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Tending the Flame

Tending the Flame

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Tending the Flame Podcast is here to provide you with the divine, feminine, spiritual, sweary, grounded content you've been craving!

The aim is to make the world of spirituality accessible, relatable and funny. Join Brónach and Denise while they explore the world of "Woo Woo" through a contemporary Celtic lens.

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12. Interview with Angela Dunlop on spiritual gifts, inner critic, life goals and her new book "The Miracle of Mediumship".

Tending the Flame

13. Interview with Treacy O'Connor on the St Brigid's Day Campaign, her spiritual journey, falling apart and Tending Brighíd's Flame
This week Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (They/She) are joined in conversation with Treacy O'Connor (She/Her). Treacy is an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counselor, meditator and lover of Brighíd. In this episode we talk of Treacy's spiritual journey, transitions in life and in work and our mutual love for Brighíd and excitement for her feast day to be made a national holiday in Ireland. Treacy has devoted a lot of time and work alongside the team at Herstory, and the Brigidine Sisters, in order to make this happen and succeed in a win for Brighíd, a win for women, and a win for Ireland. We really hope you are as nourished by this conversation as we were. Follow us on Instagram: @tendingtheflame.podcast Leave us a tip:  More about Treacy O'Connor:  Treacy's Website: OnSpirit Interfaith Foundation: Insight Timer: Corporate Wellness: HerStory Movement: Books Mentions:  The Ceslstine Vision by James Redfield Lost Connections by Johann Hari Music Mentioned:  Don't Be Afraid of The Light That Shines Within You by Luka Bloom
February 01, 2022
12. Interview with Angela Dunlop on spiritual gifts, inner critic, life goals and her new book "The Miracle of Mediumship".
Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (They/She) spend an hour with Belfast based Medium, writer and healer Angela Dunlop. Angela has been a practicing medium for 15 years and in 2009 opened her first holistic centre called "House of Healing". Though closed now, Angela continues to hold private readings and demonstrates her abilities in public. We chat to Angela about the struggles of trusting yourself and battling the inner critic, trusting the gifts you have and following your Soul's path and we hear about the release of her first book "The Miracle of Mediumship", the real life stories of spirit and connection as well as the it's core message of belief and faith. Follow us on Instagram: @tendingtheflame.podcast Leave us a tip:  Angela Dunlop Website: Instagram: @angeladunlopmedium Facebook: @angeladunlopmedium
January 22, 2022
11. Winter Solstice, Mormon friends and Jesus is a Pisces
Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (They/She) reflect on self acceptance, deep rest and goal setting as another Gregorian year ends. Brónach retells the story of Jonah and the Whale and her soulful friendship with two Mormon Sisters and Denise decides to return to horse riding. With reflections on the significance of the Winter Solstice and some suggestions on how you can engage in your own rituals and ceremonies as we move into the astronomical Winter.  TW: Brief mention of mental health  Books Mentioned:  Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore  The Circle and the Cross by Caiseal Mór  Tarot Poems by Willie Watson  Anam Cara by John O'Donohue  Macha's Twins by Kate Fitzpatrick  Follow us on Instagram: @tendingtheflame.podcast  Leave us a tip: 
December 21, 2021
10. Interview with Patricia Lübeck on keening, death, grief, colonisation and the land.
This week Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (They/She) interview Patricia Lübeck (She/Her). Patricia Lubeck is a nurturer, healer, and protector who holds people as they cross the big thresholds of life: Birth, death, trauma integration, and healing around sexuality and intimacy. Patricia has trained in more modalities than one could count and loves being able to understand and explain the human experience. Beyond that, though, she has a deep routing in indigenous practice, both from her own lineage and from the many places around the world she is lucky to call home.  As a practitioner Patricia bridges the mind and heart through deep compassion and loving presence. Grounding the cosmic landscape through embodied practices, she has dedicated her journey to breathing beauty and life into practices of old.
December 11, 2021
09. Dreams, the Collective Unconscious and the Folding of Time.
Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (They/She) delve into their experiences with reoccurring and prophetic dreams and their understanding of the role that the subconscious and collective unconscious plays. There is a brief Segway into the importance of open conversation around menstruation, while Brónach shares about healing experience at a set of stone circles in Donegal and Denise has hot take on Déjà vu and Time. TW: there is some chat around mental health, including depression and anxiety. We’ve included some links to mental health support and information below. Follow us on Instagram: @tendingtheflamepodcast Leave us a tip:  Mental Health Support: Samaritans: Life Line (Northern Ireland): Mind:
November 20, 2021
08. Short, special episode for a call to sign the petition to make Brighíd’s day a national holiday on the island of Ireland. petition link. Trigger warning: spiking women mentioned 12 mins in.
October 20, 2021
07. Mediums, Libra season life reassessing and Midnight Mass.
Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (She/They) compare their experiences of this year’s Libra season before moving onto Samhain and the progression of the Celtic year. They digress into discussing different stages of their spirituality, the new Netflix show Midnight Mass (spoilers), life after death and answer some questions sent in by you listeners!
October 16, 2021
06. Death, reincarnation and...dinosaurs?
Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (She/They) tackle the concept and reality of death in this week’s episode. From goddess archetypes and death representatives to reincarnation, after life and Catholicism they each talk about their own understandings of death and relationships with ancestors who have passed on. Trigger Warning (TW) for a brief mention of suicide. Linktree: Follow us on Instagram: @tendingtheflame.podcast Link: Leave us tip & help keep our eps advert free: If you are struggling with your mental health:  Samaritans: Lifeline (NI):
September 11, 2021
05. Male gaze, how Rose from the Titanic deserved better and body positivity.
Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (She/They) discuss the concept of the male gaze beyond cinema and its relation to everyday life from internalised misogyny to the negativity that men also suffer as a result of patriarchy. The conversation digresses into talks of body positivity and sensuality with a small mention of (tw) eating disorders, how we view ourselves and other women and ends on a ridiculous note of talks of Irish figures and how much we fancy them.  We hope you enjoy! Help us keep the podcast advert free by leaving us a tip: Author of "What A Time To Be Alone":  More info on Sheela Na Gigs: Help us keep the podcast advert free by leaving us a tip:
August 28, 2021
04. Lughnasadh, Neurodiversity and Taylor Swift thirst.
Brónach (She/Her) & Denise (She/They) have a general discussion about the Celtic festival of Lughnasadh and what each of them are hoping to reap in line with the harvest festival. As we are so open about mental health on our podcast we delve into conversations about our experiences in therapy and Denise gets very candid on the subject of neurodiversity within their own life and in general. Sit back and enjoy this week's episode! Help us keep the podcast advert free by leaving us a tip:
August 07, 2021
03. Gender, Sexuality & Spirituality
Brónach (She/Her) and Denise (She/They) take a deep dive into their personal experiences and understanding of their gender and sexuality and how that intersects with their spirituality and personal relationship with the Divine.  This is a no holes barred episode covering the beauty and power of Bisexuality, gender fluidity and what living a conscious Queer life looks like for them.  There is also some mad talk of a Polyamorous Jesus, the misrepresented Mary Magdalene, Brónach's dream time life hopping with Vin Diesel and Denise's completely unrelated trip to Enniskillen. Please like, share, review and subscribe! If you want access to more content and to connect with us more, follow us on Instagram! Instagram: Help us keep the podcast advert free by leaving us a tip:
July 24, 2021
01. Part 2 Interview with Harmony Nice on disconnecting from social media, body positivity and how she handles anger.
Harmony Nice is a Wiccan Youtuber and author of  "Wicca", a modern and definitive guides to Wicca and witchcraft. This year she released her Tarot deck "Harmony" which we adore. We pick up where we left off and hear more of Harmony's thoughts on social media and her experience of disconnecting. We touch on the importance of self care and filling your own cup first and what it looks like to have good boundaries. Harmony reflects on her reconnection with her body and her body hair and her understanding of the impact of the male gaze and validation. With some hones, unabridged wisdom on how she handles anger as a woman.  Help us keep the podcast advert free by leaving us a tip: You can find Harmony on the following platforms: YouTube: Instagram: Website: Follow Tending The Flame Podcast on socials: FaceBook: Instagram: --- Send in a voice message:
May 01, 2021
01. Part 1 Interview with Harmony Nice on Wicca, mental health, social media and her love of water.
Harmony Nice is a Wiccan Youtuber and author of  "Wicca", a modern and definitive guides to Wicca and witchcraft. This year she released her Tarot deck "Harmony" which we adore. In part 1 we talk to Harmony about her spiritual journey. She also shares some wisdom on integrative mental health, how Wicca has shaped her and how her practice and spirituality is evolving. We delved into the healing intention behind her new Tarot deck and touch on her joy of reconnecting with nature after taking a step back from social media.  Help us keep the podcast advert free by leaving us a tip: You can find Harmony on the following platforms: YouTube: Instagram: Website: Follow Tending The Flame Podcast on socials: FaceBook: Instagram:
April 17, 2021
04. Interview with Elaine Johnston on spiritual awakenings, healing modalities, angelic breath-work and how her work has changed since the pandemic.
Our guest on this episode is Elaine Johnston, spiritual teacher, mentor and active break work facilitator. We got her take on spiritual awakenings, how her work came about and how the pandemic changed the landscape of her personal and professional practice. We also get the low down on Angelic breath work and her hopes of holding more women's circles in the future. Elaine's funny, real and down to earth approach to life is inspiring and a little infectious and we are so excited for this episode. Instagram: @elaine.johnston.healing FB: Website: Books mentioned: Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell Macha's Twins: A Spiritual Journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess by Kate Fitzpatrick
March 13, 2021
03. The Books and Films that Shaped Us
In this episode Brónach and Denise talk about the books and films that have inspired them over the years while intertwined with some personal anecdotes. They begin with Denise's psyche exploding book the "Women Who Run With the Wolves" by Clarrissa Pinkola Estés and her retelling of the story of the La Loba. Followed by Brónach's all time favourite film/book "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert and her need to return to Bali. They share their experiences with existential crises and how Chris Beckett's "Dark Eden" had Denise questioning everything she every knew about history. While Brónach shares her earth shattering experience watching the 2020 film 'Soul'. Rounded off with a reflection on the 2014 film Interstellar and the deep esoteric messages it contains about our own humanity. 
February 27, 2021
02. Interview with Brendan Donnelly on QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), his spiritual awakening and many more mind-blowing anecdotes!
Welcome to our first ever interview on the podcast!  We are so excited to be continuing on our second season with our interview with Brendan Donnelly. Brendan is a local Irish QHHT intern (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). In his interview we chat about his path to spiritual awakening, his budding regression work and how spirituality and consciousness manifests and intersects with his human life. Brendan is a natural storyteller and Brónach and Denise just sat back and listened. We truly hope you enjoy this episode and hope you have a great day!
February 13, 2021
01. Imbolc, Saint Brighíd's Day, the coming of Spring.
Welcome to our first episode of 2021! We want to thank you all so much for your support and feedback in 2020 and we are so excited to be on our second season with amazing interviews lined up for over the next few weeks. As our namesake came from our inspiration and love for the Goddess Brighíd, we wanted to begin 2021 with a special episode focusing on the Celtic celebration of Imbolc/Imbolg/Saint Bridget's Day. We discuss the etymology of the holiday, what it means for us, some ritual ideas and practices and other general philosophy and thoughts coming into the new season of spring. The wheel will keep on turning and we shall emerge out of the darkness. Instagram: @tendingtheflame.podcast Instagram: @thedailybruise Denise Instagram: @bronach.lafferty , @thedailydraiocht
January 30, 2021
06. Christmas Special - a compilation of all our best bits from 2020
The end is nigh! In 2020 we've covered wellness, solstices, sacred holidays and rituals  and how much we love Practical Magic and we have packed it all into one episode, just for you!  Today's episode is a compilation of all our best bits from 2020, plus a few bloopers and extra bits that didn't make the original cuts. We will see you back here in January 2021 with a brand new schedule and exciting new content. In the meantime you can follow us on FaceBook and Instagram and if you're really enjoying the podcast, leave us a review x
December 25, 2020
05. Winter Solstice, our understandings, how we are celebrating, and a goodbye to 2020.
This year has felt like an eternal Winter. A constant state of hibernation, of survival, of seeking warmth and protection. As the calendar year draws to a close and we are entering the depths of the Winter season, Denise and Brónach talk about their understanding of the Winter Solstice, sacred sites on the island of Ireland that you can visit this time of year and certain rituals or practices that they themselves have practiced to beckon in the return of the light again. Please leave a review on whatever platform you listen to this podcast on, a comment or a message goes a long way! Happy listening x
December 12, 2020
04. Where we got our podcast namesake, the Goddess Brighíd, triple goddess tattoos, Pagan reformation to Irish Christianity, and a call out for Hozier to join in on our conversation?
This week Brónach and Denise discuss their mutual love for the Celtic Goddess Brighíd, as she is one of the things they bonded over when they first met. From their love of fire to their triple goddess tattoos, they discuss Brighíd’s Pagan mythology and with a couple of anecdotes along the way discuss the Christianised version of the Saint Bridget that we have come to know more freely today. Our love of her is so strong that her myth and story has come to be the basis of our podcast name, “Tending the Flame.” The inner intuitive flame, the outer flame of the community and keeping the strong fire burning. Denise shares some experience with finding and working with her spirit guides and Brónach chatters about her new found interest in Satanism. Other such topics covered when discussing books that we are reading are trauma, effective communication, feminism, gender and sexuality.
November 28, 2020
03. Wellness: surviving, thriving, and our experiences with taking care of ourselves.
These past two weeks (actually, all of them) have been hard, haven't they? With further Covid measures being taken on the island of Ireland, leaving plans, Christmas and other such shenanigans all up in the air: feeling a sense of control and certainty seem to have slipped away quite easily. This week Brónach and Denise discuss a holistic approach to wellness: non-prescriptive as they are not professionals but rather more so talking from their own experience and from a place where they too find it hard to look after themselves. An extremely candid and vulnerable discussion with the hopes that the listener will find it as a comforting salve: the knowledge and safety that you too are not alone in your feelings. TW: contains themes relating to therapy, disassociation, mental health and eating disorders. 
November 14, 2020
02. The Celtic origins of Halloween, 'Samhain'. Practical Magic the movie, Christian festival Reformation and...Harry Styles?
What’re your Halloween plans? In this Samhain episode (to get you right into this festival spirit if you’re not already there), we talk about the historic origins of Samhain, or as you may know it, ‘Halloween’. The episode is a bit longer in length than our first episode but it is jam packed with anecdotes of what this time of year means for us, how Samhain marks the Celtic New Year, the Taurus full moon in Scorpio season that is taking place on the same day, Christianity’s reformation of the festival to make it more palatable for the Church and the ‘reformed people’, and a few mentions of the movie Practical Magic (if you haven’t seen it, go and watch it, now). We slip into momentary digressions revolving around periods/menstruation/moon cycles and how for us and for a lot of others, dissociation and a leaving of the body can be a trauma response. Get a cup of coffee, wine or witches brew, cosy up & join us for this episode that we are both extremely excited about.
October 30, 2020
01. Welcome to Tending the Flame with Denise & Brónach.
Happy Scorpio Season, folks! This is our introductory episode where we talk a little bit about who we are, how we met, our interests, books and...aliens? A very chatty episode as we begin to find our feet as co-hosts and podcasters.  #podcast #divinefeminine #anchorfm #morningcoffee #dailypodcast #spirituality #spiritualjourney #awakening #consciousness #tendingpod #wellnesspodcast #ireland #celticspirituality #goddess #yoga #yogabelfast #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreadersofinstagram #oraclecards #oraclereadersofinstagram #brighid
October 23, 2020