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TechSEO Podcast

TechSEO Podcast

TechSEO Podcast is designed to bring you the latest thoughts, opinions, and insights from some of the best technical SEO professionals in the industry. Hosted by Keira Davidson, and produced by Founded by Dan Taylor, and Adam Gent in 2018.

For all inquiries, or if you would like to appear on the podcast, please email Please note, we do not accept pitches from PRs/or from people "on behalf of", sales pitches or product advertisements.
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S3E3 Mercy Janaki, SEO Challenges with PWAs & JS

TechSEO Podcast

S4E5 Jason Barnard, Knowledge panels
Jason joins Keira in episode 5 of the Technical SEO Podcast, bringing season 4 to a close. In this episode, Jason talks about what knowledge graphs are, how they form and how to optimise them. Brought to you by
August 26, 2022
S4E4 Siddhesh Assawa, Prioritising pagespeed efforts
Siddhesh joins Keira in episode 4 of the Technical SEO Podcast, talking about prioritising efforts and resources for pagespeed improvement. Brought to you by
August 12, 2022
S4E3 Arnout Hellemans, Measuring CWV at Scale
Arnout joins Keira in episode 3 of the Technical SEO Podcast, exploring what core web vitals are, if they should matter as a part of a wider SEO picture and his favourite tools to analyse CWV. Brought to you by
July 29, 2022
S4E2 Myriam Jessier, Image Optimisation
Myriam joins Keira in episode 2 of the Technical SEO Podcast's season 4. In this episode, Myriam talks about why Google Images was founded, how to optimise your images, and what to be aware of when optimising your images.  Brought to you by
July 15, 2022
S4E1 Adriana Stein, Why search intent is a powerful element of SEO
Adriana joins Keira in episode 1 of the Technical SEO Podcast, kicking off season 4. In this episode, Adriana talks about why search intent is one of the most underutilized yet extremely powerful elements of SEO.  Brought to you by
June 24, 2022
S3E11 Katherine Watier Ong, Large Scale Migrations
Katherine joins Keira in episode 11 of the Technical SEO Podcast, bringing season 3 to a close. In this episode, Katherine talks about handling large-scale migrations, and the problems that may occur. Brought to you by
October 01, 2021
S3E10 Soren Bendig, Automated SEO Testing
Soren joins Keira in episode 10 of the Technical SEO Podcast, talking about automated testing and the impact, positive and negative, it can have on SEO. Brought to you by
September 10, 2021
S3E9 Manuel Madeddu, How To Approach A Migration
Manuel joins Keira in episode 9 of the Technical SEO Podcast, exploring how to approach a site migration, from an SEO perspective. Brought to you by
August 27, 2021
S3E8 Robin Allenson, Deduping Large Websites
Robin Allenson joins Keira in episode 8 of the Technical SEO Podcast, talking about deduping large websites, and complex issues that come with them. Brought to you by
August 13, 2021
S3E7 Sophie Gibson, Competitor Analysis
Sophie joins Keira in episode 7 of the Technical SEO Podcast, talking about conducting competitor analysis in the SEO space. Brought to you by
July 16, 2021
S3E6 Charlie Williams, Getting SEO Recommendations Implemented
Charlie joins Keira in episode 6 of the Technical SEO Podcast, talking about how you can work with developers to get SEO recommendations implemented more easily.
July 02, 2021
S3E5 Billie Hyde, Communicating With Developers
Today joining Keira on the show is Billie Hyde of SEO Works, Sheffield, talking about how you can communicate better with developers.
June 18, 2021
S3E4 Sara Moccand-Sayegh, JavaScript SEO Myths
Joining Keira on episode four is Sara Moccand-Sayegh of Liip, discussing JavaScript SEO myths.
June 04, 2021
S3E3 Mercy Janaki, SEO Challenges with PWAs & JS
Joining Keira in episode 3 is Mercy Janaki, discussing SEO challenges with PWAs and JavaScript.
May 21, 2021
S3E2 Rick Ramos, Crawl Budgets
Joining Keira on the podcast in episode two of season 3 is Rick Ramos, discussing crawl budgets.
May 07, 2021
S3E1 Jeremy Rivera, Keyword Forecasting
Joining host Keira Davison in episode one of the third season is Jeremy Rivera.
April 30, 2021
2020 Halloween Special! SEO Nightmares! Ft. Axel Hansson
2020 Halloween Special! Ft. Axel Hansson.
April 04, 2020
Googler Special - Q&A with John Mueller (April 2020)
An excerpt from VirtuaCon April 2020, Dan Taylor hosts a Q&A with Google's John Mueller covering a range of topics, including if Google will push the button on major algo updates during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
April 04, 2020
S1E3 - Kevin Indig, Atlassian
In this episode we’re joined by Kevin Indig, an in-house technical SEO at Atlassian. He’s responsible on a daily basis for maintaining (and improving) the technical SEO for Jira, Trello, Bitbucket, Confluence, Bamboo… You get the idea, he does a lot. In this episode, Kevin talks us through the challenges of being an in-house technical SEO, and the processes & methods he's developed to overcome them.
October 22, 2019
TechSEO Podcast: S1E1 - Russ Jones, Moz
In this episode, we’re joined by Russ Jones, Moz’s Principle Search Scientist to talk all things backlinks in a modern SEO world and the state of modern link building.
October 22, 2019