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Wed. 03/20 - Give Us More, Santa Tim!
The EU Commission hits Google with another billion Euro fine, Santa Tim had another surprise for us this morning with next generation AirPods, and in fact, it was a day of quiet upgrades, to the Oculus Rift, to the Kindle, even to Facebook Messenger. Also, MoviePass brings back it’s unlimited plan… for now. Sponsors: Links: Google hit with €1.5 billion antitrust fine by EU (The Verge) Facebook Halts Ad Targeting Cited in Bias Complaints (NYTimes) AirPods, the world’s most popular wireless headphones, are getting even better (Apple Newsroom) The Oculus Rift S is real and arrives in spring for $399 (TechCrunch) Amazon’s entry-level Kindle gets a light and a higher price tag (The Verge) Facebook Messenger now has message threads (VentureBeat) MoviePass’ unlimited plan is back and at the original price — for now (Polygon) All 88 companies from Y Combinator's W19 Demo Day 2 (TechCrunch) New York City is finally getting its own self-driving shuttle service (The Verge)  
March 20, 2019
Tue. 03/19 - Stadia is Google's Gaming Streaming Service
Google’s gaming service is called Stadia, the iMac lineup gets an update, Instagram ads in-app shopping, Intel wants to build an exascale computer and Y Combinator’s Demo Day, Day 1. Sponsors: Links: Google Stadia announced, a game streaming service for Chrome, Android, and TVs (9to5Google) Google unveils Stadia cloud gaming service, launches in 2019 (The Verge) Stadia, Google’s gaming platform, changed the rules of the console wars (Polygon) Apple Updates iMac Lineup With Up to 8-Core 9th-Gen Intel Processors and Radeon Pro Vega Graphics Options (MacRumors) Instagram tests in-app shopping with Kylie Cosmetics, Nike and Huda Beauty (Digiday) Nvidia announces $99 AI computer for developers, makers, and researchers (The Verge) Intel claims Aurora will be the first U.S. supercomputer to hit 1 exaflop (Venture Beat) Here are the 85+ startups that launched at YC's W19 Demo Day One (TechCrunch)
March 19, 2019
Mon. 03/18 - MySpace Loses All Your Stuff From 2005
An iPad mini refresh and a new iPad Air, MySpace has lost basically all your stuff, details of the Lyft IPO and the state of Seed Investing. Sponsors: Links: Apple launches new iPad Air and iPad mini (TechCrunch) Inside YouTube’s struggles to shut down video of the New Zealand shooting — and the humans who outsmarted its systems (Washington Post) Myspace player won't play songs, and I want to download them if possible (Reddit thread on the Myspace news) The Internet Archive is working to preserve public Google+ posts before it shuts down (The Verge) Lyft Aims for Valuation Near $20 Billion in Biggest U.S. IPO (Bloomberg) Ride-hail service Juno is seeking a buyer (Quartz) Why Has Seed Investing Declined? And What Does this Mean for the Future? (Both Sides) Decade in review: Trends in seed and early-stage funding (TechCrunch) Apple’s Big Spending Plan to Challenge Netflix Takes Shape (NYTimes) Google Spent Years on a Secret New Plan to Attack a $140 Billion Industry. It All Starts Tomorrow (Inc.)  Subscribe to the ad-free Premium Feed inside your podcast app here!
March 18, 2019
Technology and Policing with Matt Stroud, Author of the Book Thin Blue Lie
How technology has impacted policing has come up on this show far more than you would expect, if you think about it. So, when listener of the show Matt Stroud got in touch to talk about his new book about the impact of technology on policing, I said: yes please. The book is coming out this week, it's called Thin Blue Lie: The failure of high tech policing. Reading the book, a couple of things surprised me. As you'll hear, policing wasn't very tech or data driven until very recently, and like in other areas, it just seems like throwing technology at a problem, does not solve everything magically. In fact, there can be serious unintended consequences. And also, I was surprised how much the theme and anecdotes in the book lined up with some of the things we've discussed on this show. IE: technology is a tool, but data and gadgets still need a human element to be used effectively, especially when you're dealing with, you know, humans. Subscribe to the Premium, Ad-Free Feed!
March 17, 2019
The State of Consumer Data and Privacy With Consumer Reports' Justin Brookman
When issues of consumer data, and consumer privacy come up on the show, I think I've asked a couple of times before, what are the laws here? In the United States. Who owns my data? What are the rules? What mechanisms are in place to give me control over my data? Are there any? Well, Justin Brookman is the Director of Consumer Privacy and Technology Policy at Consumer Reports. He was also previously at the Federal Trade Commission... and as you'll hear, he confirms that there are essentially no nationwide rules or laws in place around a lot of this stuff. Whatever rules are in place are sort of tangential statutes that have been drafted into service in an attempt to address modern issues that the statutes weren't even designed for. Is a big federal data and privacy regulatory regime coming soon? What might it look like? And by the way, the states aren't waiting, they're beginning to pass consumer data and privacy laws, but do they even have the right to do that? Oh, and is the FTC about to bring the hammer down on Facebook? Spoiler alert, Justin thinks most definitely, because the FTC knows it needs to make a statement. Anyway, another episode where I educate myself on corners of the tech world I don't know super much about, and hopefully, education you along with me. Sponsors: and promocode RIDE at checkout
March 16, 2019
Fri. 03/15 - Does Chris Cox’s departure from Facebook mean the pivot is real?
Does Chris Cox’s departure from Facebook mean the pivot is real, Apple responds to Spotify’s complaint, and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: FACEBOOK’S HEAD OF PRODUCT LEAVES AFTER PRIVACY PIVOT (Wired) As Mark Zuckerberg Tightens Grip on Facebook, 2 Top Deputies Leave (NYTimes) Addressing Spotify’s claims (Apple Newsroom) The New Zealand Massacre Was Made to Go Viral (NYTimes) Weekend Longreads Suggestions: ‘We Know Them. We Trust Them.’ Uber and Airbnb Alumni Fuel Tech’s Next Wave. (NYTimes) DeepMind and Google: the battle to control artificial intelligence (1843) Foursquare’s first decade, from viral hit to real business and beyond (Fast Company) Meet The Billionaire Who Defied Amazon And Built Wish, The World’s Most-Downloaded E-Commerce App (Forbes) How to Stop Your Roommates From Messing With Your Amazon Echo (Lifehacker)
March 15, 2019
Thu. 03/14 - Facebook Under Criminal Investigation
Facebook’s data sharing is now under criminal investigation, and the company had a bad night with its services intermittently down across the globe, Dropbox is cracking down on freeloaders, Silicon Valley wants to build a monument to itself, and Google makes a π Day statement. Sponsors: Links: Facebook’s Data Deals Are Under Criminal Investigation (NYTimes) Google launches Android Q Beta 1 (Venture Beat) Telegram gained three million new users during Facebook outage (The Verge) Tumblr traffic dropped by nearly 100M views the month after it banned porn (TNW) Dropbox device linking limits just got added for Basic accounts (SlashGear) Microsoft announces Xbox Live for any iOS or Android game (The Verge) In Silicon Valley, Plans for a Monument to Silicon Valley (NYTimes) Silicon Valley Wants a Monument to Itself. Will It Scale? (NYMag) Pi in the sky: Calculating a record-breaking 31.4 trillion digits of Archimedes’ constant on Google Cloud (Google Cloud Blog)
March 14, 2019
Wed. 03/13 - Spotify Anti-Trust's Apple
Spotify files a pretty timely anti-trust complaint against Apple, Microsoft tries to get a jump on Google’s steaming video game announcement, is Google scaling back its hardware ambitions, what is Discord and why is it going mainstream all the sudden, and maybe you already knew this, but scientists think they’ve proven that there’s no such thing as objective reality. Sponsors: Links: Spotify files EU antitrust complaint against Apple (Reuters) Apple Courts HBO and Showtime for Service to Challenge Netflix (Bloomberg) Facial recognition's 'dirty little secret': Millions of online photos scraped without consent (NBC News) Google has told dozens of employees on its laptop and tablet division to find new jobs at the company, raising questions about its hardware plans (Business Insider) Verizon’s 5G service will cost $10 extra, launches in Chicago and Minneapolis on April 11th (The Verge) Microsoft demonstrates xCloud game streaming a week before Google’s ‘future of gaming’ event (The Verge) How an App for Gamers Went Mainstream (The Atlantic) A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality (MIT Technology Review)
March 13, 2019
Tue. 03/12 - The Web Is 30 Years Old!
Facebook self owns by taking down Senator Warren’s ads, Spotify will now give you Hulu for free, why the Bay Area is no longer the best place for startups, and the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. Sponsors: Links: Facebook backtracks after removing Warren ads calling for Facebook breakup (Politico) Apple’s March 25th event is official: ‘It’s show time’ (9to5Mac) Spotify Premium now includes Hulu for no extra cost (The Verge) Amazon’s Alexa has 80,000 Apps—and No Runaway Hit (Bloomberg) Peak California (Byrne Hobart) Goodbye, Silicon Valley, hello, Atlanta: Black entrepreneurs part of new migration to South (USA Today) 30 years on, what’s next #ForTheWeb? (Tim Berners-Lee) The original Web proposal
March 12, 2019
Mon. 03/11 - How TikTok Is Different
Nvidia buys Mellanox, Tesla reverses course, a handy primer on how TikTok is different, and we check in on the smart takes from last week’s big stories. Subscribe to the Premium, Ad-Free Podcast Feed! Sponsors: Links: Nvidia to Buy Mellanox for $6.9 Billion in Data Center Push (Bloomberg) Landlords to Tesla: You’re Still on the Hook for Your Store Leases (WSJ) How TikTok Is Rewriting the World (NYTimes) Facebook vs. Apple (Slate) Facebook has a big, terrifying dream to be the communication backbone for the Western world (Business Insider) ELIZABETH WARREN WANTS TO BREAK UP APPLE, TOO (The Verge) Elizabeth Warren Wants To Break Up Amazon, Google And Facebook; But Does Her Plan Make Any Sense? (TechDirt) How to Enable Dark Mode Nearly Everywhere It's Available Right Now (Gizmodo)
March 11, 2019
State of Crypto With Coindesk's Brady Dale
Sometimes the bonus episodes are for getting news in areas that I might have missed or might not have made our show, but I still find interesting. This week I reached out to Brady Dale of Coindesk, because I know he’s a listener and I knew he could give us some more background on Facebook’s recent moves in crypto, but also some other crypto news we haven’t gotten to and just the state of the crypto-space generally. Sponsors: Subscribe to the Premium, Ad-Free Podcast Feed!
March 10, 2019
Do I Want A Foldable Phone? With MG Siegler
You know MG Siegler. Once upon a time, he was one of the most prominent tech journalists in the land, when he wrote for TechCrunch. Now-a-days he is a prominent venture capitalist at GV. But he still likes to talk about gadgets. Maybe you’ve heard him do so on Gruber’s podcast. Today’s bonus episode is nothing sophisticated, no deep-dive level of journalism… it’s just two dudes looking at the recent slate of foldable phones and deciding if we want one. Subscribe to the Premium, Ad-Free Podcast Feed!
March 9, 2019
Fri. 03/08 - Senator Warren Wants To Break Up Big Tech
Senator Warren proposes breaking up big tech, Airbnb buys HotelTonight, why the big platforms are taking down vaccine content, and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Subscribe to the Premium, Ad-Free Podcast Feed! Sponsors: Links: Here’s how we can break up Big Tech (Warren For President) Airbnb Wanted Travelers To Stay In Homes. Now It's Buying HotelTonight. (BuzzFeed News) Three Reasons Behind Airbnb’s Deal for HotelTonight (The Information) Turnitin to Be Acquired by Advance Publications for $1.75B (EdSurge) Combatting Vaccine Misinformation (Facebook Newsroom) Weekend Longreads Suggestions: THE HYPOCRISY OF THE TECHNO-MORALISTS IN THE COMING AGE OF AUTONOMY (WarOnTheRocks) HOW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WILL REVOLUTIONIZE THE WAY VIDEO GAMES ARE DEVELOPED AND PLAYED (TheVerge) Delete Never: The Digital Hoarders Who Collect Tumblrs, Medieval Manuscripts, and Terabytes of Text Files (Gizmodo) How Munchery’s high hopes led to its decline and fall (FastCompany) Triton is the world’s most murderous malware, and it’s spreading (MIT Technology Review)
March 8, 2019
Thu. 03/07 - Facebook Pivots To Privacy
Facebook pivots to privacy, Huawei follows through on suing the US government, Duplex rolls out wide, and Bird’s white label scooter scheme. Sponsors: Links: A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking (Mark Zuckerberg) A 'privacy-focused' Facebook would kill Zuckerberg's business model (The Guardian) Facebook’s Privacy Cake (Ben Thompson/Stratechery) Mark Zuckerberg Tried Hard To Get Facebook Into China. Now The Company May Be Backing Away. (Buzzfeed News) Amazon's joint health-care venture finally has a name: Haven (CNBC) Huawei: US Congress acted as 'judge, juror and executioner' with ban on our products (CNN) Google brings its Duplex AI restaurant booking assistant to 43 states (TechCrunch) How Bird plans to blanket the world with electric scooters without going bankrupt (The Verge)
March 7, 2019
Wed. 03/06 - This Podcast Is A Year Old!
Fitbit unveils a new smartwatch and lowers prices across the board, Samsung is working on two more foldable phones, Grab grabs $1.4 billion from Masa Son and Waymo finally found a way to make money. Sponsors: Links: Fitbit’s new $160 Versa Lite is a stripped-down version of its entry-level smartwatch (The Verge) Fitbit kills Alta, Alta HR, Flex 2, and Zip (VentureBeat) Samsung Working on Two More Foldable Smartphones (Bloomberg) WANT A FOLDABLE PHONE? HOLD OUT FOR REAL GLASS (Wired) Chinese Hackers Target Universities in Pursuit of Maritime Military Secrets (WSJ) Uber found not criminally liable in last year’s self-driving car death (QZ) Grab confirms $1.46B investment from SoftBank’s Vision Fund (TechCrunch) Waymo Starts Selling Sensors to Lower Cost of Self-Driving Cars (Bloomberg)
March 6, 2019
Tue. 03/05 - Don't Use "ji32k7au4a83" As A Password
The NSA program Snowden revealed might be done, Microsoft is readying a Windows Lite, poor iPhone sales are hitting Foxconn workers hard, a big strategic look at Netflix and why one seemingly random password is a poor choice if you care about your security. Sponsors: Links Disputed N.S.A. Phone Program Is Shut Down, Aide Says (NYTimes) Microsoft is creating Windows Lite for dual-screen and Chromebook-like devices (The Verge) Apple acquires patent portfolio of failed smart home security startup Lighthouse AI (9to5Mac) Coinbase Pushes Out Ex-Hacking Team Employees Following Uproar (Coindesk) Coinbase Users Struggle to Delete Their Accounts in Protest (Motherboard) Living up to our values and the Neutrino acquisition (Coinbase Blog) Foxconn, a tale of slashed salaries, disappearing benefits and mass resignations as iPhone orders dry up (South China Morning Post) Big Media Isn't Ready to Fight Back (Netflix Misunderstandings, Pt. 5) (Redef) Why 'ji32k7au4a83' Is a Remarkably Common Password (Gizmodo)
March 5, 2019
Mon., 03/04 - USB 4 Wishes and Password-Free Dreams
Facebook lets randos look you up by your phone number; Huawei is about to sue the U.S. government; a Vermont law exposes more than 100 data brokers; USB 4 is announced; Facebook offers a way to log in with your face...kind of; and the W3C has a new standard that promises to do away with passwords forever. Sponsors: Keeps - MetaLab - Links: Facebook won’t let you opt-out of its phone number ‘look up’ setting (TechCrunch) Scammers abused Facebook phone number search (BBC News) Huawei Said to Be Preparing to Sue the U.S. Government (New York Times) Here are the data brokers quietly buying and selling your personal information (Fast Company) With USB 4, Thunderbolt 3’s benefits become open to all (The Verge) USB Promoter Group Announces USB4 Specification (AP News) Harry McCracken's Facebook tweet (Twitter) Facebook explains how it’ll review nude photos to stop revenge porn (The Verge) Facebook’s New CAPTCHA Test: ‘Upload a Clear Photo of Your Face’ (Wired) W3C approves WebAuthn as the web standard for password-free logins (VentureBeat) 
March 4, 2019
A16Z's Connie Chan On Outgrowing Advertising As A Business Model
So, I hope you read the piece I mentioned in the long reads, Called Outgrowing Advertising, by Andreessen Horowitz's general partner Connie Chan. Link in the show notes. Again, I think this points a way forward for the one trick pony-ism that I've bemoaned on this podcast. A model for new startups now that the low hanging fruit of "let's just get to a billion users and throw some ads up" is kinda, sorta, done.
March 3, 2019
Casey Newton on His Facebook Moderators Piece
It's rare that I've seen an investigative piece get as much pickup as The Trauma Floor, Casey Newton's look at the secret lives of Facebook content moderators. It was all anyone could talk about at the beginning of the week. Hope you've read it. If not, link in the show notes. So... simple. We're gonna talk to Casey and dig a bit deeper. How did this story happen? What has the reaction been? And a couple of the implications of the piece, at least to me. THE TRAUMA FLOOR (The Verge)
March 2, 2019
Fri. 03/01 - Lyft Files For Its IPO
Lyft officially files for its IPO and do the numbers reveal concern for Uber, New York wants Jeff Bezos to reconsider, Tesla slashes prices, physical sales trump downloads when it comes to music, and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: Lyft's financials show a $911 million loss ahead of its IPO (CNBC) Amazon stops selling Dash buttons, goofy forerunners of the connected home (CNET) U.S. Music Industry Posts Third Straight Year of Double-Digit Growth as Streaming Soars 30% (Variety) Andrew Cuomo Speaks With Jeff Bezos, Hints of ‘Other Ways’ to Clear Path for Amazon’s Return (NYTimes) The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 has arrived—but it comes with a price (TechCrunch) Weekend Longreads Suggestions: Do You Trust Your VPN? Are You Sure? (Slate) Is Cloudflare a privacy champion or hate speech enabler? Depends who you ask (Fast Company) The Car That Killed Glamour (The Atlantic) How Disney Built Star Wars, in real life (TechCrunch) THE TRAUMA FLOOR (The Verge) Outgrowing Advertising: Multimodal Business Models as a Product Strategy (A16Z/Connie Chan)
March 1, 2019
Thu. 02/28 - Make Any Day Amazon Day
Amazon Day gives you the ability to schedule your Prime Deliveries, Motorola teases more details about the foldable resurrection of the Razr phone, the state of the smartwatch market, and seemingly every messaging platform might soon have a crypto coin. Sponsors: Tiny.Website Links: Amazon Prime members can choose a weekly delivery date with launch of 'Amazon Day' (TechCrunch) Motorola confirms its foldable phone is coming (Engadget) Apple self-driving car layoffs hit 190 employees in Santa Clara, Sunnyvale (San Francisco Chronicle) Apple shipped 9.2M Apple Watch units in Q4 2018 to capture half of market, report says (AppleInsider) Uber and Lyft drivers will reportedly get stock in the highly anticipated IPOs (CNBC) Facebook and Telegram Are Hoping to Succeed Where Bitcoin Failed (NYTimes) Mozilla updates Common Voice dataset with 1,400 hours of speech across 18 languages (Venture Beat)
February 28, 2019
Wed. 02/27 - TikTok Bigger Than Instagram?
Fast flash storage for phones, TikTok passes a billion downloads, FedEx rolls out its own delivery bot, why you might be overpaying for cloud computing and why China wants to map the faces of pigs. Sponsors: Links: Samsung's new 512GB flash chip is twice as fast as its predecessor (Engadget) TikTok was bigger than Instagram last year after passing the 1 billion download mark (Business Insider) Machine learning can boost the value of wind energy (Google's The Keyword Blog) FedEx unveils autonomous delivery robot (The Verge) Threads emerges from stealth with $10.5M from Sequoia for a new take on enabling work conversations (TechCrunch) As AWS Use Soars, Companies Surprised by Cloud Bills (The Information) Containers may be leading to cloud computing cost overruns (ZDNet) Rotten Tomatoes tweaks audience ratings system to thwart online trolls (The Los Angeles Times) China’s Tech Firms Are Mapping Pig Faces (NYTimes)
February 27, 2019
Tue. 02/26 - Might the FTC Undo Some Tech Mergers?
The Game of Thrones when it comes to modern tech platforms is very much up in the air, Satya Nadella defends making the HoloLens for the US Army, could the FTC undo previous tech mergers and that big Casey Newton piece about Facebook content moderators. Sponsors: Links: Apple Music Integration Possibly Coming to Google Home Devices  (MacRumors) Apple Plans Sleep Tracking Feature for Future Watch (Bloomberg) Microsoft CEO defends US military contract that some employees say crosses a line (CNN Business) New FTC task force will take on tech monopolies (The Verge) Coinbase Lists Controversial Cryptocurrency XRP, Price Jumps 10% (Fortune) This 18,000mAh battery has a phone in it (The Verge) THE TRAUMA FLOOR (The Verge) Facebook Grappling With Employee Anger Over Moderator Conditions (Bloomberg)
February 26, 2019
Mon. 02/25 - Mobile World Congress Headlines
It’s a whole slew of headlines from Mobile World Congress: more foldable phones, dates for 5G chip sets and 5G coverage rollouts, and Microsoft unveils its HoloLens2. Plus: why Wikidata proves the bots still need us. Sponsors: Links: MICROSOFT’S HOLOLENS 2: A $3,500 MIXED REALITY HEADSET FOR THE FACTORY, NOT THE LIVING ROOM (The Verge) Huawei Launches the Mate X: Folding in a New Direction (AnAndTech) I held the future in my hands, and it was foldable (TheVerge) Sprint’s 5G network launches in May (The Verge) T-Mobile delays full 600MHz 5G launch until second half of 2019 (CNET) microSD Express unlocks hyper-fast data speeds for mobile devices (Engadget) SanDisk and Micron announce the world’s first 1TB microSD card ( The latest Android devices now let you log into apps without requiring a password (The Verge) INSIDE THE ALEXA-FRIENDLY WORLD OF WIKIDATA (Wired) Princeton Tech Meetup Details
February 25, 2019
The "Influencers" Beat With Taylor Lorenz
Taylor Lorenz, over at the Atlantic has the influencer beat down. I’ve told you about so many of her stories, often as longreads. You think influencers… the universe of YouTube stars, Instagram stars, social media stars generally is a niche thing? No way. This is already a huge industry with a ton of money sloshing around in it, and Taylor covers it better than anyone else. Sponsors: (coupon code "ride")
February 24, 2019
The State of The Gaming Industry With Jason Schreier @jasonschreier
Last week there was a bunch of gaming news, and if you’ll recall, I put a shout out to see if anyone could tell me what the heck is going on in the gaming space. Well, Jason Schreier, the news editor of Kotaku answered my Bat Signal, and so, here it is. The state of the video game industry, how has Fortnite changed it, does Fornite have a competitor in Apex legends, and even… what is the state of VR gaming? Sponsors: (coupon code "ride")
February 23, 2019
Fri. 02/22 - The Most Acquisitive Unicorns
Facebook is shutting down its controversial Onavo app, Google’s streaming gaming service might get some hardware to go along with it, the most acquisitive unicorns and the weekend longreads suggestions. Here’s what you missed today in the world of tech.  Sponsors: The Castro Podcast App Links: Facebook will shut down its spyware VPN app Onavo (TechCrunch) Samsung will extend Bixby button remapping to premium Galaxy phones running Android Pie (The Verge) Source: Google plans to announce long-rumored ‘Yeti’ hardware at GDC event (9to5Google) Airbnb, Automattic, And Pinterest Top Rank Of Most Acquisitive Unicorns (Crunchbase News) Weekend Longreads Suggestions: Late Night Linux Podcast HOW APPLE’S ENTERPRISE APP PROGRAM BECAME THE NEW WILD WEST OF MOBILE APPS (The Verge) “SHE NEVER LOOKS BACK”: INSIDE ELIZABETH HOLMES’S CHILLING FINAL MONTHS AT THERANOS (Vanity Fair) It Started With a Jolt: How New York Became a Tech Town (NYTimes) Guidemaster: The least-awful Android phones (Ars Technica) The curse of the Twitter reply guy (Mashable) YouTube Story 1: Study blames YouTube for rise in number of Flat Earthers (The Guardian) YouTube Story 2: YouTube Unleashed a Conspiracy Theory Boom. Can It Be Contained? (NYTimes) YouTube Story 3: How YouTube helps flat-earthers organize (The Verge)
February 22, 2019
Thu. 02/21 - YouTube's Ad Problem (Again) and Galaxy Reactions
Take-aways from all the hands-on reports with the new Samsung Galaxy S10 phones, hands-OFF reports about the Galaxy Fold, Apple teams up with Goldman Sachs on a new credit card, YouTube faces yet another scandal running ads on horrible content, and a look at how law enforcement grabbing location data from Google using "reverse location search warrants." Sponsors: Castro Podcast App Links: Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ hands-on (Engadget)  You can remap the Bixby button on Samsung’s Galaxy S10 to do whatever you want (The Verge)   The Galaxy Fold makes no sense as a consumer device yet (The Verge)  Apple, Goldman Sachs Team Up on Credit Card Paired With iPhone (Wall Street Journal) Nestle, Disney Pull YouTube Ads, Joining Furor Over Child Videos (Bloomberg)  On YouTube, a network of paedophiles is hiding in plain sight (Wired UK) Youtube is Facilitating the Sexual Exploitation of Children, and it's Being Monetized (2019) (Matt Watson, YouTube)  YouTube terminates more than 400 channels following child exploitation controversy (The Verge) Close Enough (Slate/Future Tense)
February 21, 2019
Wed. 02/20 - Galaxy Fold!
The foldable phone is here! And some regular new Galaxies too. Other stuff... (I'm late posting today... sorry! In a rush!) Sponsors: Castro Podcast App - 25% off your first order using code RIDE Links: Samsung’s foldable phone is the Galaxy Fold, available April 26th starting at $1,980 (The Verge) Xiaomi's triple-camera Mi 9 has a fast 20W wireless charger (Engadget) Google says the built-in microphone it never told Nest users about was 'never supposed to be a secret' (Business Insider) Google Set To Unveil Netflix-Like Game Streaming Service (Fortune) Apple Plans on Combining iPhone, iPad, Mac Apps by 2021 (Bloomberg) Princeton Tech Meetup 69 w/ Brian McCullough
February 20, 2019
Tue. 02/19 - Why Emoji Are Screwing Up Legal Cases
Qualcomm unveils a second gen 5G chip, Huawei’s founder hits back at the US, his biggest investors push back at Masa Son, and why emoji are causing problems in increasing numbers of court cases. Sponsors: The Castro Podcast App Promocode Ride at Links: Before the first 5G phone is out, Qualcomm is already moving on to its second-gen 5G modem (The Verge) The US cannot crush us, says Huawei founder (BBC News) How Huawei Targets Apple Trade Secrets (The Information) Walmart’s US e-commerce sales up 43% in Q4, thanks to growing online grocery business (TechCrunch) Key Investors Are Unhappy With SoftBank Tech-Investment Fund (WSJ) Mining Giant Bitmain Posts $500 Million Loss in IPO Financial Filing (Coindesk) Emoji are showing up in court cases exponentially, and courts aren’t prepared (TheVerge)
February 19, 2019
Mon. 02/18 - Ming-Chi Kuo: Here's Apple's Entire 2019 Lineup
Parliament calls Facebook a “digital gangster,” Australia’s Parliament was hacked, a full year of Apple lineup rumors, and since it’s a holiday here in the US, a mini longread segment.  Sponsors: The Castro Podcast App Links: UK parliament calls for antitrust, data abuse probe of Facebook (TechCrunch) Australia's major political parties hacked in 'sophisticated' attack ahead of election (The Sydney Morning Herald) Kuo: 16-inch MacBook Pro, 31-inch 6K display, iPhones w/ upgraded Face ID & bilateral wireless charging coming in 2019 (9to5Mac) Etsy sellers say their bank accounts were emptied in major billing snafu (BoingBoing) Elroy Air raises $9.2 million for delivery drones that can carry up to 500 pounds (VentureBeat) Google’s Waymo risks repeating Silicon Valley’s most famous blunder (ArsTechnica)
February 18, 2019
Mark Gurman Says Apple “don't even know for sure” What Project Titan Is Building
Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, the reporter who gets Apple scoops like no other. Quick catch up with Mark about his recent scoops, but also some Apple analysis in general:  Apple has spent as much as 3 billion dollars on its original content for its new streaming service.  But… they have probably fewer than 10 original movies locked and loaded. When it comes to “Project Titan,” Apple’s self driving car project, Apple still doesn’t have any idea where any of this is headed.  I was skeptical we’d actually see an Apple AR headset. Actual Apple Googles. Mark thinks we really will... but not until 2021, or 2022. Sponsors:
February 17, 2019
NBC News' Jacob Ward On Data Vs. Privacy
Remember that first weekend longread from yesterday, from NBC’s Tech Correspondent Jacob Ward? As I said, it triggered some things that I’ve been thinking about for a while. About data and data harvesting and data capitalism. So, I reached out to Jacob to delve further, and I’m glad I did. Super provocative deeper dive into the ideas of THIS piece: Why data, not privacy, is the real danger (NBC News) Sponsors:
February 16, 2019
Fri. 02/15 - FTC To Fine Facebook?
More fallout and analysis of Amazon ghosting NYC, more signs of blockchain actually taking hold on Wall Street, Samsung’s lineup of gadgets leaks and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: The U.S. government and Facebook are negotiating a record, multibillion-dollar fine for the company’s privacy lapses (The Washington Post) Amazon’s Escape From New York (Bloomberg BusinessWeek) Copyright Office Refuses Registration for 'Fresh Prince' Star Alfonso Ribeiro's "Carlton Dance" (The Hollywood Reporter) HSBC forex trading costs cut sharply by blockchain - executive (Reuters) Samsung leaks entire new wearables lineup through its own app (The Verge) Weekend Longreads: The Strong Web (podcast suggestion) Why data, not privacy, is the real danger (NBCNews) Uber’s Secret Gold Mine: How Uber Eats Is Turning Into A Billion-Dollar Business To Rival Grubhub (Forbes) Zillow Wants to Flip Your House (Bloomberg BusinessWeek) The Strange Experience of Being Australia’s First Tech Billionaires (NYTimes) The Secret History of Women in Coding (NYTimes Magazine)
February 15, 2019
Thu. 02/14 - Amazon to NYC: Drop Dead!
Amazon says thank you, but no thank you, to New York City, JP Morgan has its own crypto token, Google might try to come at the iPhone on price, and the legendary Lee Clow retires.  Sponsors: Links: Amazon Pulls Out of Planned New York City Headquarters (NYTimes) JP Morgan is rolling out the first US bank-backed cryptocurrency to transform payments business (CNBC) Google plans cheaper smartphone to draw users into internet empire (Nikkei Asian Review) Software pirates use Apple tech to put hacked apps on iPhones (Reuters) Lee Clow, mastermind behind Apple’s ‘Think Different’ & ‘Get a Mac’ campaigns retires (9to5Mac) The Tiny Type Museum and Time Capsule (Glenn Fleishman)
February 14, 2019
Wed. 02/13 - Apple's Event About Services. But Which Ones?
An Apple event focused on services, a former Apple Vice President charged with insider trading, the larger gaming industry is having issues, and why your GPS device might have issues on April 6th of this year. Sponsors: Links: Apple Plans News Event For March 25 (BuzzFeed News) Publishers Chafe at Apple’s Terms for Subscription News Service (WSJ) The former Apple lawyer who was supposed to keep employees from insider trading has been charged with insider trading (CNBC) Amazon opens up Alexa store for anyone to create and publish custom skills (The Verge) Activision Blizzard cuts hundreds of jobs despite ‘record revenue’ year (Polygon) Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck – April 6, 2019 (The Register)
February 13, 2019
Tue. 02/12 - Amazon Buys Eero
Amazon acquires Eero, Apple is putting marketing muscle behind AR, looks like everyone was abusing Apple’s Enterprise Certificate program, and the new video game sensation giving Fortnite a run for its money. Sponsors: Links: Why Amazon buying Eero feels so disappointing (The Verge) Your Smart Light Can Tell Amazon and Google When You Go to Bed (Bloomberg) Apple Taps iPhone Executive to Be First Head of Marketing for AR (Bloomberg) Apple fails to block porn & gambling “Enterprise” apps (TechCrunch) More than 26 million people have taken an at-home ancestry test (MIT Technology Review) Apex Legends Quickly Surpasses Fortnite (
February 12, 2019
Mon. 02/11 - Trump Wants US To Get Serious About AI
The Trump Administration wants America to get serious about AI, Patch is actually profitable, Reddit raises a round, Apple Health for vets and hands on with AR navigation on Google Maps. Sponsors: Links: Trump to lay out an AI plan (Axios) US military equipped with tiny spy drones (ZDNet) It’s the Real World—With Google Maps Layered on Top (WSJ) The alternative to your dying local paper is written by one person, a robot, and you (Recode) Reddit raised $300 million at a $3 billion valuation — now it's ready to take on Facebook and Google (CNBC) Driverless delivery startup Nuro gets $940 million SoftBank investment (Reuters) Apple teaming up with US Department of Veterans Affairs to bring digital health records to iPhone (9to5Mac) When Amazon Went From Big to Unbelievably Big (The Atlantic)
February 11, 2019
The Economics of Spotify With Victor Luckerson of @ringer
Remember this longread piece? Is Spotify’s Model Wiping Out Music’s Middle Class? It's stuck with me because, a) I didn't quite understand how the math worked out and b) I thought it was an interesting take on the ARTIST side of the equation as we move to a streaming/subscription/one-app-for-that future. So, we're talking to the author of the piece, Victor Luckerson, for more insight.
February 10, 2019
What IS 5G Anyway, With Ericsson's Peter Linder
I’ve told you plenty that this year, one of the big narratives, one of THE big stories... will be 5G. But what exactly IS 5G? Well, I spoke to Peter Linder, the head of 5G marketing, and evangelist at Ericsson. Here are all the answers to your questions, to prepare us for Mobile World Congress, which is coming later this month, and where all of this 5G stuff might finally begin to happen. For real.
February 9, 2019
Fri. 02/08 - The Jeff Bezos Stuff
Yes, we’re gonna talk about the Bezos thing, is Amazon reconsidering HQ2, Sprint sues over 5G, maybe digital media is just fine, and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: No thank you, Mr. Pecker (Jeff Bezos on Medium) Facing opposition, Amazon reconsiders NY headquarters site, two officials say (Washington Post) Sprint sues AT&T over its fake 5G branding (Engadget) Google warns about two iOS zero-days 'exploited in the wild' (ZDNet) Can Subscriptions Save All Media Companies, or Just the New York Times? (NYMag) Amid bad news in the industry, Business Insider parent says it crossed $100m revenue mark and is profitable (Digiday) The Weekend Longreads Suggestions: How To Be Awesome At Your Job (Podcast) “Do We Want to Be in Business?” The Strange, Never-Ending Saga of MoviePass (The Ringer) The CRISPR machines that can wipe out entire species (Cnet) Inside Wisconsin’s Disastrous $4.5 Billion Deal With Foxconn (Bloomberg Businessweek) Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think (Redef) FINDING LENA, THE PATRON SAINT OF JPEGS (Wired)
February 8, 2019
Thu. 02/07 - Facebook Dinged In Germany; Killin' It In China
Germany is this week’s headache for Facebook, Twitter mixes up its MAU and DAU game, Cluno is subscriptions but for cars and Optimus Ride is what we mean by starting small with autonomous vehicles. Sponsors: Links: Facebook ordered by Germany to gather and mix less data (BBC) How Facebook’s Tiny China Sales Floor Helps Generate Big Ad Money (NYTimes) Twitter Q4 Earnings (TechCrunch) Skype Can Now Blur Your Background So You Don't Have to Frantically Tidy Your Room (Gizmodo) Car subscription service Cluno scores $28M in Series B funding (TechCrunch) Another self-driving car startup is starting small, and that’s a good thing (The Verge) Original WWII German message decrypts to go on display at National Museum of Computing (The Register)
February 7, 2019
Emergency Bonus- Nick Quah on Today's Podcast News
THE expert on the Podcasting Industry breaks down today's big news. Subscribe to Nick's newsletter, HotPod. This episode has a full transcript.
February 6, 2019
Wed. 02/06 - Spotify Makes A Big Move Into Podcasting
Podcasting has its biggest news day ever, some pretty big executive shakeups, the new emojis for 2019 and how to steal a million dollars from an ATM without anyone noticing.  Sponsors: Promocode: QCONAI2019 Links: Spotify has bought two podcast startups and it wants to buy more (ReCode) Relaxation app Calm raises $88 million, valuing it $1 billion (CNBC) Facebook’s top PR exec is leaving (ReCode) 230 New Emojis in Final List for 2019 (EmojiPedia) Programmer finds ridiculous ATM loophole that let him withdraw $1 million in cash (The Verge)
February 6, 2019
Tue. 02/05 - Facebook Turns Fifteen
It’s getting more expensive for Google to make money, Facebook turns fifteen, choosing your own adventure is becoming a trend, and one specific way Fortnite is measurably bigger than the Super Bowl.  Sponsors: and code: ride at checkout Links: Being Google is getting very expensive (QZ) Zuckerberg's Facebook Post Facebook Makes First Blockchain Acquisition With Chainspace: Sources (Cheddar) Boring Game Plus New Orleans Rebellion Leads to Ratings Drop (NYTimes) 'Fortnite' Had 10 Million Concurrent Players In The Marshmello Concert Event (Forbes) iPhone XR Review (AnAndTech) Amazon Alexa Now Lets You Choose Your Own Adventure (
February 5, 2019
Mon. 02/04 - Why CAPTCHA's Have Gotten So Difficult
Soon you can play Xbox live everywhere, Google unveils Live Transcribe, Slack files to go public, the most crypto story ever and why CAPTCHA’s have gotten so difficult. Sponsors: - Save $75 with code: QCONAI2019 Links: Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live cross-platform gaming to Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and more (WindowsCentral) Slack confidentially files to go public (CNBC) Crypto Exchange Says It Can't Repay $190 Million to Clients After Founder Dies With Only Password (Gizmodo) Locast, a Free App Streaming Network TV, Would Love to Get Sued (NYTimes) MacBook keyboard failures could end with introduction of glass panel keyboards (AppleInsider) WHY CAPTCHAS HAVE GOTTEN SO DIFFICULT (The Verge)
February 4, 2019
Self Driving Car Wagers With Timothy B. Lee @binarybits
Ars Technica's Timothy B. Lee gives me odds on my self-driving car wager. Sponsor: promocode: ride
February 3, 2019
Jay and Farhad Show Reunion!! With @jyarow and @fmanjoo
For years, Jay Yarrow and Farhad Manjoo had a podcast, the Jay and Farhad show. You might remember Jay from his time at BusinessInsider (he’s an executive editor at CNBC now) and Farhad of course is a NYTimes columnist. Well, they stopped doing the podcast late last year, which was a super bummer for a lot of us. Jay and Farhad had a super cool chemistry and I know a lot of people for whom the show was unmissable. Well, I got Jay and Farhad to put the band back together, so you’re about to hear a special reunion episode of the Jay and Farhad show! We talk Apple! Facebook! Layoffs! (No twitter, oddly...) It's great! Sponsors: Code: ride Code: tech
February 2, 2019
Fri. 02/01 - The Apple/Facebook/Google Cold War
Turns out Google poked Apple in the eye also, layoffs hit Vice, Amazon reports earnings and reports that a ton of people responded to that minimum wage hike, and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: Apple restores Google's internal iOS apps after certificate misuse punishment (TechCrunch) Twitter removed some accounts originating in Iran, Russia and Venezuela that targeted U.S. midterm election (The Washington Post) Vice Media to Reorganize, Lay Off 10 Percent of Staff (Exclusive) (The Hollywood Reporter) Why the Outlook for Digital Media Behemoths is Worse than You Think (Talking Points Memo) Amazon Notches Third Record Profit in a Row (WSJ) Americans are lining up to work for Amazon for $15 an hour (QZ) Why Alexa usually won’t respond when someone says ‘Alexa’ on TV (VentureBeat) The Weekend Longreads Suggestions The ShopTalkShow podcast Is Alexa working? (Benedict Evans) As I.P.O. Approaches, Lyft’s Chief Is Nudged Into the Spotlight (NYTimes) Why Technology Hasn’t Fixed the Housing Crisis (NYTimes) The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives (The New Yorker)
February 1, 2019
Thu. 01/31 - Facebook's Still Making Bank
Facebook returns to growth, iPhones might be getting USB-C and 3D cameras, Hulu’s launching pause-ads, and on Reddit, it’s paintings of paintings of paintings of birds, all the way down. Sponsors: Links: Mark Zuckerberg wants to get back to building new Facebook products (ReCode) Nintendo cuts Switch sales forecast despite strong holiday season (The Verge) Apple Is Planning 3-D Cameras for New iPhones in AR Push (Bloomberg) HACKERS ARE PASSING AROUND A MEGALEAK OF 2.2 BILLION RECORDS (Wired) Hulu announces a new ad unit that appears when you pause (TechCrunch) The Reddit Painting Links: The orig post Tweet storm showing the painting progression The painting tree illustrated on github Flipboard Links:
January 31, 2019
Wed. 01/30 - Facebook "Slaps Apple In The Face"
Facebook decides to mix it up a bit: what if we had a scandal that pissed off our business partners? Apple’s earnings are mixed but you can see where they’re going with this. Why Americans no longer answer the phone and are you ready for 1TB smartphones? Sponsors: Links: Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them (TechCrunch) Apple blocks Facebook from running its internal iOS apps (The Verge) Apple Reports First Quarter Results (Apple Newsroom) Report: Americans got 26.3 billion robocalls last year, up 46 percent from 2017 (Washington Post) 1TB phones are coming and I’m so f***ing ready (TNW) Flipboards:
January 30, 2019
Tue. 01/29 - The FaceTime Bug
Pretty major FaceTime bug from Apple, the DOJ makes it’s case against Huawei, the first successful ICO of the year and what Bluetooth ‘direction finding’ might do for you. Sponsors: Links: Major iPhone FaceTime bug lets you hear the audio of the person you are calling … before they pick up (9to5Mac) U.S. Charges Huawei With Stealing Trade Secrets, Bank Fraud (Bloomberg) BitTorrent Tokens Sold Out in Under 15 Minutes, Netting Over $7 Mln (CoinTelegraph) Bluetooth gains ‘direction finding’ for location accuracy to the centimeter (VentureBeat) After backlash, BuzzFeed says it will pay out earned paid time off to laid off employees (CNN Business) Aiming to change the way people take medicine, Lyndra Therapeutics raises $55 million (TechCrunch)
January 29, 2019
Mon. 01/28 - An Apple Subscription Gaming Service?
An Apple subscription gaming service? Is Facebook Watch still alive? The GDPR floodgates are truly open. And losing to AI’s might have some benefits. Sponsors: Links: Apple Plans Gaming Subscription Service: Sources (Cheddar) A Tiny Screw Shows Why iPhones Won’t Be ‘Assembled in U.S.A.’ (NYTimes) China created a unicorn every 3.8 days in 2018 (South China Morning Post) China's smartphone shipments dropped 14 percent in 2018 (TechCrunch) Facebook Watch Isn’t Living Up to Its Name (Bloomberg) Google and IAB ad category lists show 'massive leakage of highly intimate data,' GDPR complain claims (TechCrunch) AI Helps Amputees Walk With a Robotic Knee (IEEE Spectrum)
January 28, 2019
Self Driving Groceries With The WSJ's Christopher Mims @mims
One of my favorite people to read is the Wall Street Journal tech columnist Chris Mims. We talked about his piece this week positing that email was back, baby! And I read a piece he did a while back about the new way of constructing super energy efficient homes, but when I did the email piece and remembered he did a piece recently about how I’m more likely to get a burrito delivered to me for lunch than to have my self-driving wager come in by commuting to work in a robot car, I knew it was time to hit up Chris to come on the pod. He’s a listener! This episode has a full transcript. The posts we discuss: The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email Why Your Ice Cream Will Ride in a Self-Driving Car Before You Do  Sponsors: Risk! Podcast
January 27, 2019
The State of Digital Media With Rafat Ali @rafat
Given all the news of layoffs in the digital media space this week, I knew I couldn't sit on this interview with Rafat Ali any longer. Currently the founder and CEO of digital media company Skift—but also, if you weren’t aware, a true digital media pioneer going back to his founding of Paid Content—I knew he could talk about this stuff, and he has a pretty unique perspective on the state of digital media in 2019. TLDR, it’s not good. Dire might even be the word.  This episode has a full transcript. Sponsor:
January 26, 2019
Fri. 01/25 - AI Can Beat Us At Starcraft II Too (Also?)
Now the AIs can defeat us at StarCraft II (too?), Zuckerberg wants to unify his collection of messaging apps, my grand unifying theory for the streaming video wars and of course the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: Zuckerberg Plans to Integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger (NYTimes) Facebook knowingly duped game-playing kids and their parents out of money (Reveal) Facebook ignored kids’ spending problems, internal documents reveal (BBC News) DeepMind AI Challenges Pro StarCraft II Players, Wins Almost Every Match (ExtremeTech) Coming to a TV near you: personalized ads (Axios) The Weekend Longreads: From Founder to CEO (podcast) EVERYBODY DOES IT: THE MESSY TRUTH ABOUT INFILTRATING COMPUTER SUPPLY CHAINS (The Intercept) Katzenberg and Whitman: Hollywood’s New Odd Couple (Fortune) Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: The Rolling Stone Interview (Rolling Stone) “The Linux of social media”—How LiveJournal pioneered (then lost) blogging (ArsTechnica) Reddit’s r/changemyview is a template for how all online discussion should be (TNW)
January 25, 2019
Thu. 01/24 - Your Flying Car Is Here
Bing’s Schrodinger-style China Ban, headphones from Sonos, flying cars from Boeing, layoffs for project Titan, and the serious ongoing layoffs in the digital media world. Sponsors: Stories from: @pkafka, @markgurman  Tweets: @stroughtonsmith Links: China Appears to Block Microsoft’s Bing as Censorship Intensifies (NYTimes) Sonos Plans Headphones in Move Outside the Home (Bloomberg) Boeing’s ‘flying car’ lifts off in race to revolutionize urban transport (VentureBeat) The U.S. Government Shutdown Has Delivered A Surprise Blow To Bitcoin (Forbes) Apple just dismissed more than 200 employees from Project Titan, its autonomous vehicle group (CNBC) Verizon Media Group is laying off 7% of its staff (CNBC) BuzzFeed is laying off more than 200 people, its second round of cuts in 14 months (Recode)
January 24, 2019
Wed. 01/23 - Jony Ive's Dream Phone Concept
YouTube TV goes nationwide, Jony Ive’s dream phone design, Patreon milestones and is Spotify killing music’s middle class? Sponsors: ... Promocode RIDE Links: YouTube TV finally goes nationwide almost two years after launch (The Verge) Hulu drops to just $5.99 per month after Netflix’s price hikes (The Verge) Waymo says it will build self-driving cars in Michigan (Reuters) Xiaomi's flexible phone concept folds on both sides (Engadget) Meizu Zero debuts with no physical buttons, speaker or charging port (GSMarena) Millions and Billions | Celebrating Patrons, Creators, and Major Milestones (Patreon Blog) Digitimes: AirPods 2 launching in first half of this year, redesigned to support ‘health monitoring’ features (9to5Mac) Spotify Will Soon Let You Block Artists ( The economics of streaming is making songs shorter (QZ) Is Spotify’s Model Wiping Out Music’s Middle Class? (The Ringer)
January 23, 2019
Tue. 01/22 - Munchery Enters the Deadpool
Munchery bites the big one, Foxconn considers moving production to India, Netflix wants a seat at the adults table, and, yes, even guitar tech is now tech. Sponsors: Links: Munchery closes on-demand meal-delivery business (San Francisco Chronicle) Foxconn Looks Beyond China to India for iPhone Assembly (WSJ) Apple Supplier in Japan Looks to Taiwan for Bailout After iPhone XR Letdown (WSJ) Apple Pay coming to Target, Taco Bell and more top US retail locations (Apple Newsroom) Netflix in advanced talks to join major Hollywood lobbying group (Politico) Rosetta Stone for iPhone adds AI to identify objects for live translations (VentureBeat) FENDER'S NEW ACOUSTIC GUITAR HAS A MILLION DIFFERENT VOICES (Wired)
January 22, 2019
Mon. 01/21 - Email is Back, Baby!
The GDPR fines begin, but the EU “link tax” might be in trouble, Uber wants self driving scooters, and why email is back, baby! (Hint: it never left.) Sponsors: Links: French data protection watchdog fines Google $57 million under the GDPR (TechCrunch) Copyright negotiations hit a brick wall in Council (Julia Reda) Uber is exploring autonomous bikes and scooters (TechCrunch) A POKER-PLAYING ROBOT GOES TO WORK FOR THE PENTAGON (Wired) Amazon helped 50,000 SMBs generate $500,000 in sales (Neowin) The Hot New Channel for Reaching Real People: Email (WSJ)
January 21, 2019
Land of the "Super Founders" With Ali Tamaseb @alitamaseb
Ali's Medium Post: Land of the Super Founders On this bonus episode, we’re going to revisit a past weekend longread suggestion and talk to the author of that longread to go further in-depth. Do you remember I recommended Land of the Super Founders a medium piece by Ali Tamaseb who spent 300 hours gathering data on unicorn startups to answer the simple question what did billion-dollar startups look like when they were getting started? What common traits did they share?  This episode has a full transcript. Sponsor:
January 20, 2019
Health Tech With CNBC's Christina Farr @chrissyfarr
This week had a lot of health tech news in it… a lot of it broken by CNBC’s health tech reporter Christina Farr. So, I reached out to Christina to chat, and we discussed Amazon getting into healthcare—possibly even getting into health insurance—what Apple’s health strategy is, where health tech might go beyond wearables and how the healthcare industry is responding to Silicon Valley invading their turf. This episode has a full transcript. Sponsor:
January 19, 2019
Fri. 01/18 - Gadget Reviews Now Mean Sneaker Reviews
Netflix starts to open up, Cortana stops competing, gadget reviews now include shoes as a category and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: Netflix beats on subscriber growth, but misses slightly on revenue — stock falls after hours (CNBC) It’s Official: Satya Nadella Confirms Cortana Defeat (Thurrott) Nike's auto-laced future (TechCrunch) NIKE'S NEW SELF-LACING BASKETBALL SHOE IS ACTUALLY SMART (Wired) The Weekened Longreads Drone Radio Show Delivery Drones Use Bird-Inspired Legs to Jump Into the Air (IEEE Spectrum) Why Do Shareholders Agree to Give Up Voting Rights? (New York Magazine) The Attention Economy Is a Malthusian Trap (The Atlantic) The Story Behind Meta, the AR Startup That Just Had Its Assets Sold to a Mystery Buyer (Variety) Rekindled yet again, Nokia’s next-gen phones offer more than just nostalgia (Digital Trends) INSIDE THE STRANGE YET PROFITABLE WORLD OF RETAIL ARBITRAGE (Mel Magazine) EA’s Troubled Decade Of Star Wars Games (Kotaku)
January 18, 2019
Thu. 01/17 - Tim Cook Sayz: Regulate THOSE Guys
Tim Cook calls for a data-broker clearinghouse, a possible criminal case against Huawei, the largest leak of user credentials ever found in the wild, and why we probably need a Unix for machine learning. Sponsors: Links: Removing Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior from Russia (Facebook Newsroom) You Deserve Privacy Online. Here’s How You Could Actually Get It (Time) I Mentored Mark Zuckerberg. I Loved Facebook. But I Can't Stay Silent About What's Happening. (Time) Huawei Targeted in U.S. Criminal Probe for Alleged Theft of Trade Secrets (WSJ) HACK BRIEF: AN ASTONISHING 773 MILLION RECORDS EXPOSED IN MONSTER BREACH (Wired) AWS For Everyone: New clues emerge about Amazon’s secretive low-code/no-code project (GeekWire) Former Facebook engineer picks up $15M for AI platform Spell (TechCrunch)
January 17, 2019
Wed. 01/16 - Razr's Coming Back To Usher in the Foldable Phone Era
More high profile execs quit Snap, Apple’s in talks to get more Apple Watches in the hands of seniors, the state of the App Economy, and the Razr is coming back to herald in the era of the bendable phone. Sponsors: (DataDog's Blog Post on Container Trends) Links: WeWork’s CEO Makes Millions as Landlord to WeWork (WSJ) Apple is in talks with private Medicare plans about bringing its watch to at-risk seniors (CNBC) App economy expected to be $120 billion in 2019 as small screen leads digital transformation efforts (ZDNet) FACEBOOK'S '10 YEAR CHALLENGE' IS JUST A HARMLESS MEME—RIGHT? (Wired) Madagascar has become a business outsourcing hotspot thanks to its super-fast internet (QZ Africa) Return of the Razr—With a Foldable Screen and $1,500 Price (WSJ)
January 16, 2019
Tue. 01/15 - Netflix Raises Prices
Netflix raises prices, maybe the Apple battery replacement WAS a big deal after all, cops can’t force you to unlock your phone with your face, and Amazon is driving its retail competitors into the arms of Microsoft. Sponsors: Links: Netflix will raise prices for US subscribers, with its most popular plan going up to $13 per month (TechCrunch) Apple Q1 Numbers: Missing Explanations (Monday Note) ON APPLE’S $29 IPHONE BATTERY REPLACEMENT PROGRAM AND ITS ROLE IN THEIR EARNINGS MISS (Daring Fireball) MongoDB Follow-up, AWS’ Incentives, Batteries: The iPhone’s Missing Miss (Stratechery) Apple's 5G iPhone shift bogged down by Qualcomm chip battle (CNET) German court throws out Qualcomm's latest patent case against Apple (Reuters) Feds Can't Force You To Unlock Your iPhone With Finger Or Face, Judge Rules (Forbes) Microsoft counters Amazon again with big Walgreens partnership, aiming to reshape healthcare (GeekWire)
January 15, 2019
Mon. 01/14 - Am I Gonna Do That Egg Instagram Story?
Event sharing comes to stories, what this year’s CES says about where consumer tech is at the moment, and then a bunch of stories about what that means for the future in different ways, including wireless chips that suck power from the air, and the dilemma that voice assistants pose for the modern office. Sponsors: Links: Facebook’s new Stories feature for event sharing actually sounds useful (The Verge) CES 2019: A Show Report (Learn By Shipping/@stevesi) SoundGuys: USB-C audio is dead (Android Authority) Wiliot nabs $30M from Amazon, Avery Dennison, Samsung for a chip that runs on power from ambient radio frequencies (TechCrunch) The rise of Alexa creates a dilemma for your open plan office (Wired) A Picture Of An Egg Beat Kylie Jenner For The Most Liked Instagram Of All Time (BuzzFeed News)
January 14, 2019
What Wall Street Thinks of Tech w/ @howardlindzon
The great Howard Lindzon and I discuss how Wall Street is thinking of Tech right now, what Apple's deal is and what the prospects are for those big tech IPOs coming down the pike. This episode has a full transcript.
January 12, 2019
Fri. 01/11 - Mooaaarrr... Cameras on Smartphones!
Motherboard shames the telecom companies into not selling us out, shareholders are suing Alphabet’s board, the government shutdown claims more tech victims, Apple says, “We can add more cameras also!” and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone (Motherboard) AT&T says it’ll stop selling your location data, amid calls for a federal investigation (Washington Post) Google Board Sued for Hushing Claims of Executive Misconduct (Bloomberg) Government shutdown: TLS certificates not renewed, many websites are down (ZDNet) Apple Plans Three New iPhones This Year, Plays Catch-Up on Cameras (WSJ) Amazon Developing Game Streaming Service (The Information) The Smart Touch Weekend Longreads: Demon Underneath: John DeLorean and the Invention of the Future (The Outline) The Rise and Demise of RSS (Motherboard) Pitchfork’s Ryan Schreiber shaped Internet music journalism and now leaves it behind (Los Angeles Times) Inside look at modern web browser (part 1) (Developers.Google) The Race to Diagnose Cancer With a Simple Blood Test (2069 - Medium) Lasers vs. Microwaves: The Billion-Dollar Bet on the Future of Magnetic Storage (ieee Spectrum) PREPARING FOR Y2038 (ALREADY?!) (blogs.akamai) VOTE FOR THE RIDE HOME FOR BUZZFEED'S 2019 PODCAST LIST Or: email and make sure "podcast" is in the subject line. Thx!
January 11, 2019
Thu. 01/10 - Foldable Phones Have An Arrival Date
We have a good idea when that foldable Samsung phone is coming, Google is actually close to a big legal win in Europe (for a change), the government shutdown might actually be affecting CES and why the “gig economy” might actually be a big nothingburger. Sponsors: Links: Samsung to Show Off Its New Foldable Phone in February (WSJ) Amazon Web Services calls MongoDB’s licensing bluff with DocumentDB, a new managed database (GeekWire) Google Nears Win in Europe Over ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ (WSJ) Google Only Has to Respect Your 'Right to Be Forgotten' in the EU, Court Says (Gizmodo) 2019 is already full of weird and wonderful monitors (The Verge) Government shutdown halts FCC device approvals (Axios) How Estimates of the Gig Economy Went Wrong (WSJ)
January 10, 2019
Wed. 01/09 - Google Assistant Everywhere!
Now we know why Google has gone so big at CES: they want to put Assistant in everything, the first foldable phone arrives at CES, Twitter wants to show you only half of an NBA game, and Marc Zuckerberg wants to host his own version of a podcast, I guess.  Sponsors: Links: GOOGLE’S PLAN TO TAKE ON ALEXA: NEW FEATURES, NEW DEVICES, AND A TROJAN HORSE (The Verge) The world’s first foldable phone is charmingly awful (The Verge) Twitter hopes you want to watch NBA games from a camera focused on just one player (Recode) Zuckerberg's 2019 Challenge Post VC funding in U.S. startups nears $100 billion in 2018, highest since dot-com era (GeekWire) Venture Capital Funding Report 2018 (CBInsights) Cable operators will fight off 5G with 10-gigabit cable modems (VentureBeat) This pretax benefits startup is giving hourly workers a raise (Fast Company)
January 9, 2019
Tue. 01/08 - Smartphone Recession?
Are we in a smartphone recession, mooooaaaar tv new from CES, AT&T wants to make 5G confusing, and why WeWork is now, simply, We (company). Sponsors: Links: Sorry, Samsung. Seems nobody is immune to peak smartphone (The Register) Apple’s Errors (Stratechery) Sony doubles down on 8K TVs and the entertainment to play on them (VentureBeat) AT&T decides 4G is now “5G,” starts issuing icon-changing software updates (ArsTechnica) Uber’s Confidential Documents Show Path to $90 Billion IPO (The Information) Exclusive: WeWork rebrands to The We Company; CEO Neumann talks about revised SoftBank round (Fast Company) Amazon's new ad strategy: Free samples based on what it knows about you (Axios)
January 8, 2019
Mon. 01/07 - Is Apple's Resolution Hardware Agnosticism?
Is Apple willing to sacrifice Apple TV for the greater subscription good, is Google Assistant is coming to feature phones, what is the use-case for a tv you can roll up into a box, and plenty more like that because it’s time to let the CES headlines rain over you. Sponsors: Stories from: @henrytcasey, @AshleyRReports Tweets:  @geoffreyfowler Links: Apple is putting iTunes on Samsung TVs (The Verge) Google Assistant will soon be on a billion devices, and feature phones are next (The Verge) Everything you may have missed from Nvidia's CES keynote (Techspot) HP Launches First-Ever AMD Chromebook (LaptopMag) Withings undercuts Apple Watch, debuts $129 ECG monitoring smartwatch (ArsTechnica) LG’s groundbreaking roll-up TV is going on sale this year (The Verge) Keeping up with Netflix originals is basically a part-time job now (QZ)
January 7, 2019
Fri. 01/04 - The Verge vs. AT&T And L.A. vs. The Weather Channel app
The Verge and AT&T have a trademark dispute, the city of Los Angeles and The Weather Channel app have a location data dispute, more on how shows like Bandersnatch really might be the future of storytelling and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsor: (iOS App) (Android App) Links: AT&T tries to trademark ‘Verge TV’ as if we’re going to let them get away with it (The Verge) Los Angeles Accuses Weather Channel App of Covertly Mining User Data (NYTimes) D-Link debuts a 5G Wi-Fi router with 40 times wired broadband speeds (Venture Beat) BLACK MIRROR: BANDERSNATCH COULD BECOME NETFLIX’S SECRET MARKETING WEAPON (The Verge) Longreads: Podcast suggestion: Daily Fortnite Courier Prime He Hawks Young Blood As A New Miracle Treatment. All That’s Missing Is Proof. (HuffPo) Curbs on A.I. Exports? Silicon Valley Fears Losing Its Edge (NYTimes) The Bird Box Effect: How Memes Drive Users to Netflix (The Ringer) Birding Like It’s 1899: Inside a Blockbuster American West Video Game (Audubon) How Space and Time Could Be a Quantum Error-Correcting Code (Quanta) The Hacker News discussion of the Quanta piece
January 4, 2019
Thu. 01/03 - Apple-ocalypse Now?
Apple lowers its guidance and the tech world freaks out, the company that you can outsource your censorship friendly China content to, a more durable e-scooter is coming and what to expect from CES. Sponsor: (iOS App) (Android App) Links: Letter from Tim Cook to Apple investors  Censoring China’s Internet, for Stability and Profit (NYTimes) Segway unveils a more durable electric scooter and autonomous delivery bot (TechCrunch) What to expect from CES 2019 (TechCrunch)
January 3, 2019
Wed. 01/02 - What would I have to pay you to give up Facebook for a year?
Today, Roku is quietly a major combatant in the Streaming Wars, Tesla slashes prices, how many cameras can we fit on a smartphone, how much would it cost to convince you to quit Facebook, and why Bandersnatch might just be the beginning of the choose your own adventure trend. Sponsor: (iOS App) (Android App) Links: Activision Plans to Fire CFO Neumann, Puts Him on Paid Leave (Bloomberg) ROKU BREAKS FREE FROM BOXES AND TVS (Wired) Tesla slashes EV prices by $2,000 to offset reduced tax credits (Engadget) [Exclusive] Nokia 9 PureView Penta-camera Phone Revealed in Full Glory in First-ever Promo Video (Mysmartprice) Economists calculate the true value of Facebook to its users in new study (ArsTechnica) Popsugar's Twinning app was leaking everyone's uploaded photos (TechCrunch) HOW THE SURPRISE NEW INTERACTIVE BLACK MIRROR CAME TOGETHER (Wired)
January 2, 2019
New Year Podcast Announcement
Happy 2019! And... here's what we've got on tap for the pod in the new year!
January 1, 2019
Fri. 12/28 - Why Horizontal Instagram Might Be Inevitable
Instagram briefly goes horizontal, more on how epic Fortnite has been for Epic Games this year, Larry Ellison joins Tesla’s board, the global GPS wars are joined and the last weekend longreads of the year. Links: Instagram briefly switched to a horizontal feed and people freaked out (The Verge) Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, banked a $3 billion profit in 2018 (TechCrunch) Exclusive: Foxconn to begin assembling top-end Apple iPhones in India in 2019 - source (Reuters) Tesla Taps Ellison, HR Expert to Prove Musk Is Reined In (Bloomberg) China ramps up global coverage for domestic Beidou satellite navigation system as rival to GPS (South China Morning Post) The Betterment Weekend Longreads Suggestions: The podcasts The