proof of Stake Crypto
Guest: Topic Summary: Intel NFT Flight Robotics Nomadland GPT-3 Deepfakes Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency
March 29, 2021
Yes or No - Jack - 1440 - Media
Topic Summary: Tech History Yes or No Jack 1440 Misinformation Media Bias Wyze Cam v3
March 26, 2021
Microsoft & Discord - Google Searches - Intel - Facebook - Amazon
Topic Summary: Microsoft buys Discord Google Searches Pat Gelsinger building two fabrication plants with his bare hands Facebook cool with death threats as long as it's at a celebrity Amazon forcing drivers to sign “biometric consent”
March 24, 2021
Jack - Royal Caribbean - American Airlines - Delivery Drivers - Basketball - Social Media - Apple - mRNA - Epic
Topic Summary: Dallas Empire and Hastr0 Jack's first tweet sold Royal Caribbean requiring vaccine American Airlines and face tickets Amazon and UPS Drivers LeBarn James March Madness IG Trump launching a Social Media app HomePod mini secret sensors Apple bends rules for Russia mRNA advancements vs cancer Epic $1B fundraising round
March 22, 2021
Gran Trak 10 - Zuck vs Apple - Instagram - Twitter - AT&T - Frontier - Customer Service - Neural Wristband - Cricut
Topic Summary: Gran Trak 10 Zuck frustrated with Apple's Looming Privacy Updates Facebook planning to create version of Instagram for children under 13 Twitter is testing letting you watch YouTube videos right from a tweet AT&T lies about Calif. net neutrality law, claiming it bans “free data” Frontier Internet Amazon and Walmart customer service Facebook neural wristband Cricut
March 19, 2021
Covid Vaccine - Google University - Deepfakes - NASA DART - Uber - NVIDIA - vSpatial Giveaway
Topic Summary: Covid Vaccine Sputnik V Google attempting to disrupt University Deepfakes NASA's Double Asteroid Redirection Test California is banning companies from using 'dark patterns' Uber paying minimum wage, holiday pay, and pensions Nvidia accidentally releases driver to un-nerf cryptocurrency mining Oculus Quest 2 giveaway from @vSpatial
March 17, 2021
"Right Up Our Alley" - Anthony Jaska, Jay Christensen, Mike Welsh Jay Christensen's IG: Anthony Jaska's Twitter: Mike Welsh's LinkedIn: Bryant Lake Bowl and the video:
March 15, 2021
HBD Russ! - Roblox - Netflix - Facebook - NYT - Owlet - Github - Internet in Africa
Topic Summary: Happy Birthday Russ! Roblox / Minecraft / Fortnite Netflix 1/5 of Facebook employees working on AR/VR New York Times Owlet smart sock for babies MS Github Africa’s internet shutdowns Russia vs Twitter update
March 12, 2021
Al Gore - Shadow Cloud - MacKenzie Scott - Stadia - OVH - Dependency Confusion - Verkada - Russia
Topic Summary: Al Gore Shadow Cloud Gaming MacKenzie Scott Stadia OVH data center fire Dependency confusion supply chain attack Verkada 150K camera breach Russia vs Twitter
March 10, 2021
Gina Rosenthal: International Women's Day - Girls and Games - Women in Tech - Tricking AI
Topic Summary: IBM PC-XT International Women's Day Gina's Tech Journey The Greatest Movie of all Time: Top Gun Girls and Games SHI & Women in Tech Tricking AI with Hand Written Notes Lab Grown Wood Allen McDonald & the Challenger Disaster
March 9, 2021
Asteroid - Dogecoin / Dallas Mavericks - NBA Top Shot - China Surveillance - Flying Taxis - Batteries - Tumors
Topic Summary: 'God of Chaos' Asteroid Mavericks to Accept Dogecoin for Tickets, Merchandise NBA Top Shot Banksy Broadband standards China 'Sharp Eyes' Surveillance Flying Taxis Batteries Trolley problem Tumor targeting micro machines
March 5, 2021
Texas - IE - Net Neutrality - Drone Laws - Parler - Space Hotel - Right to Repair - WSB - MS Mesh
Topic Summary: Texas 100% open Internet Explorer Net Neutrality New Drone Laws Twitter Spaces comes to Android Parler dropped its hosting lawsuit against Amazon Gab breach 1st Space Hotel Japanese billionaire looking for 8 people to join him for a Moon voyage via SpaceX EU Right to repair laws GME/WSB & Meme Stocks Microsoft Mesh
March 3, 2021
Venus - Texas' Electric Grid - Life-like Robots - NFTs - Polaris EV - Zoom Fatigue
Topic Summary: Venera 3 Texas Snowpocolypse Electric Grid Muscle-like gel Disney's robot human-like gaze Deep Nostalgia NFT - Non Fungible Tokens Polaris EV SUV Zoom Fatigue
March 1, 2021
UV Light - EATR - Lego AR - Twitter - Apple - Fry's - Dell - Satoshi - Bitcoin
Topic Summary: Ultraviolet Light and Johann Wilhelm Ritter Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (EATR) Lego AR Twitter Super Follow & Communities Twitter Stock Apple forced to add iPhone and MacBook reparability scores to comply with French law Illinois lawmaker seeks ban of Grand Theft Auto game following rise in carjackings RIP Fry's Electronics Dell shipped 1.5 PCs every second in 2020 Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin
February 26, 2021
Amazon - Boeing - Ingenuity - Apple/Valve/Epic - Gene Editing - Clubhouse - Facebook - Starlink - Crypto
Topic Summary: Amazon Union Craziness Boeing engine debris in Colorado Ingenuity helicopter phones home Apple Wants Valve To Hand Over A Bunch Of Steam Info For Its Fight With Epic Ghana potatoes gene editing Clubhouse Chats Are Breached, Raising Concerns Over Security Facebook Elon Musk’s Starlink filings show plans for phone service and low-income web access Cryptocurrency dip today
February 22, 2021
Mars - Semiconductors - NVIDIA - Texas Power - Huawei - Uber in the UK - Facebook in Australia - Game Stop Hearing
Topic Summary: The first podcast ever recorded Mars Perseverance Rover Semiconductor manufacturing issues NVIDIA CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor) Texas Power Grid Huawei turns to pig farming as smartphone sales fall Uber - UK’s top court rules its drivers are workers, not independent contractors Facebook News and Australia Game Stop Hearing Mortal Kombat movie trailer
February 19, 2021
Tim Davis: Facial Recog - Tesla Hover/Jet Cars - MetaHumans - Armed Robots - Disney - Crypto
Guest Host: Topic Summary: Facial Recognition Tesla Hover and Jet Cars Echo discounts MetaHumans Boston Dynamics' Spot Robot Is Now Armed Disney Plus Apple updates Pigs playing video games Mastercard accepting crypto Jack Dorsey and Jay-Z: ₿trust SuperMicro
February 12, 2021
Bitcoin - Salesforce - Twitter Subscriptions - Social Algorithms - Police using DMCA - Huawei suing USA - Clubhouse - Cheapskate HoF
Topic Summary: #Bitcoin Salesforce says 9-5 workday is dead Twitter subscriptions Social algorithms Officers streaming music to leverage DMCA take downs Huawei suing the US to improve US relations Clubhouse Amazon Echo Wall device The Cheapskate Hall of Fame
February 10, 2021
Clubhouse banned - Tesla's $1.5B in Bitcoin - 3 Mars Landers - US Navy - Mark Cuban/Fireside - NVIDIA GeForce Now
Topic Summary: Clubhouse now banned in China Tesla buys $1.5B in BTC 3 Mars Landers arriving this month Twitter Spaces U.S. Navy controls inventions that claim to change "fabric of reality" Mark Cuban and Fireside NVIDIA GeForce Now Google Stadia to focus on 3rd party studios New phishing attack uses Morse code to hide malicious URLs
February 8, 2021
Math :( - Visual Resolution - Clubhouse - $GME - Electric Vehicles - Cloud Wars - Super Bowl LV
Topic Summary: Math is hard! Visual Resolution Clubhouse Tabs! $GME Electric Vehicles Cloud Wars Super Bowl LV Merch:
February 5, 2021
Daniel Platt: AR/XR (Oculus, Rift, Magic Leap, HoloLens) - Bezos - Musk - Kurtis Bunker - Mark Cuban
Guest: Topic Summary: AR/XR News (Oculus, Rift, Magic Leap, Microsoft HoloLens) Mario Kart Live Bezos retiring - Andy Jassy to take over Musk interview on Clubhouse Kurtis Bunker Mark Cuban and r/WallStreetBets
February 3, 2021
Twitter Suspension - Tesla Credits - Simulated Mars - New Magnetic Rocket Thruster - Comcast - Solar Energy - GME
Topic Summary: Baby Cantwell Twitter Suspension Tesla regulatory credits Simulated Mars mission - The Valoria 1 crew New magnetic rocket thruster Comcast data caps Solar and  Wind Electricity $GME and r/WallStreetBets Magnetic Rocket: Merch:
February 1, 2021
Austin Forum Upload: App Tracking Transparency - 5G - Tesla - GME - Walk to Mordor - Space
Guests: Topic Summary: App Tracking Transparency 5G Tesla Updates GameStop ($GME) update Austin Forum Upload upcoming episodes Walk to Mordor Space Things A Day in the Life of Your Data:
January 29, 2021
John Nicholson: GameStop - AMC - Earnings Calls
Guest: Topics:  - GameStop  - AMC  - Earnings Calls
January 27, 2021
GameStop - Pelosi's Tesla Options - Bluesky
Topic Summary: Gamestop Nancy Pelosi Buys Tesla Options Bluesky Merch:
January 25, 2021
Unions - Taxes & UBI - Philanthropy - Microsoft goes full Black Mirror - Universal Chat App - Helicopter on Mars
Topic Summary: Tech History: DeLorean - Twitter Instacart and Unions Taxes VW CEO @herbert_diess Elon giving $100M; carbon capture Microsoft goes full Black Mirror Pebble launches Beeper, universal chat app Decentralization Helicopter on Mars Merch:
January 22, 2021
Ryan Kinmartin: Electric Corvette SUV - Social Dilemma - AI Selected Content - Twitter bluesky and Spaces - Snowden - Jack Ma
Guest: Topic Summary: Electric Corvette crossover SUV The Social Dilemma Stephen Wolfram on AI Selected Content @bluesky Lex Fridman & Max Tegmark: AI and Physics @TwitterSpaces Cambridge Analytica Edward Snowden (@Snowden) Jack Ma is back Show Links: Merch: Wolfram article:
January 20, 2021
Paul Braren: Eyes - Tesla Recall - Tedlexa - Mushrooms - Intel - EVs - Boeing
Guest: Topic Summary: Eyes Tesla Recall Tedlexa Mushrooms  Intel EV News Boeing
January 15, 2021
Face Masks - Mars - Ghost Guns - Lost Crypto Passwords - CES - YouTube + Trump - Pat Gelsinger - Messaging Apps - HDMI 2.1
Topic Summary: Razer Face Mask Elon back down to 2nd Richest Mars Ghost Guns Lost Passwords Lock Millionaires Out of Their Bitcoin Fortunes CES YouTube deletes Trump's upload Pat Gelsinger to Intel WhatsApp / Telegram / Signal HDMI 2.1
January 13, 2021
Jay Boisseau: Social Media - AI - Elon - Hacking Device - Negative Leap Second - CES
Guest: Topic Summary: Social Media Artificial Intelligence Elon Musk Tiny Device Unlocks Cars & Opens Garages Negative Leap Second CES Ray Tracing
January 11, 2021
Elon - EV cars - Signal - Quantum Games
Topic Summary: Today in Tech History Elon at $190B Apple Car in 2027 Mercedes Hyper-Screen EV Dealers Signal vs WhatsApp RCS messaging protocol Among Us Quantum League
January 8, 2021
Kurtis Bunker: 2030 to 2050 - AI and Ethics - Semantic Scholar - Personal Digital Assistant - Mental Health - UBI - AGI
Guest: Topic Summary: Today in Tech History 2030 to 2050 outlook AI and Ethics Semantic Scholar Personal Digital Assistant Mental Health Universal Basic Income Artificial General Intelligence M$ AGI Investment
January 6, 2021
Cryptocurrency - Top S&P 500 Stocks of 2020 - 5G Covid Conspiracy - War Games - Jack Ma
Topic Summary: Today in Tech History Cryptocurrency Top S&P 500 Stocks of 2020 5G and Covid Conspiracy War Games Jack Ma is missing
January 4, 2021
Movies - ATT - USSR - Podcast Stats - 2020 Won - XRP - Crypto - Alibaba vs China - Chernobyl - Boston Dynamics - Zoom
Topic Summary: First Movie Screening ATT not in 1899 USSR Podcast Stats 2020 Won XRP SEC Complaint Cryptocurrency $100B on App Stores Alibaba vs China Chernobyl Boston Dynamics Tyler's Zoom Backgrounds
December 31, 2020
Tech History - Faces in Japan - Movies - US Internet - Big Tech placing allies in US Govt - E-sports
Topic Summary: 3 Things in Tech History Faces for Sale in Japan Movies US Internet vs EU Internet Execs at Big Tech seeking to place allies in senior roles at government agencies under Biden E-sports update
December 21, 2020
Matt Baker: SolarWinds - Microsoft - Moon Base - Batteries - CNCF - Wall Street Bets - Bitcoin - AirPods Max - CyberPunk 2077 - Stadia
Guest: Topic Summary: SolarWinds Microsoft unleashes ‘Death Star’ on SolarWinds Moon base by 2030 Li-Ion battery prices have fallen 88 percent over the last decade Toyota's Solid-State Battery Prototype Could Be an EV Game Changer Graphene Google grants $3M to the CNCF Wall Street Bets Bitcoin family AirPods Max Among Us on Xbox in 2021 Sony removed Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store Google Stadia 2025
December 18, 2020
Galaxy S21 - Retro Gaming - Streaming - Facebook - Cozy Bear
Topic Summary: Galaxy S21     Retro Gaming The Streamer Life Facebook Facebook Doomsday Facebook TLDR Rapid Ephemeral Guest Cozy Bear / Security
December 16, 2020
Google - SolarWinds - FireEye - Oracle - Lunar Probe - Universe Building Blocks - Quantum Chess - EA - Future of Work
Topic Summary: Numero Dos Google Down SolarWinds FireEye Oracle moves HQ to Texas Chinese lunar probe on its way home New Theory Casually Upends Space and Time Quantum Chess EA is buying Codemasters for $1.2 billion Future of Work
December 14, 2020
Keiran Shelden: Squirrels - Hyundai - Broadband- Huawei - Australia - New Robot Laws - Facebook - CentOS - CyberPunk 2077 - SN8
Topic Summary: Superhero Squirrels Hyundai & Boston Dynamics Broadband Internet Huawei Australia vs China The 4 New Laws of Robotics Facebook having a bad week CentOS Nutanix CyberPunk 2077 SN8
December 11, 2020
AirPods Max - Starship SN8 - F35 - Destiny 2 - GPUs - McMillions - YouTube Gaming - Quantum computing - eVTOL - Retirement - AI
Topic Summary: AirPods Max insanity Starship SN8      update F35 'Destiny 2' will finally support crossplay in 2021 GPU Heists McMillions YouTube Gaming had its best year ever with more than 100 billion hours watched Quantum device performs 2.6 billion years of computation in 4 minutes eVTOL and Drone Deliveries Retirement Calculators How Artificial Intelligence Could Widen the Gap Between Rich and Poor Nations
December 9, 2020
Rucking - Apple lied? - Starship SN8 - Logan Paul vs Mayweather - PlayStation CEO on VR - Blue Origin - Artificial Skin - UFOs - Hyperloop
Topic Summary: Rucking Apple Forced to Include iPhone Chargers After Not Demonstrating 'Environmental Benefits' SpaceX Starship SN8 to launch this week Logan Paul vs Mayweather PlayStation CEO says VR won’t be a ‘meaningful’ part of gaming for years Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin + NASA will take a woman to the moon for the first time ‘Artificial Skin’ May One Day Make Troops Invisible, Even to Heat Sensors Tic Tac UFO The Virgin Hyperloop had its first passengers
December 7, 2020
John Nicholson: Jobs - MS Teams - SFDC / Slack - Netapp Earnings - Covid - AI Major Breakthrough - Warner Bros & HBO - Routers
Guest: Topic Summary: Jobs Friday John Hates M$ Teams Sales Force / Slack Netapp Earnings Covid      Vaccine & MRNA delivery AI MAJOR      Breakthrough Warner Bros      & HBO Max Don’t put      your router in jail!
December 4, 2020
The Last Dance - HPE - Salesforce & Slack - Trump and Sec 230 - China's Chang'e-5 - Arecibo Observatory - Uighurs - Rival Peak
Topic Summary: The Last Dance AOL Enron HPE moving  to Texas Salesforce bought Slack for $27.7B Trump and Section 230 China's Chang'e-5 lands on the moon Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico collapsed Uighurs in Xinjiang, China Rival Peak
December 2, 2020
Cyber Monday - That Face - Super Nintendo World - Mariana Trench - Amazon Sidewalk - Facebook Crypto - S&P500 - Phones - Star Wars - Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Topic Summary: Cyber Monday The Hustle That Face Super Nintendo World Chinese submarine sends first live video back from the bottom of the Mariana Trench Amazon Sidewalk Facebook Crypto Libra to launch in early 2021 $TSLA to the S&P 500 index AppleCare+ Comparing Phone Cameras Darth Vader actor David Prowse has died at 85 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Mandalorian: The Jedi
November 30, 2020
Netscape - Facebook/S. Korea - Starship SN8 - Chicken Cannons - Chappelle's Show - Taylor Swift - Valorant - Halo
Topic Summary: Netscape Facebook fined $6.1 million in South Korea SpaceX prepares Starship SN8 15km test flight Elon added ~$100B to his net worth this year, now the 2nd richest person in the world Chicken cannons and F-35 Fighter Jets Twitter Verification Returns Comcast DMCA section 1201 / DRM Chappelle's Show Taylor Swift Valorant Champions Tour Halo
November 26, 2020
Solar-One - Speed of Light - Episode VIII – SnapChat Spotlight - Twitter - WeDemBoyz
Topic Summary: Solar-One: A Proposal for The First Crewed Interstellar Spacecraft Speed of Light and Space Travel Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Apple TV Remote is awful SnapChat Spotlight Twitter WeDemBoyz
November 23, 2020
Passwords - Microscopic vehicles in your blood - Benchy - Android E2E Encryption - NVIDIA AI - GAN - Zoom - Hulu
Topic Summary: Passwords Rainbow Tables Microscopic USS Voyager Swimming robots for autonomous drug delivery in human body Magic School Bus Benchy Google is testing end-to-end encryption in Android Messages Nvidia developed a radically different way to compress video calls Generative Adversarial Networks New Zoom Features Hulu rate hike
November 20, 2020
Richard Henry: Bowling - Time Zones - Developers - Twitter Fleets - Amazon drug sales - Google AI Nightmare creatures - Microsoft Pluton - Pfizer vs Moderna
Guest: Topic Summary: Bowling Time Zones Apple reduces App Store cut to 15 percent for apps making $1M or less Twitter Fleets and possible downvote button Getting fired on Twitter Amazon launches into prescription drug sales Google releases AI powered, Nightmare creature generator Microsoft Pluton Pfizer raised their effectiveness right after Moderna's rates released
November 18, 2020
Nathan Bennett: Bots - APIs - Crew-1 - Gigabit - Finger Gun VR - Galactic Laws
Guest: Topic Summary: Competing against Buying Bots Nate loves APIs Crew-1 SpaceX / NASA Launch Gigabit Internet Finger Gun VR Galactic Laws
November 16, 2020
Caitlin Allison: Xbox - Tide Pods - YouTube down - Google killing unlimited free storage - Spotify vs Amazon Music - Sound Beaming
Guest: Caitlin Allison Topic Summary: - Xbox X/S downloads break UK internet traffic records - Xbox Smoke - Tide Pods - YouTube and YouTubeTV down for 2hrs - Google killing unlimited free storage - Spotify vs Amazon Music - Sound Beaming
November 13, 2020
Einstein Refrigerator - Old Music Media - Printers - McDonald's McPlant Burgers - Printing Rockets - Apple M1 Procs - Hyundai & Boston Dynamics - Ex-Microsoft engineer gets 9 years in prison
Topic Summary: - Einstein Refrigerator - Old Music Media - Printers - McDonald's McPlant Burgers - Printing Rockets - Apple M1 Procs - Hyundai to buy Boston Dynamics - Ex-Microsoft engineer gets 9 years in prison
November 11, 2020
Pixel 5 - Android Issues - Structural Batteries - Trebek - Toyota hating on Tesla - NVIDIA - AI
Topic Summary: Google Pixel 5 Android Issues Structural Batteries -- Alex Trebek Toyota throwing shade at Tesla NVIDIA A100 Predictive AI GPT-3 Issues
November 9, 2020
Tim Davis / Keiran Shelden: Android, AMD Zen, Building PCs, Tony Hawk, Nintendo, Voyager 2, Scammers
Guest: - - Topic Summary: - Kieran from the future - Android - Nov 7th is pretty boring in tech history - AMD Zen 3 CPUs - CPU Overclocking - The Woes of Building PCs - Tony Hawk Remake - Nintendo Power - $1B in Silk Road Bitcoin Seized - Voyager 2 Updated - Scammer Called the Wrong #
November 6, 2020
Chloroform - Turkey - California Prop 22 - Human/Computer interface, via veins - Sports on AR - Pixel 5 - Starlink - Biggest Cloud Computing Trends
Topic Summary: - Chloroform - Turkey, the country - California Prop 22 - REEF Technology - Human / Computer interface, via veins - Sports leagues on augmented reality - Big Tech Snags Hollywood Talent to Pursue Enhanced Reality - Massachusetts "Right to Repair Law" Passed - Google Pixel 5 - Starlink performance - The 5 Biggest Cloud Computing Trends In 2021
November 5, 2020
ISS - Spruce Goose - Sean Connery - Creepy Robot - Female eSports Teams - 100 Thieves CDL - Raspberry Pie Keyboard - Eye Tracking Surveillance - Books
Topics: ISS reaches 20 years of occupation Spruce Goose Sean Connery Disney's creepy skinless robot Female eSports Teams 100 Thieves CDL  Raspberry Pie Keyboard Eye Tracking in Exam Surveillance  Amazon Bookstore Competition
November 2, 2020
Special Episode w/ Kurt Bunker: Substance Abuse - Tech Burnout - Mental Reboot - Neurodiversity - Bi Frost Bridge Studios - Gaia's Seed
Guest: Special Episode with Kurt Bunker: Substance Abuse - Tech Burnout - Mental Reboot - Neurodiversity - Bi Frost Bridge Studios - Gaia's Seed
October 30, 2020
John Nicholson: Microsoft, Intel, Section 230, First Trillionaire, Laws on Mars
Guest: Topic Summary: - Financial Friday: Microsoft & Intel - Section 230 Hearings - First Trillionaire Space Miner - SpaceX to make its own laws on Mars
October 30, 2020
DMCA - Section 230 - Audible - AMD - Cyberpunk 2077 - Fleetwood Mac - AI in Space - Malicious Ad blockers - EV Hummer
Topic Summary: - Digital Millennium Copyright Act turns 22 - Facebook, Twitter, Google CEOs to testify before Congress today - Audible adds 100K free podcasts - AMD Event today - Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to 2078 - Dreams by Fleetwood Mac - AI in Space! - Nano Adblocker / Defender Adblockers found to be malicious - uBlock Origin - GM Hummer EV
October 28, 2020
Peter Kieren: iPhone 12 Pro Camera - US Gov vs Google - Facebook Oculus
Guest: Topic Summary: - iPhone 12 Pro Camera details - US Government taking action against Google - Apple receives $8B - $12B a year from Google - Oculus owners lose all store purchases if they delete their Facebook account
October 26, 2020
Sam Grocott: Dell Tech World Summary
Guest: Topic: Dell Tech World Summary
October 23, 2020
Mekensey Telfer: vSpatial - Nanotechnology - 4G ON THE MOON - Quibi is Shutting Down - AI in SPACE
Guest: Mekensey Telfer Topic Summary: - vSpatial - Nanotechnology - 4G network on the moon - Quibi Is Shutting Down - AI in SPACE
October 21, 2020
80W wireless charging - USB-C - iPhone 12 demand - Flight Sim mod - Hum to Search feature - Clear wants to own your entire digital identity - Insta exposing data
Topic Summary: - Xiaomi 80W wireless charging - An iPhone 12 with USB-C would really help the environment - iPhone 12 demand - Microsoft Flight Sim mod lets you fly around gigantic PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles - Google now has a “hum to search” feature - Clear Wants to Own Your Entire Digital Identity - The EU is investigating Instagram for allegedly exposing the contact data of up to 5 million underage users
October 19, 2020
Woman on the Moon - Spaghettification of Stars - Supermassive Black Holes - Verizon 5G - Alphabet Mineral (Robotic Plant Buggies)
Topics: Woman on the Moon Resurgence of Moon Exploration Spaghettification of stars Supermassive Black holes Verizon 5G Alphabet Mineral (Robotic Plant Buggies)
October 14, 2020
Apple Event - Amazon Prime Day - Options Trading
Guest: @vtimd Topics: - Apple Event - Amazon Prime Day - Options Trading
October 13, 2020
NeXT Computers - Quantum Cryptography - Ransomware - Tesla Update
Topic Summary: - NeXT Computers - Mosaic Web Browser - MSFT PWA for iOS via the web - Quantum Cryptography - Ransomware Payments Illegal? - Tesla Update - Fully-Automated Taxis in Phoenix
October 13, 2020
Nanotechnology - MK11 - Hero Worship - Tesla - Physics Nobel Prize - Baker's Half Dozen - Cisco - API Copyright - AMD & Xilinx
Topic Summary: - Nanotechnology - Rambo in Mortal Kombat 11 - Hero Worship - Tesla Could Surpass 500K Annual Production in 2020 - Double-click on the Physics Nobel Prize - Baker's Half Dozen - Cisco layoffs - Are APIs copyrightable? - AMD to buy Xilinx in over $30 billion deal
October 9, 2020
Meteors and Space Diamonds - LAPD - Tech Monopolies - RTX 3080 - LG Wing - Virtuix Omni One - DSL - Quantum Computing - Nobel Prizes
Topic Summary: - Meteors and Space Diamonds - LAPD Awkwardly Admits Facial Recognition Use - House committee submits recommendations against Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet, Apple - RTX 3080 card scandal - LG Wing review: Swing and a miss - Apple iPhone event - Virtuix Omni One - AT&T kills DSL - New quantum computing algorithm skips past time limits imposed by decoherence - Nobel Prizes
October 7, 2020
Space Week - Twitter's Birdwatch - Section 230 - End of American Internet - iPhone 12 - Nobel Prize - NVIDIA
Topic Summary: - World Space Week - Twitter's 'Birdwatch' - Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 - The end of the American internet by @benedictevans - iPhone 12 pricing leaked - Pixel 5 - Apple sues recycling partner for reselling more than 100,000 iPhones, iPads, and Watches it was hired to dismantle - Nobel prize awarded to those that discovered Heptitis-C - NVIDIA releases Jetson Nano 2GB
October 5, 2020
1000 different topics. Happy Friday!
Guests: Topic Summary: - Env0 - Facebookers can now DM you on Insta - Coinbase going apolitical - EU Plans to Ban Tech Companies From Pre-Installing Apps, Force Them to Share Data With Competitors - NVIDIA delay - Mario Kart AR - Roblox valued at $8B - Epic was dishonest, says US judge - Toyota Home Assistant Robot - Phone shortcuts - Wind 10 ARM version support x86 apps - Boeing E-6 Mercury - Smart TVs - Amazon' s Covid numbers - and too many other things…
October 2, 2020
VMworld 2020 Announcements
Topic Summary: - Borat - VMware SASE - Azure VMware Solution - VMware Cloud on DellEMC now has VMware HCX-based workload migration - VMware intent to acquire SaltStack - VMware vRealize AI - Project Monterey - Project Antrea
September 30, 2020
GPT-3 - OpenAI - AR - Beijing Auto Show - VMworld - Prime Day - Giant Magellan Telescope - Starlink
Topic Summary: - Democratization / Access - GPT-3 - OpenAI - AR no longer just hype - Beijing Auto Show - VMworld 2020 - Prime Day announced - Giant Magellan Telescope - 13th batch of Starlink Satellites launch today
September 28, 2020
Mary Allen Wilkes - Ring Drone - AZ1 Neural Edge Processor - Panning Echo Show - Fire TV - Amazon Luna Gaming Service
Topic Summary: - Mary Allen Wilkes - Ring Drone Camera - AZ1 Neural Edge processor - Panning Echo show - Fire TV - Amazon Luna Gaming Service
September 25, 2020
Andy Scherzinger: Neptune - IoT & Brewing - Tesla Battery Day & Plaid - Xbox One X
Guest: Topic Summary: - Neptune - IoT & Brewing - Tesla Battery Day - Tesla Plaid - Xbox One X
September 23, 2020
Gina Rosenthal: Magic Jack - TikTok - Hot garbage news - Primary Sources - Science vs Pseudo-Science - Surface Duo
Guest: Topic Summary: - Magic Jack - TikTok, Oracle, Walmart, Trump - $5B Education Fund - Hot garbage news strategies - Primary sources - Differentiating between science and pseudo-science - Tim Duncan - Surface Duo
September 21, 2020
Tim Davis: New Job - Tony Hawk - Gateway Computers - Every Min on the Internet - Wine and Spectroscopic Analysis - Tech and BBQ - Apple Event
Guest: Topic Summary: - Tim Davis leaving VMware - Tony Hawk Pro Skater - Gateway Computers - What Happens Every Minute on the Internet in 2020 - Wine and Spectroscopic Analysis - Tech and BBQ - Influx of online students clogging internet - Tik Tok - Apple Event
September 18, 2020
Daniel Platt: vSpatial - Facebook Connect Event - Quest 2 - Celebrity nonsense - Chinese database tracking - Tech Prices - Doom3/Myst and more on VR
Guest: Topic Summary: - vSpatial - Facebook Connect Event - Quest 2 Launched - Celebrities "Freezing" their Social accounts for 24 hrs - Chinese database details 2.4 million influential people - Technology Prices - Doom 3, Myst, and other awesome games coming to VR
September 16, 2020
Chris Short: K8s Release Team - Cloud Native Computing Foundation - NVIDIA to buy Arm for $40B - Oracle and TikTok - OpenShift TV - Walmart Brings Back Gateway Computers
Guest: Topic Summary: - Kubernetes Release Team - Cloud Native Computing Foundation - NVIDIA to buy Arm for $40B - Oracle and TikTok - OpenShift TV - Walmart Brings Back Gateway Computers
September 14, 2020
9/11 Stories with Al Rasheed, Paul Galjan, and Edwin Arcilla
Guests: Intro from:
September 11, 2020
Oculus Quest 2 - Interpupillary Distance - Xbox - Huge Asteroid Incoming - Android 11 - Netflix - Zuck Hopes Facebook Won't Destroy Society
Topic Summary: - Facebook Oculus Quest 2 coming soon - Interpupillary Distance - Xbox - Huge Asteroid flying by earth on Sept 14th - Android 11 update - Netflix - Zuckerberg Says He ‘Hopes’ Facebook Won’t Destroy Society
September 10, 2020
Matt Baker, Sr. VP of Strategy at Dell Technologies
September 4, 2020
Jetpacks - Robots enforcing masks - Walmart+ - Amazon wins FAA approval - ASL - Electronic Skin - Gig Economy
Topic Summary: - Jetpacks - Robots enforcing face masks - Walmart+ - Amazon wins FAA approval to deliver packages by drone - ASL - New Electronic Skin Can React to Pain Like Human Skin - Stretchable electronics - Temperature-reactive coatings - Amazon Drivers Are Hanging Smartphones in Trees to Get More Work - Gig Economy
September 2, 2020
Inventions - Chip in your Brain - Amazon Halo - Attention Economy
Topic Summary: - Thomas Edison - Neuralink - Amazon Halo - TikTok has chosen a suitor - BIG eSports growth - Zoom up - MS Flight Simulator
August 31, 2020
Financial Friday with John Nicholson
August 28, 2020
Travis North, Distinguished Engineer from Dell Tech, blows your mind and educates you on computers
August 26, 2020
Tesla Games - Neuralink demo - Microsoft/Epic - League of Legends podcast - Android TV - TikTok to sue Trump administration - Transparent solar panels
Topic Summary: - More games coming to Tesla - Neuralink demo on Aug 28th - Apple apologizes to WordPress - Microsoft supports Epic Games - Spotify launching exclusive League of Legends eSports podcast - Google’s Android TV dongle could be coming soon - TikTok confirms it will sue the Trump administration - Twitter to label state-affiliated media accounts - A New Botnet Is Covertly Targeting Millions of Servers - Charter Lies to FCC, Says Its Customers Love Data Caps - Transparent solar panels for windows hit record 8% efficiency
August 24, 2020
GPT-3, Epic vs Apple, Student Location Tracking, AI Slays Top F-16 Pilots, CoD Championships
Topic Summary: - GPT-3 - Epic vs Apple - Univ Student Location Tracking - AI Slays Top F-16 Pilot In DARPA Dogfight Simulation - CoD Championships
August 21, 2020
Oculus/Facebook, Winamp2 now HTML5, Epic says Apple's response will be 'catastrophic', "Cloud" revenue up
Topics: - Oculus requires connection to Facebook now - Winamp 2 was remade in HTML5: (it has skin support!) - Epic says Apple threatens ‘catastrophic’ response in two weeks if Fortnite doesn’t comply with rules - Google Meet comes to TVs thanks to Chromecast - "Cloud" revenue is now bigger than Dell, HPE, Lenovo and Cisco COMBINED
August 19, 2020
Fortnight vs Apple and Google
Fortnight vs Apple and Google Navy IT chief charged with sharing classified info with a Russian national Google to reject direct data requests from Hong Kong gov’t, treat city same as China Russell Kirsch, inventor of the pixel, dies in his Portland home at age 91 SpaceX planning a resort in Brownsville, Texas
August 14, 2020
AI upgrades old film - Cloud Gaming - Android Earthquake detection - Snapdragon chip flaws - Your face in VR - Uber/Lyft employees? - End of the Universe
- AI makes old films look new - Cloud Gaming Services - Android earthquake detection system - TikTok was found to be bypassing Android's built-in protections and sneakily tracking users - Snapdragon chip flaws put >1 billion Android phones at risk of data theft - Facebook Researchers Develop Bleeding-edge Facial Reconstruction Tech So You Can Make Goofy Faces in VR - Hybrid Life - California judge orders Uber, Lyft to reclassify drivers as employees - End of the universe
August 12, 2020
Terry Kahler, Executive Coach
August 10, 2020
TikTok WeChat & China/US Relations - Intel Source Code Leaked - Huawei - Dr. Disrespect - Apple issues - Samsung 2020 Unpacked
US to ban transactions with TikTok and WeChat in 45 days Intel Source Code Leaked Huawei now the #1 Smartphone manufacturer Dr Disrespect returns to streaming Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines Samsung’s 2020 Unpacked event
August 7, 2020
Millennials - SpaceX Starship - Echo Glasses - TikTok - Law Enforcement - WeChat - PS5
Topics: Millennials SpaceX Starship 150M Hop Amazon Echo Frames TikTok Law  enforcement & Stingray cell site simulators WeChat Sony PS5
August 5, 2020
Twitter hack - Space - Intel - TikTok/Microsoft - ADT/Google - Avon leak
Twitter hack update, 17 yr old Florida kid Dragonship Endeavor splashed down successfully Atlas V rocket took Perseverance to Mars Intel weighs exit from manufacturing chips Microsoft looking to acquire US operations of TikTok Google investing $450M in ADT for a 6.6% stake Cosmetics firm Avon leaks 19 million customer records
August 3, 2020
Congressional Hearings with Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon
Congressional Hearings with Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon Darin Zook joined us for this episode -
July 31, 2020
Theaters - Intel chief out - Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google talk to Congress - Density.IO
Are movie theaters in their last phase? Intel engineering chief out after 7nm product delays Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google talk to Congress Google Buys North Smart Glasses and North Then Kills Its Smart Glasses Google building a new private subsea cable between EU and the US Density.IO occupancy tracker
July 29, 2020
Intel 7nm - MLB/NBA - Dave 7.5M users data leaked - Starship Robots - Amazon Accused Of Stealing Ideas From Startups It Invests In
Intel 7nm update In-stadium Sport fans      (MLB/NBA) Dave banking hack - 7.5M user      data leaked You can now boot a Windows 95      PC inside Minecraft and play Doom on it Boston Dynamics Sand Flea Starship robots Amazon VC Fund Accused Of Stealing Ideas From Startups It Invests In
July 27, 2020
Twitter hack update & the FBI - Intel - OnePlus - Gorilla Glass Victus - COD League - Cloudflare - Dr. Disrespect
Twitter hack update God Mode Social Engineering and the      scam market FBI Intel OnePlus Gorilla Glass Victus Call of Duty League / Dallas      Empire Cleveland Cavs and Usher Cloudflare Dr. Disrespect Tyler buying a house!
July 24, 2020
MLB Digital Crowd Noise - 300th US Spacewalk - SpaceX double fairing catch - Ford's 1400 HP Mustang - 4TB DIMMs
- Laugh Tracks in MLB - 300th US spacewalk - SpaceX scored their first double fairing catch. - Ford's 1400 HP electric Mustang Mach-E - Coinbase blocked 1000 bitcoin transactions related to hacked twitter accounts - 4TB DIMMs incoming! - Rocket League now Free
July 22, 2020
Windows 10X - Cyberpunk 2077 - Battery Breakthrough - Oculus Quest 2 - Half-Life: Alyx
- Windows 10X - Chrome OS - Cyberpunk 2077 - Neuralink streaming music to your brain - Google is bringing scheduled downloads to Chrome for Android - Chromebook - Battery breakthrough - - Oculus Quest 2 - Half-Life: Alyx - Goldeneye in Alyx
July 21, 2020
Financial Friday with John Nicholson
July 10, 2020
Mike Tyson - NVIDIA - Epic and Sony - Coinbase - Hype Cycles - L5 Autonomous Driving
- Mike Tyson - PlayStation Manufacturing - NVIDIA passes Intel in valuation - Rickroll Zoom - Facial recognition for contactless pay and entry - Epic and Sony - Coinbase - Hype Cycles - Blockchain - L5 Autonomous Driving
July 9, 2020
PUBG - Alphabet Loon - TikTok & Hong Kong - Uber buys Postmates
Topics: - PUBG Mobile Passes $3 Billion In Revenue - Alphabet Loon launches today - Prime video finally to offer profiles and parental controls - TikTok to pull out of Hong Kong - Toxic Hand Sanitizers - AI-generated headshots to create fake journalists - Uber to Buy Postmates for $2.65 Billion - New H.266 codec uses half the data to stream 4K video
July 7, 2020
VMware acquires Datrium, Google acquires Smart Glasses IP, Dinosaurs IRL, Facebook shutting apps down
Topics: - VMware is buying Datrium for DRaaS - Google buys North (smart glasses) - Google is still paying Apple billions to be the default search engine in Safari - New glove translates American Sign Language into speech in real time - Google now lets you see dinosaurs in the real world through augmented reality - Facebook is shutting down Lasso, its TikTok clone
July 2, 2020
Critical Bugs - YouTube TV - Solar Wind - FDA - Ads Boycott
Topics: - Microsoft has 2 new critical bugs - Palo Alto vulnerability - YouTubeTV raises monthly rate to $65 - Solar Wind - FDA advises people to avoid 9 hand sanitizers for containing methanol - Apple doing crazy things - Google Sheets will soon be able to autocomplete data for you - Companies boycotting ads on Facebook
July 1, 2020
Marian Newsome - Racism, Women in Tech, Neurodiversity
June 30, 2020
Chickens, iPhone turns 13 today, Predictive Policing, Automation
Topics: - Chickens - Apple iPhone turns 13 today - Santa Cruz bans predictive policing - Data caps on AT&T, Comcast, T-Mobile will return June 30 - 3rd Wave Automation (Autonomous Forklifts) - Eau de Space - Telegram evaded Russia's ban for years
June 29, 2020
Lord Kelvin - Ocean floor mapping - Amazon buys Zoox
Topics: - Lord Kelvin - 19% of the ocean floor mapped - Google to auto-delete users' records by default - Amazon bought self-driving startup Zoox for $1.2B - Microsoft says it will permanently close all Microsoft Store - Google gives Android depth sensing and object occlusion with ARCore - Scale of data creation - Amazon says it mitigated the largest DDOS attack ever recorded - Amazon getting into Live TV? - 3D printing news
June 26, 2020
Gene editing success - Facial recognition predicting criminality
Topics: - Facebook cancels Oculus Go - CRISPR gene editing success - Facial recognition that predicts criminality? - Baidu ends participation in AI Alliance, Partnership on AI - 'Strange asymmetry' mystery for the far side of moon - O365 will happily take your financial data - Google Pixel AI - Segway closes shop
June 24, 2020
Passwords, HPC, iPhones catch up, NASA helicopter on Mars
Topics: - Civil Air Patrol - Chrome password manager - @troyhunt - iPhone just got features Android has had for 7 years - Top 500 Supercomputer update - HPC & ARM procs - AI/ML converging with HPC - Global Command & Control System - PCF on VxRail - - NASA sending a helicopter to Mars
June 23, 2020
AWS Snowcone, Half-Life: Alyx, Basecamp Hey, TikTok and Algorithm Transparency, Napster
Topics: - AWS Snowcone - Amazon deploys AI ‘distance assistants’ - Half-Life: Alyx - Basecamp's Hey vs Apple AppStore - TikTok and Algorithm Transparency - Napster - Stellar Parallax - Raspberry Pi (also
June 22, 2020
MSI Vulkan Gaming Frame Rate Industry of Gaming Cheats E-sports evolution
June 22, 2020
Chad Sakac
Guest: Topics: Little Ducklings SW Development Space travel Milling Lumber Black holes ..and more!  :)
June 18, 2020
Qualcomm, Boston Dynamics, CIA, War
Guest: Topics: - Qualcomm announced new 6-series Snapdragon proc - Boston Dynamics Metalhead (spot) now for sale - Work/Life Balance - CIA cyber weapons stolen - War - AI image "enhance" now 8X better via @duke research
June 17, 2020
Underwater Wi-fi - 3D-printed Bluetooth stethoscope - Bose-Einstein Condensate
Topics: Underwater Wi-Fi Online Privacy Intel baking in anti-malware detection Open source 3D-printed Bluetooth stethoscope w/ 50ft range Telehealth progress DIY kit planes Bose-Einstein Condensate
June 16, 2020
3D printing breakthroughs - Teleporting - Sailing Robots
Guest: Topics: - 3D printing breakthroughs - Nuclear powered flight - AI in Nuclear Fusion - Teleporting Using Quantum Entanglement - Counting Fish with Sailing Robots - A new, and simple way to spy on conversations - 88-inch 8K OLED TV
June 15, 2020
Part 2 of Racism & BLM discussion
Guests today:
June 13, 2020
Kathy Sullivan - Google AI - Intel - Apple - Honda
Podcast stats update Kathy Sullivan, first person to visit both space and the deepest place in the ocean Destiny 2 Google Meet AI More Intel speculative execution flaws Apple shifting to its own ARM procs Honda suspends operations Tuesday afternoon due to virus attack Physicists Solve the Mystery of the Light-Speed Cyclist
June 10, 2020
Christopher Walken joins Tech Breakfast - Chips in your brain - Facial Recognition - Construction Technology
Lilium, eVTOL aircraft startup, $1B valuation MIT puts tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip Twitter bringing back verification requests Amazon sues former AWS marketing VP Brian Hall after he takes Google Cloud job IBM stops doing facial recognition Ethics Officers Construction Technology
June 9, 2020
VR - Deep fake audio - Treasure - Gambling - PS5
VR Apple Wins Patent for Socially Distant Group Selfies Synthetic deepfake AI sound mixing SpaceX Golden Eagles trained to take down drones Fenn treasure PTSD and VR UK could class loot boxes as gambling to protect children 5 things the PS5 must improve over the PS4
June 9, 2020
Groundbreaking Microscope - Breakthrough time/gravity sensor - AR in cars - AR stores fully digital
Today is Friday June 5th We have no guest. It's just me and you tyler. Mano y mano. Topics: Speaking of mano y mano…. Command and Conquer reboot out today!! Comes out at Noon CST Google deletes Indian app that deleted Chinese apps The app, created by Jaipur, India-based developer OneTouch AppLabs, purported to scan Android phones for any apps with links to China. It used market research to identify apps from a named list and would then offer users the chance to wipe them from the user’s phone. - it would delete TikTok, UC Browswer, Zoom, etc. After deleting the apps, it displayed the message “You are awesome”. Had 1 million downloads in the first 10 days of launching. Ideology differences and growing tensions with China Google is said to have taken down the app under its deceptive behaviour guidelines. They prohibit apps that mislead users into removing or disabling third-party apps or modifying device settings or features, or which encourage users to remove or disable third-party apps. Groundbreaking Israeli microscope can change the face of tech — scientists Israeli scientists say they have developed a quantum electron microscope that gives the clearest picture ever produced of light moving inside materials. Kaminer explained that microscope technology hasn’t kept up with the needs of the high-tech sector, which can innovate and problem-solve best if it can see, in detail, what is happening inside the chips, components and devices it produces. His microscope can show movement of both electricity and light, he said. “Now, we can see where current is going, where light is moving, and how temperature evolves,” he said. “Other electron microscopes can do this within certain limits. Almost all electron microscopes show you still images, or very slow images at 100 frames per second, while we have a million billion frames per second. “With this I can take electronic devices, glimpse inside, and see things in time and space that others can’t. For example we’ll be able to see, when operating a device, where current is going and how quickly.” A trans-atlantic 747 flight broke records: • 4h 56min JFK to LHR • Not too shabby for a sub-sonic aircraft that's been in service for 50y • All thanks to storm Ciara Augmented reality coming to cars: • no surprise there, but there's a lot of questions about distracted driving and safety • Rudimentary tech not expected for 5-10y :( Tech startup offers AI that grades employees on productivity: Smart glasses and the emergence of pop-up commerce: Levitated timepiece sets new benchmark Full Strawberry Moon tonight • It coincides with a  penumbral lunar eclipse that will see the Moon dim slightly • The Moon won't appear pink unless it is close to the horizon as the name comes from the fact it coincides with the annual strawberry harvest not its color  From
June 5, 2020
Kity Hawk Heaviside - SpaceX updates - Moon base!
- Kity Hawk Heaviside - SpaceX lands the same rocket for the 5th time - Moon base! - France's contact tracing app - Stolen iPhones - New Galactic Center Adventure in Virtual Reality - Tesla now top selling car in California
June 4, 2020
Wearables detect Covid-19 - Human Operating System - Hacks/Breaches
- Wearables detect early Covid-19 systems - Human Operating System - Network - Applications that run on the Human Operating System - Chicago Police Radios Hacked - only 1/3 of users change their passwords after breaches - Android: a photo bricking some phones
June 3, 2020
Racism - Police Brutality - Standing up for change
@4thThomas joined us to open a dialogue about racism, policy brutality, and standing up for change. 
June 2, 2020
SpaceX - G-testing - AI - Perspective Diversity - Crisis Fatigue
- SpaceX Crew Dragon - Star Wars vs Star Trek - G-Testing and Test Pilots - AI Advances : Microsoft cuts 50 MSN news production workers - Diversity of perspective in social media - MIT's new robots - Crisis Fatigue
June 1, 2020
Twitter - Anti-5G - SpaceX - 3D Printing - Lego
Twitter scheduler “Anti-5G” scam SpaceX Launch delay Adventurous eating 3D printing face masks Lego brings out a $380, 3,969-piece Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 kit Facebook Messenger Rooms Tencent $70B investment Alibaba $28B investment
May 29, 2020
SpaceX Launch - Amazon - YouTube
Topics: SpaceX Launch Today Amazon antitrust concerns Samsung Pay Apple iPhone power news Okash shames you on loan defaults Boeing Blended Wing YouTube auto-deletes certain comments in China Twitter fact checks Trump Trump threatens to shut down Social Media
May 27, 2020
Thailand data leak, 44Tbps Internet, AI discussion, SpaceX Astronaut launch tomorrow
Topics: Thailand AIS customer data leak Mozilla, Reddit, Twitter pushing for warrant amendment Redis cloud agnostic real-time analytics Artificial Intelligence discussion Multi-cloud 44Tbps Internet speeds SpaceX astronaut launch tomorrow Space Junk
May 26, 2020
Pac-man turns 40!
Pac-man turns 40 Civ VI is free right now! Facebook is moving to work from home over the next 5-10 yrs IBM layoffs Netflix cancels inactive subscriptions Solitaire turns 30 today
May 22, 2020
Twitter Update - Mobile Phones - Xwing Autonomous Flight
Topics: Twitter reply update Samsung S20 Tactical Xbox code leaked iOS 13.5 Jailbreak Xwing Autonomous Flight Ford Sync vs Tesla OS Apple AR Glasses
May 21, 2020
Joe Rogan - Big Data - Strava - iRacing
@JoeRogan @Strava @Splunk @iRacing Call of Duty League GrokNet
May 20, 2020
19: AR - VR - XR - MR
May 19, 2020
18: Fastest Camera - Dyson Car - Tesla's new factory in Austin
World's Fastest Camera Facebook buys Giphy Tesla announces new Factory location Discord valued over $3B Dyson created and then shut down a new electric car
May 18, 2020
17: Apple VR - Tesla Million-Mile Battery - Semiconductor Supply Changes
Topics: - Apple acquires NextVR - Chrome limits resource heavy ads - Tesla "million-mile" battery - Google and Zillow WFH until 2021 - India contact tracing - Semiconductor news - Foxconn - X-37B low orbit research vessel
May 15, 2020
16: Chrome Tabs - Hyper Loop Update - Unemployment System Hacked
Topics: Browser tabs & Cluster Tabs in Chrome Browser History Privacy Electric Scooters AI Image Sensors at the Edge ARM Processors Boring Company Hyper Loop Las Vegas completed Netflix Saving you from Ads Covid19 impact to UK broadband HouseParty watch parties with famous people State of Ohio Unemployment System Hacked Chinese Rocket Fallout in Africa
May 14, 2020
15: Twitter WFH - AR Contacts - TSLA Security flaw
Topics: Twitter WFH Forever Facebook Moderators & PTSD AR Contact Lenses MSFT Surface Ear Buds Wink Subscription Delayed The Comet Swan Chinese Rocket Debris Almost Hit New York Android Development Google Music Sunsets TSLA Vehicle Digital Security Musk Reopens Factory, Challenges Authorities Google removes CreepWare Watercooler Talk & The Future of Office Space
May 13, 2020
14: Aaron's new job - Edge/IoT/Data Analytics - Satellites around the sun - Robot Puppies
Chris Laffey joins us to discuss: - Aaron's new job - Edge / IoT / Data Analytics - Data driven decision making - Solutions need to be specific and prescriptive - Satellites around the sun to address interstellar objects - Robot puppies forcing social distancing
May 12, 2020
13: COBOL - Trusting data sources - Conspiracy theories - New/different normal
Topics: - COBOL - Trusting data sources - Conspiracy Theories - New Normal - MS Reply - Refuel drones with microwaves - Deserted Island devops - Animal Crossing
May 11, 2020
12: New Drones - 3D Printing - Keybase - Dublicat - Samsung - VR - Fusion 360
Topics: - New DJI drones - Ingress Protection Ratings - 3D printing a Death Star - Facebook bug takes down other apps - Keybase acquired by Zoom - Dublicat app - Samsung physical debit card - VR haptic feedback for your head - Fusion 360 temporarily free
May 8, 2020
11: Wink - Blackholes - Esports fixed betting - Microsoft non-human users - Fortnight - How we do the show
Topics: - Wink going full extortion - - Elon back on Joe Rogan podcast tomorrow - New Blackhole discovered - Esports fixed betting - Rockset brining SQL & NoSQL together - Microsoft license for non-human office users - Epic games Fortnight logged 3.2B hours in April alone  - Facebook oversight board - Apple update for facemasks - How we do the show
May 7, 2020
10: Elon and Grimes' baby - SR-71 Blackbird - Twitter Updates - 5G Conspiracy Theories - Airbnb and Uber Layoffs - Patent Office AI Ruling - Student Refunds - Sports Ball
Topics: - Elon and Grimes' baby - SR-71 Blackbird - Twitter Updates - 5G Conspiracy Theories - Airbnb and Uber Layoffs - Patent Office AI Ruling - Student Refunds - Sports Ball
May 6, 2020
9: Tech Breakfast - COBOL - NHC contact tracing NOT working - Roblox Bribery Hack - Spying on employees at home - Android Automotive - Esports
Topics Covered: - COBOL - NHC contact tracing NOT working - Roblox Bribery Hack - Spying on employees at home - Android Automotive - Esports
May 5, 2020
8: Digital Transformation - Tesla/Elon - Fairphone - Intel - Rockets
Topics covered - Digital Transformation - The new world of curbside pickup - Tesla & Elon's views - Fairphone - Intel 14nm 10th gen CPU - UK ATM kerfuffle - Rocket Launches Show Notes: Here's our first meetup at VMworld 2017: Fairphone - an opensource non-google based, sustainable smartphone: Intel's 10th gen CPUs for desktop are still 14nm: Fun story about a programmer in the 70's almost releasing a bug into all of Britain's ATMs which would have caused them to spew the entire safe contents onto the street if a single sensor failed: Space: Experiencing the first SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch from 7 miles away, the most powerful rocket to launch since Apollo 17 in 1973! Follow Paul here:: Twitter @paulbraren Blog Tesla articles Tesla videos
May 4, 2020
7: Tech Earnings - Industry changes due to Covid-19 - Comcast removes data caps - Voyager 1 & 2 - RBP Camera - AI Music Production
Topics covered in this episode: Tech Earnings Calls & Predictions Industry Reactions due to Covid-19 Comcast removing data caps Voyager 1 & 2 RBP Camera AI Music Production
May 1, 2020
6: Folding @ Home - Game Console Improvements - AR/VR - Google Meet - Consumer Electronics Up Big
Special Guest: Amanda Blevins - Folding @ Home - Game Console Improvements - AR/VR - Google Meet - Consumer Electronics Up Big
April 29, 2020
5: UK's NHS Contact Tracing app vs Apple/Google framework - MS Word Grammar - MS Teams security hole - HouseParty - DJI Mavic Air 2
- UK's NHS Contact Tracing app vs Apple and Google framework - MS Word Grammar - MS Teams security hole - HouseParty - DJI Mavic Air 2 --- article mentioned by Greg
April 28, 2020
4: iPhone delay - GDPR update - Hubble Space Telescope - AI Coding - Drone Tracking
- Phishing Attempts - iPhone delay  - GDPR update  - Hubble Space Telescope  - AI Coding  - Drone Tracking
April 27, 2020
3: SpaceX - Wi-Fi 6E - Bing Trending Issues - Google Advertising Transparency
Today's Topics: - @SpaceX Starlink - Wi-Fi 6E - @Bing Trending Issues - @Google advertising transparency
April 24, 2020
2: Facebook - Apple - Zoom
- Facebook concerns - Istio service mesh - Apple processors - Zoom - and the Airbud franchise after the show 😅
April 23, 2020
1: Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Processors - Game Development
Topics Include:  - hydrogen fuel cell powered drones  - processors  - gaming development  - google home and amazon ring updates  - and more...
April 22, 2020