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Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta

By Terra Cotta
#FightForYourRights - That's how the good Lord made us. I believe we are designed by Intelligence.
Share what you want. I'm sick of the corruption. Stay away from toxic people, even if they are relatives. This account is not monitized. I live within my means. - Google "FallonTalon Scotty Kilmer' and it will ring it to the top of the list
*Always Be Yourself - that's how we grow
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Focus:Jack Thayer, one of founders of Synchrony Bank. RECORDS ARE BEING DELETED ON INTERNET!
RECORDING ACTUALLY ENDS when I say Thank you. It stayed on and I was making a video about my blog and files being manipulated, etc ... I recently was watching a Titanic film. My blogpost on the Titanic has been completely DELETED from and I'm trying to find my notebook since my typed notes are also deleted! Jack Thayer - (obvious CIA front) Thayer Aerospace - Synchrony Bank - Titanic Sinking planner - including LOOTING - all tied together! I handwrote notes to type and add here. Bear with me. It pissed me off I can't find my Titanic notebook yet! Someone stole it to claim credit for my work, or worse yet, to cover up every damn thing! Titanic was sunk deliberately! The September 11 attack was a modus operandi! UPDATE ON JULY 14, 2021. Though a final edit is needed,I posted my Statement to attach to my motion, regarding Jack Thayer and Synchrony Bank and the Titanic It is 20 pages long. I am submitting my MOTION FOR DEFAULT JUDGEMENT without Facts and Law today, with a notice: Memorandum Of Law to be submitted forthwith. I've had sleepless nights and am very tired. I need a day or two break before I complete both to submit to court. Hopefully by Friday but maybe Monday.
July 11, 2021
Explosion of niece's home NINE days after my hearing #PayAttention
1. My niece's home exploded - why? More shared in links 2. I was notified by anonymous letter over two weeks later, very creepy! The letter is posted in my blog. 3. I took action right away, making calls to the city. I sent the same letter to a number of people, including the Gatlinburg police. 4. Ten days later - today, July 4, 2021 - police called me, leaving a voicemail, which is in this podcast and WHY I created the podcast. A poem I wrote and addressed to my niece's husband with the Gatlinburg police, but can't mail it to them because of a threatening detective: There is no gain from Loss - Less us not More - Your heart is torn - Nothing is Born - You can only bear And go on - Beyond the pain. - Rain can heal if you feel - And deal with Why - By funding Truth - By resting in Truth - Knowing this Way - May relay definition - To your Mourn. NOTES: THERE'S NO VIRUS. A virus is actually an immunity created by our bodies. All of this is fake. I appreciate why some people will not speak out it is fake, but don't feed the beast to act like it exists. These are unhealthy times. corbettreport com Search Dr. Palevsky Death Rate hasn't changed ------- Further references: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. WHO ELSE HAD THEIR HOME BURNED? Who Killed Beloved MLK?  His house was burned down, they got a "lone crazy" to stab him and if he sneezed he would have died from hemorrhage, and he was constantly vandalized, threatened. Those who said they don't know who would kill #MartinLutherKing lied  This is all I can come up with at this point that is pertinent to this Anchor account. I'm very tired and indeed sick and tired of the sociopaths that suffocate this country! Thank you. FYI: I entered "Season 1" because I think much of this is rooted in my punching back when a fraudulent collection company is obviously summoned by Donald Trump to get rid of me since I had filed a Petition to Remove Trump - and my sister Kathy had an untimely Death at the age of 66 - obviously poisoned! I sent letters out about that concern! Then her baby boy, the youngest, Michael,loses his home in a fire and died this year! Two months later, my niece's (Michael's older sister) home is destroyed and there were two deaths! THIS IS THE SATANIC UNDERGROUND RIGHT IN PLAIN SIGHT! Retired FBI Section Chief, Dr. Ted Gunderson did his best to eradicate them, yet was sabatoged and probably poisoned by CIA man John DeCamp!
July 5, 2021
Extended audio of May 20 hearing The blog is ad-free and not monitized. ❤️... I would further like to mention: 1) Raymond Clark did not kill his friend and co-worker Annie Le! She was beheaded and chopped up, placed in a maintenance tool box - not in the wall like media deliberately lied about! Raymond pled NOT GUILTY - he had grossly ineffective assistance of council! He was slam-dunked and placed in prison in CHESHIRE, CT -- which is where Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters were robbed, kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted, and burned alive to ashes! That, too, was a Satanic ritual! They want to kill, create chaos,and use SATANISM as an excuse - that's what the NAZIs did - and Winston Churchill was in on it! It's obvious to me that King George was poisoned over time, too! #KnowTheEnemy - the Bansley Law Firm got paid to Lobby reform in the Death Penalty - to save contracted thugs Joshua Komisarjevsky (Russian parents, adopted American) and Steven Hayes! Raymond Clark was used as a Wild Card - so people who knew he would never do such an evil thing, never been arrested, and didn't want him to die, yet he changed his plea to guilty for manslaughter because he had no options - like his actual rights! The case had no merit! Lying police is no merit! And that's just one of the many reasons! I was introduced (by his in-laws) to Dr. Petit's niece,invited to sit by him and his niece (which I did once because the other side of the courtroom was full) - 6 months later he married her! There were many loopholes in that court case and it was done deliberately! William Dong was illicitly arrested at the University of New Haven! The university even paid the homeless woman for reporting to university police that William Dong, who she didn't know (so how would she know his name) pointed his gun at her from the grocery store parking lot (so how the hell would she know he was a student) it got worse and worse! I was so angry they would do such terrible things to that young man! Locking him in prison for a year because his parents mainly spoke Chinese and were taken advantage of! They had to sell their successful restaurants in NYC to pay Attorney fees when the Attorney sabatoged them! I asked that Attorney why he thought it was okay for the University of New Haven to give that homeless woman all that money when the case wasn't even disposed of and their matriculated student pled not guilty! The crooked Attorney said, "It's none of my business" WTF! 😣 Amanda Bowden had no intention of blowing up Gateway Community College! They raked that young lady through the coals! Using repeat offender Kevin Jette as a witness even though he had an active criminal case which they were obviously extorting him with! "Help us entrap 19 year old Amanda and we won't send you to prison!" The depravity here in Connecticut is just sickening! And no doubt Delaware, New York, California, and others are equally as bad or come close! #Fight4Rights - Washington DC is a swamp of corruption! Only murderers are "qualified" to be Presidents!
June 2, 2021
Fraudulent Collections by Fraudulent Company, Fraudulent Court - PUBLIC HEARING 20May2021
#FightForYourRights - UPDATE 6/2/2021: Looks like Sherman Companies, that FRAUD Attorney Pamela Sherman-Johnson created, has or is being taken down. That particular company isn't in Open Corporates anymore. Let's keep it up! No more stealing from people! Also check out - if you search with Scotty Kilmer's name, you'll get the link right at the top. The blog is to give resources, encourage people to discuss. No comments, please. I'm not a good moderator anyway. I'd rather crochet and do other crafts But I am going to add the longer version of the hearing, including when the "witness" identifies herself as "Me" and she represents LVNV on the case - operation #ChiefCookBottleWasher - an attorney who represents the company cannot testify as a witness! 😍6/2/2021 ((end)) The Sherman Companies are FRAUDS! They own LVNV, etc - all rigged to follow a Federal Reserve take-down of USA, the world! Good people who DESERVE to be billionaires aren't because most, not all, billionaires are crooks! Two resources: and - see my notes in - it's not monitored, ad-free. Speak out! Be counted! I am a targeted person, a victim of sex assault, attempted murder, etc. My father was murdered and my relatives conspired with a paedophile priest, resenting me for helping him! Celebrating his death! My father always gave, was there to help them, and my brother said he was too much bother and wanted to make him die! The depravity of the medical industry has to stop! Remove those who are not doing their jobs, and committing crimes - oftentimes simultaneously! My blog is not monitored and ad-free.
May 24, 2021