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Teaching Through Trauma

Teaching Through Trauma

By Teach For America Greater New Orleans
“Teaching Through Trauma” is a podcast series by Teach For America Greater New Orleans as a part of our 30x30 Transformation storytelling series, exploring the impact of TFA’s network of corps members, alumni, and partners on Louisiana’s education system over the past 30 years. In this series, we’ll hear from TFA staff and alumni working in the Greater New Orleans education system as they share how trauma has impacted their classrooms, schools, and communities, what they’ve learned through their experiences – and why we need to do more to support trauma-informed practices in schools.

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Episode 2 - Exploring Solutions
When schools and communities must face the impacts of trauma, what tools and resources can they use to support their students and families? In this episode, Mary Bliss McCrossen asks three Teach For America alumnae educators about their different approaches to trauma-informed practices and explores the key ingredient to supporting their students - building relationships. Featuring Taylor Anderson, Dana Cager, and Liz Marcell Williams; Produced by Jonathan Bertsch and sponsored by Entergy.
January 18, 2022
Episode 1 - Katrina to COVID
Mary Bliss McCrossen explores the questions - What happens when the trauma support services that schools provide are not enough? Or when teachers are grappling with the effects of their own trauma while trying to support their students? TFA GNO alumni Dr. Christopher Mayes and Brian Duplantier share how they have processed the trauma of Hurricane Katrina and how their experiences have informed how they support their students who are experiencing trauma from the COVID-19 pandemic and current events. Produced by Jonathan Bertsch and sponsored by Entergy.
January 03, 2022