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Ep. 38 ... INTERVIEW with 2018 Psychologist of the Year, Dr Amy Talbot

An episode of Finding Proof with Dr Tess Crawley

By Dr Tess Crawley
Welcome to Finding Proof with Australian psychologist Dr Tess Crawley.

Are you feeling stuck? Are you worried about what others think? Does doubt stop you from taking action? Do you need to find proof that you are strong as wish you were?

I can help.

Welcome to the Finding Proof podcast where you learn to create the tools you need to reach that next level of success. I am your host Dr Tess Crawley. I am a clinical and forensic psychologist and evidence-based success strategist. I am on a mission to help you find the evidence you need to make the next courageous leap in your life.
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Ep. 39 ... Preparing for the C Word (Christmas)
This week on my FINDING PROOF LIVE SHOW I spoke about some strategies that I use to prepare my business for the busy-ness and stress of Christmas. There are some mental traps that we all fall into at this time of year. I call them out and offer up some solutions for you.
December 2, 2018
Ep. 38 ... INTERVIEW with 2018 Psychologist of the Year, Dr Amy Talbot
This week's Finding Proof podcast saw me interviewing my wonderful friend, Dr Amy Talbot, who was last week announced as the inaugural Psychologist of the Year at the Allied Health Awards. Amy talks about her journey to becoming a psychologist, the isolation that can come with being a young leader and business owner, and how she hopes her award will shine a light on the treatment of eating disorders.
November 26, 2018
Ep. 37 - How to find your courage in the face of criticism and judgement
This was a cracker of an episode of the FINDING PROOF LIVE SHOW. It followed a rather interesting week where I not only faced some astonishing criticism (which I only let sway me for 24 hours!), but I also received some incredible coincidental validation and encouragement, which only served to further embolden me! It all comes down to fear of criticism. And acceptance that you WILL be judged if you're courageous enough to choose your voice over your comfort. Understanding that you WILL be judged takes an abundance mindset and the ability to stay focused on your big picture plan. Having a social media presence will open you up for criticism from others, whether it's because they don't understand what you're doing, don't like what you're doing, or worry about what you're doing. But social media is an increasingly important part of any modern business. Even the CEO of my profession's governing body has stated that social media must be at the forefront of our endeavours, in order to stay connected with our community. In this episode, I step you through how I stay strong in the face of judgement and criticism, and I share some stories from others as well, so you can stay strong too. Because you will be judged. It's a given. But that's okay.
November 23, 2018
Ep. 36 - INTERVIEW with New York therapist CLAY COCKRELL
Episode 36 of the Finding Proof Podcast sees me interviewing Clay Cockrell. Clay is a licensed clinical social worker, entrepreneur, actor, and theatre company owner. He's a disruptor too, bringing innovation to the world of therapy in the form of Walk & Talk and the Online Counselling Directory. Like anyone stepping outside the stereotype, he's faced his haters too, but took it all in his stride. It was my absolute joy to chat with him, and I'm hoping we'll catch up in person when I'm in New York next year!
November 18, 2018
Ep. 35 ... Tapping into your hidden skill sets.
This latest episode of the podcast shares with you Episode 11 of the FINDING PROOF LIVE SHOW that airs weekly on Facebook. I spoke about tapping into and honouring those hidden talents and knowledge bases that we all have, and we all overlook sometimes. What knowledge do you have that you take for granted? What skills do you possess that others would truly value if only you'd share them?
November 12, 2018
Ep. 33 - Collegiality Beats Competitiveness!
LIVE CHAT WITH GERDA MULLER - Back in September I attended the Australian Psychological Society's annual congress in Sydney and had the wonderful opportunity to chat with my dear friend and business mentor, Gerda Muller, about the importance of collegiality and collaboration in business. Having an abundance mindset makes collegiality a no-brainer.
November 10, 2018
Ep. 34 - Interviewing David Fuller - Australian musician, songwriter and producer.
This week on the Finding Proof podcast I'm interviewing my dear friend and all-round top Aussie bloke, musician and songwriter David Fuller. We go from laughter to darkness and back again. We share a glass of wine while our conversation covers his lifelong dedication to music, launching a music presence when you're not an 18 year old in a boy band, his years in the darkness of depression, and what saved him. One heck of a chat! Check out his tunes at
November 7, 2018
Ep. 32 - Bosses Have Feelings Too. Honouring the emotions of working relationships when they end.
In September, on RUOK Day I spoke on Facebook about the emotions that come with changing relationships in the workplace. This was recorded during a very intense period in my business, and I share it again now in the hope that you'll find some inspiration and encouragement if you're travelling tough terrain in your business too. #BossesHaveFeelingsToo
November 5, 2018
Ep. 31 - An average of 1 kid in every classroom has dyspraxia. Meet one of them.
In this episode of the Finding Proof podcast I have a relaxed chat with my son about what it's like living with dyspraxia. Never heard of dyspraxia? Harry Potter actor, Daniel Radcliffe, has it. One of the Doctor's newest companions on Doctor Who also has it. It's a coordination disorder affecting on average one kid in every class, and often goes undiagnosed. You'll learn a bit about dyspraxia in this episode, but you'll also learn how my family and I managed to find our own proof of how courageous and creative we could be in the face of our struggles. And the good news is, we're a happier family for it!
October 18, 2018
Ep. 30 ... Are you allowing the dust to settle? No? You should!
Are you doing yourself a disservice by not allowing the time you need to think, refresh, recharge, and reboot? Come on, as a business owner, creative, or entrepreneur you deserve better than that. You need creative solutions to your business dilemmas. Make sure you take the time you need. Your ideas are too precious to be lost to busy-ness!
October 5, 2018
Ep 29. Leave Your Job With Your Dignity Intact
What are the emotions involved in leaving a job? How do you leave with your dignity intact and your reputation in mind? I'll share a couple of personal stories (not my best moments in some cases) to help you find your own evidence to courageously leap from one job to the next without being labelled an arsehole! Meanwhile, in case you missed it, the intense emotional rollercoaster of being an employer when staff leave was this week's topic on the Finding Proof live show on FB. Check it out. (p.s. My apologies for the sound quality, and my sincere thanks to Danielle Kessler of 2MarketMedia for doing her level best over the past couple of days to tidy up the worst of it so I could publish this week as planned. Superstar!)
September 16, 2018
Ep. 28. Own Your Excuses To Achieve Your Goals
What excuses do you hear yourself saying time and again? Mine is "I don't have time". When you think about it, that's ridiculous. I have the same 24 hours as anyone else. For me to achieve my goals, I have had to own that nonsense excuse and challenge the hell out of it. Want to know how I did it? Listen on, my friends.
September 2, 2018
Ep 26. Finding Your Proof
In this episode of the Finding Proof podcast, I'll talk you through just what Finding Proof is all about and where it came from. I'll also give you a couple of little hints to start you on your way towards finding proof of your own incredible awesomeness!
August 21, 2018
Ep 25. From Quiet Confidence to Finding Proof
Did you notice that the name of this podcast has changed? What's it all about, and how does it relate to you? Have a listen and I'll explain as we make the transition from Quiet Confidence to Finding Proof.
August 3, 2018
Ep. 24. What is Your Hero Story?
What's your "Hero Story"? I know you’ve got one. Have a listen and we’ll find the evidence together.
July 18, 2018
Ep 23. The one thing you need to do to go the next step
On paper you’re already good enough. So what’s stopping you? Fear! Here’s the number one thing you need to do to burst through fear and get to your next level. (Please excuse the audio quality, but I couldn’t wait to share this with you.)
July 5, 2018
Ep. 22 Confidently Claiming Your Seat at the Table.
Claiming your seat at the table requires owning your uniqueness and valuing your worth. Are you up for it?
July 4, 2018
Ep 21. Check Your Mindset.
“Mindset” is a bit of a buzzword these days. What does it mean? What is a fixed vs growth mindset? How does scarcity differ from abundance? Listen on!
June 25, 2018
Ep 20. What can you change to take better care of yourself?
Self-care is more than just bubble baths and chocolate. Ate you really paying attention to what you need to do to CARE for your SELF?
June 17, 2018
Ep 19. Don’t be afraid to ask! Mentors & Silliness
We can’t know all the answers all the time. Ask for support, guidance, and mentoring. You’d be surprised how often people are willing to help. And don’t be afraid to let the authentic silly you out of its box sometimes!
June 15, 2018
Ep 18. Say Your Dream Out Loud
What is so scary about speaking our dreams and hopes out loud? Are you scared of judgement? Of failure? Or of actually achieving your dreams? Maybe it’s time to give your wishes a voice.
June 13, 2018
Ep. 17. Connection: Trusting the ebb and flo of friendship.
Great friendships are a little like the ocean: always there, but the tide comes and goes. By trusting the golden thread of connection, and listening to our inner wisdom in this regard, we can influence that tide.
June 9, 2018
Ep 16. Short & Sweet
I’ll expand upon this in future episodes, but I’ll just leave this brief thought with you for now.
June 8, 2018
Ep 15. Keeping the big picture in mind.
Getting stuck in the nitty gritty can lead to procrastination and de-motivation. Keeping the big picture in mind and taking imperfect action, will help you make progress.
June 7, 2018
Ep 14 Communicate! No one can read your mind.
Related to the earlier episode where I remind you that you’re not actually a mind-reader, in this episode I remind you that neither is anyone else. How would your relationships improve if you stopped assuming others knew how you were feeling? The key is to communicate. Ask, tell, listen, but never assume!
June 4, 2018
p 13 Finding Your Unique Fabulous Self
Stop listening to your inner critic. Stop comparing yourself to others. Find what inspires you, who inspires, and look inward to draw on your uniqueness. Then you can tell that inner critic to shut up!
May 30, 2018
Ep. 12 Find your most confident time of day
Pay attention to the relationship between time of day, energy levels, and your confidence. You’ll be more able to do the bravest stuff when you’re in your most confident time zone!
May 29, 2018
Ep 11. The Power of Fun
Sometimes we need to get out of our own way and remember how much fun we can be. A good belly laugh or a solid giggle is so good for the soul!
May 28, 2018
Ep. 10 Stop Mind-Reading!
I had a reminder today that mind-reading is a trap we all fall into. Stop giving dodgy assumptions the power to ruin your day!
May 24, 2018
Ep. 9 Discovering Your Brilliance
Why is it so hard to acknowledge our own brilliance. In Australia we blame the Tall Poppy Syndrome. What holds you back from identifying and owning your brilliance?
May 23, 2018
Ep 8. The Power of Connection
How connecting with others online can be as valid as face-to-face connections.
May 22, 2018
Ep. 7 Finding the Power of You
What I learned with Mel Robbins in Las Vegas
May 18, 2018
Ep. 6 Untouchable Time and Being An Introvert
How I balance being an introvert with the extroverted elements of what I do. Recorded live from the Container Park district of downtown Las Vegas
May 16, 2018
Episode 5. Perfectionism & Procrastination
How perfectionism and procrastination are linked to anxiety.
May 14, 2018
Episode 4. Response to the Hobart Flood
Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern following the Hobart floods.
May 12, 2018
Episode 3. Imperfect Action 10 May 2018
Stop procrastinating, over-thinking, and over-researching. Take imperfect Action and DO THE THING!
May 10, 2018
Episode 2. Why Does Joy Take Confidence
Participating in a “confidence challenge” to find joy gave me the opportunity to understand how we sometimes need courage to fully engage in joyful behaviour.
May 9, 2018
Episode One. Welcome to Quiet Confidence!
Welcome to the launch episode of my Quiet Confidence podcast! A little about who I am and the birth of this podcast. So glad to have you here!
May 8, 2018
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