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Tecmo Bros Fantasy Football

Tecmo Bros Fantasy Football

By Andy Rispalje
Check out the Tecmo Bros Fantasy Football Podcast. We go over weekly options of who to use on your Fantasy Football team. We're not experts, just a podcast by sports fans, for sports fans.
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TecmoBros Ep. 044 - Trading. When is the right time?
Andy brings on friend of the show Ben to discuss trade strategy for players depending on what their season situation is. Are you 4-2 and looking to content? Are you 1-5 and in need of a W? Andy and Ben got it for you here. Give us a listen and don't forget to subscribe to the Pod and follow us on Twitter @tecmobros for all the latest updates!
October 19, 2021
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 043 - WR Edition Over and Under Valued Targets
Andy debuts a more compact style of the pod. He discusses the Value of draft position and which WRs are Overvalued at their current ADP and which ones are a steal at their ADP. Check in with Andy at @TecmoBros on twitter or email us at for questions and you can be on the mailbag episode!
July 16, 2021
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 042 - Trade Strategy, Etiquette, and Finding Partners w/ Aaron
I know its been awhile TecmoTeam, but we are back. Today we have Aaron from the Get Bettor Podcast (@Get_Bettor) to discuss Trading in fantasy football. Let us know if you agree or not with our opinions on this!
November 27, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 041 - Week 8 BOLD Predictions!!
The reviews from last weeks episode are in. You all LOVED the bold prediction style episode and the more micro sized content. Sam is BACK and joins Andy with dropping some CRAZY predictions for Week 8. Head over to our twitter @tecmobros and vote if you are Team Andy or Team Sam on a VERY important question. 
October 28, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 041 - Silly Stupid Absolutely Awful Predictions... In about 30 minutes.
OG Bro Sam joins Andy on the show to go over some bold/brash predictions about what will happen in Week 7 and BEYOND!! Andy and Sam break it down into bite size pieces and leave the longer content at home in this abridged episode. They talk Week 6 Studs, Each give a handful of Crazy predictions, and pick the winners of each Week 7 game. 
October 20, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 040 - Micro Episode! Week 5 Recap and Waivers
With no Thursday Night Football and a Tuesday Night game looming, Andy goes over a recap of Week 5 and discusses Rockstars, Not-Stars, and Waiver options to look at this week. Check out the Micro Episode and get ready for the MEGA Episode on Friday. 
October 13, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 039 - Week 4 Detox, Thursday Night Preview, and Andy has to read what?
WHAT IS GOIN ON Tecmo Team? We are back at you with a Week 4 Detox from a strange slate of games. We go over Rockstars/Not-Stars and our biggest disappointments of the week. Andy lost a bet in a home league so he has to read something written by the person who defeated him, find out what that is! Remember to follow on the socials, and give the Tecmo Bros some love. 
October 6, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 038 - Week 4 Preview!
Andy and Ben go over the week 4 games. Andy and Ben discuss the change of games in Week 7 and 8. Who do you start? Who do you sit? How sad is Andy about the Falcons? Find out this and more in this episode!
October 2, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 037 - Week 3 Detox + Waivers
Ben and Andy recoup after a rough week 3 with MORE INJURIES. They discuss what happened in Week 3, if its time to panic, and who you need to pick up to make your team better. They also preview Thursday Nights Broncos v Jets as best they can. Check us out!
September 30, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 036 - INJURYPOCOLYPSE!! Week 3 Preview
On this episode of the Tecmo Bros, Andy and Ben talk about the Week 3 preview during the Injurypocolypse. Find out who is left standing and who to play after the dust has settled. 
September 26, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 035 - Thursday Night Recap / Week 2 Preview!
What better to talk about on a Friday than the Thursday Night Football game? Andy and Ben recap the Browns v Bengals and go over the full slate of games coming this weekend, giving you the advice on who to start or sit. After listening don't forget to leave us a 5 Star Review and a Rating on your favorite podcast platform!
September 19, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 034 - Week 1 Detox, Rockstars and Not-stars, Waivers and Thursday Night Preview!
This jam packed episode drops giving you a week 1 detox. Andy and Ben go over the Rockstars and Not-Stars of Week 1. We go over Waiver priority options and we hit the Thursday Night Preview! All of this and a few fun nuggets tossed into a JAM PACKED episode. 
September 16, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 033 - Week 1 Preview!
Andy and Ben dive into the 15 games happening over the first NFL weekend. Andy and Ben go over the news and notes from the week along with breaking down the Thursday Night game. If you want to know who to start coming up on Week 1 give this a listen!
September 12, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 032 - Final Prep for the Season and discussing WEEK 1!! KC v HOU.
Andy and Ben share their excitement about Fantasy Football starting as the NFL season is just 6 days away. They talk about all the news that happened last week along with sharing their last minute Fantasy Hot Takes. Quickly hitting winners of the Divisions and lastly, going over KC v Houston to open the NFL 2020 season. This episode is packed with goodies. Take a listen!
September 4, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 031 - LIVE Mock Draft!
Andy and Ben take part in a Mock Draft on Sleeper. Andy drew spot 4 and Ben drew Spot 12. They fill you in on your thought process in the draft to help you figure out the best course of action for your draft. Who had the better team? Vote on Facebook or Twitter when the polls are up!
August 21, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 030 - Draft Prep &Tips
Its the 30th Episode of the Tecmo Bros Fantasy Football podcast. Andy and Ben go over some draft prep that will help you be ready for your upcoming drafts, along with some specific tips for Snake vs Auction style drafts. Which do Andy and Ben prefer? Find out on this episode!
August 13, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 029 - NFL during a pandemic - Is Mr. Clyde Overrated? Buy or Sell, COVID Edition
Is Clyde Edwards Helaire overrated? Andy and Ben dig into Mr. Clydes upside and they re-rank him in their consensus rankings. Find out where they place him now that Damien Williams has opted out.  How does COVID impact the chances for an NFL season. Andy and Ben discuss if we will or will not have a season in 2020.  Andy challenges Ben with some Buy or Sell with some tough coin flips that you might come across in your season. 
August 6, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 028 - July Positional Rankings! TE/DST/K Edition
Ben returns to finish off July positional rankings. Andy and Ben navigate the position with the highest drop off of talent, the TE division, which can be a bit of a. chore to rank. Find out who you must have and who you should avoid by listening to this new episode! 
July 31, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 027 - The Orignal Tecmo Bro returns! Sam guest hosts to provide insight
Player 2 Enters the arena. Sam returns for an episode to tell Andy where he has been, what he thinks about this season, and where Andy and Ben may have gone wrong on rankings! The original Packer bias returns for another round on this impromptu episode of Tecmo Bros
July 28, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 026 - WR Rankings! It's a DEBATE
Andy and Ben take up DEBATE in the WR rankings for 2020. They do their best to make sense of the moves for players with new QBs and schemes. Who do Andy and Ben have in the top? Who do they think will drop? Catch out the WR rankings for the 2020 season. ITS A DEBATE!!!
July 17, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 025 - Running Bank Rankings!
After a controversial QB Rankings from last week, Andy and Ben try to tackle the RB position, to a tough degree. Andy and Ben disagree on a few and hear their reasonings why. Give us a like on our Facebook page ( or give us a follow on Twitter (@tecmobrosff). 
July 9, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 024 - July Position Rankings - QB Edition
Andy and Ben tackle the QB position in the start of the Rankings for the month of July. Andy and Ben both made a list of personal top 20 QB's, then consolidated it to make a consensus top 20! Find out how we got here! 
July 3, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 023 - June Divisional Breakdowns FINALE!! AFC West Edition
In the finale of June Divisional Breakdowns, Andy and Ben discuss the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs along with the Raiders, Chargers, and Broncos. Who do you need to have? Can you trust and who do you need to be hands off of? Get your dose of Fantasy Football do's and don'ts. Twitter: @tecmobrosff Facebook: Tecmo Bros Fantasy Football
June 25, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 022 - June Breakdowns! NFC West - How Much is that Russell in the Window?
This episode Andy and Ben tackle the NFC West division of the NFL for Fantasy Football. Will the 49ers continue to dominate? What about the Rams? And how much is Russell Wilson really worth? Check it out and don't forget to leave us a 5 star review! Twitter: @tecmobrosff Facbook: Tecmo Bros Fantasy Football
June 23, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 021 - June Divisional Breakdown! AFC East. Wait? Where is Tom Brady?
In this episode the TecmoBros tackle the AFC East division for the continued June Breakdowns. The TecmoBros address the absence of Tom Brady and what you can expect on the Patriots in his stead. Which positions are locks for Fantasy Studs and which players should you steer clear of? Give us a listen and don't forget to leave a review.  Follow us on our socials for the most up to date information out of TecmoHQ.  Twitter: @tecmobrosff Instagram: @tecmobrosff Facebook: Tecmo Bros Fantasy Football
June 18, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 020 - NFC East - Who's Dat SEXY Sleeper Pick?
Andy and Ben are back with another June Divisional Breakdown, this time, NFC East. We update you on Dak Watch and wish Zeke a speedy recovery on his battle with COVID-19. Ben and Andy then discuss who you must have in the NFC East and a surprising battle comes out of the Episode as Andy and Ben debate which QB will be be the one to have. Don't forget to follow on twitter (@tecmobrosff), like us on Facebook, and subscribe on your various podcast platforms.
June 15, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 019 - AFC South: Its a whole buncha' guys
Andy and Ben go over the AFC South in this Divisional Breakdown. How does Ben feel about Dalvin Cooks holdout? Which guys do you need to fill out your depth on your squad? Which guys do you need to avoid like the plague? Find out here! Give us a like and a subscribe to stay notified. 
June 12, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 018 - NFC South, Andy's Falcon Bias, and TOMpa Bay.
This week Andy and Ben talk about the South. NFC is the edition on this episode. Listen to Andy and Ben talk about must have players, which ones might be a bit too expensive, and the thoughts on Tom Bradys big move to Tampa Bay. Andy's Atlanta Falcons bias is on full display in this episode. Give it a listen for this stacked division. 
June 9, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 017 - June Divisional Breakdown: AFC North
BEN IS BACK!! He survived his first show and comes back for Round 2. This time we are discussing the AFC North and players you must have, who is undervalued, and who do you stay away from. Why does Ben hate the Browns so much? Tune in to find out!
June 4, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 016 - June Divisional Breakdowns!! NFC North Edition
Andy and Ben talk about the NFC North, who you have to own, who you should stay away from. Who is over valued, under the radar, and top at the position BUT ONLY. in the NFC North Division. 
June 1, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 015 - 2020 Season Question Marks + Brain Droppings w/ Andy
Andy checks in with a solo show to check in with the Tecmo Team, goes over some disappointments from last season who are going to turn it around, as well as going over some Question Marks for how certain scenarios will play out with some teams who have new personal this year. Listen to one man ramble for about 22 minutes. 
May 9, 2020
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 014 - Quick hits for Fantasy Playoffs
Sam and Andy talk some choice matchups in an abridged version of TBFF Podcast
December 5, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 013 - Week 13 Fantasy Thanksgiving!! PLAYOFF PUSH!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our Tecmo Bros our there. Week 13 is upon us and everyone is making that last minute playoff push. Who can you start and who should you sit in this situation? Sam and Andy go over who they like and dislike in this do or die Fantasy Football week. 
November 27, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 012 - Week 12 Preview! Playoff push and QB streams
Sam and Andy talk Week 12 matchups, who to target in your playoff push and who can you stream at QB with the bye weeks. 
November 20, 2019
TecmoBro Fantasy Football Ep. 011 - Draft Busts! What happened?
Who did you draft that didn't pan out like you expected? Sam and Andy discuss on this abbreviated episode of Tecmo Bros Fantasy Football. 
November 7, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 010 - Week 9 Preview, FlaacNO, and Big Plays in GREEN BAY!
Sam and Andy preview week 9 along with talking injuries and heroics in some games from week 8. Sam takes a quick nap during the NYJ/MIA preview and has some big opinions about the Packers out of GREEN BAY!! Join us at TecmoBros!
October 29, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 009 - #SafteyGate - Week 8 Preview
Sam and Andy tackle a Week 8 Preview and what this means for your fantasy teams. Who do you start and who do you sit? Listen in and we will tell you!
October 23, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep.008 - Ref Troubles and THE Week 7 Preview
Sam and Andy address the NFL referee landscape, what their thoughts are on the bad calls creeping into your fantasy production. They go over the Week 7 Preview, we hear a personal message from Sam to Kirk Cousins, and MORE!!
October 16, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 007 - Week 6 Preview, Start your Studs, Sneaky Pickups
Welcome to Week 6 of Fantasy Football. Today the Bros skip the Recap of Week 5 and jump right into Week 6's Preview. Who do you start, who do you sit? Is Sam crazy to say that Jesse James will have a bigger week than Jimmy Graham? Let us know. 
October 10, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 006 - Week 4 Recap, BIG WEEKS, and Panic Rooms.
Week 4 of football is in the books. The Bros talk Week 4 recap, who were the biggest point totals of the week, and who we are panicking on after consistent bad performances. 
October 1, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 005 - Week 3 Recap puts the Bros out of sorts.
Week 3 has the TecmoBros out of sorts. Sam ran into some Career Games and Andy tries to make heads or tails of the production of some fantasy assets. The Bros go over the Week 3 Games and talk about who they feel confident starting in week 4 and onwards. Join Us!
September 25, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 004 - Week 2 Recap, Injuries, and Streamers. OH MY!!
Week 2 is in the books. Sam and Andy talk about the string of big injuries, the fantasy implications of the players it impacts, and some streamers and waiver wire pick ups. They also go over Start/Stops for the Week 3 Games. At the end of the episode, they ask two questions of their listeners. Check out those polls @tecmobrosff on twitter. 
September 19, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 003 - Week 1 Recap and Detox
WEEK ONE OF FOOTBALL!! It has come and gone. Join us for this PACKED episode as we recap Week 1 and detox off of what happened. What Studs were Studs, what Studs were Duds, and which Boom or Busts did you leave benched? Sam and Andy tell you their thoughts, who to keep, when to panic, and who to take a shot on. 
September 11, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 002 - Draft Analysis, Overspenders, and Value Picks
Check out the second episode of the Tecmo Bros. Sam and Andy talk about their recently completed live auction draft, revisit the work league draft, and talk about some League News. All the while Andy has trouble with the new Mic Stands in the lab. Listen to Sam talk and Andy Struggle in the latest edition of Tecmo Bros. 
August 26, 2019
TecmoBros Fantasy Football Ep. 001 - Draft Strategy, Grades, and DRAMA!
Will Antonio Brown find a helmet? What to do if your top draft pick decides he's gonna hold out! Also, find out what Sam and Andy thought of some of the selections of their inter-office snake draft league, and get some decent advice for your own draft from a couple guys who aren't paid to tell you how to draft. Socials: @tecmobrosff on Twitter
August 20, 2019