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By Oscar
Here we explain the newest news in technology and computer science along with video game news.

I hope you enjoy!

Episodes will come out when we find exciting news in the science/tech industry worth knowing.
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MacBooks - The Comparisons
The question asked in this Episode is very popular around the Internet and I thought it was important to put on the Podcast. Now on TechEye == Send us a Voice Message! ==
November 08, 2021
The Story of the Microsoft Gateway
Welcome to Tech- storytime with Oscar! We tried to do an spooky improv story about a 2011 Microsoft Gateway and it was... not the best. I hope you have an awesome Halloween and thanks for listening! Now on TechEye Just so you know we actually had a 2011 Microsoft Gateway that took 15 minutes to open and that I played Minecraft on in 2017. We parted ways in 2020 when I decided to smash it to bits. The rest of the story is fictional. ==Send us a Voice Message!==
October 31, 2021
Laptops - A buying guide
One thing I've found is that laptop buying is tricky. Nothing can compare to the stress and anxiety of not being able to find the perfect fit. Now on TechEye == Send us a Voice Message! ==
October 25, 2021
The Fine Print - What do we Agree to?
Have you ever gotten bored reading the Terms of Service? Me and a fellow podcaster, Danny, talk about the Fine Print - what is between the lines of the boring agreements. Washington Post Article: Amazon Wish List: == Send us a Voice Message! ==
October 17, 2021
Windows 11 - The Information
Windows 11 is out! The successor to Windows 10 and the newest Microsoft Operating System is now available. For...  free? Let's learn more! Now on TechEye == Send us a Voice Message! ==
October 10, 2021
How much info do you really want to give away?
Humans love giving away information on Social Media. Great for hackers. Not so great for you. Now on TechEye == Send a Voice Message! ==
October 03, 2021
TikTok - What and Why
TikTok is a unique group. A community as some may call it. Let's talk about the science. Now on TechEye
September 26, 2021
TechEye- Season One [TRAILER]
Welcome to TechEye! Humans are evolving and the world must evolve with them. Every day new feats are made, new records are set. We are here to keep you updated. When we hear new news we have new news. Never miss out. Stay tuned!
September 19, 2021