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That Bitchin Real Estate Show

That Bitchin Real Estate Show

By Kimberly Tocco
Kimberly Tocco "TENACIOUS T" brings you the most electrifying Real Estate Podcast to ever hit the internet! This is about having fun and all of the Bithcin people I have met in Real Estate. If you are not laughing, screaming, crying, jumping for joy or curled up drooling in a are not doing real estate right!
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***BONUS*** Bethany Love Hanna & The Famous Questions
Bethany escaped a horribly abusive relationship...barely. Now thriving 6 years later with her daughter she is sharing her gifts of teaching women to listen to their inner voice. Our inner voice has been quiet for so very long, suppressed by the hard masculine way the World is run. Now we are breaking free and showing what the soft unconditional love of a woman can do not only for your personal relationships, but the life you want to create.BethanyLove Hanna Part Two is the fun and whimsical of my dear friend and intuitive coach, BethanyLove Hanna Filmed at SNEAKY BIG sound by Mike Hissong Direction, Production, editing Tenacious Productions LLC Host Kimberly Tocco Intuitive Realtor Keller Williams Arizona That Bitchin Real Estate Show #IntuitiveRealtor #tenacioust
August 31, 2020
Season 3 Episode 8 Bethany Love Hanna Coaching Women on how to listen to their inner voice.
This month is all about intuition and the gifts for which we can share with the World during this unprecedented time.  BethanyLove Hanna is a gifted empath, intuitive guide and coach who focuses her strengths and gifts in helping women find and listen to their inner voice. In this episode Bethany opens up for the first time on her 13 year relationship under the control and fear of domestic violence. She details not only the final moments where she thought he was going to take her life, but the bravery in which she went back to save her daughter.  In this time where many women, children and men are trapped at home with seemingly no where to turn, her story will empower you to reach inside yourself and find the courage to listen to that voice inside, the voice of God and know that you are not alone. Domestic violence is NEVER OK, it is not your fault and many are here to help you find a way to escape the violence. Ladies and Gentlemen, the FACE of love itself...Bethany Love Hanna Filmed at SNEAKY BIG Sound Mike Hissong Written, Produced and edited, Tenacious Productions LLC #intuitiveRealtor #TenaciousT
August 31, 2020
***BONUS*** Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian & The Famous Questions
Katie, Founder of Gateway Healing, a healer who also does Soul Readings, Kundalini Light Energization, Intuitive Energy Healing, Re-connective Healing, Crystal Vogel Light Healing, Animal Healing and Personalized Soul Imprint Portraits tells us more about her gifts and answers The Famous Questions.  Prepare to be enlightened and delighted!  Posh studio SNEAKY BIG sound Mike Hissong Production, Editing, Written and directed by Tenacious Productions LLC
August 31, 2020
Season 3 Episode 7 Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian Founder of Gateway Healing and Gifted Channeler
This month is about intuition and the magic of finding how and why God made us. Katie Kyleen Sabbaghian is the Founder of Gateway healing and Arizona Spiritual Events. She is a Renowned and Gifter Healer offering other modalities such as , Soul Reader, Kundalini Light Energization, Soul Imprint Portraits, Animal Healing and much more. Katie came into my life 2 and a half years ago and not only began the healing of my soul but showed me the way to heal myself and others. I have one more session to become a Gateway Healer taught by Katie herself as the Founder. It is with sheer joy that I present to you... Katie Kyleen Sabbighian.  Filmed at SNEAKY BIG with @MikeHissong on sound Editing, production and directed by Tenacious Productions LLC
August 30, 2020
Season 3 Epsiode 6 David Morse Building a Brand on the Foundation of Joy
David Morse is the CEO & Team Leader of Keller Williams Arizona Realty which houses some of the biggest names in the business. Yet its not the the seven figure investor and entrepreneur status that fuels his passion for success. Its the ability to unleash the potential in others that drives him.  Ladies and Gentlemen, a very personal sit down with delightful David Morse. His humble beginnings, marring his high school sweetheart and his belief in seeking joy.  Filmed at @SNEAKY BIG sound Mike Hissong Written, Directed, Produced and edited Tenacious Productions LLC
August 8, 2020
***BONUS*** Michael Banovac & The Famous Questions
Part Two of my interview with @MichaelBanovac is packed full of tips and real life lessons. Things that everyone in their 20s should be doing right now and of course, The Famous Questions.  Posh Studio @SSNEAKY BIG sound Mike Hissong Produced, Written, Directed, Editing, Tenacious Productions LLC
August 8, 2020
Season 3 Episode 5 Michael Banovac, how cultivating relationships made him a multi-millionaire.
This month is all about LOVE and who better to have on the show then, Multi Millionaire and business owner, Best Selling Author of "How to be Irresistible to Men" and Managing partner at RMB Luxury Real Estate...Michael Banovac. In this incredible episode, Michael talks about what he did early on in his career choices, his investments and how his path to success was dictated by the hard work he put in while in his 20s and 30s. How cultivating relationships has been the foundation he build his legacy on and made himself into a Multi-Millionaire Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Banovac IS The Modern Day Renaissance Man.  Written, Directed, Edited by Tenacious Productions LLC Produced By Posh Studio SNEAKY BIG sound Mike Hissong Host #TenaciousT
August 8, 2020
***BINUS*** Anthony Penna & The Famous Questions
This month is all about love and in Part 2 of my interview with Anthony Penna he tells us a little bit more about his love of family, the deep respect he has for his wife (a newly wed!) and who he would have dinner with if he could choose any celebrities or famous person, dead or alive.  Ladies and gentlemen...Anthony Penna is The Thinking Man
August 1, 2020
Season 3 Episode 4 Anthony Penna Love, Family and scented candles?
This Month is all about keeping love alive as an Entrepreneur and this amazing soul has it down!  Anthony Penna is the Vice President/Director of Sale & Marketing Lawyers Title Phoenix. 20 years ago he left everything he knew, including his entire Italian family to make it big in Commercial Sales here in Arizona. After many failures and finally signing on to learn the Tom Ferry method and coaching technique, he started blowing up! Making a "family" with the team he works with he was raising his daughter as a single father when late in his life he found love once again. This episode is full of laughs, what it takes to maintain 7 figures and also...keep love alive!  Written, Produced, Directed and Editing by Tenacious Productions LLC Posh Studio SNEAKY BIG sound Mike Hissong  That Bitchin Real Estate Show  This is #Rad man🤘🏻
July 16, 2020
***BONUS*** Dustin DeFrates and the Famous Questions
Dustin DeFrates and the Famous Questions  What an absolute pleasure to have the Innovative Genius on my show. If you do not know the history of Mr Defrates and his multiple businesses, this fun segment of my show highlights little nuggets that you do not want to miss. Zillow BEFORE there even was a Zillow, his favorite swear word (it will surprise you) and of course, the famous person (or people in this case) he would love to take to dinner.  SNEAKY BIG posh studio Tenacious Productions LLC Director, Producer, Editor and yours truly as your host #TenaciousT
July 16, 2020
***BONUS*** Tracy Fitzgerald & The Famous Questions
SHOW LESSGrace, Kindness, Confidence, Savvy. Tracy Schwaner Fitzgerald has solidified herself in the Luxury Real Estate World not because of who she knows, but because she wanted it. Here is her story on being a wife, a mother and going for her dreams with laser focus. She knew what she wanted and she never doubted she could achieve it. How she values both her abilities and self worth and does not have a problem saying no. Listen carefully to some of the brilliant nuggets this woman shares. Sound and Camera SNEAKY BIG Writer, editor, director, producer Tenacious Productions LLC Host, Kimberly "Tenacious T" Tocco
July 16, 2020
Season 3 Episode 4 Tracy Fitzgerald The Epitome of Manifesting what you want.
Grace, Kindness, Confidence, Savvy. Tracy Schwaner Fitzgerald has solidified herself in the Luxury Real Estate World not because of who she knows, but because she wanted it. Here is her story on being a wife, a mother and going for her dreams with laser focus. She knew what she wanted and she never doubted she could achieve it. How she values both her abilities and self worth and does not have a problem saying no. Listen carefully to some of the brilliant nuggets this woman shares.  Sound and Camera SNEAKY BIG Writer, editor, director, producer Tenacious Productions LLC Host, Kimberly "Tenacious T" Tocco
July 16, 2020
Season 3 Episode 2 Dustin DeFrates Solutions from a Serial Entrepreneur.
Season 3 Episode 2 Dustin DeFrates is a Solutionist, Speed Chess Player, Serial Entrepreneur with a Philanthropic Heart and driven by the love for his family. What makes this even more beautiful, is his wife is also an Entrepreneur, building up woman in business and life and developing a line of her own. This episode revels the amazing Real Estate Tools he has developed that every realtor should have in their tool box. A solid game changer. Ladies and Gentlemen, Part 1 of this brilliant interview with Dustin DeFrates and the surprising time he dedicates to changing the World.
June 24, 2020
BONUS! Scott Marlow and The Famous Questions!
Scott gives us even more secrets on how to achieve a 33% conversation rate and answers The Famous Questions!
June 24, 2020
SEASON 3 EPISODE 1 SCOTT MARLOW, The Unicorn of COLD CALLS with a 33% conversation rate
Scott Marlow is my first guest in this post #covid19 World and we had a BLAST.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Part One Scott Marlow IS  Season 3 is ALL about whimsical, inspiring and JOYOUS people who love what they do and have a purpose. Scott has been "dabbling" in Real Estate for 20 years and is one of the few who has actually mastered the cold call. Specializing in FSBOs, Scott has a 33% rate of conversion and in this episode...I get him to role play a cold call on the spot! Ladies and Gentlemen, Part 1 of the FSBO Dude, Unicorn, and all around good guy, Scott from Scottsdale.  Filmed and recorded at SNEAKY BIG Directed, Produced and Edits by Tenacious Productions LLC Hosted by yours truly Kimberly Tocco Intro song Pat Hilton Animated Intro Todd Schowalter  That Bitchin Real Estate Show  #TenaciousT #Joyismycurrency
June 12, 2020
Season II Alan Kushmakov and his MANY Mistakes that became success
The final episode for Season II (OH do not worry Season III is coming!) Alan Kushmakov has been doing real estate for 7 years. Started the same year I did. He went SIX MONTHS before getting his first commission check...NOT what he had planned on. Listen to this fascinating story of a man DETERMINED not to fail, DETERMINED to build a tangible asset and solid legacy for his family and agents in the community. From brand new and struggling to OWNING his own brokerage, navigating even through COVID-19 and guiding his agents to SUCCESS! Failure is not an option...but its a great teacher. (FILMED in February) Barbara Harwell pops in at the end BUT Part 2 and the famous question will be coming this weekend! ENJOY! SNEAKY BIG posh Studio Tenacious Productions LLC Director, Producer, editor, film #TenaciousT the RAD host
May 27, 2020
Karl Freund CEO and Owner of Kenneth James Realty, The "Scrapper" of 2020
Getting to know the back story of this incredibly successful Entrepreneur, I immediately think "Scapper". With the spirit of the street kids in New York in the 1920s, Karl Freund could very well be...a GREAT leader of tomorrow. Those leading in LOVE today, WILL be the leaders of tomorrow. Survivor of Cancer, Diabetes and most recently COVID-19
April 10, 2020
Brian C. North, Owner and Founder of North&Co.
Legendary, Visionary, KIND. Brian C. North embodies everything we need to embrace right now. The simplicity of living in the now, being present with what truly matters and how he is rising up to be one of our leaders through this difficult time.
April 10, 2020
***PART TWO*** Rich Barker and the famous questions
This was just inspiring! Rich Barker highlights his humor, his love for his girls, the battle with cancer and helps me fulfill a bucket list item for my late son. There just are no word besides, "Thank you my friend." 
April 10, 2020
SEASON II EP7 - Rich Barker, Humble, Savvy and loves a good perm on his mullet.
***PART 1 of 2***Rich Barker, Major League Baseball Pitcher for the Chicago Cubs and clocked as one of THE fastest Pitchers in the 90s, continues to compete...but in the game of real estate. Join me in this incredible episode of how a man gave up on his dreams only to come back and make it all the way to the Majors. He then followed the path of an Entrepreneur creating an Athletic clothing line and a Training facility called Velocity Sports. Then he was bit by the Real Estate bug and he never looked back. Now owning several KW Offices, Rich Barker focuses on his clients and finding missing children He has partnered with The The Bair Find Foundation Foundation and successfully found 6 Arizona Children last year!
March 20, 2020
SEASON II EP6 Debbie Biery, The Heart of eXp Realty
Join me Kristi Culhane and Ashlee Miller as we sit down with Debbie Biery, Education Director for over 5000 eXp Power Girls as we discuss ways we can empower each other. Launching her new endeavor soon, Level Up Coaching, Debbie takes us back to her beginnings. From her father's lessons on "Being Human", her dream of owning an Orphanage, and the pride she has for the community of women inside our amazing brokerage.    Producer, Editor Tenacious Productions LLC Posh Studio SNEAKY BIG Title Sponsor Ashlee Miller Great American Title
March 20, 2020
Season II EP5 - Tadd Larson Leading with Kindness and a Race car
It was a pleasure to sit down with one of our future leaders. Tadd Larson at only 28 years old is not only tech savvy (his bed lifts him up and out every morning) but he is part of the movement of becoming an enlightened entrepreneur. Leading his business with heart yet never losing site of his goals, Tadd Larson is a true badass and I am proud to have him as part of our eXp community!
February 27, 2020
SEASON II EP4 - Jesse Sheel. Energizing, Fun Loving...NEVER cutting his hair again...Entrepreneur
Went for the college degree, the 6 figure income, the pension, the benefits...had it all. Or so it seemed. Jesse Scheel found himself "living the dream" that wasn't HIS dream. So he took a leap of faith, faith in himself, his family and the REAL dream, to retire in five years and live a simple life...on the beach. Let's see where he is at on that journey!
February 3, 2020
Season II EP3 Dr Richard Bonillas about anti aging, men and women!
MEN! This is or you too. Join me and two other women as we discuss aging and what we do to our bodies and faces. From Grooms now wanting make up at their weddings to botched surgeries, this open and raw discussion is eye opening and educational from the perspectives of 3 women, 30s, 40s and 50s.MEN! This is or you too. Join me and two other women as we discuss aging and what we do to our bodies and faces. From Grooms now wanting make up at their weddings to botched surgeries, this open and raw discussion is eye opening and educational from the perspectives of 3 women, 30s, 40s and 50s.
January 29, 2020
SEASON II-EP2 Jade Pino, two time deployed Marine and PRE Open House Founder Shannon Endsley Quagliata
This is the show that inspired me to create a NEW SEGMENT this year. One for new and beginning agents. You should not have to be uber successful to get a shot at being on a high production podcast. Sometimes sharing a taste of what they could achieve is enough to ignite a fire. We will be filming a 30 minute spot once a month starting LIVE tomorrow: ANGEL VISION 2020: THE MILLENNIAL PODCAST We are bringing the vision of our young leaders to light as it is through them that we can make our BIGGEST impact. The voices of our children form the leaders of tomorrow, let their VISION flow. In the meantime, ENJOY this show which sparked the idea, two young agents and how they navigated that first year followed by the amazing Shannon Endsley Quagliata and her genius APP idea that has taken that state by storm.
January 22, 2020
Season II- EP1 Taylor Jennings How he is afraid of his wife and killing it in the Scottsdale Market
Only in real estate a few years and clearing over $12,000,000 in sales the last 12 months. Recently selling a $1.3 millions dollar home in less then 7 days. This hard working business owner is savvy, kind and loves to collaborate to help each other! Joining us is Devon Speaks and Laura Harris, also of EXP Realty. We talk staging, New Agent tips and how we work together to build a better culture.
January 22, 2020
OVERCOME: Stories of Survival - Two Sisters who survived the OSO Mudslide of 2014
A Tale of Two Sisters. March 22, 2014, the largest landslide in history took place in Oso Washington and took 43 lives and 49 structures. Kristina and Laura Harris were just 24 and 22 years old at the time and were left without a home or their parents. Making matters worse, their cousin who came with them to assist, took his own life just 2 weeks later. Finally, after 29 days of searching and digging through the mud, their parents bodies were the last ones found. Today Kritstina runs a succesful auto mechanic shop and Laura is my first, Tenacious Angel.
January 9, 2020
Brad Pickett - The 7 figure Enlightened Entrepreneur
Polymath: An individual whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects, known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. Brad Pickett is The Enlightened Entrepreneur A very powerful episode with an emphasis on building yourself up to achieve...anything. From a potoato farmer, Mortgages and Title, to Firefighter and then EXPLODING into a 7 figure income in 2018 owning mulitple businesses and coaching. Brad Pickett has been able to break through the crust of just being a money machine to success with Enlightenment. Owning both real estate and sales business model platforms, Brad's focus is empowering communities to build wealth on a platform of serving, giving and light. It was truly an honor to have this modern day "Polymath" in studio.
December 21, 2019
Episode 17 - Hundred Life Founder Daniel Folk
This episode came together with such flow. The brain power alone...the room was electrified. Hundred Life Design founder Daniel Folk, eloquent, intelligent and a hell of a conversationalist. Bringing the intimacy of coaching and the highly accessible world of the internet, now anyone can afford a "Coach" for any of their needs. Daniel saw a need for a platform that would bring the gap between affordability and coaching to everyone. From his days as a hired gun for the most industrious businesses in the world to his creation of HUNDRED LIFE DESIGN...this guy was a true pleasure to have in studio.
December 14, 2019
Episode 15 - Jim Dunning owner and broker now bringing on his daughters!
This is probably one of my favorite interviews emotionally as I had a great love for my father. Taliking to Jim and how much love lies between him and his daughters, wife and family are truly inspiring. Broker and owner of his own Keller Williams offices in Scottsdale, Prescott and some satilite offices, Jim Dunning has blazed a trail not only in real estate...but obviosuly as a father. AMEEZE!!
December 10, 2019
Episode 16 - Jeffrey Serpa @SerpaCertified How he brought the BVO Team to explosive sales!
Still holding the record with Lazy~Boy for selling the most "arc handles" sold! in just a few short years, his instincts and expertise in SERVICE he has won the trust of the most succesful team in the state of Arizona. His moto "Luxury is a service", and when it comes to service, there is no one better...except maybe Tenacious T. BONUS: Todd Bookspan joins us for the mrotgage meltdown! Brian Culhane executive producer  Tenacious Productions LLC Directed, written and produced SNEAKY BIG Only the best studio in town And special guests Jeffrey Serpa Todd Bookspan and John A Lincoln BVO Luxury Group at Keller Williams Arizona Realty Fairway Mortgage - Bookspan Baker Team And sponsored by Chicago Title Brian Peitz
December 6, 2019
Episode 14 - TessaaBellaa Just 23 just 6 years in Real Estate and now a Coach!
Meet Tessabella, a 23 year old who is rockin the real estate coaching and social media space. Having done her fair share of buying and selling since the tender age of 18, listen as we discover her motivations, her plans for the furture and the advice she would give to any young person who wants to give up. @Tessaabellaa
November 15, 2019
Episode 13 Dr Shep Pryor The next American Ninja Warrior Candidate
The drive and determination, love for his family and to be frank, the badassery of this amazing human has me humbled. Take a listen and you will be too. Double Board Certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as in Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. He graduated from Princeton University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology/Neuroscience. He received his Medical Degree from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. He then completed his Internship in General Surgery and his Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery Residency at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He then went on to serve as a Fellow in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the University of California at Davis Medical Center. He has dedicated his post-graduate training solely to the practice of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.
October 27, 2019
Episode 12 - Scottsdale's Mayor Jim Lane FOR THE PEOPLE
Coming to the end of his term on January 2021, we discuss his future plans and that which I admire most about him, his passion for his city and the people. Take a listen as we discuss some of his many accomplishments and what he advises my Tenacious Angels when we talk about giving back and helping our community. Mayor Lane currently represents the city as a member of the Flinn Foundation Arizona Bioscience Roadmap Steering Committee. He is the current President of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association, a member of the Governor’s Arizona Workforce Committee, member of the Executive Committee of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, and a Chairman of the Maricopa Association of Governments Economic Development Committee. He is a former Chairman of the MAG Regional Council and former President of the MAG Executive Board. Mayor Lane also serves on the Scottsdale Leadership Advisory Board, Arizona Game and Fish Appointment Recommendation Board, he is a member of the Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations and an Honorary Member of the Taliesin West Board of Stewards. Mayor Lane is also a member of the Municipal Tax Code commission.
October 25, 2019
Episode 10 - The legendary Bobby Lieb
The legendary Bobby Lieb. His time as the owner of The Jokey Club and Waitress Olympics, his habit of responding right away (yes he runs the show over at HomeSmart Elite) and the delightful way he met and married the love of his life. In this episode I open up with the stunningly beautiful story of how he met his wife and adopted a needy teenager. PS Russell Shaw somehow got popped into the video
October 16, 2019
The Mortgage Meltdown With Greg Gale - Dumb things people do that could ruin their loan!
Welcome to The Mortgage Meltdown with our special guest, Greg Gale. Having been a personal trainer and martial arts instructor for 17 years, Greg stresses the importance of integrity, a positive attitude, patience, creativity and respect for all things. Join us as we discuss the humor in lending and what NOT to do. Our lingering guests chime in, Russell Shaw and Crystle Mulzet.
October 14, 2019
Russell Shaw's Saturday Night Nuggets EP2
After having The God Fatehr of Real Estate on my podcast, I realized nuggets like these need to be savored. Introducing Russell Shaw's Saturday Night Nuggets! Funny man on FaceBook and Genius in Real Estate, this guy is beyond RAD! This episode we are discussing how the preperation of a comedian is intensive, as is the social media game and guessing which posts work.  IMPACT is the key here.
October 6, 2019
Episode 9 - M'jaie Mangus and her Love & Lies podcast
Episode 9 - M'jaie Mangus joins me to discuss believing in your vision and creating a life you love. The struggles we all face with body image and stays on to join Tyler Rosales - T-RO Sales, LLC-Natural Products Broker & Consultant. Distributing the highest quality product for 30 years to big box and small, WholeFoods, Sprouts, Natural Food Stores and 5 more states across the country.   Both self made and extremely successful. Listen to answers as I give them the Tenacious Ten to pick their brain and get to the meat of their success path.
September 28, 2019
Episode 8 - Joe Buzzello Author of The Cap Equation PART 1
PART I of a two part Special, Joe Buzzello Ladies and Gentlemen.  When I asked for a miracle, a coach who could actually understand Tenacious T and what she needed, life gave me Joe Buzzello. TRULY one of my favorite humans, kind, philintropic, outragously successful, several times over published author, built legacy teams and 100 million dollar+ business units from the ground floor and he came in to see little ol' me. Russell Shaw stops in and Pete Tocco Fire Captain is also in the room. Easily one of the best afternoons of my life surrounded by three men I can easily call my inspiration and mentors.
September 18, 2019
Episode 7 - Weston Gibson, Good Ol' American Boy!
Join me as we interview this classic 'MERICA loving, God fearing, realtor who has taken the real estate market by storm selling over 35 homes in just a couple years! Here he talks of driving the SEXY mini van, his love of hunting, decipling to men and the influence that Matin Luther King Jr has had on his life.
September 12, 2019
Safe Haven Sundays - Eradicating the Stigma of Suicide
My guests Joe Buzzello Peter Tocco M'jaie Mangus talk candidly about their own personal experience with suicide, the stigma and thoughts on what can be done to eradicate the stigma. A father's side and how he pulled though and the stats on Fire and Police A Multi-Millionaire entrepreneur and what he has experienced  A Social Media Influencer and her passion to spread awareness and prevention.
September 10, 2019
Safe Haven Events - Eradicating the Stigma of Suicide
SAFE HAVEN SUNDAYS - It is NOT what you go through, it is how you come through it. There are many movements happening, at the government level and making changes in our schools(thank you LeAnn Hull) and many people are speaking out openly now on mental health, awareness, education..yet for me its not happening quick enough. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in the world for those aged 10-24 years. Yes you read that right. More teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, COMBINED. The QUICKEST and MOST impactful way to start and make the change IS TO SHARE YOUR STORY. #JasonForeverForeverJason #TreeofLifeMovement #betheChange#NotToday #YouMatter #teensuicideawareness
September 3, 2019
Episode 6 - Brian Culhane, The Success Philosopher, Freedom Coach, Wealth Advisor
Its a mindset, the ability to BELIEVE in yourself and build a dream. Co-Founder of what is now the WORLD's largest, International, publicly traded, CLOUD BASED brokerage. From starting EXP Realty with just a few people, to completely SEVERING the Hip/Ball joint of his femur, spending months at a time in bed and struggling to find health again. "We spend our youth chasing Wealth only to spend our wealth chasing youth." - More on his brilliant career below. SOUND UP! Brian Culhane Ladies and Gentlemen. Written and Directed by: Kimberly Tocco Tenacious Productions LLC Vocals, music and edits: Pat Hilton Lovely Co Host: Haley Schuster Red Blue AZ Homes Awesome Studio: SNEAKY BIG
September 2, 2019
Crystle's Ball - Telling the Market Forecast with Tarot and the Bitchin' Listin' of the week!
Look out Cromford Report...we have Crystle Ann Mulzet-Lucero! Crystle's Ball - Our resident Title Rep/ Tarot Card reader forecasts the further of the market! Don't worry, we all chime in to give you a good view of where we see it going. Joining us is Brian Culhane, a "believer" as he retells the story of his first card reading when he was broke and wanting to take out this hot lady who is now his wife! Kristi Culhane Also the first Bitchin' Listin" of the week!
August 28, 2019
Episode 4 - Divorce, Fortune Telling and Football
Nick Bardyga "B-Lyshious" and Brian Culhane "The Success Philosopher" discuss the challenges of running a business, going through a divorce, balance, football and your resident Fortune Teller Crystle Mulzet reads the cards!
August 15, 2019
Episode 3 - Mortgage Meltdown w/ Ricky Khamis & Jordon Partridge
Ricky Khamis, a Aco 3-505th Parachute Infantry Regient. S.A.W Gunner turned Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist and Equity Management Strategist. Yes that's quit the mouthful and Ricky is a BEAST. Join us as we hear about his favorite noise (oh he is dirty!) to his dream job. Also a special guest he brought into the studio, Jordon Partridge with one heck of a story...WELCOME to the MORTGAGE MELTDOWN!
August 15, 2019
BONUS EPISODE - Titillating Title Tales
My title PEEPS are in the house and full of interesting stories.  What, you mean real estate agents do not know how to communicate?
August 15, 2019
Episode 2 - Micheal Herrera "Mr. Casa's" Beer, Tacos and selling houses man.
Micheal "Mr Casa's" Herrera, just a down to earth Homie that loves his Family, Punk Rock, Tacos, cold craft beer & selling Real Estate. Grew up in the Bay area, a graphic design artist who moved to the valley and is a proud husband and father. Supporting his family on one income so a parent can stay at home full time for the kids. A bloody fantastic guy that I am honored to call friend. 
August 15, 2019
Episode 1 - Chelsea Peitz is in the HOUSE! OMG
Social Media Coach, Podcaster, Author, Presenter, Host. Teaching real estate professionals how to use the camera on their smartphone to build a powerful personal brand. The guru of Snap Chat and all things Social...the one and ONLY Chelsea Peitz! ...she needs her own talk show people!
August 12, 2019