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Notes from the Shed

Notes from the Shed

By Ted Mills
Feverish thoughts, monologues, and phone calls with a world in lockdown, recorded here in my shed, 2020
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James Cordes enters the shed
Labor attorney James Cordes is here to talk about your rights as an employee during COVID
June 15, 2020
Matt Kettmann brings some wine to the Shed
Wine Enthusiast’s Matt Kettmann is on the show to talk COVID and how it is or isn’t changing the industry
May 05, 2020
Anne Haberkern enters the shed
Anne Haberkern works in higher education and study abroad programs and we talk about how COVID is affecting not just those programs but the entirety of higher education
April 27, 2020
Olivia Kienzel enters the Shed
My longtime friend Olivia Kienzel is our guest today, she is a counselor up in Vancouver British Columbia, so we end up talking about healthcare and self-care in this optimistic episode
April 16, 2020
Chris Skinner returns to the shed
Get your favorite tipple ready bc Chris and I go deep about Weimar America, Biden, and what might be left of this country after!
April 11, 2020
Jonathan Crow exits the shed
On the day Bernie called it quits I talk to one of my long time friends Jonathan Crow about his feelings on the DNC, on the Republicans, and the future of democracy. Contains a lot of swearing so be warned
April 09, 2020
Dancer-choreographer Meredith Cabaniss visits the shed
What are dancers and similar artists doing in lockdown? I talk to Meredith Cabaniss of Selah Dance about this new existence
April 02, 2020
Chris Skinner enters the shed
My friend for many, many years Christopher Skinner joins us all the way from Portland to talk about his lockdown, his insurance, the response of Germany to the virus, and a little recipe for dinner
April 02, 2020
Sean Kennedy returns
Sean Kennedy returns with an update on drug trials and what might happen this coming week
March 31, 2020
Sean Kennedy on Ojai and drug trials
Today I talk to my friend Sean Kennedy who has things to say about drug trials, the coronavirus, politics, and living in lockdown in Ojai
March 19, 2020
Opening the Shed Doors
Welcome to the Shed, where we’re gonna figure out how to get thru the End of the Old Normal
March 14, 2020