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Tell Me About Your Father

Tell Me About Your Father

By Erin Hosier, Matthew Phillp and Elizabeth Thompson
Everyone on the gender spectrum has to deal with men and that's enough of a reason to study their impact on our lives. Join hosts Erin Hosier, Elizabeth Thompson and Matthew Phillp for this bi-weekly podcast discussing dads, father figures and the paternal mystique. Episodes include interviews with people who have compelling father stories, recaps of father-centered TV and movies, and our talk show ‘Daddy Issues,’ featuring a cavalcade of brilliant guests who help us parse pop culture news through a dadly lense. If it's about dads, we'll be talking about it. It’s your mom’s favorite podcast!
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Jason Kander on PTSD, fatherhood, and the presidency
To celebrate 4th of July, Matt speaks with Jason Kander, veteran, author, former Secretary of State for Missouri, and the first millennial elected to statewide office, about his new memoir, Invisible Storm: a Soldier’s Memoir of Politics and PTSD, co-written with his wife, Diana. Jason discusses how he approaches fatherhood post-therapy, and what he learned from his own father, grandfather, and great uncle, the iconic Broadway composer John Kander. He also talks about who, in politics, is probably most desperate for their father's approval, and how President Obama helped him name his son, True.
July 04, 2022
Keith Gessen’s Battle Hymn of the Bear Dad
On this week’s episode of Tell Me About Your Father, we speak with author Keith Gessen about his new memoir “Raising Raffi,” a collection of essays on the first five years of fatherhood to his first-born son, Raffi, now 7. Gessen, the author of the novels “All The Sad Young Literary Men,” and “A Terrible Country,” is a founding editor of n+1 magazine and regular contributor to The New Yorker, and the husband of the writer Emily Gould. Listen as he tells us about being raised by a Russian father who isn’t a hugger, learning to reckon with being a dad who sometimes yells, and defining what it means to be a second-generation “Bear Dad.” 
June 27, 2022
Brad Listi on the bravery and brevity of fatherhood
On this special Father's Day-themed episode of Tell Me About Your Father, Erin talks to her old friend and real-life dad of two, Brad Listi, the author and host of the much-loved literary podcast Otherppl with Brad Listi, where he has epic conversations with legendary writers. In his new autobiographical novel, Be Brief and Tell Them Everything, Brad has written a love letter of a book to his children, in which he writes candidly about fatherhood and all of its moods - elation, fear, hope, excitement, ambivalence, guilt, and grief; all the terror and all the love. Brad shares how Buddhism and a spiritual practice which includes a midlife psilocybin mushroom trip with a playlist curated by Johns Hopkins, influence his approach to parenthood. It's a moving conversation that reflects the specific challenges of raising a child with disabilities, negotiating middle age, and defining what it means to be a good man, a good parent, and a good writer (we think the answer for all is telling the truth). Be Brief and Tell Them Everything is the book title, Otherppl is the podcast, and Brad Listi is the man.
June 20, 2022
Mr. Darcy on Fire Island: Daddy Issues! With Joel Kim Booster
Joel Kim Booster, comedian, actor and writer of the just-released Pride and Prejudice-inspired gay romantic comedy Fire Island, joins Matt and Elizabeth this week for Daddy Issues! Joel, who also stars in the film alongside Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang, tells us about what Jane Austen and Regency-era England has in common with the impenetrable wealth and whiteness of Fire Island, portraying gay culture and sex for a mass audience via a Fox Searchlight production, and casting Conrad Ricamora as a perfectly dickish yet lovable Darcy. Joel also talks about losing his father to Covid last year and the unrelenting writer’s block and depression that settled in as he grieved. His perspective on the importance of creating a family of choice with supportive friends will resonate with anyone whose bio-families are disinterested or ambivalent about their careers, as Joel’s were, despite his success. Later in the episode, it's on to discussing daddy issues in the news, including Johnny Depp's terrifying fans, Hunter Biden's sugar brother, Travis and Kourtney's homophobic wedding priest, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson's new movie, and a celebration of a new kind of fish dad. 
June 06, 2022
Connecting to a Dead Father Through Hearing His Voice - With Writer Michèle Dawson Haber and Matthew Phillp
This week, Matt is joined by writer Michele Dawson Haber, to discuss their shared experiences of losing their fathers as young children. Both Matt, who was three when his father died, and Michelle, who was three months old, have few or no memories of their dads but were left with audio recordings of their voices.  Last year, Michele wrote a Modern Love column in the New York Times about discovering a connection to her late father Eliahu, decades after his death by suicide, through tapes of his voice and, in this episode, Matt and Michele interview each other about the experience of trying to uncover who their biological fathers were through audio clips and asking family and friends what they remember. Normally, our interview episodes focus on the guest subject, but this time Matt and Michele share the episode as they compare what it’s like to piece together what happened when their fathers died, the importance of knowing your whole origin story,  and how to move forward after experiencing the sudden death of a parent.
May 23, 2022
'The Musk Men Stink': Daddy Issues ft. Youngmi Mayer
On this episode of Tell Me About Your Father’s pop culture and news review show Daddy Issues!, Erin and Elizabeth are joined by comedian Youngmi Mayer, host of must-listen podcasts "Feeling Asian" and "Hairy Butthole." We talk to Youngmi about comedy being the best way to talk about the worst things, her young adulthood in Korea and why she left to move to the US at age 20, as well as her white father's internalized white supremacy and misogyny. We also discuss the brain-searing experience of being mistaken for your father’s girlfriend, and Youngmi’s life as a happily divorced single mother to a young son. Then it's on to daddy issues in the news, as we dissect the ironic infantilization of women pregnant enough to have an abortion, and the fetid stench of recent Twitter purchaser Elon Musk and his dad Errol, who married—and has a child with—his stepdaughter. The Musk men stink and our commentary is the spiritual Febreeze you need.
May 09, 2022
Sopranos Star Ray Abruzzo On His Cowboy Dad from Queens
In this episode, Erin and Elizabeth talk to actor Ray Abruzzo, who played the deceptively wise mobster-dummy Little Carmine Lupertazzi on The Sopranos (see Tell Me About Your Father episodes 34-39 for our exegesis on the daddy issues inherent to that show). You may also know him from Night Court, LA Law, Dynasty, The Practice, Mad Men and Transparent. We came for Ray's insights on the family dynamics present in the ensemble casts of our favorite TV shows, and left with a heartwarming portrait of Ray's father, a colorful working-class character from Queens, born to Italian immigrants, whose love of art and storytelling rubbed off on his son, and led Ray on an extraordinary pilgrimage to Sicily in search of his paternal roots that gave us chills. Listen as Ray lets us in on the many parallel themes in both their lives— cowboys unafraid to embrace their creativity—and how Ray's dad may have inspired his committed delivery of some of Little Carmine's most memorable malapropisms by advising him to "improvise extemporaneously." Please enjoy our mellifluous conversation with Ray Abruzzo. **Little Carmine fans, Sopranos talk is from 34:29-50:48. 
May 02, 2022
Molly Shannon On Being Her Dad's Lucky Star, Becoming an SNL Superstar, and Her New Memoir
Molly Shannon, beloved performer, Saturday Night Live alumna, and now New York Times bestselling author of the memoir Hello Molly! recently stopped by her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio on her book tour to speak with Erin in front of a sold-out auditorium. This special episode of Tell Me About Your Father is a live recording of their conversation from April 15th at the Cuyahoga County Public Library, and it's the first time Molly has returned to Cleveland since her dad, Jim Shannon, died in 2001. Jim takes center stage in her book and this conversation, where Molly details the aftermath of the unimaginable car accident that made him a single father responsible for raising two little girls. Molly credits her dad for helping her find her moxie and perseverance in the face of a family tragedy and for always encouraging "shenanigans," including the time he successfully dared her and a friend to sneak onto a flight to New York City as tweens. (That friend was in the audience and joins Molly on stage to re-enact the story.) This boldness is also what inspired her iconic SNL characters Mary Katherine Gallagher and Sally O’Malley, strivers who never quit. Listen as she shares the impact her dad had on her career, his coming out to Molly late in life, and their final goodbye.
April 25, 2022
"Sean Penn Smelt It and Dealt It:" Daddy Issues, ft. Naveen Kumar
Joining Erin and Matt on today’s episode of Tell Me About Your Father’s pop culture and current affairs show, Daddy Issues, is the charming, and thoughtful cultural critic, Naveen Kumar - who contributes regularly to the New York Times, Them, Variety, and Broadway News. And we do manage to cover it all: President Zelensky’s heroism, Will Smith’s tantrums, Sean Penn’s irrelevance, Broadways (off and on), Meghan Markle ™,  jockstraps from Berlin, the untouchable elegance of Jerrod Carmichael, and the voluptuous horror of Noam Chomsky.
April 11, 2022
Filmmaker Erin Lee Carr On All Her Dad Left Behind
For our latest episode, Erin and Elizabeth talk to the two-time-Emmy-nominated film director Erin Lee Carr, whose work features several acclaimed true crime titles for HBO, including Mommy Dead & Dearest, At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal, I Love You Now Die: The Commonwealth V. Michelle Carter, and Undercurrent: The Disappearance of Kim Wall. For Netflix, Carr directed Britney Vs. Spears, about Britney Spears’ quest for freedom from her conservatorship controlled by her father. Erin Carr is the daughter of the esteemed New York Times media columnist David Carr, who died suddenly in 2015 at the age of 58 when Erin was just 26. David Carr had experienced what his daughter describes in our interview as “the rise and the fall and the rise,” grappling in his twenties with a crack cocaine addiction amidst the beginnings of what would become a meteoric journalism career. The premature births of Erin and her twin sister helped him get and stay sober, all of which is chronicled in his bestselling 2008 memoir The Night of the Gun. In Erin’s own memoir about her father, 2019’s All That You Leave Behind, she writes about the special bond she had with him over their shared career ambitions. And, as Erin would realize in her later twenties, their shared addiction to substances. Six years sober and engaged to a Washington Post media columnist (a similarity she thinks her father would have a field day with), Erin talks about the constant encouragement her dad bestowed on her—his toughness and tenderness—and shares the email he sent her after she was once fired that should probably be anthologized in parenting manuals.
March 28, 2022
‘Daddy Issues’ at the Oscars with Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair’s chief critic and co-host of the podcast Little Gold Men, joins 'Daddy Issues' for a second year and counting to discuss fatherly presence in this year’s Oscars nominations and to make his winner predictions. Fathers were a source of tender support in several of this year’s nominated films’— as opposed to last year when they were tragically slipping away to Alzheimer's, drunk, or learning from an octopus. Nominated films like CODA, King Richard, Dune, Flee, Raya and the Dragon, Encanto, Mitchells Vs the Machine, and Luca all feature fathers of characters who are classic outliers. There’s a lot less bullying and emotional infancy among these characters and a lot more kind-hearted helping of those who deserve a voice. It was also a big year for female directors contemplating gender norms. Maggie Gyllenhall’s film adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s novel The Lost Daughter explores an ambivalent mother who leaves her family in pursuit of her own academic career in a narrative that is traditionally attached to fathers. Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog, set in the 1920s American West, explores repressed rage and desire, internalized homophobia, particularly femme phobia, the complexities of mentorship, and history repeating itself. It’s also the most nominated film of the year, which really sticks in noted bitch Sam Elliott’s craw. We also discuss the "shockingly good" West Side Story, the incredible woof that was Being the Ricardos, and unpack Campion’s biggest Power of the Dog misstep. (Besides what she said to Venus and Serena Williams at the Critics Choice Awards.)
March 14, 2022
Choreographer and Artist Jack Ferver on Practicing Father Erasure
On our latest episode, Elizabeth talks with choreographer, writer and performance artist @jackferver about their work, which puts words and movement to the shattering of the self that comes with the near-constant existential and cultural threats the world poses to queer people and essentially anyone without power. Jack’s piercing dance-theater pieces have been called “so extreme that they sometimes look and feel like exorcisms” by the New Yorker, and although pain is at the center of much of Ferver’s work it’s often bitingly funny too. A new performance forthcoming at MASS MoCA is titled, “Is Camp Global Warming and Other Forms of Theatrical Distance for the End of the World,” and incorporates Kellyanne Conway as a character. If you've seen the now-iconic Starbursts candy commercial from 2008 featuring a character evocative of Little Lord Fauntleroy named “The Little Lad,” that's also Jack Ferver, clapping and exclaiming they're "a little lad who loves berries and cream." The commercial is deeply strange and silly and was otherwise forgotten until Gen Z TikTok users started posting clips of Jack as the Little Lad in 2021, prompting them to make the Little Lad their own viral account. Our conversation in this episode centers less directly on Jack's experience of their own late father, or difficult childhood growing up in rural Wisconsin, but about what the "Little Lad" that makes adults uneasy with their femmi-ness has come to represent for a new generation of other "half boy and half girls." (Which is the way Jack described themself in kindergarten, and which led to relentless bullying from classmates and society at large.) Jack, who is a faculty member at Bard, also talks to Elizabeth about the role of the teacher, the loss of would-be mentors to AIDS, the ruinous defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts in the 80s under America's abusive father Ronald Reagan, Tori Amos's "father record," and the importance of learning how to take off your own handcuffs. Additionally, you can watch Jack’s work at, find their poetry on Instagram, or see them as the Little Lad on TikTok or YouTube, where a recent piece, Anna, directed by Jack’s husband Jeremy Jacob with cinematography by Daniel Rampulla, features the Little Lad trying desperately to connect with their mother, Anna Wintour.
February 28, 2022
Deconstructing "Damage," the Horniest Father/Son Love Triangle Drama We've Ever Seen
Welcome to this Valentine's Day edition of Tell Me About Your Father, where Erin and Elizabeth are applying the same razor-sharp critical analysis they've given to television shows like Mad Men and The Sopranos to an extraordinarily horny 30-year-old movie called Damage. It's the story of a family torn apart by a father's affair with his son's girlfriend and is based on the sensational 1991 novel by British author Josephine Hart and directed by Louis Malle, known for films like The Lovers, My Dinner with Andre, and Pretty Baby. This hot, psychosexual trauma romp stars Juliette Binoche, Miranda Richardson, and as the father, EGOT-winner Jeremy Irons currently playing the patriarch, Rodolfo Gucci, in House of Gucci, but also known for such classics as the French Lieutenant's Woman, Reversal of Fortune, and of course for playing Humbert Humbert in the Adrian Lyne version of Lolita. We also discuss the sad childhood of Hart, who died in 2011, Malle's relationship with two of his children, and Irons' idiotic comments about father-and-son relationships in relation to gay marriage. If you liked our episodes dedicated to season six of The Sopranos, you're going to love this feel-bad movie of a father, unwilling and unable to stop destroying his family in the name of sexual obsession. This episode includes audio of sex scenes, a truly insane orgasm from Irons that will haunt you, and mentions disturbing topics like incest and suicide. If those are things you don't want to hear, we totally understand and we'll see you for our next episode. We love you. Happy Valentine's Day. 
February 14, 2022
Artist Salman Toor on Painting the Shadow Father
Artist Salman Toor, 38, had his first solo museum show in late 2020 at the Whitney, an acclaimed exhibition of 15 paintings titled How Will I Know, which the New York Times called “a brilliant debut.” Since then, Toor, who has shown work at the Frick Collection, has rocketed to stardom in the art world with a stunning body of work in lush green evocative of 16th and 17th century-style old masters paintings. Many of Toor's pieces depict young, queer South Asian people, which he says are based on himself and his friends, finding connection in a world dominated by white patriarchy. On the episode of Tell Me About Your Father, Salman talks with co-host Matt Phillp about growing up queer in Pakistan, his relationship with his father and mother both as an adolescent and now, and how they view his success. They compare notes about attending all-boys prep schools in outposts of the British empire, and Salman talks about a recurring figure in his work that he calls a “shadow father”, paintings of which will be featured in another exhibition this May at the Baltimore Museum of Art. 
January 31, 2022
The Daily Monthly Dad - Special Bonus Episode!
We’re back with the latest episode of our monthly Patreon bonus series, The Daily Monthly Dad, in which we parse through all of the dad-centric stories featured in the breathlessly inane and incomprehensible headlines of the Daily Mail. We’re making this edition free, and available on all platforms, and, boy, does it cover the gamut of the Mail’s favorite topics: Royal scandal (particularly Prince Andrew’s Teddy Bear collection), celebrities with children who look like them, scientific studies with limited data that almost always lead back to women needing to lose weight, and pointless historical anecdotes with headlines like “How Finnish soldier accidentally overdosed on Nazi meth pills during World War 2 battle - sparking a two-week trip that ended with him half-naked and badly wounded in a ditch eating a raw bird before he was rescued ALIVE.”  If you like looking at the males of the Mail with us, sign up to get more episodes for $3 a month.
January 31, 2022
"The Founding Fathers Were Always Coughing:" Daddy Issues Ft. Claywoman
This week’s ‘Daddy Issues’ guest marks two Tell Me About Your Father milestones: Our first non-human guest and our first guest over the age of 90. Claywoman, an ancient interstellar being from the Mirillion Galaxy, is, in fact, 500 million years old. Claywoman is the creation of actor and performance artist Michael Cavadias, whose credits include Girls, Difficult People, and Wonder Boys. Cavadias has amassed a cult following in New York City over the past decade for his live show and podcast, Conversations with Claywoman, in which this doyenne of all things primeval interviews friends of note including fellow actors John Cameron Mitchell, Bridget Everett, John Early, and Cole Escola. As you’ll hear in this episode, Claywoman has been sitting on the shores of the primordial swamp and observing the evolution of humankind on Earth since Genesis. Her knowledge of what has been and what might be is immeasurable, especially when it comes to the patriarchy’s greatest hits, including war, politics, and religion. As you'll hear, she not only confirms that Jesus was hot, but also shares with us that the founding fathers were “always coughing.” (Benjamin Franklin was fun, though.) We also discuss the concept of resenting people we’re sexually attracted to, the confounding praise being heaped on the teen cannibalism drama Yellowjackets, the sibling rivalry between Jamie-Lynn Spears and Britney, the unrivaled job that death has been doing lately, Ted Cruz’s daughter’s public rebellion, and Sharon Stone’s concerning history with komodo dragons.
January 17, 2022
When Dad's a Grifter Without Any Game
On today's episode, Erin talks to sisters Denise and Andrea, whose dad Michael See blew up their lives when he suddenly disappeared from the family home in Singapore in 2003, having secretly fleeced millions over the years from their mother, grandfather, and other family members, and mysteriously fled to China, never to be seen again. But to say that Michael See was a con artist diminishes the word “artist”—his was more of a grift born of convenience, hubris, and a confounding desire to be caught, as he ultimately kept his own receipts and the details of his double life for everyone to find. Both Denise and Andrea were in their 20s when he disappeared; listen as they share how their father's example affected their relationships with their now husbands and kids, and how to move on when Dad keeps calling to remind you he left.
January 03, 2022
It's The 2021 Daddy Awards!
It’s the end of the year and Tell Me About Your Father is honoring the best and worst of the patriarchy in 2021 with our 785th Annual Daddy Awards. For those of you who haven’t remembered to tune in the past 784th years, The Daddy Awards honors the heroes who have helped undo the doing of toxic masculinity by displaying big boss energy tempered by compassion, vulnerability, or intelligence, and the zeroes who were infuriating, cruel or just a massive disappointment. This year’s nominees all brought something to the table, whether it was the astonishing entitlement and delusions of wilted Italian rose and former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Alec Baldwin’s phenomenal ego and distorted sense of anything and everything, or Jeff Bezos’ pathetic dick rocket trips to the edge of space to impress alive girl. But there were also the men who reminded us there is always hope, kindness and help, including reformed asshole Mandy Patinkin who is healing the world with his TikTok, gentle new-age angel Sufjan Stevens, and America’s power bottom Lil Nas X, who gave Satan a lap dance and didn’t look back. And Britney Spears was finally freed. Listen as we highlight the highs and lows of Dad culture in 2021, and welcome special guests Don Draper, John Travolta, Sean Penn and more. 
December 20, 2021
Talking About the Heavenly Father with “Christian Nightmares”
On this week’s episode, Elizabeth and Erin talk to the anonymous creator of the viral Instagram and Twitter accounts, Christian Nightmares. (We’ll call him “Christian.”) Christian is using the account, an archive of American evangelical messaging, videos, photos, and music going back decades, to examine pop culture dedicated to a vengeful Heavenly Father, one which loomed over his upbringing in an evangelical Baptist church, and which left him terrified and ashamed as early as 5. Erin was also raised in the evangelical church and she Christian compare notes about their experiences as well as their decisions to leave the church and the rehabilitation that followed. Listen as we try to parse why Erin was told that Christian women shouldn't wear pants, while our guest was told that Christian men should never wear shorts. We also hear from new dad Christian about how he's redefining the role of Father, and bringing it down to earth.
December 06, 2021
"Like Snow White With a Flip Phone:" Daddy Issues Ft. Maggie Serota
When journalist Maggie Serota isn’t asking Glenn Danzig the tough questions and making Hollywood flacks squirm, she’s sharing screenshots of text conversations with her father about his several dogs on her must-follow Twitter account. Maggie’s dad, as she tells Matt and Elizabeth in this episode of “Daddy Issues,” uses his flip phone to send her blurry images of his Rottweilers and to check in on her well-being after seeing news about a violent crime that happened months prior and is nowhere near where she actually lives. You know, dad stuff! Maggie also talks to us about her fascination with a captivating image of a shirtless Sting, and plays a high-stakes Sting trivia game Elizabeth wrote for her. Then it’s on to a Thanksgiving-themed round of "Daddy Issues!," in which we discuss the fresh hell that is Penn Station during holiday travel, the Turkey crisis hotline, buffets in the greater Philadelphia area, and Matt shares shocking information about his relationship with cranberry sauce.
November 22, 2021
Remembering the Journey With the Sopranos: The End With Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall
Erin & Elizabeth solve the mystery of the final episode of the show, "Made in America," widely considered to be the greatest tv finale of all time. We talk to the critics and authors of The Sopranos Sessions, Matt Zoller Seitz (New York Magazine) and Alan Sepinwall (Rolling Stone), about the meaning of the ending, the evils of parallel parking, the importance of ambiguity in art, what makes David Chase tick, and the living legacy of the late actor James Gandolfini - his son Michael Gandolfini, who plays Tony Soprano as a young man in The Many Saints of Newark, 7 years after his father’s sudden death. Come for the anecdotes about Alan's mom asking Gandolfini to make less violent shows for her to enjoy, stay for Matt describing the Soprano star's love for the Very Hungry Caterpillar.
November 08, 2021
Sociopathy and the Soprano Mystique: Part 4b
Erin and Elizabeth dissect the final stretch of episodes of the series (aka season 6b or season 7, depending on whether or not you’re an executive at HBO) and we explore the numbness inherent to Chrissy's failure to thrive, Vito's son's shit sandwich of an adolescence, AJ's nervous breakdown, Tony's inner and outer monster, the Soprano curse, and Dr. Jennifer Melfi's doorknob-comment moment for the ages.
November 08, 2021
Son Of Soprano: Part 4a
In which Erin and Elizabeth recap season 6a (aka the first 12 episodes of “season 6”) wherein friction between fathers and sons, uncles and nephews, and brothers from another mother all come to a head. First in the form of a near-death experience that bores him for Tony; a heroic effort at vengeance gone wrong for AJ; a futile attempt at sobriety in the midst of new fatherhood for Christopher; and truth among lies for the orphaned children of Vito Spatafore.
November 08, 2021
Tony’s Fractured Self and Bottoming from the Top on the Sopranos: Part 3 with Matt Zoller Seitz, Alan Sepinwall and Chingy Nea
On this episode, Erin and Elizabeth looking at The Sopranos’ acclaimed season 5, “Two Tonys,” and the show’s handling of race, sex, and the characters’ performance of gender. Once again, we’re joined by The Sopranos Sessions authors and TV critics Matt Zoller Seitz (New York Magazine) and Alan Sepinwall (Rolling Stone), and we’re also hearing from a new voice: Mel Magazine contributor Chingy Nea, whose article “The Sopranos Belongs to the Gays Now” examines the show’s surprisingly queer underpinnings. We also look at how Tony's issues with self-definition reflect our own issues as a society, as two decades worth of new viewers use the benefit of hindsight to unpack what these character studies and the authorial choices of David Chase have ultimately said about the downfall of earth itself.
November 01, 2021
Analyzing the Mofos of the Sopranos: Part 2 with Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall
Tell Me About Your Father’s Sopranos series continues with the second episode of our four-part deep dive into the heart of darkness of our favorite TV dad Tony Soprano, with our guests Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall, authors of The Sopranos Sessions. We discuss Season 3 and 4’s’ portrayal of violence against women, the breakdown of Tony and Carmella’s marriage, Tony’s connection to his daughter (and her tip-toeing towards an awakening about who her father is), his disdain for his misunderstood dumb-dumb son and heroin addict nephew, and his love for a horse. All this underlines the generational cycle of abuse, bathed in the harsh light of Tony’s hypocrisy and pathological self-centeredness. What does it mean for a father to betray his family within the Family? Could Tony even begin to know?
October 25, 2021
Tell Me About Your Mother, Tony Soprano: Part 1 With Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall
Tell Me About Your Father is relocating to New Jersey for the next few episodes and immersing ourselves in the fathers, mothers, children, generational trauma and crystalline dysfunction of the Soprano family. We’ve also got two very special guests joining us across the entirety of these episodes: The Sopranos Sessions authors and critics Matt Zoller Seitz and Alan Sepinwall, the foremost experts on this show and all things that make David Chase tick. In this episode, we talk with Matt and Alan about their 20+ year relationship with the show, the genius performance of Nancy Marchand as Tony’s albatross of a bully mother, Livia, and the AWOL fathers of this series. Erin and Elizabeth also take a closer look at Tony’s separate dynamics with his kids, Meadow and A.J., his violent hippie sister, Janice, and his fatherless nephew, Christopher. We’ll be back next week to look at the show’s challenging third and fourth seasons, and, marrone, Tony and Carmella’s marriage.
October 18, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Alex Scordelis: "And Then He Drove Over the Ziti"
Alex Scordelis joins Elizabeth and Erin for "Daddy Issues" this week, and this early-fall episode is the equivalent of a therapeutic apple-picking trip. Scordelis, a writer for Billy Eichner’s deeply hilarious Billy on the Street, and Eichner and Julie Klausner’s Hulu triumph Difficult People, is also a rock journalist and regular contributor to the L.A. Review of Books. Listen as Scordelis tells Elizabeth and Erin about his two-year-old son’s enchantment with the Beatles and calling his wife “my boy,” his Neil Young cover band the Cinnamon Boys, and the time he interviewed Courtney Love and she tried to marshmallow-test him by conspicuously placing the manuscript of her still unpublished memoir on a coffee table in front of him and then leaving the room. We also talk about the deadbeat dads of Congress, Mick Jagger at the Thirsty Beaver, the TikTok trend Devious Licks (where kids partake in the time-honored tradition of destroying school bathrooms), Dog the Bounty Hunter, Cazzie David’s rebuke of the internet delighting in her father’s New York Fashion Week pain, and Erin tells us about the time her husband drove over a ziti in her honor.
October 04, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Sheila Anderson
Sheila Anderson was just 14 years old when she started helping her CIA operative father on his assignments spying on Russian targets during the height of the Cold War. Today, in her first-ever interview about the memoir she's writing about her extraordinary relationship with her dad, Do You Have a Raincoat, you'll hear what it's like to figure out at age 10 that daddy has a secret life. When most of us were in boring old high school, Sheila's coming of age was filled with international travel, multiple aliases, dangerous missions and a world-class education in the art of manipulation. Sheila speaks astutely about the psychological fallout of trying to unlearn those skills as she parents her three sons, but there's lots of humor too, and you'll want to hear about her dad's second act in retirement and how he influenced his daughter's own career as an interpreter for some of the world's most powerful leaders. She also lets us in on how accurate shows like Homeland and The Americans really are...
September 20, 2021
Daddy Issues: Dads of Summer Edition
We're kicking off a new season of our news-review show Daddy Issues! with a mega Dads of Summer edition, reviewing all of the patriarchal highs and low-lows that defined our last 3 months. From "bloated-to-loaded" theories around Ben Affleck and J.Lo's reunion, to why Kanye West is lighting himself on fire in front of his small children, to Hunter Biden's fake art career, the fall of disgraced former New York governor and fan of normal hugs and kisses Andrew Cuomo, to the end of the US staying out of our collective uteri - it’s in here. We also celebrate Mike White's dad-centric tour-de-satire White Lotus, and pay tribute to Mandy Patinkin’s hot and wholesome TikTok. Matt also reads aloud of newly freed Bill Cosby's horrible 1987 bestseller "Fatherhood," and we continue to beat the Free Britney drum under the pale moonlight. We live in hell but we love you. We're so happy to be back with you for a new season to process why we’re like this.
September 07, 2021
Mad Men, Don Draper, and the Daughters Who Love Them - Parts 1 & 2 (From the Archive + Updated Intro!)
* Updated, from the archives! Tell Me About Your Father is on break through August, so co-hosts Erin and Elizabeth are returning to their 2020 two-part episode on Mad Men, in which they discuss why Don Draper is one of TV's best fathers (really), as well as the sexual harassment allegations against series creator Matthew Weiner made by Emmy-winning show writer Kater Gordon. We'll be back with new episodes in September. * In this two-part episode, Erin and Elizabeth look back on the early seasons of the seminal TV series Mad Men, and explore the motivations of Don Draper, a father driven to escape a secret life, and the parallels we see in our relationships with our own fathers.
July 27, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Sohaila Abdulali (From the Archive + Updated Intro)
Sohaila Abdulali, the author of What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape, talks to Erin and Matt about growing up in an eccentric, upper-class Muslim family in India and how her father played a central role her in recovery from a sexual assault when she was a teenager. WARNING: This episode contains frank discussion about sexual assault. For confidential support, call RAINN 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.
July 19, 2021
What Was Loveline? (From the Archive + Updated Intro!)
**We're dipping into our fan-favorite archives this summer with one of our most-listened-to episodes from season 1: Elizabeth and Erin look back on Loveline, the popular call-in sex advice show of the late 90s that dared a generation to go fuck itself, hosted by the un-cancellable Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla. In this updated discussion, we'll offer the latest on the titular hosts and their many personal and professional shortcomings since the ep was originally recorded in 2019, and also revisit what Jessica Bennett in the New York Times calls "'The Man Show' diaspora," which includes analysis of extra-masculine-man-men Joe Rogan and Jimmy Kimmel, and the board certified-failures of TV doctors desperate to stay in the public eye.
July 12, 2021
Tell me About Your Father: Barbara Feldon (From the Archive!)
** We're dipping into our fan-favorite archives this summer with one of our most-listened-to episodes from season 1: an interview with Barabara Feldon, star of Get Smart. ** The beloved star of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry's iconic television spy spoof Get Smart talks to Erin and Matt about growing up in the '30s and '40s with a distant but glamorous traveling salesman for a father, how her relationship with him led her to become obsessed with God and, later, marry a French sociopath. She talks honestly and openly about therapy and learning to shed her need for male approval.
July 05, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Jake Jaxson: The Walt Whitman Of Gay Porn
Cocky Boys’ director Jake Jaxson, whom Salon once called “The Walt Whitman of Gay Porn,” returns to Tell Me About Your Father to tell us about turning 50, living less fearfully and rigidly, and how his season 1 episode impacted his complicated relationship with his Trump-supporting father. From there, we talk about the emancipation of Britney Spears and the shocking failures and abuses of her family, the sad story of Andrew Giuliani and the “boring mafia patriarchy” complex, the racism and everything-ism of Grindr, and horrible Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema who just can’t get enough of the filibuster. We also lighten it up by talking about hot makeout sessions, this horny summer, Sharon Stone, and the importance of America’s Prince of Stupid, Conan O’Brien. **Note** We'll be taking this summer off to record more new episodes! See you in early September. We love you.
June 28, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Mickey Boardman: Dr. Fireman Will See You Now
Pride month blazes on at Tell Me About Your Father, with this special Daddy Issues episode featuring Paper magazine editorial director, front-row fashion fixture and cultural doyenne, Mickey Boardman. Mickey joins Matt and Elizabeth to talk about jewels, corporate pride floats, whether Queen Big Liz Windsor is going senile, New York City sports medicine physicians with hot names, Sufjan Stevens, humpback whales, and the rich dummies who live on Washington Square Park and love to dial 911 into their phones whenever kids are having parties there. They also talk about Mickey’s relationship with his father, the time his brother made him jump out a window, whether you should speak to Anna Wintour at her own party, and Yoko Ono’s disastrous Paper photoshoot.
June 21, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Luna Luis Ortiz
On this Pride-themed episode of Tell Me About Your Father, photographer Luna Luis Ortiz, also known in the New York ballroom scene as the legendary father of the House of Khan, talks with Matthew about the relationship he had with his Dad, an immigrant from Puerto Rico who withdrew and stopped communicating with him upon hearing of his son’s teenage HIV diagnosis. Ortiz describes the way in which he discovered an alternate family and “gay father” within the houses of the ballrooms, the bittersweet reunion he had with his dad just before his death, and the important way in which his father helped him find his voice despite their decades-long estrangement.
June 14, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Patty Schemel: Hole, Punk's Gender Dysphoria and Kurt Cobain's Queerness
Patty Schemel, whose drumming was the driving force of Hole’s seminal 1994 album Live Through This–and whose influence on women and queer rock musicians is immeasurable–joins us this week for a special Pride edition of Daddy Issues! Patty, who is the subject of the powerful 2011 documentary Hit So Hard about her friendship with Kurt Cobain, her struggle with substance abuse and the breakup with Hole, and recovery from the entire decade of the 90s. She also released a memoir by the same name in 2017, co-written by our very own Erin Hosier. Patty talks to us about coming out, Kurt’s alleged queerness, Courtney Love’s refusal to accept that he hooked up with a less-is-more hippie girl from Olympia before they were together, and covers topics ranging from Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ ghoulish transgender girls sports ban, to the world’s most currently deranged LGBTQ-themed commerical, to the supernaturally avuncular Tom Hanks and his confounding wayward son, Chet Haze. There’s talk of time management and crafting with felted wool, and Courtney’s portable sculptures. Patty also plays a game with Elizabeth called “That’s the Wrong Hole,” in which she has to guess between real and fake Hole lyrics, and it’s a doozie. Courtney and Brett Ratner, please don’t sue us!
June 07, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Yufna Soldier Wolf
On this episode, Elizabeth talks to Yufna Soldier Wolf, the youngest child of Mark Soldier Wolf, an Arapaho tribal elder, former Marine, and veteran of the Korean War, who died in 2018 at the age of 87. Like hundreds of thousands of Native American children, Yufna’s father Mark, his father, and his uncle, were sent to an Indian Boarding School as kids. Children were beaten, sexually abused, used for slave labor, and died in these schools, which were opened in the late 1800s and were mostly shut down by the 1970s. Yufna’s great uncle, Little Chief, was one of the children who never came home, his body buried with the more than 180 kids who died attending the Carlisle Industrial Boarding School in Pennsylvania. In 2017, before Mark died, Yufna traveled with her dad to Carlisle to finish the work he, his father, and his father’s father, had started: having Little Chief’s remains returned to Wyoming to be properly buried with the rest of his family. Listen as Yufna describes the special healing work she did with her father and other members of the tribe around the trauma they carry from Boarding Schools, the U.S.’s treatment of Native Veterans, and the decolonization work and rejection of a patriarchal worldview they’re using to move forward. She also describes the work she’s doing to preserve her father’s archives that he hoped would continue to educate us all on the history of the Arapaho people. If you'd like to donate to help preserve Mark's archives, visit and note that you'd like your donation to go to the curation of the Mark Soldier Wolf Collection.
May 31, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Emily Gould: Ghostbust the Friends Reunion
--Programming note: We had some audio and editing issues with this episode, which is why it occasionally sounds like we're talking inside a Carousel Microwave. Thanks for understanding :( -- Author Emily Gould joins Erin and Elizabeth to talk about her latest novel Perfect Tunes, parenting in the time of Covid with a husband she both appreciates and hates, and Ghostbusters. We also discuss what’s going on in pop culture news, including the Friends HBO Max reunion no one asked for, Sinéad O’Connor’s resilience, Naomi Campbell’s 1994 album “Babywoman,” that Guardian article about whether it’s a problem not that many men are writing bestsellers these days, the Man Show-to-success pipeline, and why the reported romance between John Mulaney and Olivia Munn triggered so many.
May 24, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Richard Goldstein
Richard Goldstein is one of America’s first rock music journalists. A former editor of the Village Voice, Richard mentored our co-host Matthew and in this episode, they talk about his late father, Jacob, and growing up in the Bronx in the 50s and 60s. They discuss their own mentor/mentee relationship, how he approaches being a stepfather, grandfather, and great-grandfather and what he really thinks of his contemporary, Joan Didion.
May 17, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Maya Kosoff: Bill Gates, Jean Is Smarter Than You
This week’s special guest is Maya Kosoff, a Vanity Fair alumn, co-host of the podcast Most Embarrassing Things on the Internet, and a general blessing to Twitter. She joins us to talk recent news and pop culture, and to traverse the sweeping plains of dad-dom and back again. We talk about Bill Gates accidentally flying on the plane of big Jeff Epstein three times, the big-boss energy of Jean Smart on Mare of Easttown and her distant relative, Dorcas Hoar, who barely escaped the Salem Witch trials, the glory of pho and the comfort and joy of Alvin Zhou’s cooking videos. There’s also the New York Times, Tumblr, and Peloton being more embarrassing than any dad could ever be, and an appeal to 500 million-year-old Instagram star, Claywoman.
May 10, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Rebecca Carroll
In her new memoir, Surviving the White Gaze, author and cultural critic Rebecca Carroll describes with heroic honesty and compassion, an upbringing seated in an adoptive family whose whiteness prevents them from facing their failings, in a country unwilling to do the same. Listen as Rebecca talks to Elizabeth about navigating overt and covert racism, her difficulty connecting with both her birth and adoptive fathers, and marrying a man who would celebrate and support their son’s Blackness, always. Just a note: This episode includes discussion of sexual abuse and eating disorders.
May 03, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Michael Musto: Man-Dates, Fran Drescher and Field of Dreams
Cultural critic, NYC institution and father of gossip and celebrity journalism, Michael Musto, joins us this week for our pop culture news show “Daddy Issues!” This episode has it all, from Hollywood predators, monstrous police, and a New York Times reporter who shan’t be named (but we named), to Cardi B, Fran Drescher ,and the anti-fascism, hotness, and ghost dads of Field of Dreams. Michael also tells us about his own late father, with whom he had a complicated but loving relationship, his return to the rebooted Village Voice and his time on the iconic ‘90s E! show “The Gossip Show.”
April 26, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Paul Florez
Paul Florez knows how to use his voice. At 37, he's a professional auctioneer and emcee, and the host of the Marvel comics-centered podcast "Power of X-Men." For years he's been working on a memoir about his relationship with his beloved father to explore the intergenerational trauma that may have inspired their shared eating disorder and body dysmorphia. Listen as Paul tells Erin the story of his father's own dramatic coming-of-age in Castro's Cuba and subsequent escape to Miami as a young teenager. Paul lays bare the tragic events that inspired his dad's drive to provide for others, even as he starves himself. And he discusses his own struggle to quell the inner voice that tells a person they're both too much and never enough. Note: If you are currently struggling, call the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) at 800-931-2237. You can also text NEDA at 741741, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
April 19, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Richard Lawson: Oscars Edition!
With the 93rd annual Academy Awards happening on April 25th, it’s a great time to talk about how the themes of dads and patriarchy play out in so many of this year’s Oscar-nominated films. There’s The Father, Minari, Time, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Judas and the Black Messiah, Another Round, Hillbilly Elegy, and Onward— all of which refer explicitly to the impact of fathers. This week, we’re dedicating Daddy Issues to the Oscars, and are thrilled to have Richard Lawson, Chief Critic at Vanity Fair, joining us to talk about dads tropes in this year’s Academy finalists as well as his predictions for who will win.
April 12, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Laura Carney
When she was 25, writer Laura Carney lost her beloved father, Mick, when he was killed instantly in a car accident caused by a distracted teenage driver .Thirteen years later, Laura's brother found a handwritten 60-item list among some old papers of Mick's entitled "Things I Would Like to Do in My Lifetime!" that Mick had written at age 29. Before his death, Mick had checked off 5 of them, and tried and failed at one, so Laura vowed to finish the remaining 54. Tasks include everything from "Correspond with the Pope" to "Sell Millions of Dollars Worth of Merchandise." As of this episode, she's already completed 39, and is giving herself another year for the remaining 15. Laura speaks with Erin about the exquisite pain of a daughter's loss while just on the cusp of her own adult accomplishments, the lasting impact of divorce on a child, and some of the more surprising lessons she's learned as Mick lives on through his daughter in the dreams they now share.
April 05, 2021
Daddy Issues ft. Carey O'Donnell: Orlando Bloom and Sister Wives are in the Wind
This week’s episode of Daddy Issues! features special guest star, comedy writer Carey O’Donnell. His TV credits include Billy Eichner’s Billy on the Street and Heathers, he's a former editor at Paper magazine, a contributor to New York Magazine and the co-host of Real Housewives podcast "Sexy Unique Podcast." He's also here to dissect the current events with us from a dad lens. Smash play to hear us pay homage to Orlando Bloom’s un-concerning lack of self-awareness, the wind as the most underrated force of nature, and the Russian dentist with soulful eyes who smokes in a Hollywood Starbucks parking lot. We also have words for Jay Leno, Kody Brown from Sister Wives and, as usual, the Royal Family.
March 30, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: A.J. Daulerio
A.J. Daulerio is a writer and creator of the weekly recovery newsletter, The Small Bow. He is the former editor in chief of and its sister sports site Deadspin during the mid-2000s, At Gawker, he famously published an excerpt of Hulk Hogan’s sex tape, which led to his losing a 9-figure lawsuit backed by maniacal billionaire Peter Theil, and the bankruptcy and sale of Gawker Media. A massive blow to the First Amendment. A.J. found himself personally on the hook for $115 million, his professional reputation in the toilet, his sobriety hanging by a thread, facing buried memories of child sexual abuse, and with a father unable or unwilling to protect his son or help him heal. On this episode, we'll hear the story behind the story, and how becoming a father himself has changed AJ's relationship with his own dad, and the ways in which he's trying to do things differently.
March 23, 2021
Daddy Issues: Harry, Meghan, and the Royal Family’s Toxic Shock
It’s been a week since Oprah’s interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry— whose dads each deserve their own wings in the Disappointing Fathers Hall of Fame—and there’s still much to discuss. This week’s episode of Daddy Issues is dedicated to examining the interview and its noble aftershocks and wider cultural implications. We discuss the rib-crushing patriarchal corset still tightly laced around members of the Royal Family, Meghan and Harry’s sensible request that their family not allow their murders, Thomas Markle’s iconic “Images of Britain” staged photoshoot, and Prince Charles’ Tampax fantasies. We will not be silent or silenced!
March 15, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Eric Solomon
Entrepreneur Eric Solomon talks to Matt about the loving relationship he had with his father Bob, who was mysteriously murdered in 2016. A man of many wives, children, and business ventures, Bob was a great father to Eric, who discusses how his father’s shocking death caused him to upend his entire life and accept that he’ll probably never find out who did it.
March 08, 2021
Daddy Issues: God, Cuomo
It’s the latest installment of our current events show Tell Me About Your Father: Daddy Issues! Oh lord, this episode has much to digest: God, Texas, a very old woman eating gin-soaked raisins, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the horror of spring, chandeliers, FKA Twigs, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Note, this episode was recorded on 2/26, before a second former aide of Cuomo's came forward to say he'd sexually harassed her as well.
March 01, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Natalie Cash Petersson
Erin and Elizabeth talk to Natalie Cash Petersson, a New York City-based film producer, about the incredible success stories of her maternal grandfather, Dr. David Griffin, and his brother, her great uncle, Dr. Joseph Howard Griffin. Joseph Howard, who went by JH, and David were sons of an enslaved father who became trailblazing physicians in South Georgia, both prosperous and celebrated members of their communities during the sustained racial terror of Jim Crow. Petersson reflects on their legacy and her pride for the work they did, particularly for women.
February 22, 2021
Daddy Issues: Britney Spears
This week's Daddy Issues episode is centered around the recent New York Times documentary "Framing Britney Spears" and all of the heroes and zeros of the story, including her father Jamie Spears, Justin Timberlake, Diane Sawyer and 2000s media misogyny, and more.
February 15, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Chris Santa Maria
In May of last year, the artist Chris Santa Maria's uncle, Randall Jacobs, known to him as Uncle Bunky, finally lay down for what he referred to as the "dirt nap". The obit Chris wrote about his colorful uncle, who he described as a "living, breathing 'hang loose' sign," unexpectedly went viral on Twitter and Reddit, charming and resonating with readers who had, or wanted, an Uncle Bunky of their own. On this episode, Chris talks to Erin and Elizabeth about Bunky's enduring legacy, substance abuse that runs in the family, and our cultural tendency to celebrate the qualities of a person that ultimately led to their premature death.
February 08, 2021
Daddy Issues: A Punchably Handsome Face
Listen as we discuss the dadness of a recent lurid pink offering from Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Kellyanne Conway’s horrific parenting, poet Amanda Gorman’s balletic hands, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s bravery in the face of a tyrannical, murderous Vladimir Putin, and the W.A.P. power of Senator Jon Ossoff’s Senate-floor wink.
February 01, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Samantha Francine
Last summer, 27-year-old Samantha Francine became the star of a viral photo of her staring down an enraged racist twice her age, Jay Snowden, at a Black Lives Matter rally in her hometown of Whitefish, Montana. In every subsequent interview Samantha, who is Black, credited her late father Brian, who was white, for instilling in her the mantra to always look a racist in the eye so they can see your humanity. The photograph and the story were picked up by major media outlets in part, because of its feel-good message about a single father of biracial children who empowered them to stand up for themselves. Wouldn't he be so proud of the woman Samantha had become? That's where the story ended until now, when Samantha opened up to Erin and Elizabeth for the first time to give a fuller picture of her father's tragic life death, and the complicated truth of his legacy.
January 25, 2021
Daddy Issues: The Armie Hammer Has Fallen
It's Tell Me About Your Father's Daddy Issues' debut episode! Listen as we put everyone and everything in current events and recent pop culture—from actor Armie Hammer's deeply upsetting leaked DMs to top-shelf gummy candy snacks—under our patriarchal X-ray machine to determine whether they're a “massive disappointment" or have “big boss energy tempered by intelligence, compassion, and vulnerability.” Get the first few episodes of Daddy Issues wherever you listen to your podcasts, after which you can access via our Patreon for $3 a month.
January 18, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Paul Capsis
Singular, award-winning Australian actor and cabaret singer Paul Capsis grew up the child of Greek and Maltese immigrant parents who did not see eye to eye. On this episode, you’ll hear an intimate conversation between co-host Matthew and Paul about his emotionally unstable and abusive father, and how Paul learned to stand up to a family at cultural odds with itself. Speaking about him for the first time, Paul shares his surprising reaction to his father’s death, and how their fraught relationship impacts his creative work today.
January 11, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father - Season 2 Trailer
Our new season includes stories about fathers from fascinating guests including a beloved father whose mysterious murder remains unsolved, an eccentric uncle whose obituary went viral, a pioneering family of Black doctors in the Jim Crow South, a dad whose toupee defines his entire sense of self, and a candid conversation between Erin and her stepdad, who looks back on life as a father as he faces its end. And those are just a few of the many stories we have that unlock paternal riddles wrapped in mysteries inside of enigmas. Starting January 11, 2020, we’ll be posting new FREE episodes of Tell Me About Your Father every second Monday. Join us for some dad talk.
January 03, 2021
Tell Me About Your Father: Kristin Urquiza
On this special episode, you’ll hear Erin and Elizabeth talk with environmental activist Kristin Urquiza about her father, Mark Urquiza, who died of Covid on June 30, 2020. Mr. Urquiza, who lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and voted for Donald Trump, believed the President and Arizona officials when they said COVID was no longer a threat to the state in May, 2020. Mark went out to sing at a karaoke bar with his friends, contracted COVID, and died 19 days later. He was 65. Listen as Kristin describes her father, her rage over his death, and the non-profit she's created in his name to help the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have lost loved ones to this devastating public health crisis.
October 13, 2020
"Mad Men, Don Draper, and the Daughters Who Love Them" - Part Two
In part two of this two-part episode of Tell Me About Your Father, Erin and Elizabeth look back on the last 5 seasons of the seminal TV series Mad Men, and explore the motivations of 1960s ad exec Don Draper, a father driven to escape a secret life, and the parallels we see in our relationships with our own fathers.
June 28, 2020
"Mad Men, Don Draper, and the Daughters Who Love Them" - Part One
In part one of this two-part episode, Erin and Elizabeth look back on the early seasons of the seminal TV series Mad Men, and explore the motivations of Don Draper, a father driven to escape a secret life, and the parallels we see in our relationships with our own fathers. Stay tuned for part two - coming next week!
June 21, 2020
Tell Me About Your Father: Jake Jaxson
Critically acclaimed gay pornographer and Cocky Boys creator Jake Jaxson aka Jason Buchtel talks with Elizabeth and Matt about growing up the youngest of six in a conservative, religious household in Louisiana, distancing himself from his family as he came to accept his own identity, and how Adrian, his husband of twenty years, brokered a reconciliation between them that forever altered the way he tells stories through porn.
April 06, 2020
Tell Me About Your Father: Erin Hosier
Erin remembers her father, Jack C. Hosier; September 19, 1947 - November 10, 2001. "Every woman in my life said, 'What a tragedy that he'll never see you get married.'"
April 06, 2020
Tell Me About Your Father: Mickey Boardman
The Editorial Director of iconic pop-culture magazine, Paper, talks to Erin, Elizabeth and Matt about growing up in Chicago with an addict for a father, having a family therapist who suggested he be taken to a prostitute, his own struggles with addiction, and how he and his father connect today. WARNING: This episode contains frank discussion about suicide.
April 06, 2020
Tell Me About Your Father: Elizabeth Thompson
Elizabeth remembers her father, Edwin Clay Thompson; June 18, 1949 - April 22, 2018. "I think he was putting Kahlua in the Ensure."
April 06, 2020
Tell Me About Your Father: Sohaila Abdulali
Sohaila Abdulali, the author of What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape, talks to Erin and Matt about growing up in an eccentric, upper-class Muslim family in India and how her father played a central role her in recovery from a sexual assault when she was a teenager. WARNING: This episode contains frank discussion about sexual assault. For confidential support, call RAINN 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.
April 06, 2020
Tell Me About Your Father: Matthew Phillp
Matt remembers his father, Ross William Phillp; November 6, 1946 - May 30, 1982. "I'll look at photos and stare and go, Who are you?"
April 06, 2020
Tell Me About Your Father: Loveline, Dr. Drew and 'Where's Dad?'
Dr. Drew Pinsky, Adam Carolla, and the board-certified failures of the sex advice radio and MTV show, Loveline, that dared a generation to go fuck itself. Elizabeth and Erin remember. [Fact check: In this episode, Elizabeth says that Jimmy Kimmel has expressed regret over making his Comedy Central show "The Man Show" with Adam Carolla. Instead, Kimmel said in 2019 that though he would not participate in a reboot, he thinks that if the show aired today, "it would be more popular than it ever was."]
April 06, 2020
Tell Me About Your Father: Barbara Feldon
The beloved star of Mel Brooks and Buck Henry's iconic television spy spoof Get Smart talks to Erin and Matt about growing up in the '30s and '40s with a distant but glamorous traveling salesman for a father, how her relationship with him led her to become obsessed with God and, later, marry a French sociopath. She talks honestly and openly about therapy and learning to shed her need for male approval.
April 06, 2020