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Tethered Roots

Tethered Roots

By Myrlene Mondesir & Erin Nasmyth
Tethered Roots is a conversational style podcast hosted by adult adoptee, Myrlene Mondesir and ASA Executive Director, Erin Nasmyth. Tethered Roots gives everyone who has been touched by adoption a platform to speak their truth and tell their story. We aim for Tethered Roots to give the underrepresented voices a safe space to share. We hope by sharing stories we can create deeper connection and community. Every adoption story is unique but there are also themes running through each story that we hope serves as a point of connection for everyone touched by adoption.
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Roland's Story: An Adoptee's Perspective
Roland is an Adult Adoptee who was adopted from Haiti at age 8, by a single father.
February 20, 2020
Mike, Jenn and Alicia: Adoptive parents and birth mother perspective
Mike and Jenn adopted their son, their second adoption, earlier this year. Mike and Jenn have an open adoption with their son’s birth mother, Alicia. Alicia also joins us over the telephone to share her perspective on the adoption decision and openness with her biological son’s parents.
January 16, 2020
Julie’s Episode: A Birth Mother’s Perspective
We are so honored to be able to share Julie's story. Julie is a birth mother who made an adoption plan for her daughter 18 years ago. She generously shares her story including how she chose adoption, how she picked her daughter's adoptive family, how their open relationship has developed over time and really just impresses us immensely with the love and sacrifices she has made for her biological daughter.
January 16, 2020
Macie’s Episode: An adoptive parent's perspective
Adoptive mother, Macie, joins us to share her story on adopting her son through a transracial infant adoption. Macie talks about openness and how her journey to educate herself on adoption issues led her to educate others.
January 16, 2020
Krystal’s Episode: An adoptee's perspective
Krystal joined her family at 17 after experiencing trauma and abuse in her biological home. She is now a Graduate student working and has a passion for transracial adoption and working with clients with trauma histories. Hope you enjoy hearing Krystal's story to learn how she overcame her circumstances and found her forever family and her passion for her career.
January 16, 2020
Joy’s episode: An adoptee's perspective
Joy is an adult adoptee who was born in Chile and adopted as a baby by a two-parent Caucasian family
January 16, 2020