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Books to the Ceiling

Books to the Ceiling

By Teresa Trent
Welcome to Books to the Ceiling! This podcast discusses a new book each week and is the author podcast of Teresa Trent.
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Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder

Books to the Ceiling

The Killer Sermon
An aging priest in rural Wisconsin gives an impassioned Christmas homily condemning abortion as murder and exhorting his parishioners to stop it.  A former mayor responds by starting a hunger strike in city hall, and the editor of the local weekly newspaper begins running a counter at the top of each edition that estimates the number of abortions performed since Roe v Wade.  A third member of the congregation takes a more lethal approach and begins to target reproductive rights physicians for murder. The Killer Sermon is Available on Amazon Books to the Ceiling Sign up for the Books to the Ceiling Newsletter Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: ISYFSF21XTBRHYEC
September 23, 2022
We have another story in New Orleans this week, a city filled with haunting mysteries and interesting people. Sanctuary takes us to that underbelly with Law Professor Emma Thornton who tries to help a young woman accused of a crime she didn't commit. Throw in a cult leader and the nearly impossible job of figuring out who to trust and you have today's mystery. Book Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads Sign Up for the Books to the Ceiling Newsletter Music from Uppbeat License code: WWUHEB2V76YISXY0
September 16, 2022
A Nice to Die
Time for a mystery with a policeman at the center of the story! No amateur sleuths today as we joined the Belfast Police investigating a murder. A Nice Place to Die is a true Irish police procedural with rich characters and a fascinating mystery to solve. A Nice Place to Die is on Amazon Books to the Ceiling Sign Up for the Books to the Ceiling Newsletter
September 09, 2022
Death at the Manor
Regency widow Lily Adler is looking forward to spending the autumn away from the social whirl of London. When she arrives in Hampshire with her friends, the Carroways, she doesn’t expect much more than a quiet country visit and the chance to spend time with her charming new acquaintance, Matthew Spencer. But something odd is afoot in the small country village. A ghost has taken up residence in the Belleford manor, a lady in grey who wanders the halls at night, weeping and wailing. You can find Death at the Manor at these online retailers:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | Books to the Ceiling
September 02, 2022
Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder
Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder:  When Maddy Montgomery’s groom is a no-show to their livestream wedding, it’s a disaster that no amount of filtering can fix. But a surprise inheritance offers a chance to regroup and rebrand—as long as Maddy is willing to live in her late, great-aunt Octavia’s house in New Bison, Michigan, for a year, running her bakery and caring for a 250-pound English mastiff named Baby.   You can find Two Parts Sugar, One Part Murder at these online retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million,, Hudson Booksellers, IndieBound, Target, Walmart Sign Up for the Books to the Ceiling Newsletter Music Credit: "Fuzzball Parade" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License
August 26, 2022
The Finalist
Five authors, each with their own secrets, are chosen to complete a deceased novelist’s unfinished manuscript. For single mom Risa Marr, the competition is the opportunity of a lifetime. At stake is a million dollars and a contract to continue the famous novelist’s bestselling thrillers series. But when one author turns up dead, theories and accusations abound. Get author and purchase links at Books to the Ceiling
August 19, 2022
Depths of Deceit
PI Jamie Rush has her hands full with small-time skip-tracing and surveillance jobs in Port Alene, Texas. The work is steady, though she still struggles to make ends meet. But when her partner, Cookie, brings in a low-paying and potentially time-consuming case, Jamie takes it on out of loyalty. To complicate matters, PI Alastair Finn has returned, and he’s willing to reclaim his town by any means necessary. Jamie has never been one to retreat, and Alastair enjoys a good fight. Sparks will fly. Depths of Deceit is available at these online retailers: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads Books to the Ceiling Online Blog Visit the Books to the Ceiling Giveaway Page
August 13, 2022
Corpse and Robbers
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, move over! We have Cam Reddick the owner of Peachy Kleen on the job and of all places, he's cleaning a funeral home. Wonder if he'll find any dead bodies?  Corpse and Robbers is available on Amazon  Books to the Ceiling Online Blog Books to the Ceiling Giveaway Page
August 05, 2022
The Friday Night Mystery Club
The Friday Night Mystery Club, a new cozy by Joanna Slan, visits Books to the Ceiling this week on the blog and the podcast. Cragan Collins , lives in an older Craftsman-style house that’s been divided into four units. When she and her housemates find they love mysteries they form The Friday Night Mystery Club, but all too soon they have to solve a real-life mystery. You can find The Friday Night Mystery Club on Amazon This podcast is from Teresa Trent's author blog, Books to the Ceiling Pick up a copy of The Twist and Shout Murder! A girl and her typewriter can handle solving crime in 1962.
July 29, 2022
Doggone Dead
Looking for a cozy mystery that takes place in the summertime? My third book in the Pecan Bayou Series, Doggone Dead, showcases a little town in Texas full of Fourth of July fun. There's a beauty pageant, a pet parade, a fair, a runaway puppy, and a ghost who is Pecan Bayou PD's person of interest in a murder. You can purchase Doggone Dead here. The Twist and Shout Murder Books to the Ceiling
July 15, 2022
Wolf Bog
Wolf Bog is visiting Books to the Ceiling today! Ever find anything mysterious while hiking? Leslie Wheeler brings us her third mystery in the Berkshire Hilltown Mystery Series. It’s August in the Berkshires, and the area is suffering from a terrible drought. As wetlands dry up, the perfectly preserved body of a local man, missing for forty years, is discovered in Wolf Bog by a group of hikers that includes Kathryn Stinson. Who was he and what was his relationship with close friend Charlotte Hinckley, also on the hike, that would make Charlotte become distraught and blame herself for his death? Wolf Bog is Available at These Online Retailers Amazon | Barnes & Noble Books to the Ceiling Blog Read my latest mystery- The Twist and Shout Murder
July 08, 2022
Double Dipped
Time to load up the car and head to a little town from your childhood.  Retta has just packed up her classroom and can't decide whether or not to sign a contract for the next year. What to do? Retta is at odds with life. She returns to Moon Lake, her summer haven, to find things have changed and not for the better.  Double Dipped is a novella by Terry Korth Fischer in eBook and audiobook and a great vacation read! Double Dipped is available at these online retailers: Amazon Barnes & Noble Apple You can find Books to the Ceiling HERE Read Teresa's latest Swinging Sixties Mystery- The Twist and Shout Murder
July 01, 2022
None Without Sin
None Without Sin Synopsis: When a Delaware real estate mogul is murdered, newspaper journalist Brian Wilder wants the scoop on the killing, including the meaning behind the mysterious loaf of bread left with the corpse. Reverend Candice Miller, called to minister to the grieving family, quickly realizes that the killer has adopted the symbolism of sin eating, a Victorian-era religious ritual, as a calling card. Is it the work of a religious fanatic set to punish people for their missteps, or something even more sinister? You can find None Without Sin at these online retailers.  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | CamCat Book This is a podcast from Books to the Ceiling
June 24, 2022
Murder is No Picnic
Time for a Fourth of July Mystery! Get out your sparklers and learn more about Murder is No Picnic along with a visit from Samantha Barnes, the Cape Cod Foodie. Where to Buy Murder is No Picnic Random House  Amazon     B&N      Kobo     Google Books    IndieBound  Books to the Ceiling Blog Subscribe to the Monthly Books to the Ceiling Newsletter
June 17, 2022
Bayou Book Thief
Do you love vintage cookbooks? Ellen Byron has a new cozy mystery series and Bayou Book Thief is her first entry. Learn more about this New Orleans-centered mystery from the Vintage Cookbook Mystery Series. You can purchase Bayou Book Thief at these online retailers: Amazon - B&N - Kobo - Google Books - Alibris - IndieBound - PenguinRandomHouse Books to the Ceiling- The Blog Sign up for the Books to the Ceiling Newsletter
June 10, 2022
The Collector
The Collector, a new mystery by Lane Stone involves the world of art investigators, fanatical religious groups and murder. Listen to an excerpt of the first chapter and my review to learn more about this first book in The Big Picture Mystery Series by Lane Stone. Purchase Link: You can find The Collector at Amazon Books the the Ceiling Blog
June 03, 2022
Murder She Wrote: Killer on the Court
Let's go on vacation with Jessica Fletcher! That's right, she's heading to the beach, but of course, you and I both know there will be a mystery to solve. Believe it or not, this is number 55 in the Murder She Wrote Series! Have you read them all?  This podcast contains a description of the book and a review of Murder She Wrote: Killer on the Court by Terry Farley Moran. Murder She Wrote: Killer on the Court is available at these online retailers  - Amazon - B&N - Kobo - IndieBound - - PenguinRandomHouse
May 27, 2022
The Rising
Ever have to depend on someone you weren't sure you could trust? What if it involves matters of life and death? Kerry Peresta's new book, The Rising, raises that very question. After an assault that landed her in a hospital as a Jane Doe two years earlier, Olivia Callahan has regained her speech, movement, and much of the memory she lost due to a traumatic brain injury. The media hype about the incident has faded away, and Olivia is ready to rebuild her life, but her therapist insists she must continue to look back in order to move forward. The only person that can help her recall specifics is her abusive ex-husband, Monty, who is in prison for murder. The Rising is also available as a blog post at Books to the Ceiling on May 14, 2022.
May 14, 2022
Dead Man's Leap
Just what kind of secrets are being kept by the junk in your attic? An old sewing machine, a portrait of a woman you've never met, a menu from a restaurant you've never heard of? In Dead Man's Leap by Tina deBellegarde, Bianca St. Denis and her neighbors scour their attics for donations to the charity rummage sale and unearth secrets as well as prized possessions. Leonard Marshall’s historic inn hosts the sale each year, but it is his basement that houses the key to his past. When an enigmatic antiques dealer arrives in town, he upends Leonard’s carefully reconstructed life with an impossible choice that harkens back to the past. This is the podcast of the blog post Dead Man's Leap on May 13, 2022 at Books to the Ceiling.
May 13, 2022
Murder, Sweet Murder
Murder, Sweet Murder, by Eleanor Kuhns, was featured on Books to the Ceiling on April 22, 2022. This podcast includes a descript and excerpt from this historical mystery that takes place in 1801. When Lydia’s estranged father is accused of murder, Will Rees escorts her to Boston to uncover the truth.
May 11, 2022
The Venice Sketchbook
In this episode we take a tripe to Venice Italy through Rhys Bowen's The Venice Sketchbook, a historical romantic mystery.
May 25, 2021
The Drowning Kind
The Drowning Kind is a paranormal story about a mysterious pool of water that heals and then hurts people. Book review and description included.
May 21, 2021
Surviving Savannah
We are discussing Surviving Savannah, a historical novel set in Savannah in 1838 and in present day. 
May 21, 2021
Every Last Fear
Book review of Every Last Fear and a book club giveaway for the cozy mystery, Murder of a Good Man. Giveaway ends 5-1-21. See Giveaway Page for Details for details.
April 07, 2021
The Incredible Winston Browne
This episode is also available as a blog post:
April 02, 2021
The Lost Village: Podcast
This episode is also available as a blog post:
April 02, 2021