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The Reconfigured Podcast

The Reconfigured Podcast

By technolaaji
We iterate and revamp software on a daily basis but we never iterate ourselves for the better. Join Mohamad Kalaaji (technolaaji) talk about different topics from a software developer point of view from learning new programming languages all the way to developing MVPs for startups and dealing with imposter syndrome but in an unorthodox ideology.
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#10 - Luciano Mammino: Senior Architect, CTO, Writer, Speaker
Today’s episode is with Luciano Mammino, Senior Architect at fourTheorem and co-author of the well known book “Nodejs Design Patterns” that is published by Packt. In this episode we have discussed the following: What fourTheorem offers (and why they chose AWS as cloud provider of choice) Transitioning from just writing code to adopting the cloud Challenges being a CTO The challenges of co-writing a book Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program And much more Video version of the episode: Audio version of the episode: Show transcript and notes:
July 05, 2022
#9 - Jackson Gabbard: CTO, Facebook, Refactorer, and Mentor
Today’s episode is with Jackson Gabbard, CTO at Cord and ex-Facebook employee who started the engineering team for Facebook in the UK. In this episode we have discussed the follow: What Cord offers Requirements for someone to be qualified as a CTO Challenges coordinating a team of developers Refactoring code and real life examples of refactoring in production Hiring process of developers from high profile companies Facebook’s timeline implementation Facebook’s data capturing implementation + patent registry Facebook UK engineering team story Facebook’s Integrity and Safety measures And much more Video version of the episode: Audio version of the episode: Show notes:
June 24, 2022
#8 - Rawad Assaf: Founder, CTO, Mentor, and Clojure | The Reconfigured Podcast
Today’s episode is with Rawad Assaf, Founding Partner at RAMS services and CTO of UK Tech Hub Lebanon. In this episode we have discussed the following topics: What RAMS offers When it is time to start your own business Picking the right partners for your startup Why RAMS chose Clojure as programming language of choice Common issues startups faced when starting out when he was a CTO at UK Tech Hub Finding suitable candidates to hire for your company/startup Requirements for becoming a mentor/coach Interview processes and should companies adopt the typical interview process His adventures at Murex and why he stayed there for more than 10 years And much more Video version of the episode: Audio version of the episode: Show notes:
June 13, 2022
#7 - William Collins: Cloud Architect, Multi Cloud, and Automation | The Reconfigured Podcast
Today’s episode is with William Collins, Principal Cloud Architect at Alkira. In this episode we have discussed the following: His role at Alkira Multi Cloud connections and how Alkira provides a reliable solution Multi Cloud in companies that adopt a one cloud provider When to use a monolith and when to use micro services Hybrid Cloud and how it operates (through his experience in Humana) Automating cloud resources with Terraform Certifications And much more Video version: Show notes:
June 07, 2022
#6 - Sean Falconer: Developer Relation, CTO, Founder, ex-Google, and more | The Reconfigured Podcast
Today’s episode is with Sean Falconer, head of developer relations at Skyflow. In this episode we have discussed the following: His role as Head of Developer at Skyflow What Skyflow offers and how it can impact businesses on a large scale His adventures at Google The benefits Google provides to its employees His position being a CTO and founder to a startup His experience being a Postdoc at Stanford And much more Video version of the episode: Show notes of the episode:
May 14, 2022
#5 - Startups in Lebanon with Maysaa Ajjan
Today’s episode is with Maysaa Ajjan, a journalist at Arab News. We have discussed the following topics: Her contributions to Al Annahar on the “Startup City” segment How Arabnet had the ability to track some startups in details Funding mechanism for startups from BDL (circular 331), bootcamps, competitions, and angel investing Lebanese startups conditions before the 2019 economic crisis (failed, operating, exited, migrated) Lebanese startups conditions after the 2019 economic crisis Fundings Migration of talents and startups The rising new economy of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin being used in current Lebanese startups Audio version of the episode is available on: Video version of the episode is available on: Show notes and sources are available on:
May 04, 2022
#4 - Advocating on AWS with Faz
Today's podcast episode is with Faz, a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. We have discussed some interesting topics ranging from: - how AWS supports developers to adopt the cloud - his experience being a Senior Solution Architect at AWS - the challenges he faced when iterating and optimizing software at Randstad (a 24.5 billion dollar scale company that has multiple high scaled clients and offices all over the world) - his shift from corporate to independent consulting on his own then back to the corporate world - his experience acquiring the Scrum Master and PMP certifications  - his shift in his career working in India, China, Malaysia, and UAE - and much more I really enjoyed recording this episode with Faz and I hope it benefits you in your career! video version of the episode is available at: show notes and transcript are available at:
April 19, 2022
#3 - Startups on AWS with Nicolas David
This is my interview with Nicolas David, Senior Startup Solutions Architect Middle East at Amazon Web Services. We have discussed some interesting topics ranging from: How startups receive guidance and support from AWS His role on the Cloud Innovation Centers (CIC) program: a program provides opportunities for non profits, education institutions, and government agencies to collaborate with other public sectors utilizing AWS His adventures on being a Technical Trainer for AWS His shift from software develop and IT towards business management and consulting and much more I really enjoyed recording this episode with Nicolas and hope it brings value for you in the future. video version of this episode is available at: transcript of this episode is available at:
April 12, 2022
#2 - Fear
We fear from a lot of things in our lives and that is something we will constantly face in our lives, in this episode Mohamad tries to deconstruct fear and recommend using a method called "Fear Setting" which is created by Tim Ferris that utilizes the Stoic's premeditatio malorum—the premeditation of the evils and troubles that might lie ahead
April 07, 2022
#1 - Web3: The Good, The Scams, and The Hype
This episode we will dive deep into web3 in various aspects. We are going to talk about the advantages, the disadvantages, as well as the scams and hype around certain aspects of web3 even though the technology behind of it is pretty interesting. We will also talk about why do people buy some of those scams and how it is related to the metaverse in a certain way. I have decided to talk about web3 because it is the most hyped topic on the internet and I have received multiple messages and offers to work on web3 based projects so I wanted to highlight on some points about web3. At the end we will highlight why Bitcoin is still better for doing transactions on the web and that you don't need certain projects and smart contracts to do basic actions like sending money safely from one place to another.
March 21, 2022
Introduction to the podcast
Hello there! I'm Mohamad Kalaaji and I am an AWS Community Builder and Software Engineer. I've decided to launch my podcast "The Reconfigured Podcast" as a way to spread zero cost information to the general public through sharing my experience as a software engineer ever since I entered the field at the age of 17 years old. The podcast will also host guests where they will share their knowledge and wisdom as well! I would be grateful if you subscribed to the podcast to stay up-to-date for upcoming episodes in the near future. You can subscribe to the newsletter at Background music: Blue Dot Sessions - Speaker Joy
March 03, 2022