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Tue. 02/26 - Might the FTC Undo Some Tech Mergers?

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Wed. 04/24 - The Podcast Wars... Begun They Have?
iFixit thinks it knows why the Galaxy Fold is having issues, Wing becomes the first drone delivery operator cleared by the FAA, why Netflix has gone deep into debt and have the podcasting wars begun? Sponsors: Tiny.Website Links: Samsung Galaxy Fold Teardown (iFixit) Here’s Why We Think Galaxy Folds Are Failing (iFixit) May to ban Huawei from providing 'core' parts of UK 5G network (TheGuardian) Google Spinoff’s Drone Delivery Business First to Get FAA Approval (Bloomberg) Kuo: Two new AirPods models in Q4 2019 – Q1 2020, one features an all-new design and higher price (9to5Mac) Snap rally fades after earnings beat (CNBC) Microsoft Paint to remain part of Windows 10 after all (The Verge) Netflix offers $2 billion more in debt to fund its content spending (TechCrunch) The Joe Rogan Experience to withdraw from Luminary (HotPod) Subscribe to the ad-free feed!
April 24, 2019
Tue. 04/23 - Tesla's Autonomous Vehicle Distortion Field?
Tesla has an event that some people say is all reality distortion field, Facebook makes some interesting hires, Twitter is quietly chirping a tune Wall Street likes and Amazon Key is here to deliver inside your house. Sponsors: Links Here are Elon Musk’s wildest predictions about Tesla’s self-driving cars (The Verge) Facebook’s new chief lawyer helped write the Patriot Act (The Verge) Twitter stock surges more than 15% on earnings beat (CNBC) Key by Amazon in-home delivery comes to Las Vegas, 12 other cities (CNET) How Otonomo, with nearly $55 million in funding, is illegally cloning our product (SmartCar) HackerNews thread about all this SoftBank Founder Masayoshi Son Lost $130 Million on Bitcoin (WSJ)  The Premium Ad-Free Podcast Feed! Try it Free For 7 Days!
April 23, 2019
Mon. 04/22 - The Galaxy Fold Is Delayed
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is delayed, Sri Lanka blocking social media is complicated, how you’re being tracked in the airport and at work, and why there’s no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to free apps. Sponsors: Tiny.webiste Links: Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Smartphone Release Delayed (WSJ) Sri Lankan government blocks social media and imposes curfew following deadly blasts (The Washington Post) Zillow launches AI-powered 3D home tours in the U.S. and Canada (VentureBeat) The US wants to scan the faces of all air passengers leaving the country (QZ) Employee privacy in the US is at stake as corporate surveillance technology monitors workers’ every move (CNBC) That mental health app might share your data without telling you (The Verge) Turns Out, Meal Kits Might Not Suck for the Planet (Earther) Support the podcast directly! Subscribe to the ad-free feed right here inside your podcast app!
April 22, 2019
The AMA/Listener Call In Episode
Listeners ask questions. I try to give coherent answers. Sponsors: VistaPrint/ride, promo code: ride
April 21, 2019
Uber, Lyft and Bird- The Economics of Sharing with QZ's Alison Griswold
Lyft has gone public. Uber will do so soon. So will Airbnb. Quartz’s Alison Griswold covers this stuff every day, and she has a great newsletter, covering this stuff every week. It’s called Oversharing, you can get it for free at… Because she covers the sharing everything… we talk to her today about the ride sharing companies… but also about the deliver me something companies and especially, the e-scooter companies… the economics of all things sharing! Alison's newsletter: Sponsors: checkout code: ride, click on the Microphone at the TOP of the homepage and type in RIDE
April 20, 2019
Fri. 04/19 - With Facebook, It's Eternally Groundhog Day
Facebook finds a new way to handle the privacy scandal of the day, free, ad supported music from Amazon and Google, Dieter ended up reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Fold as best he could, and of course, the Weekend Longreads Suggestions. Sponsors: Mealime Links: Facebook says it stored millions of Instagram passwords unencrypted on its servers (Recode) Emtek announces they will be closing BBM consumer services on May 31 (CrackBerry) Amazon Music Launches Free Streaming Tier, Through Alexa Only (for Now) (Variety) SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD REVIEW: BROKEN DREAM (TheVerge) Weekend Longreads Suggestions: Google Maps Is Ready to Transform the World of Superapps: A Skift Deep Dive (Skift) These Women Are Only On Facebook For The Groups (BuzzFeed News) Beyond Prime: Inside the Race to Deliver Shipments to the Moon (OneZero) Robo-Rigs: The Scientist, The Unicorn And The $700 Billion Race To Create Self-Driving Semi-Trucks (Forbes) The Coming Obsolescence of Animal Meat (The Atlantic) Russian Gamer Brothers Are the Newest Hidden Billionaires (Bloomberg)   29-year-old journalist Lyra McKee shot dead in Northern Ireland violence (CNN) Lyra McKee GoFundMe
April 19, 2019
Thu. 04/18 - Why The Galaxy Folds Are Breaking
Samsung responds to the Galaxy Fold review unit issues, Google and Amazon end their streaming video spat, Pinterest and Zoom have their IPOs and could the Chinese web end up being more popular than the open web? Mealime app, promo code: ride Links: Samsung responds to Galaxy Fold screen damage: ‘we will thoroughly inspect these units’ (The Verge) Here's why Galaxy Fold displays are already failing (Android Central) Facebook says it 'unintentionally uploaded' 1.5 million people's email contacts without their consent (BusinessInsider) Facebook is working on a voice assistant to rival Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri (CNBC) Google and Amazon end their ridiculous streaming video spat (Engadget) Presenting search app and browser options to Android users in Europe (The Keyword) Pinterest ends its first day of trading up 28% (CNBC) Big corporates back crypto 'plumbing' despite currency caution (Reuters) The U.S. Is Losing a Major Front to China in the New Cold War (Bloomberg) Newly Discovered 4,000-Year Old Egyptian Tomb Stuns Archaeologists ( Support the show! Subscribe to the ad-free premium feed, right here, inside your podcast app!
April 18, 2019
Wed. 04/17 - Qualcomm Makes Apple Cry Uncle
There’s no other way to describe it: Qualcomm got Apple to surrender, are things back on for an Apple Car, Microsoft has a new Hub and a new Xbox One S, and why Hulu has an advantage the other streamers don’t. Sponsors: Mealime app Links: Qualcomm surges after announcing a settlement with Apple over patent royalties (CNBC) Apple Settles With Qualcomm, Intel Exits Modems, Apple’s Miscalculation (Stratechery) Qualcomm just beat Apple into submission (SemiAccurate) Exclusive: Apple in talks with potential suppliers of sensors for self-driving cars - sources (Reuters) T-Mobile-Sprint Deal Runs Into Resistance From DOJ Antitrust Staff (WSJ) Microsoft's more portable Surface Hub 2S ships in June for $9000 (TechCrunch) Xbox One S All-Digital Edition: Price, availability, games and more (CNET) Netflix drops on earnings report showing weak guidance, CMO retires (CNBC) As Netflix Contends With More Rivals, Hulu Stands Out (NYTimes) My Samsung Galaxy Fold screen broke after just a day (The Verge)
April 17, 2019
Tue. 04/16 - YouTube's Algorithms Continue To Suck Out Loud
YouTube’s algorithms are abhorrent in a new way, details on the next Playstation console, Google makes nice with developers, and three interesting sides to the TikTok story. Sponsors: 20% off with promocode RIDE20 Mealime App Links: YouTube shows 9/11 link on live videos of unrelated Notre Dame fire (The Verge) EXCLUSIVE: WHAT TO EXPECT FROM SONY'S NEXT-GEN PLAYSTATION (Wired) 15 MONTHS OF FRESH HELL INSIDE FACEBOOK (Wired) Next major macOS version will include standalone Music, Podcasts, and TV apps, Books app gets major redesign (9to5Mac) Improving the update process with your feedback (Android Developer's Blog) AT&T sells Hulu stake, valuing the video streaming company at $15 billion (CNBC) Short video app TikTok extends reach in global markets, sees in-app purchases surge more than 200 per cent (South China Morning Post) TikTok downloads ordered to be blocked on iOS and Android in India over porn and other illegal content (TechCrunch) TikTok sensation Lil Nas X rewrites the rules of country music (Axios)
April 16, 2019
Mon. 04/15 - Don't Ignore Those Office Updates!
You really need to run those Office updates, rumors of chaos at HQ Trivia, further details on Apple Arcade and Apple News+, and hands on with the Galaxy Fold. Sponsors: Links: Hackers Could Read Your Hotmail, MSN, and Outlook Emails by Abusing Microsoft Support (Motherboard) Kaspersky: 70 percent of attacks now target Office vulnerabilities (ZDNet) Mutiny at HQ Trivia fails to oust CEO (TechCrunch) ‘Basically playing favorites’: Apple News+ gets off to a rocky start for some publishers (Digiday) Apple spends hundreds of millions on Arcade video game service (Financial Times) HANDS-ON WITH THE SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD: MORE THAN JUST A CONCEPT (TheVerge) Unfolding the Samsung Galaxy Fold (TechCrunch) is Beating Airbnb in Home Stays, Latest Numbers Show (Fortune)
April 15, 2019
Internet From Space with WSJ's Chris Mims
You might have noticed that I’ve gone down a bit of a wormhole lately when it comes to space tech, and actually, to understand why, listen to the very first minute of this conversation, because we actually work out why space tech has come to the forefront of my attention. Chris Mims had a piece in the Wall Street Journal this week about the suddenly race to deliver the Internet from space. This was triggered by the recent Amazon news of course, but also, listen for more deep dives into how and why space tech is suddenly having a moment. Chris’ article from the WSJ The CNBC article I refer to briefly Sponsors:
April 14, 2019
The State of Venture and "MegaRounds" with Crunchbase's Jason Rowley - 4/11/19, 4.57 PM
 While I talk about big round raises and startups and venture all the time, we haven’t really done a deep dive into where venture is at at the moment. So, who better to talk to than Crunchbase, and in this case, Crunchbase’s Jason Rowley. Today… the state of venture in 2019, and we especially get into the modern world of megarounds, even hypergiant rounds… raises of $250 million or more. Those never used to happen. They happen all the time now… we just talked about one this week… Softbank contributes to them all the time. How has that changed the landscape, and how has that created or influenced the unicorn ecosystem that is currently being harvested, as it were. Sponsors:
April 13, 2019
Fri. 04/12 - Uber's IPO and Disney+ Deets
Uber’s IPO filing is officially upon us and there was much rejoicing… or, at least, plenty of takes; Disney outlined its streaming video plans and in doing so it both put Apple to shame and fired a warning shot at Netflix, and, of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: Uber unveils IPO with warning it may never make a profit (Reuters) Alphabet Is Uber IPO’s Surprise Winner With Potential $5 Billion Stake (Forbes) Uber’s Venture Investors Set for a Windfall (WSJ) Disney+ app and worldwide rollout plans revealed (Engadget) Disney+ streaming service will be available starting Nov. 12 for $6.99 a month (CNBC) Weekend Longreads Suggestions: The basics of modern AI—how does it work and will it destroy society this year? (ArsTechnica) FOXCONN IS CONFUSING THE HELL OUT OF WISCONSIN (The Verge) The man behind Huawei (The Los Angeles Times) The Improbable Rise of Huawei (Foreign Policy) Inside the Biotech Startup That Wants to Extend Your Life (OneZero) VIDEO OF APPLE’S W.A.L.T. IN ACTION – THE 1993-EDITION IPHONE (Sonny Dickson)
April 12, 2019
Thu. 04/11 - Alexa Snags Its Own "Scandal"
Yes, there are people listening in on your Alexa recordings, but it’s complicated; Jeff Bezos challenges competitors to pay their workers more, the third big unicorn IPO of the year happened today, and a rundown of noteworthy recent startup raises. Sponsors: Links: Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa (Bloomberg) Jeff Bezos challenges retail rivals to outdo Amazon’s $15 minimum wage (The Verge) YouTube TV Hikes Price to $50 per Month for All Customers After Inking Discovery Deal (Variety) PagerDuty pops more than 50% in debut as tech IPO market heats up (CNBC) Affectiva raises $26 million to bring emotional intelligence AI to car safety systems (VentureBeat) Triplebyte raises $35M for its online coding test and credentialing service for hiring engineers (TechCrunch) Lemonade picks up $300 million Series D led by SoftBank Group (TechCrunch) That image of a black hole you saw everywhere? Thank this grad student for making it possible (CNN) Subscribe to the ad-free feed RIGHT HERE inside your podcast app
April 11, 2019
Wed. 04/10 - Day 2 of Google’s Cloud Next Conference
Day two of Google’s Cloud Next conference, an update on the unicorns still queueing up to come to market, the heat death of iTunes is closer to reality, and Walmart doubles down on robots. Sponsors:, promo code: ride Links: Google Assistant now works with your G Suite work calendar (GeekWire) Google launches new security tools for G Suite users (TechCrunch) Google launches an end-to-end AI platform (TechCrunch) Remove, Reduce, Inform: New Steps to Manage Problematic Content (Facebook Newsroom) Exclusive: Uber plans to sell around $10 billion worth of stock in IPO - sources (Reuters) Slack Is Fetching High Prices in Private Stock Deals Ahead of Public Offering (Bloomberg) Zoom is poised to be one of the most richly valued tech companies after it goes public (CNBC) Next major macOS version will include standalone Music, Podcasts, and TV apps, Books app gets major redesign (9to5Mac) Walmart Is Rolling Out the Robots (WSJ) Mysterious safety-tampering malware infects a second critical infrastructure site (ArsTechnica) Congress is about to ban the government from offering free online tax filing (ArsTechnica) Falcon Heavy making only second flight, but it’s already changing the game (ArsTechnica) Support the show! Subscribe to the Ad-Free Premium Feed!
April 10, 2019
Tue. 04/09 - Google Cloud Next Announcements
The headlines from the Google Cloud Next conference, China seeks to ban cryptominers, why ads on streaming services is the new hotness, and also, why Roblox is the new hotness. Sponsors: Links: Google Cloud announces 7 open source partners, Seoul and Salt Lake City regions (VentureBeat) Google's hybrid cloud platform is coming to AWS and Azure (TechCrunch) Google announces Cloud Run for open and portable serverless compute (VentureBeat) China, home to the world’s biggest cryptocurrency mining farms, now wants to ban them completely (South China Morning Post) To cut down on spam, Twitter cuts the number of accounts you can follow per day (TechCrunch) The next front of the streaming wars is the battle for ad-supported programming (Digiday) Roblox hits milestone of 90M monthly active users (TechCrunch) Why Are People Still Playing Google’s Halloween Ghost Game in April? (Slate) Subscribe to the ad-free feed! Right in your podcast app! No muss! No fuss!
April 9, 2019
Mon. 04/08 - About Those iPhone Triple Camera Rumors...
Pinterest’s IPO looks set to make it an “undercorn,” the UK has some more ideas about regulating internet platforms, about those iPhone triple camera rumors, Netflix dumps AirPlay and Snap opts not to beat ’em; instead, plan’s to join ’em. Sponsors: Text the word TECH to 48-48-48 Links: Pinterest sets IPO range at $15-17, valuing it at $10.6B vs previous valuation of $12.3B (TechCrunch) iPhone rumors now claim two OLED models with triple-camera arrays for 2019 (The Verge) New report claims that the triple-camera iPhones in 2019 will feature 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch OLED screens, tweaked chassis thickness (9to5Mac) Netflix confirms it killed AirPlay support, won’t let you beam shows to Apple TVs anymore (The Verge) ‘CHANGE MY VIEW’ REDDIT COMMUNITY LAUNCHES ITS OWN WEBSITE (Wired) To stop copycats, Snapchat shares itself (TechCrunch) Microsoft launches first Chromium Edge builds for Windows 10 (VentureBeat) Subscribe to the premium ad-free feed!
April 8, 2019
Fri. 04/05 - Alexa is Coming for AirPods
Google scraps the AI ethics board, Alexa is coming for AirPods, the Bezos’ divorce is settled, Snap reminds everyone they’re pretty darned good at inventing weird stuff and the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors: Links: Exclusive: Google cancels AI ethics board in response to outcry (Vox) Amazon Is Making a Rival to Apple’s AirPods as Its First Alexa Wearable (Bloomberg) Jeff Bezos, in divorce settlement, retains 75 percent of the Amazon stock he held with his now ex-wife MacKenzie (The Washington Post) Snapchat launches Mario Party-style multiplayer games platform (TechCrunch) Snapchat launches Scan, its AR utility platform (TechCrunch) Snapchat will power Stories & ads in other apps (TechCrunch) The Weekend Longreads Suggestions: Talking Reckless (A Gaming Podcast) Smart home, machine learning and discovery (Benedict Evans) 25 Years Later: Interview with Linus Torvalds (Linux Journal) ‘They Thought It Was Black Magic’: An Oral History of TiVo (OneZero) The World’s Greatest Delivery Empire (Bloomberg Businessweek) Old, Online, And Fed On Lies: How An Aging Population Will Reshape The Internet (Buzzfeed News) Astronomers set to make 'groundbreaking' black hole announcement (CNET)
April 5, 2019
Thu. 04/04 - Amazon Joins The Internet Space Race
Facebook. Data. Exposure. Another one. Could Intel issues delay a 5G iPhone? Apple cuts the price of the HomePod, Amazon is going to launch Internet satellites, and the trouble with AI ethics boards. Sponsors: Links: Researchers find 540 million Facebook user records on exposed servers (TechCrunch) Inside Apple’s shaky plan to deliver a 5G iPhone in 2020 [Updated] (FastCompany) MIT suspends ties with China's Huawei and ZTE (CNN Business) Apple drops HomePod price down to $299 (TheVerge) Google launches Android Q Beta 2 with multitasking Bubbles, foldables emulator, and zoomable microphones (VentureBeat) Hundreds of thousands of ‘lost’ MySpace songs have been recovered (TheVerge) Amazon to offer broadband access from orbit with 3,236-satellite ‘Project Kuiper’ constellation (GeekWire) Google’s brand-new AI ethics board is already falling apart (Vox) THE PROBLEM WITH AI ETHICS (TheVerge) Electric car battery with 600 miles of range? This startup claims to have done it (TheVerge) Subscribe to the ad-free, listener-supported feed!
April 4, 2019
Wed. 04/03 - Google's Credibility Problem When It Comes To Products Dying
Facebook stops asking people to reveal their email passwords, WhatsApp gives you control over group chats, Google has a credibility problem when it comes to product shutdowns and 5G is kinda, officially here. Sponsors: Links: ‘Beyond Sketchy’: Facebook Demanding Some New Users’ Email Passwords (Daily Beast) Facebook Is Just Casually Asking Some New Users for Their Email Passwords (Gizmodo) Facebook will stop asking new users for their email passwords (Axios) WhatsApp finally lets you prevent people from adding you to their shitty groups (TNW) WhatsApp now lets you control who can add you to groups (The Verge) Justice Department Warns Academy Over Potential Oscar Rule Changes Threatening Netflix (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety) Media Companies Take a Big Gamble on Apple (NYTimes) Tweet Storm on Apple+ and The New Yorker (@Michaelluo) Google Duplex rolling out to non-Pixel, iOS devices in the US (9to5Google) Google begins shutting down its failed Google+ social network (The Verge) Google’s constant product shutdowns are damaging its brand (ArsTechnica) Wayve claims 'world first' in driving a car autonomously with only its AI and a SatNav (TechCrunch) Support the show! Subscribe to the Ad-Free Premium Feed!
April 3, 2019