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Hearsall @ Home

Hearsall @ Home

By Rev. David Sutcliffe
If you like to worship with your heart but still think with your head you might enjoy Hearsall Baptist Church @ Home. Why not give us a try - we’re a mixed bunch with a range of views but we love each other - and that seems to make all the difference.
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17th January 2021 - Listening in Action
We know there is sin and failure in every human heart, but will you allow Jesus to look beyond all that stuff and to name what you have to offer to his world in January 2021?
January 15, 2021
10th January - Elements of Life
During this difficult time of when we are in danger of being overwhelmed by the things going on around us, David uses Marks gospel to point out three qualities that the church needs, and that the country needs, at this time of national crisis, resilience, solidarity and vision.
January 7, 2021
3rd January - Two Kings (Light Gifts.)
As Epiphany arrives on Wednesday, this week David ponders the story of the Magi and the Two Kings.
December 31, 2020
Hearsall@Home Podcast Trailer
Join Rev David Sutcliffe from Hearsall Baptist Church, Coventry each week as he brings the church service into your home. Each week we will be singing, praying and exploring the scriptures. 
December 30, 2020