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Texas Veterans Mean Business

Texas Veterans Mean Business

By Veteran Entrepreneur Program - TVC - Hosted by Christina Mortel
The weekly podcast is hosted by Texas Veterans Commission's Veteran Entrepreneur Program and discusses relevant business topics to inform the veteran and small business communities.
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Got Employees? Get Payroll!
Charles Read, owner of Dallas-based, Get Payroll, a payroll servicing company, is our guest today. Whether you are just starting out or ready to  expand, this episode is packed with advice and guidance for Small Business owners. Charles shares many stories from his 30 years in business and you'll have a chance to learn his best practices as he is offering his latest book, The Payroll Book - A Guide for Small Businesses & Startups, free to our listeners.  Go to GetPayroll - Get Payroll Help Now. Call 972-353-0000 and secure yours today! Use Discount Code - VEP. Charles is a lively and entertaining guest who wants to help you stay compliant so you can stay in business!  Learn and Enjoy!
August 12, 2021
The EXIM Bank - Protecting Your Business in the Global Marketplace
Did you know that 90% of consumers live outside of US Borders and foreign consumers hold 75% of global purchasing power? With stats like that, you may consider expanding your business by exporting your products or services. If so, you need to know EXIM Bank!  In this episode, Toya Woods, Business Development Specialist with EXIM Bank, explains export programs, and how the EXIM Bank helps protect US business transactions, giving US businesses peace of mind in the global marketplace.  Business owners considering exporting or wishing to learn more can contact Toya via her landing page and schedule a consult:  Toya also shared a veteran success story. You can view the write up here: I hope you enjoy this episode. If exporting is part of your strategic business plan, please contact the VEP team and we can connect you to the EXIM Bank and other local resources.  
June 23, 2021
Finding your Post-Military Identity (ft. Caroline from CKH Coaching)
Meet Caroline Herschbach, Air Force Veteran and Owner of CKH Coaching. Caroline specializes in coaching women veterans and servicemembers as they depart the military and enter into the civilian world and workforce. As we commemorate Women's Veterans Day, June 12th, we take a closer look at how our identify is affected by this major life shift and how a coach can help you move forward to the next phase of your life. Check out to learn more!
June 4, 2021
The Devil is in the Details - Meet Devil Doc Publishing!
Christine Walker, Desert Storm Veteran and Owner of Devil Doc Publishing, joins me today to talk about the ups and downs of the publishing business. The inaugural issue of At Ease! Magazine is fresh off the press; her first veteran-centric publication. Read about veterans and their experiences from WWII to current day. Christine shares her love of writing and all things veteran which sparked the startup and culminated in the launch of this nationwide publication.  Hope you enjoy the podcast! Learn more about At Ease! here: Subscribe — AT EASE! Veterans Magazine (
April 16, 2021
Military Spouse Entrepreneurship from the Inside Out
In 2020, Hiring Our Heroes released its report documenting the barriers to employment, entrepreneurship and economic mobility of military spouses. In today's podcast, we discuss the findings of the report with Hiring Our Heroes representative, Hisako Sonethavilay, and military spouse and business owner, Priscilla Schrubb.  Priscilla shares the path to business ownership with her husband, Marine Corp Vet, Dan Schrubb, confirming that being a military spouse in OJT for successful business ownership.  Hisako gets into the details on those factors impacting portability and profitability of spouse entrepreneurship.  In addition to a great story, this episode includes valuable resources available to the military community. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!
February 4, 2021
Love to shop? Learn how to access the State and Federal Surplus Programs with Texas Facilities Commission
Megan Sim, Marketing, Eligibility & Compliance Manager of the Texas Facilities Commission- State & Federal Surplus Property Program, is my guest today. Megan explains how Veteran-Owned businesses can access these two surplus programs, to source products needed for business operations.  Megan delights us affectionately calling the surplus programs a combination of a pawn store and car dealership, meets thrift store! Learn the genesis of the Veteran Small Business Act, now law, and how to start the process to access the State and Federal Surplus programs. This is our last podcast for 2020. Join us again, January 2021,  for another show on veteran entrepreneurship.
December 21, 2020
Ray Mendez - Engineering a Successful Business
To kick off Season 2, I am joined by Veteran, Ray Mendez, CEO and Founder of San Antonio based, Mendez Engineering.  Ray addresses his highs, lows and lessons in this startup story.  Loaded with tons of great advice, Ray shares how he started and grew his engineering firm to the successful firm it is today -  employing 15 and working diverse public and private sector projects.  Lots of good insights for our Vet Business owners. Feel free to thank Ray. Enjoy!
November 18, 2020
ShySpeaks with a Positive Message - Meet Shy Amos
Shy Amos, US Army Veteran and owner of ShySpeaks & Company, LLC, talks about the business of impacting urban culture with her positive and spiritual messaging. Normally speaking in front of large crowds, Shy had to pivot her operations due to COVID -19. Listen to her uplifting story and music!This is our last podcast of Season 1. We will be back in September with more of Texas Veterans Mean Business.
August 5, 2020
COVID and Kiddos- Finding Childcare during the Pandemic
Meet Shandreca Gibson, Owner of Little People Village. This podcast touches on the challenges of finding childcare and the special need of essential workers who need childcare for their children. Shandreca, US Army veteran, started her daycare business and is able to help those who are helping others.
August 5, 2020
Veteran Bookstore Owners Tell Their Story
Our podcast explores the start up story of Ashley Marie Knight and Qiana Cannon, co-owners of Words Unite Bookstore. The two collaborated on the pop-up bookstore idea and leveraged the Army Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) to launch the Indie store for authors. Listen as they tell their story, starting just weeks before COVID, pivoting to survive and thrive!
July 20, 2020
Up Close and Personal-The Impact of COVID - 19 on Veteran Owned Businesses
As COVID-19 continues to impact small businesses across Texas, we meet Justin Bailey, Veteran business owner. Justin shares his story on how the pandemic affected his business and customers, and forced him to redefine his business operations.
June 11, 2020
Advocating for Small Business - Interview with Jessica Flynn - Part II
In Part II of this interview with Jessica Flynn, we address the disparity in accessing capital, women in STEM, and Federal legislation specific to veteran-owned small businesses currently pending in Congress. Join us for this timely and informed discussion.
April 15, 2020
Advocating for Small Business - Interview with Jessica Flynn - Part I
In Part I of this interview with Jessica Flynn, CEO of Red Sky, we wrap up Women's History Month discussing the challenges of a start up, leadership communications in a crisis, and challenges of rural entrepreneurship. Jessica is a member of the National Women's Council that advises the SBA on issues directly affecting women small business ownership.
April 1, 2020
Celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship with Caroline Alexander
As we commemorate Women's History Month, join me and my guest Caroline Alexander, AF Veteran, Entrepreneur, and CEO of Success In the City, for an enlightening discussion.. Caroline addresses business startup challenges, why the title, Think and Grow Rich is her business bible, and the value of creating a Mastermind Group, to help propel your business.
March 19, 2020
Funding and Financing your business with LiftFund
On today's episode, I am joined by Liftfund representative,Jonathan Sarabia, who discusses the 5 C's , programs and initiatives, to help veterans and family members understand funding vehicles and the business loan process.
February 20, 2020
Funding and Financing your Business with PeopleFund
Financing your business is a big deal but PeopleFund simplies this process. Listen to this informative discussion with our guests Katherine Sobel, Senior Training and Education Manager, and Grant Bennett, Director of Veteran Programs, from They cover the process on how to help startups and established businesses get funded by informing this discussion with realistic advice and best practices.
February 12, 2020
Texas Facilities Commission HUB Program - Construction Opportunities
If you are in the Construction industry or if you sell products and services to TFC, this is a must listen episode! Our guest, Yolanda Strey, HUB Director of TFC, informs us on the progress of the Capitol Complex and how to engage with Primes, and participate in this massive multi-year construction project. There is a labor shortage and TFC needs workers from around the state to support the Capitol Complex.
January 7, 2020
University of Texas at Austin - Historically Underutilized Business Program
Learn about UT Austin HUB and Small Business programs with our guest, HUB Director, Tiffany Dockery-Gibson.
December 27, 2019
HUB Best Practices - TxDOT
Carlos Balderas, HUB Program Manager with Texas Department of Transportation, discusses how HUB and Small Businesses can do business with TxDOT.
December 12, 2019
State Hub Program- Texas Comptroller
Join the conversation with Delia Molina, HUB Marketing Coordinator, TX Comptroller of Public Accounts, as we discuss the specifics of the statewide HUB program.
December 8, 2019
HUB Program- TX Department of Information Resources
The weekly Podcast is hosted by the Texas Veterans Commission Veteran Entrepreneur Program and informs the veteran and small business communities on relevant and timely business topics.
November 14, 2019