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TezCast — The Tezos Podcast

TezCast — The Tezos Podcast

By Kevin Mehrabi
TezCast (Tezos Podcast) Discussing everything Tezos (XTZ). Latest news, updates, interviews, commentary. Guest speakers, questions, answers, giveaways.
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TezCast — Ep 4. — Jonas Lamis on StakerDAO, thoughts on governance

TezCast — The Tezos Podcast

Episode 6 — Dogami CTO/Co-Founder Bilal El Alamy
After a 2 year hiatus, TezCast is back! We're talking with Bilal El Alamy, CTO/Co-Founder of Dogami — currently the most successful project in Tezos history (and it's just getting started!). Bilal and Kevin discuss NFTs, DeFi, and the future of Tezos. #Tezos Dogami Website: Dogami Twitter: Bilal El Alamy Twitter: ----- TezCast Website: TezCast Twitter: Kevin's Twitter:
April 30, 2022
Episode 5 —  Adrian Brink from Cryptium Labs on Tezos core and the future of baking
In this episode, we discuss the past, present, and future of Tezos core and baking with Adrian Brink. Adrian Brink is the CTO of Cryptium Labs and one of the most instrumental core developers in Tezos. In our interview, Adrian discusses his path from baker to core developer, current developments emerging in Tezos core, answers audience questions. He also shares his thoughts on future developments in Tezos that he would like to see! Adrian also addresses advancements to baking (now and planned for future proposals). In the baking segment, we discuss the growth of the baking services, opportunities, and threats to the diversity of the baking landscape, as well as modular developments such as programmable staking, baking accounts, and bakepools. Help fight COVID19 and earn Tezos Kevin Mehrabi — Show Twitter — Show Website —  Adrian Brink — Cryptium Labs (Adrian’s company) — Tezos Developer Resources — The Bakepool Project —
March 28, 2020
TezCast — Ep 4. — Jonas Lamis on StakerDAO, thoughts on governance
In this episode, I talk to a true Tezos OG — Jonas Lamis, founder of Tezos Community and Tezos Capital. Jonas discusses his new project, StakerDAO. I also share some of my thoughts on Tezos governance and the trend-pace of decentralization. #tezos Follow the show at: @TezCast Follow me at: @KMehrabi
November 28, 2019
Tezcast — Ep. 3 — Tezos TQuorum Global Summit in NYC, Global Leadership Summit, the finance crowd, Meeting Arthur, Picard
Back from TQuorum. I recap the Tezos global summit conference, the global leadership summit, my thoughts on the finance crowd, meeting Arthur Breitman in-person for the first time, and at the very end... my thoughts on Picard. Follow us @tezcast on twitter, or me @kmehrabi on twitter  We are at or #tezos ꜩ
October 09, 2019
TezCast Episode 2 — Back from TQuorum Berlin, Interview with Bernd Oostrum of Tezsure
I'm back from TQuorum Berlin! Sharing my thoughts. Plus an interview with Bernd Oostrum of Tezsure  @tezcast on Twitter — TezCast — Tezos Podcast — 2019
September 14, 2019
TezCast Episode 1
The first episode of TezCast — The Tezos Podcast! I'm live (sort of) in Berlin at TQuorum.  Waiting for the action to start, I answer AMA questions posted on Reddit. You can follow me on Twitter @kmehrabi and follow the show @tezcast 
August 22, 2019