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By Alex Chalk
Interviews on tabletop RPGs and the craft of running games.
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Nate Lumpkin -- Statting Gods and Dating Goblins

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Nate Lumpkin -- Statting Gods and Dating Goblins

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Nate Lumpkin -- Statting Gods and Dating Goblins
Nate Lumpkin, author of the excellent OSR blog Swamp of Monsters (and hopefully soon a published megadungeon!) talks about his experiences running multi-year campaigns, making megadungeons, dungeon ecology, engaging with and getting engaged to NPCs, and more. I don't remember if we use any swears but we don't not talk about sex and RPGs.
April 28, 2020
Pilot: You Can Run a Whole Freudian Campaign -- Troika w/ David Wilkie
In this first episode, David Wilkie a.k.a. Anxiety Wizard shares his experiences running Troika.  We discuss the role of the game's colourful character archetypes in framing play, how the skill system helps you focus your campaign, swap RPG war stories, and David tells you how he learned to stop worrying and eat a crown. Contains foul language. Get Troika: In print | In PDF David's blog, ANXIETY WIZARD Thirty-Six Stranger Chambers Soul Muppet Publishing House of Dogs Ramanan Sivaranjan's Save vs. Total Party Kill Questing Beast's Interview with Sam Mamelli Alex's blog, To Distant Lands
March 31, 2020