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Techno Masterclass Podcast

Techno Masterclass Podcast

By Peter Echoplex
A series of thoughts that hopefully you can apply in your every day techno making, production and releasing of own music. Delivered by a long term techno producer, dj, live performer, label owner as well as highly certified coach and trainer - Peter Sliwinski.
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Episode 9. Technomasters presents - "My story" - Richard Davis (Detroit USA), Cybotron
The curriculum is warped, due to etno-centric thought and Detroit history. All history is warped and twisted by man whose desperation to be in history will do anything to be historically remembered. To be somebody, even though they aren’t. Listen to the story of Rik Davies, a Vietnam war and Detroit techo veteran.
February 24, 2020
Episode 8. Technomasters presents - "My story" - Santonio Echols (Detroit USA), Tresor, KMS, FRRR
"I think sometimes it can be a hinderence to perfecting your craft. The more you have, doesnt mean the more hits you can make. Is about perfecting what you have in that moment. - Santonio Echols. Listen now to the next episode of Technomasterclass podcast, where Santonio tells his story. Enjoy.
February 17, 2020
Episode 7. Technomasters presents "My story" with Kris Gorski APS
An interview with a sound designer, film composer, producer and co-founder of the APS company. 
February 03, 2020
Episode 6. Compulsive Starting Of Tracks Disorder
Want to understand why you might be starting new tracks before actually finishing exisiting ones? Tune in!
January 10, 2020
Episode 5. Buying gear?
Do you think yet another module will make you happy or enable to finish your track? Hmm. Have a listen
December 23, 2019
Episode 4. Insecurities
Insecurities, so little is talked about this out in the open, so much inside our own heads.
December 20, 2019
Episode 3. Limitations
Set yourself limitations thus really push your creative output.
December 16, 2019
Episode 2. Reverb
To reverb or not to reverb it’s a question. Let's have a reflection on this subject.
December 16, 2019
Episode 1. Finishing tracks
Purpose is a critical piece of the puzzle that drives your inner motivation to complete things - like finish tracks. Find out why it is important and how might you use it.
December 14, 2019