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TeeBox Chatter

TeeBox Chatter

By Alexander Toth
TeeBox Chatter presented by Until The Next Tee is an organic, genuine, unscripted podcast dedicated to the glorious game of golf. It will consist of an eclectic blend of guests from avid golfers to musicians. Golf industry news, current events in the golf world, discussions with golf manufacturers and so much more. Who knows, maybe we'll discuss other things too. After all, dare I say it, there's more to life than golf. #fightandgrind #seeuonthenexttee
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Experience Ireland Golf - A Special St. Patrick's Day Episode

TeeBox Chatter

"The Clarity of Golf Simulators"
In this episode of the TeeBox Chatter Golf Podcast I welcome Bill Bales to the first teebox. We talk about everything when it comes to golf simulators and the history of video games dedicated to golf. There were others well before "Tiger Woods PGA Tour". From a time when the games were about strategy and not-so much about graphics. We discuss his role in developing or in assisting with the development of one of the golf simulator industry's leaders AboutGolf. We also talk about his latest project (Clarity Golf) and where it's heading. Many thanks to Mary Beth Lacy from golf public relations firm Mary Beth Lacy Inc for arranging this interview with her client.
May 22, 2022
Episode 13 - "It's Coffee Time"
Nothing beats great service. Great service like that of the staff at Niagara National Golf and Country Club. Join my Co-Host Doug and I over a coffee or two. Recorded on location at Niagara National Golf and Country Club in Stevensville, Ontario. In this episode we discuss Doug's week in golf and his start and where to improve. The NCAA Regional's in Women's Golf and teams like the Mississippi State Bulldogs. A team that's led by the husband (Charlie Ewing) of LPGA Tour player Ally Ewing. With the NCAA Regional's is there a way to cover those events to give college golf more exposure. Are the logistics of doing such too much to handle? Could they follow in the footsteps of the Epson Tour with live streaming on the likes of Twitter or YouTube. NCAA sports... Do you like it more than professional sports. A prize purse increase on the LPGA Tour at their Amundi Evian Championship. Minjee Lee wins the Cognizant Founder's Cup at New Jersey's Upper Montclair Country Club. Whipping out things onto the table. Like the, to be reviewed, Tanto Golf Divot Repair Tool. We talk other equipment like Breakthrough Golf Technology's Stability Tour Fire putter shaft. A shout-out to Power Golf (clubfitter) and Niagara Golf and Batting Cages. My disappointment with Golf Town. More equipment talk later on in the episode as I talk about Cobra Golf's product range after attending a Fitting Day put on by Niagara Golf Warehouse. What's a Sooner? Tulsa has Hurricanes. Either way, the PGA TOUR is in Oklahoma and this week is the PGA Championship. We list our picks. There might be flag waving involved. Doug goes all "Brandel Chamblee" about Jon Rahm. Major performers in Major Championships. And yes, Tiger Woods is a part of the conversation. Yes Greg Norman, everybody does make mistakes. I met him once and I talk about that disappointment. We talk about Rickie Fowler and the possibility of him joining the Premier Golf League.
May 18, 2022
Episode 12 - "Breaking Through"
On this episode of the "TeeBox Chatter" Golf Podcast I welcome Mr. Barney Adams to the tee box. During this episode we discuss his humble beginnings before striking gold with the Adams Tight Lies. Marketing golf products, late night ads on the Golf Channel and his latest foray. Breakthrough Golf and the wide use of the Stability putter shafts across the world on golf's professional tours.
May 16, 2022
Episode 11 - "A Change of Scenery"
In this episode of the "TeeBox Chatter" golf podcast (recorded on location at Niagara National Golf and Country Club in Stevensville, ON) my Co-Host Doug Lauder discuss a myriad of topics.  Join us as we talk about the dormant week on the LPGA Tour and the upcoming event (this week's Cognizant Founder's Cup), the NCAA Women's Golf Regionals. Max Homa's fourth victory at the Wells Fargo Championship from TPC Potomac in Virginia, the any given Sunday vibe that the LPGA Tour exudes. The potential bloodbath that a women's golf version of The President's Cup would create. We switch gears and discuss golfer's who feel like that they could breakthough in a way like Rich Strike did at the recent Kentucky Derby. Bryson DeChambeau's stock and where his swing could lead him. We talk about the inventor of the Core Builder Pro (Jim Porterfield). The LIV/PGA TOUR drama and guys who have had underachieving careers. Doug has an issue with Steve Stricker's hat. Dougie wants my Edison Golf Forged Wedges. The Tour Edge Golf Exotics 722 metalwoods and how impressive they've been during testing. Even past podcast guest Robert Winkskowicz (Sqairz Golf) gets a mention too. Shaft selection after Doug's fitting with Callaway Golf. Next week, I will try a Triple Bogey Half and Half on the air.
May 14, 2022
Episode 10 - The Traveling Golfer (Claudio DeMarchi) "From Prague to Richmond, Virginia"
In this episode of TeeBox Chatter I welcome "The Traveling Golfer" Claudio DeMarchi. We discuss everything from fly fishing to who and what exactly "The Traveling Golfer" is. How golf travel came to a crashing halt thanks to a worldwide pandemic and its slow recovery. Then we touch on his travels last fall to the Czech Republic and more recently to Virgina to experience some of what that state has to offer. Including some very affordable rates that you may not expect.
May 09, 2022
Episode 9: The Pivot
In this episode of TeeBox Chatter titled "The Pivot" my Co-Host Doug Lauder and I discuss everything from Slot-Car racing and how it translates into golf equipment.  Also we talk about the 16-year-old Augusta National Women's Amateur Champion and "Bucket Hat" wearin' Anna Davis who made her first LPGA Tour start at the 2022 Palos Verdes Championship.  College. Well, that's a stone not left unturned as we start to discuss NCAA like Billy Horschel and the "Gator Chomp". Kent State Golf and the Canadian connection.  We talk about the Epson Tour and their recent winner Gabriella Thenn and Haley Moore. We even chat about the lack of parity between the Epson Tour and the Korn Ferry Tour. ($30,000 vs $100,000). How does it change? 
May 08, 2022
Potting clay, wine country, stock-car racing, the RBC Heritage, and is Cantlay a cyborg?
In this episode my Co-Host Doug Lauder and I discuss many topics.  We discuss the uniqueness of the diverse soil conditions on which Niagara, Ontario golf courses are built on. Wine country. We look at Jordan Spieth's victory at the RBC Heritage Classic. And what's the deal? Is Patrick Cantlay a cyborg? What's up with that? Would a co-sanctioned LPGA/PGA Tour event work? #pgatour #lpga #golf #golfpodcast #teeboxchatter #rbcheritageclassic #bentpropdistillers #niagaranationalgolfandcountryclub #niagara #niagarawine #seapinesresort 
April 22, 2022
A Masters"ful" Recap
Join my Co-Host Doug Lauder and I as we recap the "tradition unlike any other". The Masters. We talk about the 2022 Masters Champion Scottie Scheffler, Tiger Woods' tournament and where does he go from here. Also, is there a more interesting and captivating PGA TOUR player than "Out of Contention IDGAF Rory"?. Oh yeah. Tyrrell Hatton we didn't forget about you. If you think that ANGC is "unfair", stay home.  Also, we discuss the Core Builder Pro a product that was received for testing. The core is an integral part of our anatomy and not just for golf.
April 14, 2022
"Arnie and Jack"
In this episode of TeeBox Chatter I welcome Charlie Mechem to the tee. Charlie Mechem was the LPGA Commissioner from 1990 to 1995 and we discuss his friendship with two of golf's legends, Mr. Arnold Palmer and Mr. Jack Nicklaus. This episode is full of entertaining stories and anecdotes in advance of his new book "Arnie and Jack". With so many to choose from we find out how he decided which stories "made the cut", flying with Arnie, the reason for writing the book, the legendary rivalry, golf and sports of different eras, and the time that baked beans were removed from Arnie's restaurant.
April 10, 2022
Stroke Play Golf Apparel and Dougie Does
What happens when you have a worldwide pandemic and two couples that golf in a mixed league together? Well, a golf lifestyle brand emerges.  On this episode of "TeeBox Chatter", I welcome Donny Churchill and Reid Turner, who with their wives Sandy (Churchill) and Steph (Turner) are the Co-Founders of Stroke Play Golf Apparel. We discuss how and why this up and coming brand got started, where they're going, and a little bit about Niagara golf and wine country.  After, I introduce my recurring Co-Host Doug Lauder. We chat about golf commercials, Tour Edge Golf, selecting the correct golf ball, short game, and course management.
March 25, 2022
Energy Fizz, Augusta National and the V1 Pressure Mat
Join me as I welcome one of the best young coaches in the game of golf (Jake Thurm) to the tee. This episode was full of laughs and a real pleasure to record. Moreover, I guarantee you that this episode is as educational for a single digit handicap golfer or a newcomer to golf. Jake Thurm is the swing coach for Kevin Streelman (PGA TOUR) and Tim Petrovic (PGA TOUR Champions). Jake is also a leading expert in using ground force to help golfers improve and an ambassador for the V1 Pressure Mat. A teaching tool that tracks where your weight is transferred during the golf swing. Some of the misconceptions that you'll learn during this episode (32:00 and after) will blow your mind. Energy Fizz - 3:00 THE PLAYERS - 5:00 Is it a Major? - 7:51 Augusta National (Masters Edition putters and Porta-Potty Guides)- 14:00 V1 Pressure Mat - 22:45 "Pivot People" vs "Handle People" - 32:00 The Sway (Yay or Nay) - 47:00 "Buying Into Reality" - 1:06 To Work or Not To Work (The Ball) - 1:11
March 20, 2022
All Things Srixon, Cleveland Golf, and XXIO
In this episode of TeeBox Chatter I welcome Product Manageer from Cleveland Golf to discuss all things Cleveland Golf/Srixon/XXIO. From the signing of Brooks Koepka, to Matsuyama's Hawaiian start, golf balls, equipment, and more.
February 27, 2022
TeeBox Chatter with Sqairz Golf Founder and CEO Robert Winskowicz
in this episode of TeeBox Chatter, I'm joined by the Founder and CEO of Sqairz Golf Robert Winskowicz. We talk about bass, his golf industry experience, and the genius of Sqairz Golf. It's a very insightful and educational episode.
February 20, 2022
Okay, It's Not an Episode. (TeeBox Chatter Golf Song)
For a few months now, I've been working on a golf-related song. Figuring out the right chords, rhythm, and matching them up with lyrics has been tricky. Even trickier when you can't sing. The song and music, I have completely written. This is an excerpt that I recorded this afternoon while watching the Gainbridge LPGA.  The completed song will be posted. I am hoping to add drums or percussion and dare I say it bass. #lpga #golf #golfsong #teeboxchatter
January 29, 2022
Season 2 Episode 1 Part 2 - Spencer Hadelman of Talon Golf (From Hello Kitty to the 2022 PGA Show)
In the second part of a two part episode my chat with Spencer Hadelman who is the Co-Founder of Talon Golf and Advantage Marketing. We discuss everything from marketing for "Hello Kitty" to Bandon Dunes. Who Talon Golf is, golf gloves, the appeal of power, and more. The Talon Golf Backstory - 1:00 Sourcing and Total Honesty - 5:50 Wearing New Gloves, is it Placebo Effect - 9:20 The PGA Show - 12:30 Talon Golf Apparel and Glove Subscription - 15:00 The Appeal of Power (LPGA/PGA) - 19:00 Thank you Spencer.  (Upcoming episodes include Bridgestone Golf, Sqairz Golf, and Srixon/Cleveland Golf/XXIO).
January 26, 2022
Season 2 - Episode 1 Part 1 - Da Bears, Advantage Marketing, Sand Valley, Cabot Golf, and More
In Part 1 of a 2-part episode of TeeBox Chatter I'm joined by the CEO of Advantage Marketing and the Co-Founder of Talon Golf. The former University of Wisconsin - Madison Badger joins me as we discuss everything from fixing the Chicago Bears, how he became interested in golf, Advantage Marketing, golf properties that they represent and a great way to put a perspective on things. Da Bears - 0:35 Introduction to Golf - 2:15 Advantage Marketing - 6:00 Golf Properties (Sand Valley/Mammoth Dunes and Mike Keiser (Cabot) - 8:00 Club Champion - 11:00 Perspective - 17:00 ****The second part will be aired on Wednesday, January 26th. #SeeUOnTheNexTTee #FightAndGrind
January 24, 2022
Episode 13 - Silly Season
As silly as this segment of the golf schedule is in North America, it is silly season. With events like the QBE Shootout and the PNC. Yeah, yeah, I know Tiger and Charlie. Other than Q-School and a chance for new guys to earn points this time of the year could serve a higher purpose. 
December 12, 2021
Episode 12 - The Re-Boot
After a lengthy hiatus, TeeBox Chatter returns. In the time that I was gone, I used it to re-think my pod. No more 1 hr+ episodes. Nothing more than 35 minutes is the goal.  In this episode... Viktor Hovland wins the Hero World Challenge Tiger's Tournament and his swing videos The LPGA (Jin Young Ko) The 2022 PGA Show Stay tuned for more upcoming episodes of TeeBox Chatter. We're back baby!
December 06, 2021
Episode 11 - As a Drought Ends... A Golf Lockdown Begins
In this episode of TeeBox Chatter. The PGA TOUR introduces a "PIP" on the radar. The Player Impact Program. Team Cink wins the RBC Heritage, Ko's drought ends in Hawai'i. In Ontario, the golf plug has been pulled. (Rated PG. A couple of vulagarities)
April 20, 2021
Episode 10 - A Big Two Weeks for Japanese Golf
The title says a lot. A huge last couple of weeks for Japanese golf. Katijani wins the ANWA, Matsuyama wins The Masters (the first Major for a male Japanese golfer), Shota-san, and remembering Harbour Town Golf Links the venue of this week's stop on the PGA TOUR (RBC Heritage).
April 13, 2021
Episode 9 - Masters Sunday
It's Masters Sunday. A look at "Moving Day", Phil Mickelson, Corey Conners, and Justin Rose. Golf courses don't care how pretty a golf swing is. Just ask Adam Scott. The forecast in Augusta for Sunday, and Hideki Matsuyama what could be on the menu and the "Hideki-pause". You may wanna incorporate it. Here's why.  Music by - Alexander Toth (Host)
April 11, 2021
Episode 8 - The Cut Was Established (The 2021 Masters Tournament)
It's now "Moving Day" at the 2021 Masters. A quick look at who made the cut and who didn't. Who out of the first groups could make a move today to get back into contention. Thoughts on Will Zalatoris, Justin Rose, DJ, Rory, and Bryson DeChambeau. Music by - Alexander Toth (Host)
April 10, 2021
Episode 7 - The Masters Preview (2021)
A tradition like no other. The Masters. It's Masters week and I welcome my guest Tom Kennedy (Experience Ireland Golf) to chat about the ANA Inspiration, the ANWA (Augusta National Women's Amateur), and all things The Masters. From favourites to food. Intro music by Alexander Toth - Host of TeeBox Chatter
April 07, 2021
TeeBox Chatter Season 1 Episode 6 - A Chat With Jason Hiland (CEO of SUB 70 Golf)
Welcome back to TeeBox Chatter everyone! Thank you for taking the time out of your hectic lives to have a listen. This week, my guest is all-around nice guy and the CEO of SUB 70 Golf Jason Hiland. Join us on the tee box of the first tee as we "chatter it up" about the WGC - Dell Technologies Match Play (being played this week) and Stableford Scoring. Two formats that are fun and different and that we need more of.  Also, it's all things SUB 70 Golf. A brand different from the rest. From Jason's beginnings in the golf industry to hand-written notes, and products new in 2021. Now including soft goods too!
March 25, 2021
Experience Ireland Golf - A Special St. Patrick's Day Episode
Join me as I welcome Tom Kennedy of Experience Ireland Golf. In this episode, we discuss golf in Ireland, Experience Ireland Golf a company that offers bespoke golf vacations, greens with bunkers in the middle of them, The PLAYERS Championship, and not every golf course in Ireland is Ballybunion, Lahinch, The K Club, or Royal County down. There are others including some amazing 9-hole golf courses. Also, golf architect Tom Doak has designed his first golf course in Ireland (St. Patrick's Links). There might have been some alcohol consumed too! (Redbreast 12-year old and Triple Bogey Brewing).
March 17, 2021
Episode 4 - "The Need For Speed"
Do you and your golf game have the need for speed? Join me as I chat with Luke Benoit (Founder) and Scott McDonald from RYP Golf. This product is more than a speed trainer. It's a versatile aid that can help your game. We also chat about Bryson DeChambeau at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, predictions for THE PLAYERS Championship, and when will the golf season begin.
March 12, 2021
TeeBox Chatter - Episode 3 (John Phillips of Fingerprints Golf)
In this episode of TeeBox Chatter, I welcome the founder of Fingerprints Golf (John Phillips). Parents and grandparents, if you want to get your children/grandchildren into golf, this junior golf brand has grips and clubs to get them started the right way. Learn all about how they came about. This is a great-looking product. We also talk golf, junior golf, fishing, and Virgina Beach.
March 05, 2021
TeeBox Chatter - Episode 2 (Tiger and talking with Elliot Mellow from Bridgestone Golf)
In this episode of "TeeBox Chatter".  I have a couple of thoughts regarding the events of February 23rd, 2021 (Tiger Woods' Accident) and I talk Bridgestone Golf golf balls with Elliot Mellow. Elliot is the Marketing Manager for the Golf Ball Division at Bridgestone Golf. Learn all about the new e12 Contact golf ball.
February 26, 2021
TeeBox Chatter - Episode 1 (PING G425)
Please join me on the tee box as I welcome Sales Representative for PING/PING Apparel Martin Neil as we discuss all things PING in 2021. "Spinsistency"? What the heck is that? Martin explains. Also, we discuss the success of PING G425 metalwoods on TOUR, while also briefly touching on Golf Canada, Brooke Henderson, Corey Conners, and Mackenzie Hughes.
February 19, 2021
TeeBox Chatter - Pilot Episode
In the pilot episode of TeeBox Chatter I welcome golf course architect Agustin Piza (Piza Golf) and Vanessa Price of Read the Greens Media. Listen in as we chat about golf course architecture, his design philosophy, beginnings, The Pit, Wellness Golf, tartans, and mimosa. Music by Bleeker Song - Highway
February 13, 2021