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By Rose Ross
Anyone working in infotech, biotech or cleantech should regard TechBritannia as a touch point to keep up to date on what individuals and organisations are doing to turn Britain into a global powerhouse of ideas and innovation.

Our focus is not purely on British people but encompasses the multicultural mix of attitudes and philosophies that are prevalent in academic teams, start-ups and established companies based in the UK. Britain is the go-to place for mentorship, investment and inspiration but the news tends to be buried in the darker corners of the web.
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Behind the Cornish postcard: Emmie Kell, CEO, Cornwall Museums Partnership


Advancing Forth with women's health: Sarah Bolt, CEO and Co-Founder, Forth
Sarah Bolt, CEO and Co-Founder, Forth shares her passion and drive that has taken her from marketing vacuum cleaners to founding a firm focussing on empowering women by providing them information about their hormones. She describes how her firm will help revolutionise the way female health is handled and will allow women to be better prepared to take control of their health whilst also providing opportunities to help with planning things such as when to have children.
November 15, 2021
Respect in Security: Lisa Forte, Red Goat Consulting, and Rik Ferguson, Trend Micro
Lisa Forte, from Red Goat Consulting, and Rik Ferguson, from Trend Micro, passionately share the astounding success of the recently-launched initiative Respect in Security. Rose Ross finds out all about the aims of the group who want to address harassment and bullying, not just in the cybersecurity industry in the UK, but potentially every industry on a worldwide scale.
August 16, 2021
Enhancing MRI diagnosis with AI: Mark Hinton, Chief Technology Officer, Lucida Medical
Mark Hinton, CTO at Lucida Medical, shares the successes that his firm has had using AI to help analyse MRI images to aid in diagnosing cancers, in particular prostate cancer. He lets TechBritannia in on the exciting potential that the technology has, including the idea of full-body scans which could provide preventative diagnostics in the future.
July 26, 2021
Young UK enterprise up for Junior Achievement European award: Matt, MD, Firefly Technology
Matt, Managing Director of Firefly Technology, shares how his young firm although still at school have a useful product for the 'work at home' world we live in. Rose Ross discovers how the company and their innovative product came about plus how Firefly is now up for a Junior Achievement European award that you can help them win.
July 08, 2021
How innovation and collaboration leads UK to cybersecure future: Richard Yorke, Managing Director, CyNam
Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Richard Yorke, Managing Director and one of the Founding Directors of CyNam, who shares how Cyber Cheltenham (CyNam for short) go about powering local cyber technology innovation. He also shares his own path that brought him through cyber security to his current role. TechBritannia Co-conspirator Rose Ross discovers that the recent creation of UKC3 (UK Cyber Security Collaboration) has ensured that funding will mean full-time attention can be paid to CyNam and help the UK fuel national co-operation between clusters more than ever before, including aiming to help academia and business to cross pollinate more. Richard also hints at what could be expected at CyNam 21.3 which will be held, hopefully in-person, during October. Watch the full podcast here:
June 28, 2021
Redeploying Forces talent to benefit UK Tech: James Murphy, Director, TechVets
James Murphy, Director of TechVets, shares with TechBritannia listeners the important work that the non-profit does in helping serving members of the Forces in navigating their careers into my technology-focussed roles or forging a tech career after leaving. Rose Ross discovers that a surprisingly small number of veterans are in ICT and how TechVets offers a no-strings-attached place for them to find answers and support when considering tech as an area to move into.
June 23, 2021
Behind the Cornish postcard: Emmie Kell, CEO, Cornwall Museums Partnership
Emmie Kell, CEO at the Cornwall Museums Partnership, enlightens TechBritannia listeners with the work that's being done to bring history to life and make it more accessible to a more diverse audience. Rose Rose discovers how Cornwall is steeped in tech innovation and history, with plans to help fuel the future using technology like immersive experiences and phone apps to reach out beyond the physical museums themselves.
June 21, 2021
Boosting the UK spaceflight industry: John Roth, Sierra Space and Ross Hulbert, Spaceport Cornwall
John Roth, from Sierra Space, and Ross Hulbert, from Spaceport Cornwall let TechBritannia in on the exciting news that Newquay in Cornwall could become a landing site for the Dream Chaser spaceplane. Rose Rose quizzes them on the plans, when we might first see a landing on UK soil, and how this involves several firsts for both the UK and the US.
June 14, 2021
Connecting the Cook Islands, Dr Ranulf Scarbrough, CEO, Avaroa Cable Ltd.
Ranulf explains the difficulties that arise when connecting somewhere as remote as the Cook Islands. Rose Ross, TechBritannia's co-conspirator, discovers that the logistical problems are only part of the story, but the benefits for the local population could radically transform life on the  islands.
September 11, 2020
Driving all stages of startup development. Ian Merricks - Chair, The Accelerator Network
Ian explains the many ways The Accelerator Network has been helping UK startups for almost a decade. TechBritannia's co-founder Rose Ross quizzes him about the success of the Accelerator Academy, plus delves into newer initiatives, such as FastForward, which helps pre-accelerator firms.
September 10, 2020