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The Tech Startup Show

The Tech Startup Show

By Charles Calzia
On this show, I'm going to be speaking to and interviewing some amazing guests on tech, entrepreneurship and productivity.

We're going to be delving into what it takes to build a successful startup, the people who are solving problems through software and so much more!

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E3 - The importance of alignment with Shawn Axsom

The Tech Startup Show

E8 - Data science in F1, supermarkets and startups with Rushen Patel
In this episode, I speak to Rushen Patel, data scientist and founding engineer at Prograd. He has a huge diversity of experience in research; working at Red Bull Racing doing vehicle modelling and simulation; and leading the enterprise data science team at M&S! We speak about vehicle modelling and simulation in F1, data science in the supermarket industry and transitioning from building a business part-time to going full time. Rushen's LinkedIn: Prograd:
September 18, 2022
E7 - YouTube and developer advocacy with Kunal Kushwaha
In this episode, I speak to Kunal Kushwaha, developer advocate at Civo, an awesome YouTuber, founder, TedX speaker and hackathon coach. He is building a YouTube channel, the Community Classroom & Kubeworld organizations and so much more! We speak about growing on YouTube, developer advocacy and online learning. Kunal's YouTube: Kunal's Twitter:
July 17, 2022
E6 - Freelance writing with Kjell Vandevyvere
In this episode, I speak to Kjell Vandevyvere, a startup writer. He is sharing so much of his writing expertise on topics from how to write good copy to effectively marketing your writing! We speak about managing your time as a freelancer, writing consistently, creating a routine for writing and content creation. Kjell's website: Kjell's Twitter:
June 19, 2022
E5 - Building a SaaS with Noah Bragg
In this episode, I speak to Noah Bragg, an awesome entrepreneur and podcaster. He is building Potion, an awesome tool for rapidly building websites in Notion, in public! We speak about building a SaaS from the ground up, building in public and bootstrapping. Noah's website: Noah's Twitter: Potion:
May 15, 2022
E4 - Breaking into the VC world with Dominic Lau
In this episode, I speak to Dominic Lau, an awesome VC. He is principal at Ripple Ventures and is building the RippleX Fellowship Program! We speak about: the VC world; when the right time to seek investment is; and advice for getting started as an entrepreneur. Dominic Lau: Ripple Ventures: RippleX Fellowship:
April 17, 2022
E3 - The importance of alignment with Shawn Axsom
In this episode, I speak to Shawn Axsom, director of engineering at Docker. He is very active on Twitter and started the Here to Help community where he gives advice on leadership, breaking into the tech world and more. We speak about leadership, management, hiring, alignment and so much more! Connect with Shawn on Twitter: Check out the Here to Help community:
March 13, 2022
E2 - Building in public with Arvid Kahl
In this episode, I speak to Arvid Kahl, an awesome entrepreneur, author and former software engineer. He sold his SaaS business and now makes it his mission to empower other entrepreneurs around the world. We speak about building in public, imposter syndrome, negativity bias and so much more! Connect with Arvid on Twitter: All of Arvid's other links:
February 27, 2022
E1 - Starting with the end in mind with Alan Smith
In this episode, I speak to Alan Smith, CEO of Capital Partners. We talk about his incredible journey as an entrepreneur, some of the problems he’s faced, thinking about the end game and so much more. Connect with Alan on Twitter:
January 23, 2022
Welcome to the Tech Startup Show!
This is our first of many episodes where I will be speaking to and interviewing some incredible guests on tech, entrepreneurship and productivity.  Thanks for listening!
January 16, 2022