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Teddy Untitled

Teddy Untitled

By Teddy
I'm not a phd or a professional anything. Just a person here to chat parenting, pets, and peopling.
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The Villain Episode

Teddy Untitled

The Furbabies Episode
I'm not a vet, or anything official... I have no title. BUT I do have two ADORABLE dogs. One of which literally saved my life. So this is the story of my boys, Professor Walter and Charlie Brown. I hope all my fellow dog lovers will enjoy this one and share in return their stories! I would love to hear from you... And maybe even feature your stories on my podcast!
April 30, 2021
The Religion & Such Episode
Hold on, hold on... There is no need to skip this - I am not going to be preaching to you about my religion nor am I going to be bashing yours. These are some thoughts and stories about how I arrived to my beliefs on God and Religion, with a sprinkle of "It Gets Better" for my LGBTQIA+ brothers and sister. Or really anyone struggling out there with any aspect of life. 
April 21, 2021
The Villain Episode
Introduction part 2. Laying the foundation for my personality type so you understand my dry humor and sharp tongue. Bonus: there is a song at the end I call "The Karen Song" which I think will get stuck in your head! 
April 9, 2021
The Introduction Episode
I have no official title. I’m not a PhD, not an MD, not an Mrs., not a CEO, not a CEA, etc. I’m just me. Teddy Untitled. Welcome to my podcast! This episode is an introduction. Teddy Untitled will be 20 minute episodes of crazy stories about managing motherhood in this madness. This ain’t your Karen’s mommy podcast — I will have no advice and no unsolicited commentary on your parenting. I will not help you or guide you through your parenting issues, but instead more likely than not leave you with more questions than answers; as that’s my constant condition. 
April 5, 2021