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BrandLogix: All Things Small Town

BrandLogix: All Things Small Town

By Teresa A. France
Small town living. I speak with different guests regarding marketing, business, leadership, community and State outreach. We discuss how we stay connected and network individually or through business. We collaborate with partnership resources and business education to build a stronger community. Join us....
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Republican candidate Travis Daugherty for Blaine County Sheriff
“All things Small Town” podcast speaks with Republican Candidate for Blaine County Oklahoma Sheriff office Travis Daugherty in a Q&A forum. Listen as he talks about his qualifications and plans if elected as Blaine County Sheriff
October 22, 2020
Guest Watonga City Manager, Larry Mitchell talks about the positive changes &upcoming elections.
All Things Small Town hosts today’s podcast with guests Larry Mitchell; Watonga City Manager, and Watonga Chamber of Commerce Dayla Luetkemeyer and Bobbi Tillery. We talk about Larry’s past work history, Watonga council upcoming government change, economics, community challenges, improvements, grant funding, elections, partnerships, collaborations with civic groups, and the future for Watonga Oklahoma.
October 19, 2020
Brian Johnson, Democratic nominee for Oklahoma Blaine County Sheriff Office.
Brian Johnson Democratic Nominee for Blaine County Sheriff office speaks on his candidacy and qualifications to the elected position. Q&A
October 16, 2020
Teresa speaks to Watonga Chamber of Commerce director Dayla Luetkemeyer on 2020 & upcoming 2021 year
Teresa France, France Enterprises and Dayla Luetkemeyer, Director Watonga Chamber of Commerce, talk about the community of Watonga; the affects of the Covid pandemic on Watonga business, the remainder of the events for 2020 and the positive enhancements with business being made and “New Business” set to open this upcoming 2021 Spring/Summer. She shares with us how to become a Watonga chamber member and partner in marketing and how to stay up to date with the latest information. #OneWatonga
October 13, 2020
State representative Mike Sanders 2020 Census impact and the projected future of Blaine County
State Representative Mike Sanders discusses the importance of the economic gains and impact the 2020 census has on Blaine county, as well as highlights the DOT transportation projects and benefits to Watonga, our county and to District 59. A farewell to a 12 year job well done. Thank you for your service Representative Sanders.
August 27, 2020
Watonga Community Cat Foundation
This BrandLogix Mobile Marketing episode guest is April Woodruff. The director and developer of Blaine county Watonga community cat foundation. She’s discusses adoption events, volunteer opportunities as well as informing the public of the importance of spay and neutering pets. She also highlights her upcoming cat adoption event this Saturday Aug. 8th from 8a-5p. Follow her Facebook page Watonga Community Cat Foundation and visit her website to see how you can get involved! Episode Sponsored by:
August 06, 2020
How is Technology shaping our future
Megaphone Pro Solutions a technology Solutions business shares how Covid-19 has shaped a new way of communicating and how virtual graduation may be in our near future. You can reach Daryn at 9183156215 or Check out their website:
April 13, 2020
One of God’s Anointed Pastor Zack Brack with Oasis Church speaks on “Resurrection Sunday”
Pastor Zack gives us hope and healing during Covid-19 on this Holy Weekend. Join us as we speak on the love of Jesus and our great commission as believers.
April 11, 2020
Jared Harrison with Harrison & Mecklenburg law offices located in Watonga talk Covid-19 & Business
Jared tells us how his law office is set up to help individuals and small businesses in times or planning, preparing, and bouncing back from the effects of Covid-19. He’s also Watonga’s new city attorney with years of civil experience. Welcome my guest today as we talk “All Things Small Town”
April 10, 2020
Oklahoma Department of Commerce teleconference SBA Disaster Loan Application info and process
In today’s episode OKla Dept of Commerce has a full segment designed to help you get your Business back up and profitable. Don’t miss out on this informational teleconference. Info for Sole Proprietor loan/grant General info:
April 09, 2020
Special guest Josh Boden, Director Watonga EMS,
Josh speaks to our citizens of Blaine county of the Covid-19 do’s and don’ts of protecting yourself and your family. His recommendations and advice in helping stop the spread of the disease. Join us.....
April 06, 2020
Special guest Rory Espy, shares how to talk to kids about Covid-19, daily routine & team building
In today’s episode, I talk with retired Alaskan officer Rory Espy, how do we talk to kids about Covid-19 and team building with family during this crisis. He uses the acronym “BUICK” to impress positive characteristics especially during this time. Join us....
April 06, 2020
Talking to Pastor Kason Oakes Watonga Nazarene Church during the Covid-19 Crisis
Pastor Kason and I discuss staying spiritually connected during this time of being face to face disconnected. Keeping our eyes focused on Jesus.
April 06, 2020
Watonga chief of Police speaks on the Covid-19 Crisis 4.2.20
Updated State and City mandates and how the affect our community. Chief Kays speaks on citizen expectations and guidelines that need to be met to slow the Covid-19 illness.
April 02, 2020
Watonga Okla small town living during the Covid-19 crisis.
Teresa France talks to Dayla Luetkemeyer about the affects of COVID-19 and how the community is coming together to prevent the spread.
April 02, 2020