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The Fashion Business & Career Show

The Fashion Business & Career Show

By Terina Nicole Hill
The fashion industry is often described as fickle, cutthroat and difficult to enter but as a professional designer for over 20 years, I know that this description is not exactly accurate. I am surrounded by creative professionals who have successfully made a living doing what they love; working as fashion industry professionals from small business owners to corporate accessory designers. This podcast exists to shed light on the many career opportunities that exist in the fashion industry, provide resources and inspiration to encourage emerging designers to forge ahead into the exciting career.
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How To Become A Celebrity Costume Designer: A Discussion with Brea Stinson
Brea Stinson has outfitted everyone from Beyonce, Rihanna, Nas, Stevie Wonder, and Lizzo to Usher and most recently, H.E.R. as she sang the National Anthem for the Super Bowl. But how did she become the designer behind these iconic looks? She spills the tea on how she made it and gives sage advice you can immediately apply to your career, no matter how far along you are. To see the interview (it was recorded on IG LIVE) and images from Brea's portfolio, check out my blog post here. Be sure to keep up with on IG @breabstar and learn more about her at her website:
March 16, 2021
How to Network into Your Dream Fashion Industry Job : An Interview w/Celebrity Tailor, Corin Wright
Tiffany Haddish, Mariah Carey, Kendrick Lamar, Issa Rae, Michael B. Jordan, Janelle Monae: these are just a few on the extensive list of celebrities Corin Wright has tailored garments for as an on-set tailor for some of the world's greatest performances including The Grammy's, Broadway, TV and film productions. In today's episode we chat with Tailor-to-the-Stars, Corin Wright, and discuss how she came to have this awesome fashion industry career while also maintaining her own business ventures. It's such an informative and inspiring conversation! Be sure to visit my blog to see images of shows she tailored for that we discussed, as well as the infamous video clip of her fixing Mariah Carey's wardrobe malfunction during her performance! Be sure to keep up with Corin at and follow her on IG @stylehaven @shopstylehaven @lorraines_gifts. Please rate, subscribe and share! xo @theterinanicole
March 12, 2021
How To Manage a Growing Fashion Business with Couture Dress Designer & Boutique Owner Monica Monique of Oxymoron
Get an instant download of the "7 Ways to Make Money as a Fashion Designer" here: This week on the podcast we chat with Philadelphia's own couture dress designer and boutique owner, Monica Monique, about how she handles the growth of her brand, stays organized with so many clients, and manages her staff. I'm so impressed with Monica, just just because of her talent but because she's so young, accomplished and focused and yet so fun and down to earth. To see some of Monica's designs for her brand, Oxymoron, check out my blog post here: And be sure to keep up with Monica at and via IG: @oxymoronfashionhouse and @monicamoniqueshop. Stay in touch with me at or via IG @theterinanicole!
March 02, 2021
How to Develop a Global Fashion Brand: A Chat with Kwaku Bediako, Designer of Chocolate Clothes
Cardi B, T. I. Steve Harvey...these are just a few famous names that proudly rock the Chocolate Clothes brand designed by African fashion designer, Kwaku Bediako. In this conversation, we discuss how he became an international sensation with him and his designs appearing in Vogue, Forbes, and countless other press outlets around the world. To watch the video of our conversation & see photos of his work, visit my blog: Keep up with Kwaku Bediako on IG at @chocolateclothesgh and visit his website at! For more fashion business insights and DIY design projects, be sure to stay in touch with me at and on IG @theterinanicole. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, rate and share! Thanks for tuning in!
February 28, 2021
How to ReBrand Your Creative Business with Jewelry Designer Gwen Beloti
Get an instant download of the "7 Ways to Make Money as a Fashion Designer" here: This week on the podcast my friend Gwen Beloti joined us! Gwen had been a Brooklyn-based womenswear designer for over a decade and we met each other fairly early in our individual journeys as business owners. Recently she has rebranded as a jewelry designer and her new line is even more successful than the clothing line was. We discuss the motivation behind the rebrand and the mindset needed to do so smoothly. Also, I have a freebie for designers seeking ways to generate multiple streams of income. Click here for that download: 7 Ways to Make Money as a Fashion Designer To see some of Gwen Beloti's work, check out my blog post here: And be sure to keep up with Gwen Beloti at and on IG @gwenbeloti! Stay in touch with me at or via IG @theterinanicole!
February 23, 2021
From Designing Apparel to Designing Spaces for Black Americans to Flee to: A Chat w/TaNesha Barnes
TaNesha Barnes had run her own line of beauty and skincare before launching her clothing line where she sourced materials for it allover the world, and that lead to her curated global excursions that she takes folks on around the world on. Those excursions have lead her to her current venture: A space she's designed in Morocco for Black Americans to migrate to to escape the harsh, racist realities of American life. We discuss all of that in this fun interview. Visit the blog for photos of TaNesha's designs as well as the mind-blowing palace that she has re-designed into a retreat for creatives of color here: Keep up with TaNesha at Learn more about Sbai Palace at and find TaNesha Barnes on IG at
February 22, 2021
Chat with Doll Designer/Fashion Illustrator Sarah Djarnie-Brown
Get an instant download of the "7 Ways to Make Money as a Fashion Designer" here: Today we meet the owner of Shop Volta, on online boutique owned by doll designer and fashion illustrator Sarah Djarnie-Brown. We discuss her time as a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology (my alma mater), how the Motherland (Africa) influences her work, and her industry experiences including designing for Mudd Jeans and selling her own work to boutiques. You're in for lots of good business insight! To see her work, check out my blog post here: Be sure to follow Sarah on IG at @shopvoltabk. Visit her website at Stay in touch with me at or via IG @theterinanicole! Thanks for listening! 
February 21, 2021
How To Run 2 Full-time Creative Businesses at Once: Interview with Stefani Threet of Threet Ceramics & Ceramic Concept PHL
Welcome to Season 3 of The Fashion Industry Business & Career Show! I'm excited to be back recording this series of interviews of brilliant fashion professionals to give insight to how they got to where they are, the obstacles they had to overcome, the education they received, and the BOSS moves they are making! Today's interview is with ceramic artisan/jewelry designer Stefani Threet, owner of Threet Ceramics and her new business Ceramic Concept PHL.  We discuss how she grew her business as a Black artisan in a space with very people of color, why she doesn't market herself as a "Black" ceramic artist, and how she juggles two full-time businesses. The interview took place 3 weeks BEFORE the grand opening of her brick & mortar shop, Ceramic Concept PHL, then I returned to shop and take photos during the grand opening weekend. Check out the photos at my blog here: Follow Stefani on IG at @threetceramics and @ceramicconceptphl And keep up with me on IG at @theterinanicole. Thanks for tuning in!
February 09, 2021
Episode 6: Master Jewelry Designer & Metalsmith Nkrumah Jennings of Anu Rock & Metal
How does one become a Master Metalsmith and create jewelry that has been worn by royalty (an African King) and celebrities such as Rihanna and Mary J. Blige as well as been placed in fashion mags around the globe? Nkrumah Jenning shares his inspiring journey with me in Episode 6 of the Fashion Industry Business & Career Show! We chat about business growth for an independent fashion brand, how to remain sharp and at the end of the video version of this insightful interview he walks us through how to create one of his signature styles!  Keep up with Anu Rock & Metal Jewelry at and follow them on IG at @anurockmetal.  Please be sure to  SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE this episode.  Follow me at @theterinanicole on IG.  Visit my blog at for more fashion business insights, DIY projects and to view my work.   Thanks for tuning in!
March 03, 2020
Episode 5: Trim Business Talk with Shantell Richardson, Co-Founder of TrimKnowtions, LLC
Everything on a garment that isn't fabric is trim. That covers the gamut of buttons, fringe, zippers, tags, emblems and more decorative components. Ever wonder who supplies your favorite designers with cutting edge trim and notions? Meet Shantell Richardson, Co-founder of TrimKnowtions, LLC! She counts designers like Alexander Wang and Laquan Smith, and Lilly Pulitzer as clients. Learn how she entered the fashion industry, how her career evolved, and if you watch the video version of this interview here: stay tuned until the end for a fab little DIY jewelry design project! Keep up with Shantell Richardson on IG at @trimknowtions Visit my blog at for more fashion business insights, DIY projects and to view my work.  Thanks for tuning in!
February 25, 2020
Episode 4: Couture Lingerie Chat with Angela Turner, Designer of DAMIAY'R
Lingerie, made to fit your distinct curves and tastes, and very affordable with prices ranging from $45-$85; DAMIAY'R is a new line from experienced couture gown designer Angela Turner. Learn all about her path into lingerie design and her new collection in this fun interview!  Watch the interview on Youtube and stay tuned to the end where Angela will walk you through an EASY DIY project you can do to add some sexiness to your own wardrobe: Keep up with Angela at Follow me at @theterinanicole and visit my website for more DIY projects, fashion business insight, and to see my work.  Be sure to find the Fashion Industry Business & Career Show podcast wherever you listen and subscribe! Thanks for tuning in!
February 18, 2020
Episode 3: Fashion Truck Business with Chrisie Styles
Ready to grow your fashion brand? Get a list of the tradeshows you should be showcasing your brand at here: Ever thought about starting your own Fashion Truck? My guest today on Episode 3 of the Fashion Industry Business & Career Show has done just that! Chrisie Hooper of Chrisie Styles Boutique and I discuss all of the pros and cons of starting and running this kind of business including costs and obstacles. We also talk about attending industry tradeshows and for those who watch on Youtube, at the end of the interview, I walk you through one that occurred the end of January at the Philadelphia Convention Center called the American Handcrafted Show. You can watch the interview here:  Keep up with Christie Styles Boutique at or @christiestylesboutique.  Visit my blog at for a LIST OF 9 TRADESHOWS FOR FASHION DESIGNERS and more fashion business insights, DIY projects and to view my work. Thanks for tuning in!
February 11, 2020
Episode 1: Sustainable Design Business Talk with Eco-Fashion Design Guru Bridgett Artise
Bridgett Artise is a pioneer on the Sustainable Fashion scene, one of the first to author a book on the subject back in 2008. She is the Lead Designer of Born Again Vintage, a line of upcycled fashion, professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, boutique owner and so much more. Learn about how she got started, her design process, and to get the FULL experience which includes a fly DIY project at the end, watch the episode on Youtube here: Keep up with Bridgett at and via social media at @houseofbav (her boutique), @bartise (her personal page) and @bornagainvintage (her clothing line).  Follow me at @theterinanicole and visit my website for more DIY projects, fashion business insight, and to see my work. Thanks for tuning in! Stay fly.
February 04, 2020
Episode 2 - Textile Artist & Multi-Passionate Professional Creative: Stacey Flygirrl Wilson
Episode 2 of the Fashion Industry Business & Career Show with your host Terina Nicole Hill. Today we discuss the being a multi-passionate professional creative with Philly's own Stacey "Flygirrl" Wilson, a textile designer, accomplished artist, event curator of events with mega-stars (including the late, great Prince), graphic designer, and instructor.  Only a short segment of this episode is here on the podcast but it's still full of insight for anyone who wants to run multiple creative businesses at once. To see the entire interview, please head over to Youtube: Be sure to stay until the end of the video where she walks us through how to make a dope head visor! Keep up with Flygirrl at http:/ and via social media at @flygirrl. Follow me at @theterinanicole and visit my website for more DIY projects, fashion business insight, and to see my work.   Thanks for tuning in!
February 04, 2020