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Tempered Leadership

Tempered Leadership

By Eric Rieger
If you're looking to grow your leadership skills and find your true purpose, this is a podcast for you.

We'll touch on subjects such as vision, values, mental health, open book management, purpose driven growth and more.

Each week a new guest will join me to dive into a topic that will help you on your leadership journey.
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Tempered Leadership Episode 1.6 - Nigel Moore

Tempered Leadership

Tempered Leadership Episode 1.6 - Nigel Moore

Tempered Leadership

Tempered Leadership Episode 1.15 - Drew Graham
Friends for years through their association in the I.T. Industry, Drew Graham is Eric's guest on this week's episode of Tempered Leadership.  This one has all the feels as we dive into really sensitive areas of life and leadership including career changes, personal loss, the polarization of the country, and many more interesting topics.  This show breaks the hour plateau but it's worth every minute of your time we promise. 
December 20, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.14 - Dan Dunn
What happens when two "competitors" become the best of friends? Leadership magic of course!  This week on Tempered Leadership my guest is Dan Dunn, the Founder, and CEO of Aqueity.  Dan and I were introduced to each other many years ago by a mutual friend and since then we've leaned on each other for help with growing our respective businesses as well as the many challenges life throws at us. 
December 13, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.13 - Bill Clayton
This week on Tempered Leadership my special guest is Bill Clayton of Profit Recovery & Insurance Resolution by Transworld Systems. 
December 6, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.12 - Neeraj Khanna
This week on Tempered Leadership my special guest is Dr. Neeraj Khanna of Khanna Dentistry in Geneva, Illinois.  Dr. Khanna is also an educator with the Dawson Academy and the author of a new book on functional aesthetic dentistry.  We'll be discussing the impact the pandemic has had on his practice, how it's affected and challenged his leadership skills, and what he's had to do as a medical professional through all of this.
November 30, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.11 - John Costello
This week on Tempered Leadership my guest is John Costello the CEO of Cherry's Industrial in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  John and I will dive into his story of ownership at Cherry's along with how open book management has become a mainstay at the organization.  Of course no 2020 episode would be complete without some mention of the global pandemic and what impact it's had on his organization and team.  
November 22, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.10 - Steve Krull
This week listeners are in for a treat as Steve Krull of Be Found Online joins me for the longest episode yet.  It's a 50/50 mix of humor and golden nuggets from a leadership perspective. For those that listen to the entire episode, a special treat near the end, just for you!
November 15, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.9 - Eric Lazar
This week my special guest is Eric Lazar, the owner of Speed Pro - Chicago Loop.  What's better than one Eric? Two Eric's of course! We'll dive into the struggles and challenges Eric has faced trying to keep his business moving forward in the face of an economically crippling pandemic and we'll also touch on his military background and how that helped shaped him for a future leadership role and the challenges he still faces today.
November 9, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.8 - Charles McLimans
This week my guest is Charles McLimans of Holy Wisdom Monastery in Middleton, Wisconsin.  Charles and I have a longstanding friendship and we'll talk about aspects of leadership in the not for profit sector as well as having a servant leadership mindset in any organization.  There may even be a little Chicago/Green Bay football trash talking going on.  You'll have to tune in to find out!
October 31, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.7 - Melissa Bogusch
This week my guest is Melissa Bogusch of Whitney AD in Chicago Illinois.  Melissa and I discuss what it was like for her to advance her career to become partner of a growing Architect firm, her technology background and what it's been like managing a team through a global pandemic. 
October 25, 2020
Tempered Leadership Episode 1.6 - Nigel Moore
This week on Tempered Leadership we have our "down under" show with my special guest, Nigel Moore the founder of The Tech Tribe in Sydney Australia.  Nigel and I dive into what it's like to be a business owner in the tech industry, why vision and values are key to building a great culture and Nigel shares some wisdom he's seen from business owners facing challenges during this pandemic.  Grab your vegemite and listen in!
October 18, 2020
Tempered Leadership: Episode 1.5 - Travis Johnson
This week on Tempered Leadership I'm joined by Travis Johnson, head podcaster and creator of The Non Profit Architect.  We'll discuss Travis' journey to becoming a leader which includes 36 moves before graduating high school at 17, 6 states, 5 foster homes, surviving 2 murder attempts, and getting in serious trouble with the law. Although this was very rough, there was always a person, group, or church willing to help him and his family. Now that he’s in a position to give back, he’s made it his mission to “Help the Helpers”.
October 12, 2020
Tempered Leadership: Episode 1.4 - Jeff Hilimire
This week on Tempered Leadership we welcome special guest Jeff Hilimire of Dragon Army.  Jeff and I discuss his leadership journey through five different start-ups, including two non-profit organizations.  We also discuss what it was like writing two different business books, including his latest effort, The Crisis Turnaround which he wrote in only 10 days. Leading with intention and giving your team a vision and purpose round out the discussion for this episode.  Please tune in and join us on this weeks journey. 
October 4, 2020
Tempered Leadership: Episode 1.3 - Kevin Walter
This week on Tempered Leadership my special guest is Kevin Walter one of the co-founders of Tasty Catering in Elk Grove Village Illinois. Kevin is an Open Book Management coach with The Great Game of Business and he shares some wisdom about how open book built their culture and has helped them survive an 80% revenue loss during the covid crisis.  It's been a fascinating and educational journey from hot dog stand to one of the top catering companies in the world.  Please join me for another session on leadership lessons. 
September 28, 2020
Tempered Leadership: Episode 1.2 - Rob Dube
This week on Tempered Leadership my guest is Rob Dube of ImageOne in Oak Park MI.  Rob and I discuss various aspects of health in leadership including a discussion about his book titled "Do Nothing" along with his annual leadership meditation retreat out in Colorado. Our paths have been very similar in some ways with both of us starting out a high school entrepreneurs who experienced health issues related to anxiety and mental health challenges.   We hope you find this conversation helpful on your own journey to better physical and mental health. 
September 18, 2020
Tempered Leadership: Episode 1.1 - Doug Diamond
This week on Tempered Leadership my guest is business coach Doug Diamond of Business Improvement in Philadelphia, PA. Doug and I discuss how and why he got into coaching, what he's learned about leadership during a pandemic and the importance of self care for effective leadership. 
September 14, 2020
Welcome to Tempered Leadership - Episode 0.1
We're about to take a journey into the depths of Leadership.  Every week I'll be bringing the best guests from around the country to join me for 30 minutes of insightful dialogue.  This is the initial episode to kick things off and is only a few minutes long.  Thanks for taking the time to join us on this journey. 
September 6, 2020