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Texas Thighs and I

Texas Thighs and I

By Texas Thighs and I
Welcome to Texas Thighs and I, where a crazy couple from Texas shares their story of starting an Instagram page on a dare and growing it into a worldwide business! We will start from the beginning (like wayyyy back) and you will get to hear how Mr Texas Thighs and his brutal honesty, plus Texas Thighs and her emotional silly self, combine into a fun new take on Married with Kids :)
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Texas Thighs and I: Change the Channel
When people ask us about haters and the plenty of judgement we get, we have learned how to deal with them. But this dives into the difference of culture on social media than the media outlets of our past. We urge people to surround themselves with things they like. If you don't like what you see, Change the Channel! Plus funny side track moments :) Trust me it's a fun episode. 
July 01, 2020
Texas Thighs and I: How does he let you do this?
Plenty of people have asked "How does he let you do this?" We discuss the diff reasons "how" and of course what the "this" actually is. If you have ever wondered what we do, this episode is for you!
June 22, 2020