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TerrorNova: A Horror Podcast

TerrorNova: A Horror Podcast

By TerrorNova
This is a podcast about all things horror. Jackie and Kendell are avid horror fans talking about their favorite films, topics, and characters in the world of horror.

Join us Tuesday 2X a month for a new episode.
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EP 11: The “Token” Trope

TerrorNova: A Horror Podcast

EP 90: Halloweentown (1998)
Summary: When a young girl living with her secret witch mother learns she too is a witch, she must help her witch grandmother save Halloweentown from evil forces.
October 04, 2022
EP 89: The Twilight Zone: The Masks
Summary: Wealthy Jason Foster is dying and he invites his greedy heirs to a Mardi Gras party where they must wear the masks he specially had made for them or else be cut off from their inheritance.
September 20, 2022
EP 88: Carrie (1976)
Summary: Carrie White, a shy, friendless teenage girl who is sheltered by her domineering, religious mother, unleashes her telekinetic powers after being humiliated by her classmates at her senior prom. Feat. Nina James, The Wandering Reader. (
September 06, 2022
Terror Talk with Nina James, The Wandering Reader
The hosts talk to Nina James, The Wandering Reader.
August 30, 2022
EP 87: Goosebumps: One Day at Horrorland (1995)
Summary: When the Morris family becomes lost during a road trip, they stumble upon an amusement park called Horrorland. The kids, Lizzy and Luke, love the place at first, but soon realize it is more sinister than it seems.
August 16, 2022
EP 86: Death Note (2006)
An intelligent high school student goes on a secret crusade to eliminate criminals from the world after discovering a notebook capable of killing anyone whose name is written into it.
August 02, 2022
EP 85: Little Monsters (2019)
Summary: A washed-up musician teams up with a teacher and a kids'-show personality to protect young children from a sudden outbreak of zombies.
July 19, 2022
EP 84: Eerie Indiana: ForeverWare (1991)
Summary: Marshall and his family are welcomed to their new hometown by Betty Wilson who encourages Marshall's mom to buy ForeverWare - a special type of plastic container guaranteed to keep anything fresh forever.
July 05, 2022
Terror Talk with Violet Castro
Join us as we interview latina horror writer V. Castro. We discuss her success, what inspired her to write horror content, and goals for the future. Website: Twitter: @vlatinalondon Instagram: @vlatinalondon Amazon: Aliens: Vasquez
June 28, 2022
EP 83: The Mummy (1999)
Summary: At an archaeological dig in the ancient city of Hamunaptra, an American serving in the French Foreign Legion accidentally awakens a mummy who begins to wreak havoc as he searches for the reincarnation of his long-lost love.
June 21, 2022
EP 82: Hellraiser (1987)
Summary: A woman discovers the newly resurrected, partially formed, body of her brother-in-law. She starts killing for him to revitalize his body so he can escape the demonic beings that are pursuing him after he escaped their sadistic underworld.
June 07, 2022
Terror Talk with Kyasia Fields
The host interview special FX makeup artist, host of the Monstrosities Voice Podcast, and founder of KyFx Horror Group, Kyasia Fields.
May 31, 2022
EP 81: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (2009)
Summary: Two brothers search for a Philosopher's Stone after an attempt to revive their deceased mother goes awry and leaves them in damaged physical forms.
May 17, 2022
EP 80: Mayhem (2017)
Summary: A virus spreads through an office complex causing white-collar workers to act out their worst impulses.
May 03, 2022
EP 79: What We Do In The Shadows (2014)
Summary: Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav are vampires who are struggling with the mundane aspects of modern life, like paying rent, keeping up with the chore wheel, trying to get into nightclubs, and overcoming flatmate conflicts.
April 11, 2022
Terror Talk with Malissa White
In this TerrorTalk episode, we interview horror comic writer and editor Malissa White. We discuss how her love for horror became her muse for her writing and her up-and-coming comic, Nightmare. Malissa White can be found at Website: Twitter: Instagram: Cashapp: $velvetsister Venmo: velvetsister
March 28, 2022
EP 78: Hush (2016)
Summary: A deaf and mute writer who retreated into the woods to live a solitary life must fight for her life in silence when a masked killer appears at her window.
March 14, 2022
EP 77: Candyman (1992)
 Summary: The Candyman, a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, is accidentally summoned to reality by a skeptic grad student researching the monster's myth. Feat. Gamer/performing artist Jojo Twitch profile:
February 28, 2022
EP 76: The People Under The Stairs (1991)
Summary: Two adults and a juvenile break into a house occupied by a brother and sister and their stolen children. There, they must fight for their lives.
February 14, 2022
EP 75: Blacula (1972)
Summary: An ancient African prince, turned into a vampire by Dracula himself, finds himself in modern Los Angeles.
February 07, 2022
EP 74: Alien (1979)
Summary: After a space merchant vessel receives an unknown transmission as a distress call, one of the crew is attacked by a mysterious life form and they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun. Feat. Horror Author, Shea McGee Books available on Amazon:
January 24, 2022
Terror Talk with Austin James (Director of the film, “Who's with Me?”)
Summary: Marcus, an average young man awakens to find his apartment under quarantine and completely isolated from the outside world. Ominous messages about toxins and evacuations plaster each screen of his various electronic devices, leaving his next-door neighbor Aileth as the only person he has contact with. Scared, and with few resources, the two try to navigate their way through the indefinite wait... staving off hunger, boredom, and paranoia. Watch here:
January 13, 2022
EP 73: Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995)
Summary: The aftermath of the Oxygen Destroyer brings forth Destoroyah, a beast intent on killing Godzilla, who is on the verge of a nuclear meltdown.
January 10, 2022
EP 72: State of the Horror Union Vol. 2
TerrorNova and their guest JoJo reflect on the horror genre from 2021 and what to look forward to in 2022.
January 03, 2022
Bonus EP 2021 Wrap up
The hosts do a quick overview of the year and what's to come.
December 31, 2021
EP 71: Child's Play (1988)
Summary: A single mother gives her son a much sought-after doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Feat Amira from “Horror Chromatic” (
December 27, 2021
EP 70: The Shining (1980)
Summary: A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where a sinister presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from both past and future.
December 20, 2021
EP 69: Interview with a vampire (1994)
Summary: A vampire tells his epic life story: love, betrayal, loneliness, and hunger.
December 13, 2021
EP 68: Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021)
Summary: Set in 1998, this origin story explores the secrets of the mysterious Spencer Mansion and the ill-fated Raccoon City. Feat. Edgar (
December 06, 2021
EP 67: Blood Quantum (2019)
Summary: The dead are coming back to life outside the isolated Mi'kmaq reserve of Red Crow, except for its Indigenous inhabitants who are strangely immune to the zombie plague.
November 29, 2021
EP 66: Trickster (2020)
Summary: Jared is an Indigenous teen struggling to keep his dysfunctional family above water. When he starts seeing strange things - talking ravens, doppelgängers, skin monsters - his already chaotic life is turned upside down.
November 22, 2021
EP 65: Chambers (2019)
Summary: A woman survives a heart transplant and begins to develop different personality traits.
November 15, 2021
EP 64: Addams Family Values (1993)
Summary: The Addams Family try to rescue their beloved Uncle Fester from his gold-digging new love, a black widow named Debbie.
November 08, 2021
EP 63: Hocus Pocus (1993)
Summary: A curious youngster moves to Salem, where he struggles to fit in before awakening a trio of diabolical witches that were executed in the 17th century. Feat. Wendy
October 25, 2021
EP 62: Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island
Summary: The Mystery Gang reunite and visit Moonscar Island, a remote island with a dark secret. Daphne wants more than just a villain in a costume, and they get more than they ever expected.
October 18, 2021
EP 61: The Witch (2015)
Summary: A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic, and possession.
October 11, 2021
EP 60: Thriller (1983)
Summary: A night at the movies turns into a nightmare when Michael and his date are attacked by a hoard of bloodthirsty zombies - only a "Thriller" can save them now.
October 04, 2021
EP 59: Religion in Horror
(Disclaimer: This topic episode is of no means trying to disrespect one person's religion or beliefs, apologies for those who may feel offended.)  TerrorNova discusses a sensitive topic and trope seen in horror for decades, religion. Tune in as they discuss the different uses religion plays in horror films. 
September 27, 2021
EP 58: The Orphanage (2007)
Summary: A woman brings her family back to her childhood home, which used to be an orphanage for handicapped children. Before long, her son starts to communicate with an invisible new friend.
September 20, 2021
EP 57: Rec (2007)
Summary: A television reporter and cameraman follow emergency workers into a dark apartment building and are quickly locked inside with something terrifying. Feat. Marisa De La Pena (
September 13, 2021
EP 56: La llorona (2019)
Summary: An aging paranoid war criminal, protected by his faithful wife, faces death while being haunted by the ghosts of his past. Featuring Violet Castro (
September 06, 2021
EP 55: The Fly (1986)
Summary: A brilliant but eccentric scientist begins to transform into a giant man/fly hybrid after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong. Feat. Kyasia Fields (
August 30, 2021
EP 54: The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
Summary: Mary Shelley reveals the main characters of her novel survived: Dr. Frankenstein, goaded by an even madder scientist, builds his monster a mate.
August 23, 2021
EP 53: The Witches (1990)
Summary: A young boy stumbles onto a witch convention and must stop them, even after he has been turned into a mouse.
August 16, 2021
EP 52: The Monster Squad (1987)
Summary: A young group of monster fanatics attempt to save their hometown from Count Dracula and his monsters.
August 09, 2021
EP 51: Black Sunday (1960)
Summary: A vengeful witch and her fiendish servant return from the grave and begin a bloody campaign to possess the body of the witch's beautiful look-alike descendant, with only the girl's brother and a handsome doctor standing in her way.
August 02, 2021
EP 50: Summer Kills
TerrorNova discusses movies that are set in summer and how summer fun can be very deadly.
July 26, 2021
EP 49: House on Haunted Hill (1959)
Summary: A millionaire offers $10,000 to five people who agree to be locked in a large, spooky, rented house overnight with him and his wife.
July 19, 2021
EP 48: Ghost Shark (2013)
Summary: When rednecks on a fishing trip kill a great white shark, its spirit comes back for revenge, and soon turns its sights on the town of Smallport.
July 12, 2021
EP 47: Jaws (1975)
Summary: When a killer shark unleashes chaos on a beach community, it's up to a local sheriff, a marine biologist, and an old seafarer to hunt the beast down. Feat. Thaddeus (
July 05, 2021
EP 46: Get Out (2017)
Summary: A young African-American visits his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about their reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point. Feat. Girl That's Scary podcast (
June 28, 2021
EP 45: Spiral (2019)
Summary: A same-sex couple move to a small town to enjoy a better quality of life and raise their daughter with strong social values. But when neighbors throw a very strange party, nothing is as it seems in their picturesque neighborhood.
June 21, 2021
EP 44: Ju-On: The Grudge (2002)
Summary: A mysterious and vengeful spirit marks and pursues anybody who dares enter the house in which it resides.
June 14, 2021
EP 43: Psycho (1960)
Summary: A Phoenix secretary embezzles $40,000 from her employer's client, goes on the run, and checks into a remote motel run by a young man under the domination of his mother.
June 07, 2021
EP 42: Train to Busan (2016)
Summary: While a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan.
May 31, 2021
EP 41: Castlevania (2017)
Summary: A vampire hunter fights to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly creatures controlled by Dracula. Feat. Armin
May 24, 2021
EP 40: Foreign Films
TerrorNova discusses foreign films and the importance they have within the horror community.
May 17, 2021
EP 39: Horror in Anime
TerrorNova discusses the topic of Horror seen in the eyes of anime and manga. What makes anime/manga horror and how far are creators willing to go in order to scare us! Feat guest: Vanessa Mendoza
May 10, 2021
EP 38: Audition (1999)
Summary: A widower takes an offer to screen girls at a special audition, arranged for him by a friend to find him a new wife. The one he fancies is not who she appears to be after all.
May 03, 2021
EP 37: Black Christmas (1974)
Movie summary: During their Christmas break, a group of sorority girls are stalked by a stranger.
April 26, 2021
EP 36: Kids Bop of Horror
Jackie and Kendell discuss thier childhood memories as they dive into horror films designed for children. 
April 19, 2021
EP 35: Jennifer's Body (2009)
Movie Summary: A newly possessed high school cheerleader turns into a succubus who specializes in killing her male classmates. Can her best friend put an end to the horror?
April 12, 2021
EP 34: What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? (1962)
Movie Summary: A former child star torments her paraplegic sister in their decaying Hollywood mansion. Featuring Samara
April 05, 2021
EP 33: The Moth Diaries (2011)
Movie Summary: Rebecca is suspicious of Ernessa, the new arrival at her boarding school. But is Rebecca just jealous of Ernessa's bond with Lucie, or does the new girl truly possess a dark secret?
March 29, 2021
EP 32: Feminism in Horror
In this special episode co-host Jackie, along with a roundtable of guests discuss the topic of feminism as seen in horror. The aspects of women in horror that need to change and be more inclusive. Feat guest: Editor/Comic Writer/Horror author Malissa White Horror/Erotica author Violet Castro Special Effects artist Kyasia Fields
March 22, 2021
EP 31: Black Mirror: White Bear (2013)
Summary: Victoria wakes up and cannot remember anything about her life. Everyone she encounters refuses to communicate with her, and they all seem to know something she doesn't. But what?
March 15, 2021
EP 30: Ringu (1998)
Summary: A reporter and her ex-husband investigate a cursed video tape that is rumored to kill the viewer seven days after watching it. Feat. Amira Krista, Founder & Head Editor Horror Chromatic.
March 08, 2021
EP 29: Scream (1996)
Summary: A year after the murder of her mother, a teenage girl is terrorized by a new killer, who targets the girl and her friends by using horror films as part of a deadly game.
March 01, 2021
EP 28: Ares (2020)
Summary: An Amsterdam student joins a secret society that has been around since the Dutch Golden Age, but must decide how far she is willing to go to rise up the ranks.
February 26, 2021
EP 27: Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)
Summary: A man on the run is hunted by a demon known as the Collector.
February 22, 2021
EP 26: Night Of The Living Dead (1990)
Movie Summary: When the unburied dead return to life and seek human victims, seven refugees seek shelter in a house in the Pennsylvanian countryside, but the group is at odds as to how they should deal with the situation. Feat. Shea McGee
February 15, 2021
EP 25: Attack the Block (2011)
Summary: A teen gang in South London defend their block from an alien invasion.
February 08, 2021
EP 24: Tales From The Hood (1995)
Movie Summary: A funeral director tells four strange tales of horror with an African American focus to three drug dealers he traps in his place of business. Feat. Pierre Williams (
February 01, 2021
EP 23: Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)
Movie summary: A ship docks in Brooklyn with all its crew dead, but someone gets off and the killing continues on land. A Caribbean vampire is searching for a specific woman, half-human half-vampire. Rita is the detective investigating the many killings. Feat. Danny Shaw, The Business Grind (
January 25, 2021
EP 22: State Of The Horror Union Vol. 1
On this special episode, we talk about what we've been watching lately and some of the films we are looking forward to. Feat. Karima,
January 18, 2021
EP 21: Saw (2004)
Movie Summary: Two strangers awaken in a room with no recollection of how they got there, and soon discover they're pawns in a deadly game perpetrated by a notorious serial killer. Feat. Cam Perry, Between Two Divs Podcast:
January 11, 2021
EP 20: Are You Afraid of The Dark: S5 E1: The Tale of Dead Man's Float (1995)
Episode Summary: A lifeguard-turned-janitor attempts to vanquish a sinister spirit lurking around the school pool.
January 04, 2021
Bonus Ep: 2020 Wrap Up
Jackie and Kendell reflect and talk about 2020 and the good times to come in 2021.
December 31, 2020
EP 19: Queen of the Damned (2002)
Movie Summary: In this loose sequel to Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994), the vampire Lestat becomes a rock star whose music wakes up the equally beautiful and monstrous queen of all vampires.
December 28, 2020
EP 18: Gremlins (1984)
Movie Summary: A boy inadvertently breaks three important rules concerning his new pet and unleashes a horde of malevolently mischievous monsters on a small town.
December 25, 2020
EP 17: The Nightmare Before Christmas
Movie Summary: Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town, but his attempts to bring Christmas to his home causes confusion.
December 21, 2020
EP 16: Horror in Video Games
On this episode of “TerrorNova: A Horror Podcast,” we have a guest and we talk about horror in video games.
December 14, 2020
EP 15: From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)
Summary: Two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in a truck stop populated by vampires, with chaotic results.
December 07, 2020
EP 14: Pet Sematary (1989)
Movie Summary: After tragedy strikes, a grieving father discovers an ancient burial ground behind his home with the power to raise the dead.
November 30, 2020
EP 13: Blade (1998)
Movie Summary: A half-vampire, half-mortal man becomes a protector of the mortal race, while slaying evil vampires.
November 23, 2020
EP 12: The Thing (1982)
Movie summary: A research team in Antarctica is hunted by a shape-shifting alien that assumes the appearance of its victims.
November 16, 2020
EP 11: The “Token” Trope
On this episode of Terrornova, your hosts Jackie and Kendell talk about one of the oldest tropes in the horror genre, the “Token.” For those unfamiliar with this phrase, the “Token” is the term used for a single minority in a film.
November 09, 2020
EP 10: Vampires vs. The Bronx (2020)
Movie Summary: A group of young friends from the Bronx fight to save their neighborhood from gentrification...and vampires.
November 02, 2020
EP 09: Halloween (1978)
On this episode of “TerrorNova,” Jackie and Kendell review the 1978 classic film, “Halloween.” Movie Summary: Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois to kill again.
October 31, 2020
EP 08: Trick 'r Treat (2007)
On this episode of “TerrorNova,” Jackie and Kendell review the 2007 cult classic, “Trick 'r Treat.” Movie Summary: Five interwoven stories that occur on Halloween: An everyday high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin might have just met the guy for her; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank; a woman who loathes the night has to contend with her holiday-obsessed husband; and a mean old man meets his match with a demonic, supernatural trick-or-treater.
October 26, 2020
EP 07: The “Final Girl” Trope
On this episode of Terrornova, your hosts Jackie and Kendell talk about one of the oldest tropes in the horror genre, the “Final” Girl.
October 19, 2020
EP 06: Summer of ‘84 (2018)
Summary: After suspecting that their police officer neighbor is a serial killer, a group of teenage friends spend their summer spying on him and gathering evidence, but as they get closer to discovering the truth, things get dangerous.
October 12, 2020
EP 05: Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)
Summary: When a small town is invaded by aliens from outer space who are capturing and killing the townspeople, no one takes them seriously. Why? The aliens all look like circus clowns, use weapons that look clown like, and all have painted on smiles. Only a few of the young people in the town realize the danger and of course no one believes them. Armed with an ice cream truck they try and rescue their friends.
October 05, 2020
EP 04: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
On this episode of “TerrorNova,” Jackie and Kendell review the 1984 film “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” A Nightmare on Elm Street is a 1984 American slasher film written and directed by Wes Craven, and produced by Robert Shaye. It is the first installment in the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series and stars Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, and Johnny Depp in his film debut. The plot concerns four teenagers living on one street in the fictitious town of Springwood, Ohio, who are invaded and killed in their dreams, and thus killed in reality, by a burnt killer with a bladed leather glove.
September 28, 2020
EP 03: The Girl with All the Gifts (2016)
On this episode of “TerrorNova,” Jackie and Kendell review the 2016 British horror film “The Girl with All the Gifts.” The Girl with All the Gifts is a 2016 British post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film directed by Colm McCarthy and written by Mike Carey, based on his 2014 novel of the same name. Starring Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine, Glenn Close, and Sennia Nanua, the film depicts a dystopian future following a breakdown of society after most of humanity is wiped out by a fungal infection. The plot focuses on the struggle of a scientist, a teacher, and two soldiers who embark on a journey of survival with a special young girl named Melanie. 
September 21, 2020
EP 02: Noroi: The Curse (2005)
Summary: A documentary filmmaker explores seemingly unrelated paranormal incidents connected by the legend of an ancient demon called the “kagutaba.”
September 14, 2020
EP 01: Sleepaway Camp (1983)
On this episode of “TerrorNova,” Jackie and Kendell review the cult classic 1983 film “Sleepaway Camp.” Sleepaway Camp is a 1983 American slasher film written and directed by Robert Hiltzik, who also served as executive producer. It is the first film in the Sleepaway Camp franchise, and tells the story of a young girl sent to a summer camp that becomes the site of a series of murders shortly after her arrival. It stars Felissa Rose, Katherine Kamhi, Paul DeAngelo, and Mike Kellin in his last screen appearance.
September 07, 2020