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For the Sake of Our Youth

For the Sake of Our Youth

By Tessa Stuckey, LPC
Mom, therapist, and now author, Tessa Stuckey has a lot to say about raising kids in today’s world. Join in to hear what’s going on and how to provide a strong future for your family.
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S03: Ep07: How to handle when your kid lies
It’s a natural behavior done by humans and it’s important to know how to respond as parents so it is minimized. Tessa explains just how to do that
January 20, 2022
S03:Ep06: Getting Out of A Funk
Is there something in the air? Is it seasonal? Is it just me or does it seem there’s a lot going on for so many of us and it’s gotten extremely overwhelming managing this thing called LIFE? Maybe we can continue to blame it on the pandemic or maybe it’s time to take some action to find motivation and get out of this funk!
November 10, 2021
S03:Ep05: Talking With Your Kids About SEX
It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable, (that’s what she said! Ha sorry) but its important and necessary! Tessa sits with good friend, fellow therapist, and boy mom, Cheryl Butler and share thoughts and ideas on how to open up the conversation about SEX with your kids.
October 27, 2021
S03:Ep04: Kids/Teens and OCD
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is very common amongst youth and it’s important to understand all of the elements so we can be helpful. Listen as Tessa speaks to you as if you’re sitting with her in her office all about her thoughts and therapeutic advice on handling OCD with your child.
October 13, 2021
S03Ep03: Motivating Our Kids With School
Tessa answers a question from a mom of 2 struggling with getting her younger son motivated and excited about school. This is a great episode to listen to now that school is in session and the novelty of it is starting to wear off. @TheMomTherapist
September 29, 2021
S03:Ep02: Setting up screen time with your family
You’ve heard Tessa talk enough about her thoughts on Screentime. Today she expands a bit on her thoughts and therapeutic opinions and how to scale back a bit if you find your family has lost control! @TheMomTherapist
September 15, 2021
S03:Quick Chat: Suicide Prevention Month
September is Suicide Prevention Month and Tessa shares a few quick thoughts on the matter.
September 02, 2021
S03:Ep01: Everyone is Yelling!!
Tessa opens up about her personal struggle with yelling at her kids too much and the fun and interesting challenge her kids created to help her practice self regulation so she wouldn’t yell for 30 days straight (*spoiler alert, she doesn’t make it!) Tessa keeps it real talking about mom struggles and the encouragement it had on her own kids recognizing the areas they needed a little more growth. WELCOME TO SEASON 3! @TheMomTherapist
September 01, 2021
Get ready for some short and sweet episodes answering parenting questions many of us have raising our kids in today's WILD world! Season 3 will begin September 1, 2021 and new episodes will be uploaded biweekly from there. You can submit your parenting questions over at Tessa's Instagram @TheMomTherapist or
August 23, 2021
S02:Ep13: All About Bullies And How To Handle With Nate Webb
Nate from Bullies Be Gone is here today to talk about his experience being bullied and how he was able to get through and find confidence. Now a school counselor, Nate is passionate to help teens and families tackle physical bullying, emotional/verbal bullying and cyber bullying. Follow him on instagram @bulliesbe.gone for daily inspiration and motivation!
May 10, 2021
S02:Ep12: Dr. Madeline Levine
As a big fan of Madeline Levine, Tessa sits with her to talk about many of her parenting books including Tessa’s personal favorite, Teach Your Children Well and her most recent published book, Ready or Not. Madeline is a psychologist with 40 years of experience as a clincian, consultant, educator and author. New York Times Best Seller, Amazing mom and wonderful human to sit and chat with.
April 26, 2021
S02:Ep11: Handling Bullies with Trudy Ludwig
Children’s author, Trudy Ludwig, has written multiple books including MY SECRET BULLY, THE INVISIBLE BOY, and THE POWER OF ONE joins Tessa to talk all things bullies: How to handle situations, our roles as parents, and what to do if our child is acting as a bully. Bullying is a common social problem in our kids’ schools and reading these books to our kids is a great way to start! Enjoy! YOu can find more about Trudy at
March 31, 2021
S02:Ep10: How To Get Good Sleep
When going through a tough time, its important to address some basic needs like sleep. Without good sleep, we can’t manage our emotions with strength. Join as Tessa sits with sleep coach, Janet Whalen, to discuss all things sleep!—simple sleep habits to add to your routine, habits to avoid and how to achieve a good nights sleep asap! Sweet Dreams! Follow Janet here: @janetwhalencoaching Follow Tessa here: @themomtherapist
March 10, 2021
S02:Ep09: How To Raise A Thriver with Dr. Michele Borba
Tessa and Michele meet again to discuss the intentional parenting needed in order to raise a child who THRIVES! Dr. Borba’s newest book releases March 2nd! So go add to your cart asap! Find more about Michele and her work Find more about Tessa: @themomtherapist
February 24, 2021
S02:Ep08: How To Handle An Outcry For Help From Our Kids
Tessa talks with principal, dad, educator and podcast host, Jethro Jones, on the best way to respond to an outcry of suicidal ideation or self harm. EVERY TEACHER/ADMINISTRATOR needs to hear this!! (Or really anyone who works with kids!) Check out Jethro’s podcast, @cybertraps for even more informative information!
January 25, 2021
S02: Ep07: Homework Help!
Tessa sits with JoAnn Crohn of who shares 4 main tips to teaching our kids how to get their homework done ON THEIR OWN! This is a game changer and perfect with the new semester starting. Find JoAnn’s podcast everywhere: No Guilt Mom (Tessa is a guest on episode 15!) and more about her work at
January 19, 2021
S02:Ep06: Pt2 Protect Young Eyes- Pornography Talks
Tessa continues her conversation with Chris McKenna of in this part 2 episode. They discuss the dangers of screens and easy access to pornography and how to have some tough talks with our kids on the topic.
January 11, 2021
S02:Ep05: Teaching Kids Empathy With Dr. Michele Borba
Tessa sits with Dr. Michele Borba, author of Unselfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World. Dr. Borba shares the 9 tips for raising empathetic kids. You can find more about Dr. Borba at
January 04, 2021
S02:Ep04: Pt1 Chris McKenna Of
Tessa and Chris, founder of (a wonderful FREE tool to learn ALL the things about ALL the devices!) talk about all the things to think about when allowing your kids to play video games. There’s no denying that each of our kids are neurologically effected and we need to stay aware and learn how to create appropriate parameters. Perfect to listen to right after Christmas if you got your kids video games!
December 28, 2020
S02:Ep03: Mommy Burnout With Dr. Sheryl Ziegler
Tessa sits with fellow therapist, author and speaker, Sheryl Ziegler and talk all about the dreaded exhaustion of motherhood and how we can prevent and manage the feelings of MOMMY BURNOUT! EVERY mom needs to hear this one!! You can find more about Sheryl at
December 01, 2020
S02:Ep02: What You Should Know About Kids On TikTok
Tessa shares all of her thoughts (in such a quick episode) about tiktok and why it’s a toxic social media platform for our kids (and you too!)
November 18, 2020
S02:Ep01: The Gift Of Failure With Jessica Lahey
Tessa sits with New York Times Best Selling author and speaker, Jessica Lacey, to talk about the importance of allowing our children to struggle and fail in order to build the resiliency needed to get through this thing called life.
November 09, 2020
Bonus Episode: Thoughts Moving Forward
Tessa shares some of her thoughts moving forward with the podcast. She also shares some sad news about a big influencer in her mission and career (Collin Kartchner) and her plans on continuing his passion and message
November 02, 2020
S01:Ep22: Achieving Emotional Balance
Tessa revisits her deep belief in practicing emotional hygiene and helps break down the best way to do just that so you feel emotionally balanced more often and find it easier to regulate your emotions when you are feeling off.
October 19, 2020
S01:Ep21: The Haunted House
Only fitting with Halloween approaching for Tessa to share her personal experience with anxiety and how she helps other’s find a way out!
October 12, 2020
S01:Ep20: That’s A Wrap!
That’s a wrap for the book, For the Sake of Our Youth! But Tessa isn’t done talking! She’s going to continue discussing the cultural impact on our kids with guests, stories, cases, and continued conversations. Tessa’s ready to bring up issues that aren’t covered in her book as well! Get ready for another set of informative and resourceful episodes headed your way!
October 08, 2020
S01:Ep19: The Importance In Saying “I’m Sorry.”
Listen as Tessa shares the importance of practicing atonement at home, how to teach our kids the importance of it and also the need for atunement within the family.
October 05, 2020
S01:Ep18: Medication & Therapy
It can be really scary when your family doctor tells you your child may need some anti depressants or mood stabilizers. It’s scary trying to figure out when is the right time or how to bring it up to your child/teen. Listen as Tessa shares her thoughts on medication, therapy and how to navigate through the uncertainty.
September 30, 2020
S01:Ep17: Becoming Screen Free with Melanie Hempe Founder of
Many times families don’t know where to begin or even what the benefits might be for limiting (or completely getting rid of) screens. Listen as Tessa interviews founder of, Melanie Hempe. Melanie shares her story with her son who became addicted to video games and led their family to become screen free. Every parent can benefit from hearing her story! Visit for more information!
September 29, 2020
S01:Ep16: How To Fall Asleep Easier
We’re all so tired, so why can’t we fall asleep?? Listen as Tessa shares some great tips and tricks to help your kids fall asleep fast (and yourself as well!)
September 21, 2020
S01:Ep15: Formula For Emotional Maturity
Listen as Tessa shares the 3 elements needed for emotional maturity and how we can parent our children to help develop these elements faster.
September 17, 2020
S01:Ep14: Finding Motivation
How to keep our motivation going through ANY tough situation...and how to help our kids find strength to struggle through!
September 14, 2020
S01:Ep13: Hurt People Hurt People
Hurt people hurt people! Tessa’s philosophy to get through hard relationships, hard emotions and teaching her kids how to become self aware. This needs to be understood to handle cyberbullying and tough teenage years.
September 10, 2020
S01:Ep12: The Tough Talks
This is a hard one but necessary! Because it’s suicide prevention month, let’s figure out why we need to talk to our kids (even if we aren’t worried) and how to do that!
September 07, 2020
S01:Ep11: Instilling Coping Skills
Instead of that easy fix (screens) we can teach our kids how to cope in a healthy way to get through this hard life. You can start TODAY by challenging them and allowing the struggle of boredom, anger and discomfort that will soon lead to exploration, creativity and self soothing!
September 02, 2020
S01:Ep10: The Frosted Glass
This ones for all the moms out there who are having a hard time connecting with their teen. Tessa discovered the Frosted Glass when working with many mother/daughter relationships. With a new perspective, you can learn how to knock down some walls and build connections today!
August 31, 2020
S01:Ep09: Screen Addiction
Tessa shares her thoughts and discoveries on screen addiction. She then shares her gradual build up plan for phones and when to give it to our kids.
August 28, 2020
S01:Ep08: Emotional Hurricanes
Life is tough especially when our emotions are out of whack and feel out of control. Listen to how Tessa likes to think about managing emotions and how to get back some balance. An easy way to teach our kids the importance of emotional health.
August 26, 2020
S01:Ep07: The Parent’s Influence pt2
Learn how to build connection with your child/teen in a way full of healthy, effective communication and mutual respect.
August 25, 2020
S01:Ep06: Screen Time Question
Listener calls in with a great question about finding balance with screen time during COVID
August 19, 2020
S01:Ep05: The Parent’s Influence Pt 1
Tessa gives a practical exercise to help simplify parenting as well as brings attention to how much the parent’s influence affects the child/teen. Tessa shares some easy ways to start connecting with your child.
August 19, 2020
S01:Ep04: Cultural Influences 5 & 6
Tessa shares the last two cultural influences impacting our kids and their mental wellbeing
August 19, 2020
S01:Ep03: Cultural Influences 3 & 4
Tessa expands on two more influences that are contributing to the growing rate in teen depression, anxiety and suicidality. It’s important for parents to understand all of the cultural influences that Tessa has found as contributors so parents can make the appropriate changes.
August 17, 2020
S01:Ep02: Cultural Influences 1 & 2
Tessa breaks down the first two cultural influences that contribute to the rise in teen depression, anxiety and suicidality with some stories, cases and excerpts from her book. 1. Glorified Option 2. Immediate Gratification
August 16, 2020
S01: Ep01: Introduction
What drove Tessa to change her parenting in today’s culture and the 6 cultural influences that have contributed to the rise in teen depression, anxiety and suicide.
August 16, 2020