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Teeny Topics

Teeny Topics

By Dr Ben Lohmeyer
Teeny is a tiny podcast about teeny topics.

Youth - Young People - Youth Work

Is youth really the best time of your life? Why do adults cause so much trouble for young people? Are “Millennials” really lazy? What do young people care about? How can I show I care about young people?

…these and many other little questions in just a few minutes.

Hosted by Dr Ben Lohmeyer
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Ageism and Covid-19 with Dr Peta Cook

Teeny Topics

Youth & Violent ways of Being – Are young people or youth inherently violent?
“Youths” at the skate park or shops breaking things and getting in fights are favourite topics of currents affairs programs or social media clickbait. Is there something about young people or being young that is violent? I share a few stories from my book to challenge to this subtle and unconscious association. Show Notes Contact @lohmeyerben Book Youth and Violent Performativities: Re-Examining the Connection Between Young People and Violence Blog ‘which one of youse want to fight?’ – Youth and violent ways of being Media If you want to cut bullying in schools, look at the ‘invisible violence’ in our society - The Conversation  Negative stereotyping of young people as violent “Youth Gangs” “Bullying Crisis” Crufews Hard-line Policies: (1) & (2) Bootcamps
September 17, 2020
Choice, Violence and “Choose Your Own Adventure Stories” with Benjamin Sorre
In this episode Benjamin Sorre (current youth work student at Tabor) tells us about his “Choose Your Own Adventure" Book that explores questions of choice and violence. He talks about how he wanted to not simply think about the issues academically, but create something that gave people an experience. He also points us toward some of the ideas that shaped his story including the Sociological Imagination, White Knuckle Care Work and the effects of youth as a social structure. Resources Exploring Violence and Society - Choose your own adventure game - Baines, D., & Cunningham, I. (2011). ‘White knuckle care work’: violence, gender and new public management in the voluntary sector. Work, employment and society, 25(4), 760-776. Violence and Society Podcast Mills, C. W. (2000). The sociological imagination. Oxford University Press.
July 20, 2020
Power Community's Multicultural Program with Alipate Carlile
Alipate is the Manager of the Multicultural Programs with Power Community Ltd. We chat about facilitating conversations with young people that reflect on personal biographies in the context of shared national histories and situating identities within cultural communities.  More information about Power Community and the Multicultural Program here:  Follow Alipate on twitter: @AlipateCarlile Teeny Podcast Website: Support the Teeny Podcast through Patreon:  Find Ben on Twitter @Lohmeyerben or visit:
May 11, 2020
Ageism and Covid-19 with Dr Peta Cook
This episode is a conversation about Ageism and Covid-19 with Dr Peta Cook, Senior Lecturer at University of Tasmania in the Wicking Dementia Research & Education Centre. Side note: forgetting to intro myself is now my thing. More about Peta and her work: Or on twitter: @PetaCook  Support the Teeny Podcast through Patreon:  Teeny Podcast Website: Find Ben on Twitter @Lohmeyerben or visit:
April 30, 2020
Youth Spirituality: Portraits of Shy Hope with Dr Phil Daughtry
In this episode, I forget to introduce myself (great start) and then Dr Phil Daughtry tells us a little about how Australian Youth Spirituality might best be as revealed in the quiet and persistent production of hope. This seems a pertinent message for our time.  More on Phil and his work: More on Portraits of a Shy Hope: - Blog: - Journal Article: Support the Teeny Podcast through Patreon:  Teeny Podcast Website: Find Ben on Twitter @Lohmeyerben or visit:
April 23, 2020