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Elemental Keys To Ascension

Elemental Keys To Ascension

By Tequana
Every element expresses themselves differently. You'll hear my points of view about life, spirituality, Astrology and esoteric knowledge. We'll dive deep into life's lessons and you'll also get to experience myself and my guests Alchemize our thoughts.(Air,Earth, Fire,Water)
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Destiny of the shell.
Never give up on finding your purpose.
March 31, 2021
How to recognize you have abandonment issues
Without intro. Most of us have some form of abandonment issues. Now it the time to dig deep and do the work so we can stop attracting people who leave to us. And so we can stop abandoning ourselves and the ones we love
November 25, 2020
How to recognize if you have abandonment issues
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Most of us have some form of abandonment issues from our childhood. Now is the time to do the work to stop attracting those people and situation into our life.
November 24, 2020