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Red Phoenix - Knowing the Story

Red Phoenix - Knowing the Story

By Terrie Howey
This pod cast delves into the world of stories - with tales told, interviews with tellers, and thoughts on why stories impact our lives so much.
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Stories with Stephen Hobbs

Red Phoenix - Knowing the Story

Stories with Pete Boyce
This episode is a special feature on the stories of Pete Boyce who provides us with some background details on the stories he shares.
March 03, 2021
Stories with myself
This episode it is my turn to chat about storytelling and share some stories: The storyteller's parable, Old Mother Truth, Durgen and the Unseen Terror, and one strictly for over 18s The Gilded Fanny
March 02, 2021
Stories with Richard York (part 2)
We are again in conversation with Richard York as there was just too much to discuss to fit into one podcast, and we get an extra couple of stories too, King Leoghaire and The Feast of Nothing
March 01, 2021
Stories with Richard York (part 1)
This podcast we talk to Richard York about how he became a storyteller and he tells us the tales of the Dark Doctor and the Glass Seller. 
March 01, 2021
Stories with Stephen Hobbs
Our first episode of the season features an interview with Stephen Hobbs who tells us two stories, The Woodcutter and Nasiruddin and Cockerel proving there are some stories just for grown-ups! 
February 14, 2021
Podcast Series Trailer
This trailer explains what "Knowing the Story" podcast series is about and introduces its host, Terrie Howey.
February 07, 2021