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Templates For Success

Templates For Success

By Jessie Pengilly
Welcome to Templates for Success - Where you can find interviews with multinational CEOs through to North Pole veterans and Channel swimmers. Listen as they share their unique Templates of Success on how they achieved their goals, what motivated them and their advice for you
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Episode 14 The Inspiration Behind one of America's Top Performance Coaches
Ben Newman, performance coach, author and speaker - talks to us about his work with some of highest performers in the world, from Super Bowl & NCAA Champions to Fortune 500 Executives. Ben's journey to where he is today began after his mother was diagnosed with Amyloidosis when he was 5. At a very young age he learn't that how we choose to respond to adversity and challenge in our lives determines the story that we write. His insights into success, mindset and perspective will not only change the way you think, but also your outlook on life. In Ben's words: 'It's not how long you live, it's how you choose to live'
December 14, 2018
Episode 13 What Happens when a Foreign Correspondent with a Physics Background Turns Detective?
Girish Gupta - physicist, foreign correspondent and founder of DataDrum talks about how his career as a journalist lead him to begin digging into the data to complement his street reporting. Its a unique opportunity to speak to such a driven individual - who has already achieved so much in his life - but who now is again starting from scratch on a new project - combining his background in physics with his experience as a foreign correspondent to use data to leverage insight into the worlds economies.
December 14, 2018
Episode 12 How I Fought Depression, Homelessness & Addiction To Turn My Life Around to Help Others
“After two years of depression, doing drugs, not caring what I ate - I ended up one night so drunk that I washed my passport” Bruno - ended up homeless in Hong Kong - but a chance meeting with another gentleman made him realise he had an opportunity. Sometimes chance meetings can change our lives and Bruno holds by the fact that his act of offering the starving man food - and this man’s acceptance on the condition that Bruno tell him his story - changed his life. Bruno explains step by step about how he turned his life around and is now using everything he has learnt to empower others who are in the situation he was
November 14, 2018
Episode 11 Ever Thought About Quitting the Day Job to Set up Your Own Company?
Raissa and Joyce, Founders of Double Dutch talk about their journey, from quitting their jobs in finance to working full time on their dream - creating a company that specialised in making revolutionary mixers to intensify the enjoyment of spirits (they also taste great solo!) Their journey has lead them to winning Richard Branson's Foodpreneur Award and being shortlisted for Business Women of the Year Shortlisted for two Telegraph Trade Awards
October 31, 2018
Beat the Unchallenged Mind Epidemic
Performance coach and keynote speaker Jordan Montgomery talks to us about where he started from, what motivates him and why some of the best moments in his career don't have anything to do with business...
October 29, 2018
Episode 9 with Tom Casano - Why Following What Fulfils You Can Lead To Unexpected Success
Can following fulfilment in life lead you to success? Tom Casano - talks about how his search for meaning took him from a successful trading career into running a renown SEO agency
October 15, 2018
Episode 8 Alexander Walker on His Journey From Warehouse Worker to Clinical Hypnotherapist
Alexander Walker - on how he defied his demons turning his life around to help others through clinical hypnotherapy
October 15, 2018
Fabian Perez Talks Life, Painting and What Makes a True Artist
Fabian Perez - recognized as one of the best portrait painters of the century talks about how he started, where his journey has taken him and how to be a true artist not just a painter. His honest, humble words will create ripples for anyone who has a dream in a world that does not appear to support it. Music:
October 15, 2018
Scoliosis Survivor who became a motivator & Personal Trainer
Jules Williams - born with Scoliosis of the spine talks about how she overcame three back operations; learning how to walk again not once, twice but three times, and how she has built her business on motivating others.
August 15, 2018
Business, Fortune Telling and Futurism with Anne Jirsch
Entrepreneur, Author, Fortune Teller and Futurist Anne Jirsch talks about time, working with the future and the change in attitude towards consulting Psychics. Absolutely invaluable advice for anyone starting out on their own in whatever business
August 15, 2018
It doesn't matter what the goal is as long as it makes you feel alive - Marathon Swimming with Jackie Cobell
Jackie Cobell - mother, marathon swimmer and all round amazing human being talks about what inspired her to keep swimming though the long 28hr 44mins it took her to get across the channel, how that lead her to carry on her swimming adventures across global boarders and why whatever goal you may have, wherever you are in your life - just go out there and give it a shot, you never know where it will take you x Music:
August 02, 2018
Skiing to the North Pole & Hybrid Careers with mum of two and Doctor - Camila Benouali
Camila Benouali - mother of two, Doctor, Entrepreneur and North Pole veteran talks about what Skiing to the North pole taught her about productivity, why she believes Hybrid Careers are the future and how not getting the goal can be as empowering as achieving it
July 26, 2018
Thinking about starting a business from zero? Inspiration from CEO Adam Lamb
For anyone who is thinking about or starting a business from zero - listen to CEO and author Adam Lamb as he talks about how he went from Mortgage portfolio advisor to setting up two global companies specialising in supplements for diabetics, what motivates him and how he achieves his goals.
July 26, 2018
From Family Tragedy to Global Business - Find your Template for Success
Listen to the inspirational Jeffrey Morgan as he talks about how tragedy in his family has driven him to run a global business inspiring others to get healthy and stay healthy in a way that is sustainable for them Part of Templates For Success series - Every week we seek out individuals who are chasing and achieving their own goals on their own terms. Each have their individual motivation, focus and passion. Their stories will change your perspective on what is possible, open your eyes to what real people are doing, how they are doing it and their templates for success. We hope that these stories of individual achievement will inspire you and that you can take at least one of these templates and adapt it to achieve your goals - whatever they maybe. Music:
July 20, 2018